Project Plan For BPMN2 Modeler Project, version 0.0.1


This document lays out the plan for the BPMN2 Modeler 0.0.1 release.

Comments on this plan can be posted on the forum or sent to the mailing list.

Release Deliverables

This release will be delivered via a P2 repository.

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Release Milestones

This table lists all completed milestones and planned releases.

0.0.1October 1, 2011 (completed)
Initial release
0.0.1-M1August 15, 2012 (completed)
First Milestone release
0.0.1-M2September 15, 2012 (completed)
Second Milestone release
0.1.0-RC1September 30, 2012 (completed)
Release Candidate
0.1.0October 15, 2012 (completed)
Stable Release
0.2.0December 12, 2012 (completed)
API Stabilization
0.2.1January 12, 2012 (completed)
Bug fixing
0.2.2February 7, 2012 (completed)
Bug fixing
0.2.3February 15, 2013 (completed)
Bug fixing
0.2.4April 9, 2013 (completed)
Bug fixing
0.2.5May 8, 2013 (completed)
Bug fixing
0.2.6May 15, 2013 (planned)
Bug fixing, Update Site reorg

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Target Environments

The initial milestone releases will target Eclipse Indigo and Helios. Later versions from 0.1.0 going forward will require at least Eclipse Helios as the recommended configuration at all service levels. The BPMN2 Modeler requires a Java 6 or compatible JRE, and has no operating system specific dependencies.


Also planned for version 0.1.0 is externalization of UI strings and validation error messages, which will be the first step required for I18N.

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Compatibility with Previous Releases

The BPMN2 Modeler has been tested to work with Eclipse versions 3.6 (Helios), 3.7 (Indigo), 4.2 (Juno) and the upcoming 4.3 (Kepler) release.

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Themes and Priorities


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