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Project Plan For Data Tools Connectivity, version 1.7


"Data Tools" is a vast domain, yet there are a fairly small number of foundational requirements when developing with or managing data-centric systems. A developer is interested in an environment that is easy to configure, one in which the challenges of application development are due to the problem domain, not the complexity of the tools employed. Data management, whether by a developer working on an application, or an administrator maintaining or monitoring a production system, should also provide a consistent, highly usable environment that works well with associated technologies.

The Data Tools Platform (DTP) project provides a set of frameworks and basic tools to enable data-centric development in a variety of data types, including databases (via JDBC) and ODA data sources (for BIRT reporting). The frameworks are open to allow common interfaces (both API and user interface) across different types of data.

DTP is broken into a number of sub-projects. This project plan focuses on the Connectivity sub-project, which provides basic frameworks for managing, connecting, and disconnecting from data sources

Release Deliverables

DTP provides two main deliverables: one deliverable for developers, which includes source code, examples, and so on; and a user or runtime deliverable that just provides the basics for DTP use.

Table of Contents

Release Milestones

The DTP project delivers a set of components to ease connecting to and working with data sources. Primarily DTP focuses on database (SQL development) work and ODA data sources for BIRT reporting.

M3 11/5/2008

Release Train M3 +1 Date (M3 GA on 11/19/08)

(Note that this will be the DTP 1.6.2 M1 build for now until we branch Galileo sometime the week of November 10th)

M4 12/17/2008

Release Train M4 +1 Date (M4 GA on 1/12/09)

M5 2/3/2009

Release Train M5 +1 Date (M5 GA on 2/16/09)

M6 3/16/2009

Release Train M6 +1 Date (M6 GA on 3/23/09)

M7 5/4/2009

Release Train M7 +1 Date (M7 GA on 5/11/09)

RC1 5/18/2009

Release Train RC1 +1 Date (RC1 GA on 5/25/09)

RC2 5/25/2009

Release Train RC2 +1 Date (RC2 GA on 6/1/09)

RC3 6/1/2009

Release Train RC3 +1 Date (RC3 GA on 6/8/09)

RC4 6/8/2009

Release Train RC4 +1 Date (RC4 GA on 6/15/09)

RC5 6/15/2009

Release Train RC5 +1 Date (Galileo GA on 6/26/09)

Table of Contents

Target Environments

See the main Datatools plan for target environment details.

Table of Contents

Compatibility with Previous Releases

The goal of this release is to be backward compatible back to DTP 1.6.

Table of Contents

Themes and Priorities

The Connectivity sub-project will work on the following themes and priority for the DTP Galileo release.

(Note that "committed" items have the "plan" keyword in the BZ entry. "Proposed" items do not.)

Connectivity Priorities

We will focus on the following:

  • Add simple command/control support frameworks (simple start/stop database server for example using batch files)
  • JNDI Service/JDBC Connection Integration
  • Additional command-line tools
  • More usability work
  • ODA:Define filtering spec for support by any ODA data source queries
  • ODA:Support for Multi-dimensional result sets
  • ODA:Enhance ODA Framework and API to support advanced features requested by the community

Table of Contents

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