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  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
3811Mozilla Rhino Version: 1.7 R2 (ATO CQ3530) (using Orbit CQ3539)New BSD license, Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL)unmodified source & binary
6737Mozilla Rhino Version: 1.7R4Mozilla Public License 2.0 (MPL), New BSD licenseunmodified source & binary
9426Mozilla Rhino Version: 1.7R5Mozilla Public License 2.0 (MPL) unmodified source & binary
10061minimal-json Version: 0.9.4MIT Licensemodified source & binary
10236Use/redistribute JSON Schemas originally published at schemastore.org Version: not specifiedApache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
10381json-simple Version: 1.1 (PB CQ5993) Version: 1.1Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
10522Bower Logo for icons in wizards/actions/editorsMIT Licensemodified source & binary
10691esprima Version: 2.7.0New BSD licenseunmodified source & binary
10822everything.js Version: 1.0.3New BSD licenseunmodified source & binary

Exempt Pre-Req and Works With Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseType
9479Use of node.js installation on user environment Version: v0.12.2 and laterMIT Licenseexempt pre-req
9487Use of npm installation on user environment Version: v2.7.5Artistic License 2.0exempt pre-req
9488Use of Bower installation on user environment Version: v1.4.1 and laterMIT Licenseexempt pre-req
10453Use of gruntjs installalled on user environment Version: 0.4.5MIT Licenseexempt pre-req
10454Use of gulp installalled on user environment Version: 4.0.0MIT Licenseexempt pre-req


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Ilya Buziuk Red Hat, Inc.
Nitin Dahyabhai IBM
Grant Gayed IBM
Christopher Jaun IBM
Simon Kaegi IBM
Michael Rennie IBM
Victor Rubezhny Ericsson AB

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Chris Jaun (us.ibm.com)
221018 2050 bytes formatting fails for " something()()"
Attachment 129402: Fixes the formatter to handle chaining functions calls
226351 35930 bytes HTML syntax problems in JSDT doc files preventing translation
Attachment 128235: Cleans up remaining syntax problems.
232633 3561 bytes There is 2 JavaScript Navigation command groups
Attachment 125468: Combines the JavaScript Navigation item into a single node
235676 1099 bytes NLS missing message: GenerateHashCodeEqualsDialog_instanceof_button in: org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.internal.ui.JavaUIMessages
Attachment 128749: A little message cleanup
236262 3334 bytes TVT34:TCT556: TVT FR - Source and output folder
Attachment 125593: Updates strings on the pref page and the new project wizard
241552 11114 bytes JavaScript function arguments should be displayed in the HTML editor
Attachment 129638: Content assist in web pages now obeys the preference for adding method params
241553 1041 bytes Double entry when double-clicking on a code assist entry
Attachment 128260: Fixes the double content assist insert problem
241769 940 bytes JSDT package's ASTRewriteFlattener class has problem
Attachment 129646: Made the suggested update
241968 20151 bytes Formatter lacking an option to specify the whitespace in an object initializer
Attachment 117806: proposed patch
251206 27147 bytes Parsing error when JSDoc parsing is deactivated
Attachment 131843: Updates the system.js library file
251213 1101 bytes Editor expected a @return JSDoc comment in constructors
Attachment 130598: Checks if the method is a constructor before throwing warning message
251377 243740 bytes False Type mismatch warning
Attachment 131406: Updates to the browser library fils to include HTMLElements
253166 1321 bytes Javascript validation has several errors with correct code
Attachment 133645: Added Image and Option ot the base browser library
255020 14477 bytes "Duplicate local variable" error not applicable to JavaScript
Attachment 118297: Adds an option to the preference page to decide how to display a duplicate local variables problem.
255427 8817 bytes JSDT Core Plugin ProblemReporter Assumes Method Selector always present .
Attachment 118666: Fixes the NPE problem for anonymous methods.
258878 11766 bytes Formatting not working in HTML pages
Attachment 130001: Adds code formatting to the HTML editor of JS
258956 895 bytes Formatter does not remove space after : when defining an object literal function
Attachment 121888: A patch
259023 1255 bytes Object has "never read" warning even when one of its fields is used
Attachment 131982: Updates in SingleNameReference
259156 1275 bytes Content assist stops working + error dialog in for loop
Attachment 122470: patch
259187 2686 bytes String.prototype.split returns Array, not String
Attachment 122602: Bug fix and new test case
260102 23379 bytes UI issues on the Add Runtime Library... properties page
Attachment 122451: patch
261362 412380 bytes Allow picking an external folder in defining a user library
Attachment 126987: This cumlative patch contains fixes for 261362, 265545, and a lot of clean up.
