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Project Plan For R4E (Review for Eclipse), version 0.11


The first goal of Mylyn Reviews R4E is integration of Eclipse-based code review functionality that's seamlessly integrated with the Tasks and SCM systems supported by Mylyn. Eclipse integration for Agile code reviews, the formal IEEE code review process, review reports with BIRT and aim to support many Eclipse artifact for reviews, e.g. JDT (Java files), CDT (C/C++ files), EMF (models).

Release Deliverables

  • Reviews for Eclipse (R4E)

Table of Contents

Release Milestones

Reviews for Eclipse 0.11 depends on Mylyn 3.8 (Juno).

Second R4E Release
First R4E Release
Base Core/UI functionality

Table of Contents

Target Environments

R4E is designed to run on version 1.5 of the Java Runtime Environment, Standard Edition. Although 1.6 or later is recommended.

R4E 0.11 will support the following Eclipse releases

  • Eclipse 4.2
  • Eclipse 3.8
  • Eclipse 3.7

Test Platforms

  • Suse Linux 10, x86, x86-64
  • Windows Vista SP2, x86
  • Solaris 5.10, sun4u
  • MAC OS X


Reviews for Eclipse (R4E) follows the internationalization guidelines of the Mylyn project.

Table of Contents

Compatibility with Previous Releases

R4E is backward compatible with the previous released versions

Table of Contents

Themes and Priorities

In addition to using the planned themes listed below, we need to continue prioritizing the ongoing input of our growing user community. Committers should prioritize bugs in the following order. This order needs not be used if a bug contains a community contribution of a patch, in which case the quality of the patch determines the priority.

0.11.0 - R4E Release

  • Proposed

    • Include Orbit bundles in update site [379428] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • Perform R4E 0.11 release [383894] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • Add anomaly class "Missing" [384270] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • r4e 0.11.0 build preparation [384464] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • Author details not available [384506] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • Decision Meeting participants info not preserved [371952] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • [user]: disabled Non terminal state anomalies should not prevent reviews from completing [372290] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • Duplicate references to anomalies when an amended commit is added to the review [373135] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • [report] Anomaly state recorded in the wrong anomaly state statistic [375557] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • The ranking of anomalies should have more option to select from [376108] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • [user]: Exception when adding multiple participants at the same time [378734] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • [UI] Unable to select participants participating in the decision phase [378851] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • [ui] Try to open an empty base and target file [384768] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • Add Import Global Postponed Anomalies feature [374269] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • Null pointer exception when using the short key [375531] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • Integrate UI test plug-in in maven build [381690] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • Clone anomalies within the same review [382020] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • NPE Exception while reseting preferences to default [383479] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • Split installation guide and User guide in help documentation [383658] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • Default Copy/Paste do not work anymore after implementing bug 382020 [383857] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • Allow changing anomaly values in any state [384177] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • Warn users attempting to send e-mails with no smtp preferences [384375] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • Adding multiple participants may cause index out bounds [384504] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • [ui] Review not refreshing the navigator view when using a rule set [384613] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • Adding multiple participants may cause ConcurrentModificationException [384615] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • [ui] Modify /copy anomaly when the review is completed should not be allowed [384627] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • Unable the update the Decision participant list in REWORK [384631] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • Some regressions tests are failing using Eclipse 4.2 [384681] (target milestone: 0.11)
    • [ui] List of available cloneable anomaly should be distinct selection, no duplication [384728] (target milestone: 0.11)
  • Deferred

