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Project Plan For Sapphire, version 0.2


This document lays out the plan for Sapphire 0.2 release.

Comments on this plan can be posted on the forum or sent to the mailing list.

Release Deliverables

This release will be delivered via a P2 repository.

Table of Contents

Release Milestones

RC1 12/15/2010
RC2 1/4/2011
Final 1/10/2011

Table of Contents

Target Environments

This release will target Eclipse Helios SR1 as the recommended configuration, but will also be compatible with the initial Eclipse Helios release. Sapphire requires Java 5 and has no operating system specific dependencies.

Table of Contents

Compatibility with Previous Releases

Sapphire is evolving quite rapidly. No compatibility guarantees with prior releases are being made. A migration guide will be provided to ease adoption of this release.

Table of Contents

Themes and Priorities


  • Committed

    • Support transient properties [328662] (target milestone: 0.2)
    • Need ability to embed HTML content from model in the UI [328663] (target milestone: 0.2)
    • Support derived properties [328664] (target milestone: 0.2)
    • Create portable extensions system for services [328746] (target milestone: 0.2)
    • Create portable extensions system for value serializers [328747] (target milestone: 0.2)
    • Support model property services [328748] (target milestone: 0.2)
    • Support model elements without a resource [329097] (target milestone: 0.2)
    • Handle multiple types for class properties [329104] (target milestone: 0.2)
    • Support default xml binding [329107] (target milestone: 0.2)
    • Support keyboard activation of table row editing [329108] (target milestone: 0.2)
    • Support create action [329118] (target milestone: 0.2)
    • Re-work actions API [329119] (target milestone: 0.2)
    • Tab should take you to next column in table [329120] (target milestone: 0.2)
    • show.label=false hint does not work with vertical radio button group [330696] (target milestone: 0.2)
    • detailed description text for individual radio buttons in a group [330697] (target milestone: 0.2)
    • [api] Need convenience methods in XmlValueBindingImpl [331070] (target milestone: 0.2)
    • Support more complex DelimitedListBindingImpl use cases [331250] (target milestone: 0.2)
    • Need better way to specify @NoDuplicates for list properties [332258] (target milestone: 0.2)
    • Sample needed for storing custom types in value properties [333118] (target milestone: 0.2)
    • Re-work localization system [333122] (target milestone: 0.2)
    • modernize the look of property editor assist popup [329103] (target milestone: 0.2)
    • Re-work context help binding feature [329114] (target milestone: 0.2)
    • Support more details link for long descriptions [329115] (target milestone: 0.2)

Table of Contents

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