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Project Plan For Epsilon, version 1.0.0


Epsilon is a family of languages and tools for code generation, model-to-model transformation, model validation, comparison, migration and refactoring that work out-of-the-box with EMF and other types of models.

Release Deliverables

Each release provides development tools and execution engines for the languages in Epsilon. It also provides ANT tasks for executing programs written in Epsilon languages from within ANT build-files.

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Release Milestones


Table of Contents

Target Environments

Epsilon depends on the Platform and EMF projects and offers optional integration with GMF. Epsilon has been compiled using Java 1.6 and does not depend on any non-Java libraries.


Epsilon does not currently provide support for internationalization.

Table of Contents

Themes and Priorities

Performance enhancements

We are working on enhancing the performance of Epsilon by optimizing the execution engines and the underlying model connectivity framework of Epsilon using big/complex models provided by industrial collaborators.

Static Type Checking

We are working on the infrastructure that will allow languages in Epsilon to be statically type checked to improve usability (through features such as code completion) and robustness.

Community building

Epsilon already has a substantial user community as depicted by the activity in the eclipse.epsilon newsgroup. We are constantly working on extending the Epsilon community by publishing examples and tutorials online.

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