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Project Plan For TENEO, version 1.2


This document lays out the planned features for the next major release of the model-driven Object Relational Mapping Framework Teneo, version 1.2. This project plan inherits from the Modeling Project Plan, which should be referenced when consulting this individual project plan.

Release Deliverables

The release deliverables have the same form as is found in most Eclipse projects, namely:
  • Teneo SDK (includes Mapping Providers for different ORM Tools, Examples, Documentation and Source).
  • Teneo Examples (contains the Teneo examples models and tutorials.
  • Teneo Tests (contains the testcases).

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Release Milestones

Final Build6/11/2010

Table of Contents

Target Environments

In order to remain current, each Eclipse release targets reasonably current versions of the underlying operating environments. The Teneo Project depends upon on the Platform and other projects, which are mostly "pure" JavaTM. Teneo will target the same Java version as EMF Core, which currently requires Java 5. Eclipse Platform SDK 3.5 will be tested and validated on a number of reference platforms. Teneo will be tested and validated against a subset of those listed for the platform.


Teneo is a runtime technology, most of the components having no user interface. The remaining user interface parts of Teneo are considered exemplary and thus no attention has been paid to externalize them for internationalization.

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Compatibility with Previous Releases

Teneo will be backward compatible for the ORM tools supported in previous releases. Mapping stability/backward compatibility (generated the same mapping in new releases) is in this respect far more important than binary compatibility.

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Themes and Priorities

A list of project requirements and agreed upon implementation time frames is found in this document. For the milestones listed in this document, a set of overall themes is used to indicate what major set of functionalities is to be concentrated on for each. These themes are presented below, while the requirements document and associated Bugzilla entries are left to those wanting more detailed information on each.

Improvements and Consolidation

In 1.5 Teneo will have a completely new mapping strategy EAV. Other improvements are mainly focused on further extending the support for Hibernate annotations.
  • Committed

    • Helios: Add additional Hibernate Annotation Support [290794] (target milestone: M7)
    • Helios: Add Entity-Attribute-Value support [290795] (target milestone: M6)

Table of Contents

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