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Project Plan For Tigerstripe, version Helios


This is the project plan for Tigerstripe covering the development work during the lifespan of Eclipse Helios (v3.6).

Tigerstripe is a Model Driven Engineering environment providing an integrated, extensible framework for the Telecommunication Industry. It provides a modeling and content (code) generation environment for the APIs between and information exchanged by Operational and Business Support Systems.

The Tigerstripe project now has an established user community, principally through the TeleManagement Forum and their adoption of Tigerstripe as the environment of choice to create standard APIs for Operational and Business Support Systems integration. More information may be found at Tigerstripe Community Highlight. As a result, our focus is now on 3 key aspects until July 2011:

  • Scalability and Reliability: making Tigerstripe a production grade environment that can be used in the context of commercial applications.
  • Extensibility and usability: allowing for additional customization and specialization of the modeling and code generation framework, thus guiding users carefully through the modeling process to avoid the risk of incoherencies. Also, we will strive to increase the usability of the Tigerstripe workbench for increased productivity.
  • Responsive Support: adopting an agile development method for the project, providing tested updates every 3 weeks, leveraging a newly redesigned continuous build environments build on Tycho.

We anticipated 2 releases of Tigerstripe in this period:

  • Tigerstripe Incubation 0.6: in November 2010.
  • Tigerstripe Incubation 0.7: in March 2011.
  • Tigerstripe Incubation 0.8: in July 2011
Note: Tigerstripe Incubation 0.5 is available in its final release candidate version and targets Galileo. It is made available for users on Galileo (Eclipse 3.5)

In parallel with the development work, we will continue our collaboration with the Telecommunication Industry to foster a strong user community striving to drive incoming contributions to the project.

Release Deliverables

The Tigerstripe Workbench

We have adopted an Agile methodology, combined with a complete continuous build environment, which will lead to more frequent updates and more responsiveness on bugzillas, whether bug fixes or enhancement requests. About 200 tests are currently run on every build, as a mixture of headless tests and UI driven flows.

Every 3 weeks, we will upload an updated version of Tigerstripe at Upon each release, we will upload the released version to

Table of Contents

Release Milestones

We are working with a cadence of 3-week iterations. At the end of every iteration, we will update


Long awaited 0.6 release of Tigerstripe. Including a number of fixes and enhancements, in particular in the areas of usability and scalability (size and number of models).


Tigerstripe 0.7 release.


Tigerstripe 0.8 release.

Table of Contents

Target Environments

All versions in this plan to target Eclipse Helios (3.6).


Internationalization of Tigerstripe is scheduled out for 1.0.

Table of Contents

Compatibility with Previous Releases

Compatibility at the model level will be fully supported from version 0.4 on.

Compatibility of Tigerstripe Generators supported from version 0.4 on.

Table of Contents

Themes and Priorities

Support of TeleManagement Forum users

The TeleManagement Forum has adopted Tigerstripe to build next generation Telecommunication standards. Some of the newer standards are produced with Tigerstripe. See JOSIF.

  • Committed

    Updates posted on a 3 week basis.

Scalability, extensibility and robustness.

In order to adjust to the growth of the models being handled, and their number, we are committed to working on performance and scalability of Tigerstripe.

Model editing and maintenance - in particular operations such as model refactoring - will be given high priority to ensure Tigerstripe can be trusted as a robust MDA environment.

Table of Contents

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