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Eclipse Project Status

PolarSys RootKitalpha    33      
PolarSys RootEclipse Safety Framework   21      
PolarSys RootOpenCert   00      
PolarSys RootPOP   11      
PolarSys RootReqCycle   11      
PolarSys RootEclipse Product Lifecycle Management Platform   00      
PolarSys RootCOTSAQ   00      
PolarSys Root3P - PolarSys Packaging   00      
PolarSys RootPolarSys    238      
PolarSys RootArCon   00      
PolarSys RootCapella    166      
PolarSys RootCHESS   32      
PolarSys RootPolarSys Root    238      
  • Activity in the last three months
  • Activity in the last six months
  • No activity for more than six months

Note that subprojects are included in the determination of liveliness. A project is as lively as the most lively of its subprojects.

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