262145 813 bytes JSDT: JSDoc for parseFloat() is wrong
Attachment 123756: Patch that updates the return and type of the parseFloat jsdoc to Number.
262428 120838 bytes Some clean up needed of unused fields and methods - mostly in the ImportReference class
Attachment 123888: This patch cleans up code related to ImportReferences
262721 2198 bytes Logged NPE on hover of 'confirm'
Attachment 130590: Fixes the invalid error message
263222 12393 bytes Syntax coloring broken for comments
Attachment 125447: Updates the FastJavaPartitionScanner to better understand when it finds a regular expression vs. a comment
263458 2349 bytes Enter key is ignored
Attachment 128457: Adds a try/catch statement to catch an exception in the JavaAutoIndentStrategy
263465 1113 bytes wrong assumption about return type
Attachment 130577: Fixes the invalid error message for unknown return types
263468 1201 bytes Wrong "Unreachable code" error decoration
Attachment 133661: Updates in analyseCode() method of MethodDeclaration class.
265545 260200 bytes Fix various problems with the new JavaScript Project wizard
Attachment 126498: Cleaned up some API issues in the last patch
266947 1873 bytes JSDoc export wizard should be disabled from the UI until it works correctly.
Attachment 127500: Removes the JSDoc export wizard from the plugin.xml file.
267053 1155 bytes Internal validation error NullPointerException on JavadocFieldReference
Attachment 127556: A check to avoid the NPE - I don't think these "Javadoc" classes have ever been updated to work well with JSdoc
267133 848 bytes Unexpected Cannot Convert From boolean to Boolean warning
Attachment 128216: Correct converts boolean values in BaseTypeBinding
267843 5712 bytes JSDoc formatting errors in system.js
Attachment 128190: Fixes formatting errors
268066 970 bytes Unexpected 'Cannot make a static reference to the non-static function x(any) from the type Y'
Attachment 128614: Updates the library file
268171 50254 bytes Remove unused or no longer needed problems from ProblemReporter
Attachment 128408: Removed methods from ProblemReported and other related clean up
268542 82176 bytes Remove unused validation problems
Attachment 130703: Removes unused validation problems
268542 209781 bytes Remove unused validation problems
Attachment 131032: More problems removed
269000 1295 bytes Content assist does not work on negative numbers
Attachment 130465: Fixes the infer engine for unary expressions
269004 1054 bytes No content assist on object literal with "string" values
Attachment 130438: Update the InferEngine to handle Strings in Object Literals
269055 9871 bytes Object Literal definition is not treated as an Object
Attachment 134531: Updates to the InferEngine, ObjectLit resolving, and junit tests
269098 10017 bytes system.js shows the call method on a Function accepting an array as its second property
Attachment 131022: Updates the system.js file
269204 1787 bytes JSDT should have an anonymous function template
Attachment 130128: Adds the template
269263 3969 bytes The window object has some missing and incorrect properties
Attachment 130452: Updated the browserWindow.js file
270529 789 bytes JavaScript Resource node should be expandable in the common navigator
Attachment 130390: Removed possibleChild change
271881 1466 bytes The jsdt extension of the navigatorContent is activated even if the project doesn't have the jsdt facet
Attachment 132679: Updates plugin.xml
272614 5611 bytes Preferences: Double entries for Occurrences and Override indicators
Attachment 132254: Updates the plugin.xml to use unique key values
273554 981 bytes Unexpected error message for mathematical term (wrong detection of Regex)
Attachment 133599: Fixes the scanner in the checkIfDivide method.
275176 1121 bytes Object literal bracket should should be auto closed if close bracket preference set
Attachment 134640: Updates the BracketInserter class
Christian Pontesegger (web.de)
03caf7 566 lines Bug 475993: JS Editor should support colored code proposals
Curtis Windatt (ca.ibm.com)
316156 988 bytes JSDI interface has incorrect javadoc
Attachment 171418: Fix
Dan Lee (us.ibm.com)
278396 1225 bytes Add ability to query local variable names to org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.internal.corext.template.java.JavaContext
Attachment 137651: Patch file attached.
