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Project Plan For Gyrex, version 0.10


The Eclipse Gyrex Project is a new project.

Release Deliverables

  • Source code release, available as versions tagged "R0_10" in the project's
  • Platform
  • Examples

Table of Contents

Release Milestones

Release milestones will be occurring at roughly 6 week intervals. Any end-of-cycle release-candidate (RC) dates are typically one week apart.
0.10 M1
0.10 M2
0.10 M3
0.10 M4
0.10 M5
0.10 M6 (API Freeze)
0.10 M7 (Feature Freeze)
0.10 RC1
0.10 RC2
0.10 RC3
0.10 RC4

Table of Contents

Target Environments

The server-side part of the Eclipse Gyrex Project will be written and compiled against:
  • Version 6.0 of the Java Platform APIs (i.e., Java 2 Platform, Release 6.0 SE)
  • Equinox Version 3.7


Gyrex is designed as the basis for internationalized products. The user interface elements provided by the Gyrex components, including dialogs and error messages, are externalized. The English strings are provided as the default resource bundles.

Table of Contents

Compatibility with Previous Releases

There is no previous release to be compatible with.

Table of Contents

Themes and Priorities

This will be our first release. Therefore, we defined the following themes and priorities for working towards our 0.10 release.

Scalable Platform

  • Committed
    • Contextual Runtime
    • HTTP Applications
    • Monitoring
  • Proposed
    • Admin Dashboard
    • Cloud Support
  • Deferred
    • None

Exemplary Services and Applications

  • Committed
    • Content Delivery Service
  • Proposed
    • Bugzilla Search
  • Deferred
    • None

Eclipse 4.1

Per the Indigo participation guidelines, we are required to to have a theme in our plan for Eclipse 4.1. Gyrex makes use of e4 dependency injection. This is a core technology which is also used in Eclipse 4.1.
  • Committed
    • None
  • Proposed
    • None
  • Deferred
    • Extensibility of e4 context.

Table of Contents

Appendix Bugzilla Usage

The Gyrex team uses Eclipse Bugzilla for all it's planning. Based on the plan item queries listed above, the following consistency queries should never return any results:

  • Target milestone "---" or "Future" but resolved "FIXED": Query
  • Marked "FIXED" but still assigned to an "inbox": Query
  • Resolved "LATER" or "REMIND": Query

Table of Contents

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