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Eclipse Project Status

Tools ProjectTools Project 11424------
Tools ProjectC/C++ Development Tooling (CDT) 33112002‑06‑262016‑06‑2126,534
Tools ProjectTrace Compass 2342009‑06‑162016‑06‑224,937
Tools ProjectEclipse Titan1422014‑09‑082016‑06‑23621
Tools ProjectTarget Communication Framework 1042008‑01‑102016‑06‑247,172
Tools ProjectLinux Tools 842007‑02‑022016‑06‑2212,439
Tools ProjectParallel Tools Platform (PTP) 852004‑12‑092016‑06‑0211,218
Tools ProjectBuildship 732015‑03‑242016‑06‑232,161
Tools ProjectOomph 752014‑05‑222016‑06‑222,011
Tools ProjectGraphical Editing Framework (GEF) 522002‑06‑042016‑06‑199,226
Tools ProjectPHP Development Tools 522006‑05‑022016‑06‑2310,891
Tools ProjectThym522014‑05‑282016‑06‑06233
Tools ProjectFortran Development Tools (Photran) 332005‑09‑292016‑05‑051,561
Tools ProjectTarget Management 322006‑03‑152016‑06‑238,929
Tools ProjectMemory Analyzer 222008‑03‑262016‑06‑221,524
Tools ProjectEclipse Orbit Project 22------
Tools ProjectWindowBuilder 222011‑03‑092016‑06‑10655
Tools ProjectAJDT - AspectJ Development Tools Project 112004‑09‑232016‑04‑057,206
Tools ProjectAndmore112012‑07‑312016‑05‑18195
Tools ProjectAspectJ 112002‑12‑162016‑05‑128,265
Tools ProjectLua Development Tools 112011‑06‑102016‑03‑24639
Tools ProjectObject Teams 112010‑01‑292016‑06‑123,645
Tools ProjectAjax Tools Framework (ATF)002006‑04‑182012‑07‑061,753
Tools ProjectDamos002012‑11‑082015‑07‑3177
Tools ProjectEGL Development Tools002011‑01‑142013‑01‑178,802
Tools ProjectPDT Incubator00------
Tools ProjectMobile Tools for Java 002008‑01‑082015‑08‑281,745
Tools ProjectBuckminster Component Assembly 002007‑02‑202016‑03‑014,392
Tools ProjectSequoyah 002007‑12‑112012‑08‑032,468
  • No project activity (project may be new)
  • Activity in the last three months
  • Activity in the last six months
  • No activity for more than six months
  • No activity for more than twelve months

Note that subprojects are included in the determination of liveliness. A project is as lively as the most lively of its subprojects.

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