David Williams (us.ibm.com)
326882 639 bytes need increment in test feature version
Attachment 180129: patch for service field increment.
Dawid PakuĹ‚a (w3des.net)
2c92d8 41 lines [404832] - JavaScript error on valid regex
5c72d6 409 lines [407910] Switch with INT argument
76e83f 82 lines [404832] - JavaScript error on valid regex
Denis Golovin (gmail.com)
ac76ff 178 lines Bug 462385 - JavaScript Classpath should have configured with default exclusion for known locations
bd4bfe 65136 lines Bug 485188 - Initial contribution of Google Chrome Dev Tools
cca8bc 352 lines Bug 485605 - Include JavaScript Debugger for Chrome/Chromium into build
ed410a 45 lines Bug 485603 - Generate Development Web Inspector Protocol Backend Plugin for Chrome Canary
Denis Golovin (exadel.com)
48af55 38 lines [349020] [hotbug] [validation] Eclipse complains about jquery minified
6eadd3 90 lines [349020] [hotbug] [validation] Eclipse complains about jquery minified
8f3e19 180 lines [349020] [hotbug] [validation] Eclipse complains about jquery minified
a43e86 19 lines [349020] [hotbug] [validation] Eclipse complains about jquery minified
Etienne Pfister (hsr.ch)
227489 2830 bytes AST does not support nested functions
Attachment 98875: new patch to handle nested functions
231122 1723 bytes ASTNode.copySubtree(): NullPointerException if name or type is not set
Attachment 99603: New Patch to solve copySubtree issue
232645 783 bytes For in loops are written incorrectly by the NaiveASTFlattener
Attachment 100764: Patch for correct for in loop respresenation in NaiveASTFlattener
Eugene Ostroukhov (gmail.com)
244839 4091 bytes Exception when opening JavaScript file from outside of workspace
Attachment 110587: Patch to fix the issue
322307 988 bytes [Debug] Connectors schema references class from E4
Attachment 176290: Simple patch
gdesaintmartinlacaze (gmail.com)
8341f3 982 lines Bug 461330 - Sonar: Performance - Method concatenates strings using + in
9b373e 1814 lines Bug 460636 - Sonar: change Integer Instantiation to Integer.valueOf
c7b840 1032 lines Bug 461760 - Sonar: Performance - Method invokes inefficient Number
Ian Tewksbury (us.ibm.com)
306958 3814 bytes [hotbug][Content Assist] No parameters populated for constructor for code completion
Attachment 198853: Testing ZIP - Update 4
306958 304966 bytes [hotbug][Content Assist] No parameters populated for constructor for code completion
Attachment 198973: fix patch - update 13
316796 5444 bytes [misc] Remove or reduce JSDT startup impact
Attachment 180692: Fix Patch
319638 1261 bytes [explorer] Expanding a JS file in a Library in the Project explorer results in no children displayed under node
Attachment 174538: Possible Fix Patch
328966 5407 bytes Hyperlink detectors slowness causes copy delay
Attachment 182207: Patch - Update 1
329050 15881 bytes Auto activation does not always work in javascript regions in webpages
Attachment 182046: Patch - Option 2
330274 2807 bytes JavaSearchScope#indexOf needs to be updated to deal with package fragment roots enclosed by another package fragment root
Attachment 183149: Fix Patch
333901 39693 bytes Need to update JS include path after module core nature installed
Attachment 187231: Fix Patch - Update 2
Ilya Buziuk (gmail.com)
14731b 3887 lines Bug 484418 - Implementing generic approach for launching external tools (bower / npm) via CLI calls. Refactoring
1c6576 2798 lines Bug 486956 - Initial gulp & grunt support
c06a01 5396 lines Bug 481828 - Node.js-based JavaScript Dependency Management Tools: bower, npm
Iwao AVE! (gmail.com)
382474 810 bytes Formatting javascript that contains html tags in a literal breaks the code.
