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	<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
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<plan plan-format="1.0" xmlns="" xmlns:html=""
   <release projectid="soa.ebam" version="RC"/>
     <html:div>The eBAM (extended Business Activity Monitoring) project aims to realize an advanced platform for the monitoring of heterogeneous services and applications (infrastructures, processes, components) and the historical tracking of data.
     <html:div>The eBAM project is composed by 3 types of component's: Runtime, Tools and Util
     		 The Runtime is the server component.
     		 The Tools are some Eclipse plug-in used by administrator and developer
     		 The Util is a shared component.
     		 The eBAM project delivers server software running on Equinox and some plug-in</html:div>
         <html:div>Some xhtml content here.  Make sure to use the prefix before the elements</html:div>
      <milestone date="09/15/2010" milestone="0.7"><html:p>0.7 Version</html:p></milestone>
      <milestone date="11/15/2010" milestone="1.0"><html:p>1.0 Version</html:p></milestone>
     <html:div>eBAM runs on the Equinox server and requires Java 5.0.</html:div>
          <html:div>None of the eBAM deliverables are internationalized</html:div>


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