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Eclipse Project Status

Data Tools PlatformIncubator00
Eclipse Cloud DevelopmentTools for Cloud Foundry64
Eclipse Cloud DevelopmentChe162
Eclipse Cloud DevelopmentDirigible31
Eclipse Cloud DevelopmentFlux00
Eclipse Projecte4 Project11
IoT4DIAC - Framework for Distributed Industrial Automation and Control42
IoTCalifornium (Cf) CoAP Framework104
IoTEclipse SCADA21
IoTEclipse Milo00
IoTPaho Incubator00
IoTEclipse SmartHome446
LocationTechGeoff (Geo Fast Forward)22
LocationTechJTS Topology Suite00
LocationTechMobile Map Technology00
Eclipse Modeling ProjectAgent Modeling Platform00
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEATOP11
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEclipse Formal Modeling 00
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEclipse Layout Kernel43
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEMF Parsley32
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEMF Diff/Merge22
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEclipse Model Framework Technology (EMFT)74
Eclipse Modeling Projectb311
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEMF Feature Model00
Eclipse Modeling ProjectHenshin21
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEMF Refactor00
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEMFT Texo00
Eclipse Modeling ProjectWazaabi00
Eclipse Modeling ProjectFundamental Modeling Concepts00
Eclipse Modeling ProjectGendoc22
Eclipse Modeling ProjectGenerative Modeling Technologies (GMT)00
Eclipse Modeling ProjectGraphiti11
Eclipse Modeling ProjectModel To Text (M2T)00
Eclipse Modeling ProjectModel Driven Health Tools42
Eclipse Modeling ProjectModel Development Tools (MDT)359
Eclipse Modeling ProjecteTrice51
Eclipse Modeling ProjectMoDisco11
Eclipse Modeling ProjectRequirements Modeling Framework00
Eclipse Modeling ProjectModel-to-Model Transformation (MMT)52
Eclipse Modeling ProjectQVTd (QVT Declarative)21
Eclipse Modeling ProjectPapyrus for Real Time125
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEclipse Presentation Modeling Framework31
Eclipse Modeling ProjectSphinx11
Eclipse Modeling ProjectTextual Modeling Framework155
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEclipse UML Profiles Repository00
MylynModel Focusing Tools00
MylynMylyn Incubator21
MylynReview for Eclipse (R4E)00
PolarSys3P - PolarSys Packaging00
PolarSysEclipse Product Lifecycle Management Platform11
PolarSysEclipse Safety Framework11
RTEclipse Bundle Recipes22
RTRemote Application Platform Incubator00
SOA Platform ProjecteBAM00
SOA Platform ProjecteBPM00
SOA Platform ProjectSCA Tools00
SOA Platform ProjectWinery11
Technology ProjectAether00
Technology ProjectAPP4MC21
Technology ProjectBabel32
Technology ProjectCloud Application Management Framework00
Technology ProjectCommon Build Infrastructure44
Technology ProjectChemClipse52
Technology ProjectDash, Tools for Committers and members11
Technology ProjectDAWNSci112
Technology ProjectEclipse Advanced Scripting Environment (EASE)33
Technology ProjectEclipse Advanced Visualization31
Technology ProjecteGerrit32
Technology ProjectGraphical Editing Framework 3D00
Technology ProjectHandly11
Technology ProjectThe Eclipse Integrated Computational Environment82
Technology ProjectEclipse January11
Technology ProjectMbeddr00
Technology ProjectMDM|BL00
Technology ProjectMDM WEB21
Technology ProjectSupplemental Widgets for SWT (Nebula)65
Technology ProjectNebula Incubator00
Technology ProjectOgee11
Technology ProjectOMR122
Technology ProjectopenK platform00
Technology ProjectOpen System Engineering Environment102
Technology ProjectPackage Drone32
Technology ProjectRDF4J11
Technology ProjectCode Recommenders Incubator11
Technology ProjectRemus00
Technology ProjectEclipse Rich Beans52
