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Project Plan For eBAM, version RC


The eBAM (extended Business Activity Monitoring) project aims to realize an advanced platform for the monitoring of heterogeneous services and applications (infrastructures, processes, components) and the historical tracking of data.

Release Deliverables

The eBAM project is composed by 3 types of component's: Runtime, Tools and Util The Runtime is the server component. The Tools are some Eclipse plug-in used by administrator and developer The Util is a shared component. The eBAM project delivers server software running on Equinox and some plug-in

Table of Contents

Release Milestones

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0.7 Version


1.0 Version

Table of Contents

Target Environments

eBAM runs on the Equinox server and requires Java 5.0.


None of the eBAM deliverables are internationalized

Table of Contents

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