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The Paho project will target the Eclipse Kepler release (June 26th, 2013) with a 0.9 release under Incubator status, and two intermediate releases in 4Q12 and 1Q13.

Release Deliverables

The initial Paho release is comprised of MQTT clients and Sample/Example code.

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Release Milestones


0.1 Release


0.x Release


0.9 Release

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Target Environments

The Paho C, Java and Lua clients are runtime components to be built and installed inthe user's runtime environment

The MQTT Eclipse Client View also the Java client to run in the Eclipse IDE


None of the Paho deliverables are internationalized.

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Compatibility with Previous Releases

First Incubator Release.

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Themes and Priorities

Paho is an incubator project. This first release is targeted at providing client implementations of the MQTT protocol.

Snapshot Release

This release will be as an “update site” with the primary goal learn and exercise the Eclipse Build/Release process and tools including Tycho

  • Committed

    • Browser compatibility list [409016] (target milestone: ---)
    • Unable to get connection status [409773] (target milestone: ---)
    • ImportError: No module named 'coverage' in on OSX [427446] (target milestone: ---)
    • Mqtt Java ME Client [411984] (target milestone: ---)
    • MqttDeliveryToken's waitForCompletion never completes when called from messageArrived [412669] (target milestone: ---)
    • New MQTT Client for Java ME v3.2 (CLDC-1.1/IMP-NG) [419930] (target milestone: ---)
    • On abnormal termination, it can take up to KeepAliveInterval before sendThread is terminated [420728] (target milestone: ---)
    • DUP flag incorrectly set by paho client [431268] (target milestone: ---)
    • Deadlock on connection lost [432995] (target milestone: ---)
    • ClientComms.conState not properly synchronized [432997] (target milestone: ---)
    • MQTT samples don't work on OS X (need USE_NAMED_SEMAPHORES) [407343] (target milestone: ---)
    • Darwin builds don't build included samples (even with BUILD_SAMPLES) [407345] (target milestone: ---)
    • Added --hostname2 and --port2 options to [433337] (target milestone: ---)
    • The client in the develop branch generates a different key for the persistence store if uri's are used [421267] (target milestone: ---)
    • Publish Javascript client as a WebJar [425365] (target milestone: ---)
    • Add humans.txt to website [404575] (target milestone: ---)
    • Add sitemap to Paho website [404578] (target milestone: ---)
    • Twitter feed not working on [405799] (target milestone: ---)
    • Internationalize messages for MQTT Tester View [406270] (target milestone: ---)
    • Submission of a Go client to Paho [423686] (target milestone: ---)
    • Ensure Paho Java client follows Eclipse naming conventions [406074] (target milestone: ---)
    • provide p2 repository [419949] (target milestone: ---)
    • Java Client timeout while connecting to MQTT with Authentication, issue only on Mac [421899] (target milestone: ---)
    • Create MQTT broker container [420898] (target milestone: ---)
    • [releng] Remove old/obsolete/outdated code/projects from org.eclipse.ecf git repository [424259] (target milestone: 4.0.0)
    • Establish Python Naming conventions for Eclipse projects [406240] (target milestone: ---)
    • [release] technology.paho 0.9 [431527] (target milestone: ---)
    • Create Linux packages for Debian and Red Hat [405837] (target milestone: ---)
    • Document the API changes in the Java client [406342] (target milestone: ---)
    • Mihini should include Paho Lua MQTT client [404394] (target milestone: ---)
    • [wiki] and web - update quick starts [417446] (target milestone: ---)
    • Fix MQTT driver/exporter build and configuration [432258] (target milestone: 0.2.0-M1)
    • C Builds for Windows and Mac OS/X [415757] (target milestone: ---)
    • Change the namespace for the Javascript MQTT client [407372] (target milestone: ---)
    • Samples should use EDL license [389808] (target milestone: ---)
    • E4 GUI client for Paho [390130] (target milestone: ---)
    • [new] Submission of Objective-C MQTT Client to Eclipse Paho [402265] (target milestone: ---)
    • C client persistence using [410419] (target milestone: ---)
    • Download Binary Java Client version out of line with sample code. [411117] (target milestone: ---)
    • Paho MQTT Java client tasks tracking bug [411507] (target milestone: ---)
    • add EPL/EDL dual licensing to MQTT clients [390962] (target milestone: ---)
    • Unable to connect to mosquitto server running on port 8883 using SSL throwing class cast exception [399947] (target milestone: ---)
    • Resolve issues reported by Sonar and FindBugs in Java client [405724] (target milestone: ---)
    • Topic filter observation pattern on Async Client [406091] (target milestone: ---)
    • WebSocket payload type should be set to binary [429306] (target milestone: ---)
    • Possible null pointer dereferencing in C client [375532] (target milestone: ---)
    • Add SSL sample code [393649] (target milestone: ---)
    • C++ compatibility of C APIs [408283] (target milestone: ---)
    • MQTT C++ Wrapper Library Contribution [409174] (target milestone: ---)
    • MQTTProtocol_assignMsgId does not cope when all 64k slots are taken [416747] (target milestone: ---)
    • If persistence is true on RSMB a MQTT-SN client don't receive messages published before its connection [430828] (target milestone: ---)
    • Java code samples from EclipseCon / Eurotech talk [376348] (target milestone: ---)
    • MQTT Tester View could use async API [406271] (target milestone: ---)
    • Add HTML documentation, samples, and downloadable package [423940] (target milestone: ---)
    • Rename 'airvantage' module to sth more vendor agnostic [402159] (target milestone: ---)
    • Java build.xml needs updating for Eclipse compliance [375449] (target milestone: ---)
    • Add C client sample code [402253] (target milestone: ---)

Function Update

Providing key new client functionality and platform support.

M2M Package

Support for the M2M Eclipse Package and the Kepler release.

Table of Contents


Table of Contents

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