Attachment 218897: Fix for JsTranslator.java
Jacek Pospychala (gmail.com)
242162 13908 bytes [API] Please make usage of InferEngine more pluggable
Attachment 155488: patch v3
263777 2601 bytes [misc] jsdtscope doesn't recognize white spaces
Attachment 153060: patch
295340 2629 bytes [project setup] in "Add JavaScript Support" action, cancel is ignored
Attachment 152383: patch
295354 947 bytes [project setup] JavaScript nature not always removed by JsWebNature.removeNature(...)
Attachment 152394: patch
295414 1747 bytes [exceptions] JavaScript Model Exception: JavaScript Model Status [Include path contains duplicate entry: '' for project p1]
Attachment 152452: patch
295419 787 bytes [UI] Two "Class File Viewer" editors.
Attachment 152458: option1
295446 983 bytes JavaScript icons in outline too big
Attachment 153156: alternative solution
296001 967 bytes [validation] No warning/error for prototype of unresolved field
Attachment 152949: simpler patch
324726 1261 bytes No content assist possible in single quotes string
Attachment 178382: patch
326134 1934 bytes Content assist proposals are missing additional info
Attachment 179515: patch
326901 1713 bytes Parameter types not populated in function expression call
Attachment 180236: patch
327191 2051 bytes Additional information in content-assist shows up only for types, not for functions
Attachment 180476: patch v2 alternative
Jason Peterson (us.ibm.com)
802e0a 2 lines [419871] - DefaultInferenceProvider is always enabled
85ece1 397796 lines [384319] CPU utilization to 100% when this is appended to new object
874834 48 lines [326449] parser error on regular expression containing sequence
a341cb 34 lines [326449] parser error on regular expression containing sequence
ec87a3 162116 lines [384319] CPU utilization to 100% when this is appended to new object
Jon Houghton (us.ibm.com)
c8c8d3 20 lines [420333] Remove JSDT semantic validation.
jpadilla (us.ibm.com)
57c535 36 lines Corrects build failure caused by jUnits delivered with Bug 315660.
670434 34 lines Bugzilla 415108. @deprecated tag in JsDoc crosses out the entire comment
6e93b6 8 lines Improve to patch for bugzilla 377241.
afdfdb 4 lines Bugzilla 414993. Content assist selection for "this." doesn't get
Kaloyan Raev (zend.com)
f7684c 57 lines [443995] Dark theme support
Karen Butzke (gmail.com)
233368 984 bytes widget is disposed exception closing eclipse and saving edited file
Attachment 101412: proposed patch - head stream
Kevin Tapperson (us.ibm.com)
298977 1077 bytes JavaScript indexing thread is indexing data outside of workspace
Attachment 187759: patch changing removeLastSegments call to only strip the last segment
Lakshminarayana (gmail.com)
397567 975 bytes [Javascript] [content assist] Functions inside Javascript files are not available in JSP
Attachment 225279: Fix 397567
Lalit Somavarapha (us.ibm.com)
345720 1112 bytes [libraries] Window.prototype.setTimeout has wrong return type
Attachment 198190: updated patch
Laurens Holst (grauw.nl)
241647 326 bytes [validation] JSDT doesn’t understand multi-line strings
Attachment 155691: Testcase
241655 1371 bytes [outline] Clicking on class in overview makes wrong selection
Attachment 155681: Testcase
241655 13482 bytes [outline] Clicking on class in overview makes wrong selection
Attachment 155683: Fix
Martin Oberhuber (windriver.com)
350850 1190 bytes [doc] JSDT doc plugin should include a pre-built help index
Attachment 198917: Patch providing a prebuilt doc index
357930 1950 bytes Thread timed out waiting ... when initializing jsdt.ui plugin
Attachment 203483: patch v1
374746 2550 bytes [performance][regression] Eclipse UI is unresponsive for 8 minutes due to JSDT contentTypeId check
Attachment 213488: Patch v1
Michael Schneider (google.com)
307622 1897 bytes JS Debugger uses Rhino 1.7 specific API
Attachment 163492: Workaround to make the debugger work with Rhino 1.6
Michael Spector (gmail.com)
242987 1054 bytes No code assist for fully qualified class names
Attachment 109013: patch
242989 1534 bytes Code assist for fully qualified classses is not consistent
Attachment 109015: patch
243889 5056 bytes Various exceptions are thrown after importing Dojo framework into JavaScript project
Attachment 110905: Additional fixes
243889 4964 bytes Various exceptions are thrown after importing Dojo framework into JavaScript project
Attachment 111057: Additional fixes
243889 2079 bytes Various exceptions are thrown after importing Dojo framework into JavaScript project
Attachment 111059: Additional fixes
Mickael Istria (redhat.com)
253e2c 200 lines [419113] Configuration for surefire test runner
3473a7 647 lines Bug 479132: Make Outline rely on CommonNavigator
4f73cc 439 lines [425796] Introduce intermediary pom files
a09e25 367 lines [426209] Java 6 + Cleaning some warnings
a7eaaa 343 lines [463426] An incubating extension to importer framework
ab537e 48 lines [425060] local builds generates a p2 repo
b13d13 10 lines Bug 476865: Adapt to new Easymport API
Musa (us.ibm.com)
297519 3442 bytes [exceptions][content assist] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException in Signature.appendTypeSignature()
Attachment 165594: Patch for Bug 297519 (updated)
309315 2209 bytes [exceptions] Found a problem with the 'by relevance' (org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.ui.RelevanceSorter) extension to the "javaCompletionProposalSorters" extension point.
