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Project Plan For Jubula, version 2.0


This document describes Jubula 1.2.x. This version will be released in June 2012. Jubula is part of the Eclipse 2012 release train named Juno. There is work in progress on migrating the data model from JPA (POJOs) to EMF. If this is successful it will lead to an 2.0 version in early 2013.

Release Deliverables

Jubula consists of features to be used in a Eclipse application. It is also available as an Eclipse Packaging Project, named "Eclipse for Testers". In addition a set of packages (jar, executables, configurations) are be provided to connect the test engine to the Application Under Test (AUT).

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Release Milestones

Initial Contribution2011-01-10
1.0.0 (Indigo)2011-06-22
1.1.0 (Indigo SR1)2011-09-23
1.1.0 (Indigo SR2)2012-02-24
1.2.0 (Juno M1)2011-08-19
1.2.0 (Juno M2)2011-09-30
1.2.0 (Juno M3)2011-11-11
1.2.0 (Juno M4)2011-12-16
1.2.0 (Juno M5)2012-02-03
1.2.0 (Juno M6)2012-03-23
1.2.0 (Juno M7)2012-05-11
1.2.1 (Juno RC1)2012-05-25
1.2.1 (Juno RC2)2012-06-01
1.2.1 (Juno RC3)2012-06-08
1.2.1 (Juno RC4)2012-06-15
1.2.1 (Juno)2012-06-27
1.2.2 (Juno SR1)2012-09-28
1.2.3 (Juno SR2)2013-02-22
2.0.0 (tentative)2012-01-31

Table of Contents

Target Environments

Jubula targets the 3.7, 3.8 and 4.2 (using the compatibility layer) platform. It depends only on the basic RCP functions (including i18n and UA).


Internationalization is based on the release train requirements. Currently only an English language pack is available.

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Compatibility with Previous Releases

The Remote Control components are compatible with Eclipse RCP/SWT starting with 3.3. Swing RC is compatible with Java 1.4.

Table of Contents

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