Technology ProjectReal-Time Software Components00
Technology ProjectSisu11
Technology ProjectSkalli00
Technology ProjectTigerstripe11
Technology ProjectTriquetrum22
Technology ProjectTycho22
Technology ProjectEclipse UOMo00
Tools ProjectAndmore22
Tools ProjectAjax Tools Framework (ATF)00
Tools ProjectDamos00
Tools ProjectEGL Development Tools00
Tools ProjectPDT Incubator00
Tools ProjectThym42
Tools ProjectEclipse Titan142
Eclipse Web Tools Platform ProjectWTP Incubator00
Eclipse Web Tools Platform ProjectJava EE Module Configuration Editors 00
Eclipse Web Tools Platform ProjectEnterprise Tools for the OSGi Service Platform00
Eclipse Web Tools Platform ProjectVJet00
Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT)Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) 72
Data Tools PlatformData Tools Platform 22
Data Tools PlatformConnectivity 11
Data Tools PlatformEnablement 00
Data Tools PlatformModel Base 00
Data Tools PlatformSQL Dev Tools 00
Eclipse Cloud DevelopmentEclipse Cloud Development 406
Eclipse Cloud DevelopmentOrion 152
Eclipse ProjectEclipse Project 7613
Eclipse ProjectJDT - Java development tools 246
Eclipse ProjectJDT/Core 124
Eclipse ProjectJava development tools debug 95
Eclipse ProjectJDT UI 146
Eclipse ProjectPDE - Plugin Development Environment 156
Eclipse ProjectEclipse Platform 5813
Eclipse ProjectPlatform Debug 64
Eclipse ProjectRelEng 106
Eclipse ProjectResources 84
Eclipse ProjectSWT 136
Eclipse ProjectUI 4513
IoTIoT 13514
IoTKura 104
IoTPaho 183
LocationTechTechnology 225
LocationTechGeoMesa 122
LocationTechSpatial4j 31
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEclipse Modeling Project 13222
Eclipse Modeling ProjectAcceleo 41
Eclipse Modeling ProjectAmalgamation 44
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEcore Tools 32
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEMF Client Platform 62
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEdapt 11
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) 107
Eclipse Modeling ProjectCDO Model Repository 11
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEclipse Generation Factories (EGF) 33
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEMF 22
Eclipse Modeling ProjectModeling Workflow Engine 11
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEMF Query 11
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEMF Teneo Model Relational Mapping 11
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEMF Transaction 11
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEMF Validation 11
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEMFCompare 63
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEMFStore 21
Eclipse Modeling ProjectExtended Editing Framework (EEF) 31
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEMF Facet 11
Eclipse Modeling Projectemfatic 00
Eclipse Modeling Projectepsilon 31
Eclipse Modeling ProjectFranca 00
Eclipse Modeling ProjectGMF Notation 11
Eclipse Modeling ProjectGMF Runtime 11
Eclipse Modeling ProjectGraphical Modeling Project 00
Eclipse Modeling ProjectGraphical Modeling Framework (GMF) Tooling 00
Eclipse Modeling ProjectJava Emitter Templates (JET2) 00
Eclipse Modeling ProjectXpand 00
Eclipse Modeling ProjectBusiness Process Model and Notation (BPMN2) 11
Eclipse Modeling ProjectOCL (Object Constraint Language) 21
Eclipse Modeling ProjectPapyrus 256
Eclipse Modeling ProjectMDT UML2 11
Eclipse Modeling ProjectMDT XSD (XML Schema Definition) 00
Eclipse Modeling ProjectATL 11
Eclipse Modeling ProjectQVT Operational 31
Eclipse Modeling ProjectSirius 111
Eclipse Modeling ProjectXtext 155
Eclipse Modeling ProjectEclipse UML Generators 22
Eclipse Modeling ProjectViatra 124
MylynMylyn 145
MylynMylyn Builds 42
MylynMylyn Commons 32
MylynMylyn Context 21
MylynMylyn Docs 73
