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Project Plan For Accessibility Tools Framework, version 1.0


The Accessibility Tools Framework (ACTF) is an incubation phase project that is a subproject of the Eclipse Technology Project.
ACTF is a framework that serves as an extensible infrastructure upon which developers can build a variety of utilities that help to evaluate and enhance the accessibility of applications and content for people with disabilities. A collection of example utilities will also be provided which were created on top of the framework such as compliance validation tools, assistive technology simulation applications, usability visualization tools, unit-testing utilities, and alternative accessible interfaces for applications.

Release Deliverables

1.0 release includes visualization and infrastructure components from ACTF.

Table of Contents

Release Milestones

1.0 M1 (= Indigo)
1.0 M2 (= Indigo SR1 RC4)
1.0 M3
1.0 M4
1.0 M5 (Skipped)
1.0 M6 (= Indigo SR2 RC4)
1.0 M7 (Feature Freeze)
1.0 RC1
1.0 RC2
1.0 RC3 (API Freeze)
1.0 RC4

Ramp Down

For M7, we plan to be functionally complete. After RC1 is released, builds will be produced weekly until the release. In the RC phase only bugs marked P2 or higher or severity major or higher will be fixed. APIs will not change except to address critical issues, until RC3, at which point APIs will be frozen.

Table of Contents

Target Environments

  • Operating Systems
    • Windows XP or above
  • Software
    • Java™ version 1.5 or above
    • Internet Explorer 6.0 or above
    • For Flash Accessibility mode: Adobe Flash Player, Version 8 or above
    • For OpenDocument Accessibility mode: 3.x (3.2 is recommended)


ACTF Visualization part has been designed with localization in mind and will keep internationalization in mind as we go forward. Now it supports English and Japanese.

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Compatibility with Previous Releases

The goal of this release is to be backward compatible back to ACTF 0.9.

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Themes and Priorities

ACTF Visualization part has been designed as building blocks for RCP applications. In this release, we start to support new accessibility guidelines, such as WCAG 2.0 and JIS X 8341-3:2010. We will also improve coverage of documentation and usability of user interfaces.

Support of latest environments

Support recent environments, such as IE8/9, Microsoft Speech Platform, etc..

Support of automated tests.

Provide APIs and examples to develop automated test applications on top of ACTF.

Support of new accessibility guidelines

Improve support of new accessibility guidelines, such as WCAG 2.0 and JIS X 8341-3:2010.

Bug fixes

Fix bugs that found in 0.9 release as much as possible.

Table of Contents


Table of Contents

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