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Project Plan For Sapphire, version 0.5


This document lays out the plan for Sapphire 0.5 release.

Comments on this plan can be posted on the forum or sent to the mailing list.

Release Deliverables

This release will be delivered via a P2 repository.

Table of Contents

Release Milestones

Final 06/27/2012

Table of Contents

Target Environments

This release will target Eclipse Juno as the recommended configuration, but will also be compatible with Eclipse Indigo and Eclipse Helios releases at all service levels. Sapphire requires Java 5 and has no operating system specific dependencies.

Table of Contents

Compatibility with Previous Releases

Sapphire is evolving quite rapidly. No compatibility guarantees with prior releases are being made. A migration guide will be provided to ease adoption of this release.

Table of Contents

Themes and Priorities


  • Committed

    • Support use of ValidationService at model element level [329076] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Support zoom, print and save as image actions in the diagram editor [346172] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Option to present property with a possible values constraint via a pop-up list field [346189] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Need access to selection in the list property editor [358295] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Support button presentation for standalone actions [358318] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Support different horizontal alignment options for action link part [358320] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Support drag and drop in content outline and tables [362008] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Provide means to extend the behavior of adapt methods [372359] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Provide adapt mechanism for SapphirePart [372816] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Need to actively prune Eclipse downloads cache folder [372888] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Support services in Sapphire parts [372913] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Preserve section's collapsed or expanded state in the same editor session [373367] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Type annotations should be inherited [373368] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Provide an EL function for retrieving model element image [373372] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Support AdapterService in SapphirePart [373614] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Provide means to implement equals() and hashCode() methods for model elements [374007] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Support URI values natively [374128] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • could return List<? extends Resource> instead of List<Resource> [374159] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Key bindings should see actions in part's hierarchy rather than just the local ones [374296] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Support expression language in property editor label override [374298] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Add ability to specify action tooltips [374622] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Support group with no label [374821] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Allow StandardXmlElementBindingImpl to be subclassed [374958] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Convert ModelElementListener and ModelPropertyListener to common listener infrastructure [378756] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • [diagram] Eliminate Graphiti dependency [344228] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Disable click-wait-click editing activation [348640] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Sapphire Diagram editor should support header similar to form editor [355566] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Expose disposed() API on IModelElement [374530] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Support context menu actions when multiple diagram parts are selected [375770] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Add delete action in diagram editor for multiple part selections [375828] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Add Select All (ctrl+a) action support for diagram editor [375829] (target milestone: 0.5)
    • Support floating palette around diagram node [376200] (target milestone: 0.5)

Table of Contents

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