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Project Plan For BPEL Designer, version 1.0


This document lays out the plan for the BPEL Designer 1.0 release.

Comments on this plan can be posted on the forum or sent to the mailing list.

Release Deliverables

This release will be delivered via a P2 repository.

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Release Milestones

This table lists all completed milestones and planned releases.

M1March 2006
M2December 2006
M3August 2007
M4September 2010
M5July 2011
1.0May 2012
1.0.1June 2012
1.0.2November 2012
1.0.3May 2013

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Target Environments

This release will target Eclipse Indigo as the recommended configuration, but will also be compatible with Eclipse Helios, Juno and Kepler at all service levels. The BPEL Designer requires a Java 5 or compatible JRE, and has no operating system specific dependencies.


Most, if not all UI strings and validation error messages have been externalized in properties files and the BPEL Designer project is registered with the Babel project to allow the community to contribute to the translation effort.

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Compatibility with Previous Releases

The BPEL Designer has been tested to work with all versions of Eclipse starting with Galileo (3.5.2) up to the current Kepler release. While the editor may still work with prior releases of Eclipse, there are no guarantees that the runtime deployment infrastructure will work with versions prior to Galileo.

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Themes and Priorities


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Appendix Project Re factoring

A Restructuring Review to move the BPEL Designer from the Technology project to the SOA top-level project was completed in August 2011.

Table of Contents

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