Attachment 165131: Patch for Bug 309315
nickboldt (gmail.com)
bc2956 24 lines [484810] add p2.inf instruction to allow upgrading from o.j.t.jst.js.feature to o.eclipse.wst.jsdt.nodejs.feature
Olivier Oeuillot (free.fr)
244411 896 bytes JavadocParser.java: little misspelling problem ! (org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.internal.compiler.parser)
Attachment 110211: A patch
Paul Beusterien (gmail.com)
333387 760 bytes Parser log message when invoking a constructor returned from a function call (occurs in Sencha Touch)
Attachment 187449: One-line Fix for 333387
336728 2528 bytes Non-trivial in operator expression causes Error in JSDT Core during AST creation
Attachment 188594: if instanceof is Infix, so should in operator
Peter Rybin (gmail.com)
8dc6d8 54 lines Bug 389133 - Allow enablement and properties ruler actions for
389133 3411 bytes Allow enablement and properties ruler actions for third-party breakpoints in JavaScript Editor
Attachment 220877: A simple (naive) fix that drops unnecessary (?) conditions. With spaces fixed.
Phil Berkland (us.ibm.com)
229282 9076 bytes [API] Provide access to token(s) of IFieldReference
Attachment 100215: patch
242987 2204 bytes No code assist for fully qualified class names
Attachment 110414: Modified Patch
243889 3208 bytes Various exceptions are thrown after importing Dojo framework into JavaScript project
Attachment 110398: patch
Philippe Marschall (netcetera.ch)
341720 1094 bytes extension point schemas missing from jsdt.core and jsdt.ui
Attachment 192609: patch that includes schemas in source build
Pieter Peeters (gmail.com)
7fb458 11 lines Bug 436864 - Ctrl-click on method of javadoc annotated variable does not work
Samuel Wu (ca.ibm.com)
61606d 120 lines Bug 468379 - org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.doc missing reference docs
Scott Kellicker (gmail.com)
323993 947 bytes Selecting TypeHierarchy on HtmlElement throws an NPE
Attachment 177906: proposed patch
StĂ©phane BĂ©gaudeau (obeo.fr)
e0dbfe 7657 lines Bug 459732 - Bower IDE contribution
Sumit Singh (infineon.com)
7cbbad 158 lines Bug 434158 - Debug runs even select cancel for ElementListSelectionDialog for debug configuration if multiple configuration exists for same file.