MylynVisual Editor for XML 11
MylynMylyn Reviews 42
MylynMylyn Tasks 85
MylynMylyn Versions 11
PolarSysPolarSys 238
PolarSysCapella 166
PolarSysKitalpha 33
RTRT 6913
RTEclipse Communication Framework 32
RTEclipseLink Project 133
RTEquinox 228
RTIncubator 00
RTGemini - Enterprise Modules Project 11
RTGemini Blueprint 11
RTGemini DBAccess 00
RTGemini JPA 00
RTGemini Management 00
RTGemini Naming 00
RTGemini Web 00
RTEclipse Gyrex Project 00
RTJetty - Servlet Engine and Http Server 52
RTRemote Application Platform 42
RTRiena Project 21
RTVirgo 43
SOA Platform ProjectSOA Platform Project 253
SOA Platform ProjectBPEL Designer 11
SOA Platform ProjectBPMN2 Modeler Project 22
SOA Platform ProjectJava Workflow Tooling 00
SOA Platform ProjectMangrove - SOA Modeling Framework 00
SOA Platform ProjectStardust 221
Technology ProjectTechnology Project 19732
Technology ProjectAccessibility Tools Framework 11
Technology ProjectEclipse Collections 112
Technology ProjectCommits Dashboard 00
Technology ProjectDynamic Languages Toolkit 74
Technology Projecte(fx)clipse 21
Technology ProjectEclipse Git Team Provider 116
Technology ProjectEclipse Process Framework Project 00
Technology ProjectGolo 31
Technology ProjectHiggins 00
Technology ProjectHudson 53
Technology ProjectJava implementation of Git 184
Technology ProjectJubula Functional Testing Tool 72
Technology ProjectLyo 11
Technology ProjectMaven Integration 42
Technology ProjectMaven Integration for Web Tools Platform 00
Technology ProjectNebula NatTable 44
Technology ProjectEclipse Packaging Project 1311
Technology ProjectMarketplace Client 22
Technology ProjectEclipse Runtime Packaging Project 00
Technology ProjectRCP Testing Tool 43
Technology ProjectCode Recommenders 63
Technology ProjectSapphire 21
Technology ProjectEclipse Scout 232
Technology ProjectSpatio-Temporal Epidemiological Modeler 42
Technology ProjectSubversive - SVN Team Provider 00
Technology ProjectSWTBot 74
Technology ProjectVoice Tools Project 00
Technology ProjectXWT 22
Tools ProjectTools Project 11627
Tools ProjectAJDT - AspectJ Development Tools Project 11
Tools ProjectAspectJ 11
Tools ProjectBuckminster Component Assembly 11
Tools ProjectBuildship 82
Tools ProjectC/C++ Development Tooling (CDT) 3313
Tools ProjectTarget Communication Framework 104
Tools ProjectGraphical Editing Framework (GEF) 63
Tools ProjectLua Development Tools 11
Tools ProjectLinux Tools 94
Tools ProjectMemory Analyzer 11
Tools ProjectMobile Tools for Java 00
Tools ProjectObject Teams 11
Tools ProjectOomph 65
Tools ProjectEclipse Orbit Project 33
Tools ProjectPHP Development Tools 52
Tools ProjectParallel Tools Platform (PTP) 85
Tools ProjectFortran Development Tools (Photran) 33
Tools ProjectSequoyah 00
Tools ProjectTarget Management 33
Tools ProjectTrace Compass 205
Tools ProjectWindowBuilder 11
Eclipse Web Tools Platform ProjectEclipse Web Tools Platform Project 309
Eclipse Web Tools Platform ProjectWTP Common Tools 21
Eclipse Web Tools Platform ProjectDali Java Persistence Tools 32
Eclipse Web Tools Platform ProjectWTP Java EE Tools 43
Eclipse Web Tools Platform ProjectJavaScript Development Tools 135
Eclipse Web Tools Platform ProjectJavaServer Faces 23
Eclipse Web Tools Platform ProjectWebtools Releng 33
Eclipse Web Tools Platform ProjectServer Tools 32
Eclipse Web Tools Platform ProjectWTP Source Editing 86
Eclipse Web Tools Platform ProjectWeb Services Tools 22
  • No project activity (project may be new)
  • Activity in the last three months
  • Activity in the last six months
  • No activity for more than six months
  • No activity for more than twelve months

Note that subprojects are included in the determination of liveliness. A project is as lively as the most lively of its subprojects.

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