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Project Plan For Koneki, version 0.8


The Koneki project delivers tools to facilitate the development of Machine-to-Machine solutions. The 0.8 release focuses on the following tools:
  • LDT (Lua Development Tools) – Lua is a lightweight scripting language usually used to develop mobile and M2M solutions. Koneki will provide a set of plug-ins allowing to write and debug Lua code.
  • OMA-DM client and simulator – OMA Device Management is an XML-based protocol used to manage mobile devices. Koneki will provide an OMA-DM client and an interactive simulator allowing to synchronize the nodes and values of a local management tree with a remote OMA-DM server.
  • M2MIWG application model tooling – The Eclipse M2M Industry Working Group will define a model of an M2M application. Koneki will provide an editor of this model, as well as a tool allowing to create a new OMA-DM simulation scenario for a given M2M application model.

Release Deliverables

The deliverables of Koneki are:
  • Lua Development Tools
  • OMA-DM client
  • OMA-DM simulator
  • Editor for an M2M application model (defined by the M2M Industry Working Group)

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Release Milestones

The first incubation release of Koneki.
Includes Lua Development Tools, an OMA-DM client, and an OMA-DM simulator.
Advanced content-assist for Lua, based on a type inference mechanism
Support for Lua documentation (a la Javadoc)
Form-based M2M application model editor.
Tool to transform an M2M application model into an OMA-DM simulation.
Ability to define Lua execution environments.
Fix known bugs in the current code.
Fix known blocker bugs in the current code.
First 0.8 release available for download through

Table of Contents

Target Environments

For a list of platforms supported in Koneki 0.8, see Eclipse Target Operating Environments

⚠ Lua Development Tools 0.8 include native code (Lua VM version 5.1.4), and are therefore only supported on the follwing target environments:

Operating System Hardware
Windows x86 32-bit
x86 64-bit
Linux x86 32-bit
x86 64-bit
Apple Mac OS X Universal 64-bit


Only English translation files in this release, however all strings will be externalized for translation in a future release.

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Compatibility with Previous Releases

None, since Koneki has had no prior release under the umbrella.

Table of Contents

Themes and Priorities

This will be our first release. Therefore, we defined the following themes and priorities for working towards our 0.8 release.

Lua tooling

In addition to what was already part of the project initial contribution, the following items will be addressed:
  • Deferred

M2M protocols tooling

Koneki is working closely with the Paho project to establish cooperation between the two projects, and will probably provide tooling for MQTT in later releases. In the mean time, for this 0.8 release, the priorities are put on the following items:
  • Deferred

M2M Industry Working Group technologies implementation

This release of Koneki will provide a first version of tools dedicated to the manipulation of the M2M application model defined by the M2M Industry Working Group.
  • Deferred

Eclipse quality API

While this is an incubation release, project team is committed to provide Eclipse quality API.

Support for Eclipse 3.8 workbench

Table of Contents

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