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    <html:p>The Eclipse Packaging Project (EPP) is responsible for creating technology that makes
      it easier for new users to consume the output of other Eclipse projects and for coordinating
      the package releases together with the yearly release train. In order to achieve this goal,
      EPP is active on different levels since the Europa Release 2007:</html:p>
        <html:b>Create entry level downloads based on defined user profiles.</html:b>
        The project defined and created the EPP downloads of Java Developer, Java EE Developer,
        C/C++ Developer and RCP Developer. These downloads are available from the main Eclipse
        download page. In addition to that, EPP coordinates with other package maintainers the
        creation of new package definitions and ensures that the packages are tested.
        <html:b>Provide and integrate the EPP Usage Data Collector (UDC).</html:b>
        The Usage Data Collector collects information about how individuals are using the Eclipse
        platform. The intent is to use this data to help committers and organizations better
        understand how developers are using Eclipse.
        <html:b>Provide and integrate the Eclipse Marketplace Client (MPC).</html:b>
        The MPC provides tight install integration between the Eclipse workspace and Eclipse Marketplace, 
        plus other third party solution listings. 
        <html:b>Provide a platform that allows the creation of packages (zip/tar downloads)
          from an update site.</html:b>
        The core technology of the project will enable the creation of download packages that are
        created by bundling Eclipse features from one or multiple Eclipse update sites.
        <html:b>Create and manage a new dynamic installer.</html:b>
        EPP creates a new RAP-based wizard that enables a user to choose and pick software
        components from other Eclipse projects. The output is a customized p2-installer that guides
        the user through the initial install process and downloads the necessary software
      <html:p>All EPP releases appear simultaneously with the release train releases (here:
      milestone="Helios M6"
      milestone="Helios M7"
      <html:p>All packages must be defined and their content must be specified.</html:p>
      milestone="Helios RC1"
      milestone="Helios RC2"
      milestone="Helios RC3"
      milestone="Helios RC4"
      milestone="Helios RC5"
    <html:p>EPP creates its packages for Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, Linux 32-bit, Linux 64-bit and Mac OSX.
      All of the packages require at least a JVM 1.5 because of the software components that are
      included in the packages.</html:p>
    <html:p>Source code used and developed within the project needs a JVM 1.5 or higher.
    <html:div><html:p>All outputs produced are prepared for internationalization via Babel.</html:p></html:div>
  <html:div><html:p>All frameworks and APIs produced with this release are compatible with previous releases</html:p></html:div>
      name="Helios Packages">
        <html:p>EPP will create and deliver the packages for the next release train. The exact
          content and the number of packages are subject to change and depend on the community
          feedback and help.</html:p>
          <html:li>Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers</html:li>
          <html:li>Eclipse IDE for Java Developers</html:li>
          <html:li>Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers</html:li>
          <html:li>Eclipse Modeling Tools</html:li>
          <html:li>Eclipse for RCP/Plug-in Developers</html:li>
          <html:li>Eclipse IDE for Java and Report Developers</html:li>
          <html:li>Eclipse IDE for PHP Developers</html:li>
          <html:li>Pulsar for Mobile Java Developers</html:li>
          <html:li>Eclipse SOA Platform for Java and SOA Developers</html:li>
        </html:ul><html:div>Some xhtml content here.  Make sure to use the prefix before the elements</html:div>
      name="Dynamic Package Delivery Component">
        <html:p> The dynamic package delivery component provides an extensible framework for, and an
          exemplary implementation of, a service for dynamically selecting and
          downloading/installing installable units.</html:p>
        <html:p>Preview available for Friends-of-Eclipse.</html:p>
      name="Usage Data Collector (UDC)">
        <html:p>Bug fixes only are planned for this release.</html:p>
      <committed bugzilla=";query_format=advanced&amp;keywords_type=allwords&amp;component=Usage%20Data%20Collector&amp;product=EPP&amp;target_milestone=1.3.0"/>
      name="Marketplace Client (MPC)">
        <html:p>The Marketplace Client will be introduced with this release.</html:p>
        <html:p>New code.</html:p>

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