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<plan plan-format="1.0" name="Eclipse Model-to-text Project" 
   <release projectid="modeling.m2t" version="Helios"/>
     This plan covers the Eclipse Helios simultaneous release of components in the Model to Text (M2T) project of
     the Eclipse Modeling top-level project. 
     This project plan inherits from the <html:a href="">Modeling Project Plan</html:a>, which should be reference when consulting this plan.
     This plan primarily serves as a pointer to individual component plans.
     The Helios release will include the following M2T components:
        <html:li>M2T Acceleo - <html:a href="">Plan</html:a></html:li>
        <html:li>M2T JET  - <html:a href="">Plan</html:a></html:li>
        <html:li>M2T Xpand  - <html:a href="">Plan</html:a></html:li>
         All project components follow the Helios schedule as defined by the <html:a href="">Google Calendar</html:a>.
         Milestones occ at roughly 6 week intervals, and follow the Eclipse Platform milestones by approximately 2 weeks.
      <milestone date="08/21/2009" milestone="M1"><html:div></html:div></milestone>
      <milestone date="10/02/2009" milestone="M2"><html:div></html:div></milestone>
      <milestone date="11/13/2009" milestone="M3"><html:div></html:div></milestone>
      <milestone date="12/18/2009" milestone="M4"><html:div></html:div></milestone>
      <milestone date="02/05/2010" milestone="M5"><html:div></html:div></milestone>
      <milestone date="03/19/2010" milestone="M6"><html:div>API Freeze</html:div></milestone>
      <milestone date="05/07/2010" milestone="M7"><html:div>Feature Freeze</html:div></milestone>
      <milestone date="05/21/2010" milestone="RC1"><html:div></html:div></milestone>
      <milestone date="05/28/2010" milestone="RC2"><html:div></html:div></milestone>
      <milestone date="06/04/2010" milestone="RC3"><html:div></html:div></milestone>
      <milestone date="06/11/2010" milestone="RC4"><html:div></html:div></milestone>
      <milestone date="06/23/2010" milestone="Helios Release"/>
        In order to remain current, each Eclipse release targets reasonably
        current versions of the underlying operating environments. The M2T JET
        project depends upon on the Eclipse Platform and other projects,
        which are mostly "pure" Java<html:sup>TM</html:sup>. The 3.6
        release of the Eclipse Platform Project is written and compiled
        against version 1.4 of the Java Platform APIs, and targeted to run on
        version 1.4 of the Java Runtime Environment, Standard Edition and later. The M2T components
        will target a subset of the Java version as the Eclipse Platform Project (typically, Java 5 or later). 
        Eclipse Platform SDK 3.6 will be tested and validated on a
        number of reference platforms. The M2T components will be tested and validated
        against a subset of those listed for the platform.
See individual component plans for statements on internationalization.
See individual component plans for statements on compatibility.

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