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Project Plan For Eclipse Process Framework, version


The approach for this project plan will be discussed at the Thurs July 12, 2012 EPF meeting. This is planned to be just a bug fix release, and will be made available on Dec 10, 2012.

Release Deliverables

Deliverables include installable EPF composer build and the EPF practices library. The release work also includes updating the EPF web site with download bits, published, release notes, and updates to the EPF Wiki.

Table of Contents

Release Milestones

M5 (End Game)12/10/2012

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Target Environments

Win32 and Linux



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Compatibility with Previous Releases

No incompatibilities have been introduced.

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Themes and Priorities

EPF Composer tooling capabilities

- Bug fixes only.

  • Committed

    • File Export Microsoft Project produces broken MS Project files [385802] (target milestone: M2)
    • udt.xsl needs to call the template in custom_opposite.xsl [386875] (target milestone: M1)
    • Utilize extended_rtes.xsl and extended_refs.xsl in the Activity page layout [386898] (target milestone: M1)
    • Update EPF Composer to version and splash screen to [393826] (target milestone: M4)
    • Provide a template to customize if the sections will be collapsed or not by default [395863] (target milestone: M5)
    • Support for process slots [394484] (target milestone: M3)
    • References to WP Slots published as broken links in content when not used in process only publishing [394486] (target milestone: M4)
    • Lazy update configurations when new content or process packages are created [394487] (target milestone: M3)
    • Invalid references to extended elements included in process only publishing [394489] (target milestone: M4)
    • In configuration view, UDT is shown. [395893] (target milestone: M5)

EPF Practices library

- Bug fixes and minor content updates.

  • Committed

    • Wrong brief description on task [390051] (target milestone: M3)

Table of Contents


Table of Contents

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