Project Plan For , version 0.1


Edapt is a framework for Ecore model adaptation and instance migration.

Release Deliverables

Eclipse plugins and features.

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Release Milestones

Milestones are still to be scheduled.

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Target Environments

The target environment is the latest milestone release of Eclipse and EMF.

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Compatibility with Previous Releases

No compatibility with previous releases is needed since there have been no previous releases.

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Themes and Priorities

The upcoming tasks are:

Migrate existing code to Eclipse SVN

The projects COPE and MetaPatch have to pass the IP-Review and be committed to SVN.

Define a common infrastructure for model migration

The infrastructure has to be able to identify the version of EMF-Models independently of their serialization format. Then, there is a hook needed to prepare the meta model needed for this version. It should be possible to register transformations (independently of their transformation language). These transformations should be called automatically to migrate the model to the currently needed version.

Table of Contents

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