    • [ui] Disable participant should be allowed on a BASIC review [378728] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Create target definitions [388141] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Preference to Include sender in R4E e-mail notifications [390102] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Adjust target definitions to Juno SR1 [390777] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Standardize plug-in development preferences [391272] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Apply formatting preferences to all projects [391541] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Clean up high priority warnings [391614] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • NPE when opening a review in read only mode [392164] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • [ui] Need a "Clear" button for the rule set field [392204] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • UI legend missing icons [392370] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • short key "Alt-4 S" wrong description [392372] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • NPE when traversing navigator tree [392648] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Invalid thread access exception while creating Reports outside of default directory [392939] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • NPE with Assign to Participant command [394778] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Some link in the R4E help does not work in pdf format [385514] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Report review items is reporting duplicated files and total changes [385601] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • report Display anomaly state per anomaly class [385612] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • [report] Name of the inspection record should have valid characters [386071] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • [report] Verify the menu option to generate a report [386078] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • [ldap] Need a method to handle a second domain\user [391540] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Adjust sensitivity of "Anomaly Fixed By" and "Followed-up by" [392330] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Shall not allow transition of anomalies to ACCEPTED on PLANNING or PREPARATION phase [392336] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • [ui] Participant field in the property view don't allow to enter the second participant as Decided by field [392363] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Rule set selection only select the first rule id if there is duplication of ID [392692] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • [report]: Cannot Generate Report if Parent Review Group name has invalid characters [392844] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • [ui] NPE when executing a command [393780] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • [doc] Picture need an update [394686] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Missing validation for smtp server before using it [394701] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when selecting the down arrow in the R4E navigator view [394809] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • [UI] Support of in-line commenting [346743] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Update / Modify participants properties after Preparation (formal reviews) [364643] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Attempt to update Meeting info created via other mail connector causes exception [368399] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • [ui] Hide completed review hide the active completed review [375450] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Disable elements dialog "don't ask again" not working [375462] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • [doc] Explain review types better before tutorial section [375577] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • [user] Cannot complete Review when anomalies are disabled and not in terminal state [378867] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Hotkeys should be added for progressing/regressing reviews/anomalies [378887] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • [user]: Meeting requests are sent to the wrong destination when user email is updated [379743] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • [ui]Formal review, progressing element to next state should not consider the disable participants [381999] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • [ui] Cloning anomaly dialogue has no scroll to see the description [388935] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • R4E Dialogues shall focus on first input widget to allow user interaction [389179] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Delta selection may not reflect the proper location in Compare Editor [389190] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Add Due Date to EMF R4EReview EClass [389468] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Add due date affordance to Review Navigator [389955] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • End-of-line-normalization for all R4E code artifacts [390965] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Compare editor go to next/previous anomaly not available [391026] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Class cast exception Annotation model [391027] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • IOExceptions if LDAP is not configured [391034] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Incomplete fix in bug375059: Adding Participants in a list when no review is open causes a NPE [391053] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Labels out of place in New Review Dialogue - Extra parameters [391660] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Add / Remove decorators are no longer visible in the Review Navigator [392165] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • [ui]annotation generate error when using the text compare editor [392201] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Show Element properties shall bring properties view to front [392221] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Focus Area value only set for the first participant when adding multiple participant in batch [392228] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Disabled Comment icon in Inline annotation popup does not have the disabled decoration [392232] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Sort by Review Type is not available [392367] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Adding Participants in a list when Review Navigator view is closed causes a NPE [392474] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • SWTError: No more handles [392576] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Initial modified message body not stored in R4E [392660] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Annotation window may not be wide enough to see the icons in the toolbar [392684] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • UI does not display the wait cursor when blocked in Mylyn Version connector [393251] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Restoring an anomaly creates user with no id [393333] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • It should not be possible to create reviews/anomalies with due date in the past [394702] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Disable participant do not show when LDAP is not configured [394707] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Cannot add invalid Annonation of type class org.eclipse.ui.texteditor.spelling.SpellingAnnotation [394716] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Not enable exception when starting eclipse [394772] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Toggle display back to tree layout cuts elements space [394776] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • NPE in DECISION phase [394785] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Invalid thread access when importing file from a commit [394791] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • Local participant email in a review gets overwritten by preferences value at review opening [394848] (target milestone: 0.12.0)
    • NPE Adding users to a Participants list when no reviews are opened [375059] (target milestone: 0.12.0)

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