a15502 15 lines Bug 423274 - Debug breakpoints not skip after selecting "Skip all
Thanh Ha (alumni.carleton.ca)
114aa6 144 lines Bug 455877 - Remove trailing whitespace in debug.core
1983ba 27 lines Bug 455878 - If-statements must use braces in debug.core
1a7741 12 lines Bug 455878 - Fix Sonar if-statements must use braces in ui.tests
349865 96 lines Bug 455877 - Remove trailing whitespace in debug.rhino.tests
3bf11b 108 lines Bug 455877 - Remove trailing whitespace in debug.ui
3c95e3 18 lines Bug 455877 - Remove trailing whitespace in debug.rhino
8a243a 22 lines Bug 455877 - Remove trailing whitespace in debug.core.tests
9140e8 27 lines Bug 455878 - If-statements must use braces in debug.rhino.test
9177bd 28 lines Bug 455877 - Remove trailing whitespace in debug.transport
cc32a3 8 lines Bug 455877 - Remove trailing whitespace in ui.tests
e40b8a 24 lines Bug 455878 - Fix Sonar if-statements must use braces in debug.transport
ea0ac8 9 lines Bug 455878 - Fix Sonar if-statements must use braces in debug.core.tests
f120b5 12 lines Bug 455878 - Fix Sonar if-statements must use braces in debug.rhino
f1323c 6 lines Bug 455878 - Fix Sonar if-statements must use braces in debug.ui
Thanh Ha (eclipse.org)
205797 4 lines Bug 435961 - [CBI] Set Eclipse-SourceReferences for JSDT
4b8a03 56 lines Bug 419261 - Pom version updates jsdt.debug
4dd79d 830 lines Bug 414708 - [CBI] webtools.jsdt.core patches for building with
5d8923 33 lines [420738] Determine which eclipse.inf files are necessary for Tycho (CBI
760262 64 lines Bug 419260 - Pom version updates jsdt.core and jsdt.tests
95caf7 86 lines Bug 419260 - Pom version updates jsdt.core and jsdt.tests
a16c0e 818 lines Bug 414709 - [CBI] webtools.jsdt.debug patch for building with
a31d05 16 lines [421115] Update pom versions to match version changes from recent
ba100f 346 lines Bug 414708 - [CBI] webtools.jsdt.tests patches
c67ad5 1 lines Bug 420891 - [CBI] Builds too many projects
Troy Bishop (ca.ibm.com)
312801 4798 bytes Provide better JavaScript filename error message
Attachment 168392: Possible patch
Victor V Rubezhny (exadel.com)
050e9b 118 lines [417465] - JavaScript Validation reports max 100 problems per .js file
0b42b9 22 lines [392400] NullPointerException at
377d97 166 lines Bug 324661 - [UI] No working sets are shown in the new project wizard
856973 8 lines Bug 419970 - [refactoring] Change Function Signature doesn't work for modified files
8650d5 10 lines [420533] ClassCastException when getting validation participants
895f80 92 lines Bug 406519 - [validation] Valid JavaScript code flagged as error (regexp, infinity, non-breaking space)
90ea7f 6 lines Bug 266542 - [refactoring] function renaming operation does not work properly
9f0cf4 4 lines Bug 351713 - [refactoring] Change Function Signature broken. Cannot use at all.
b3c00d 8 lines [420086] Copy text doesn't work from read-only javascript file
c73c61 20 lines Bugzilla 357353.
c8dfc5 38 lines Bug 406519 - [validation] Valid JavaScript code flagged as error (regexp, infinity, non-breaking space)
d35ac6 8 lines Bug 351713 - [refactoring] Change Function Signature broken. Cannot use at all.
e1fb66 4 lines Bug 419970 - [refactoring] Change Function Signature doesn't work for modified files
e28f64 2 lines [411955] Warning about missing NLS shown
f21a35 8 lines [420818] NullPointerException when selecting "Add all missing tags"
f2b498 12 lines Bug 266542 - [refactoring] function renaming operation does not work properly
fe0bf1 20 lines Bug 422390 - [syntax coloring][regression] "Function declarations" setting broke anonymous function body coloring
359005 1008 bytes [exceptions] NPE in CompilationUnitScope#connectTypeHierarchy()
Attachment 216370: The patch fixes the issue
376809 937 bytes [patch] JSDT validator throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in CaseStatement#resolveCase() on latest jQuery Mobile
Attachment 215079: The patch fixes the issue
Wojciech Galanciak (gmail.com)
268125 5528 bytes [preferences] Comment templates are ignored when creating new file
Attachment 169793: full solution
301288 3248 bytes [misc] Unnecessary checking package-list file availability during validating JSDoc location
Attachment 157654: fix
Wooyoung Cho (samsung.com)
0be79f 422 lines Bugzilla 315660.
657bda 74 lines Bugzilla 377241. Content Assist does not work when an object property
6b42c4 266 lines Bugzilla 377241. Content Assist does not work when an object property is
90c297 36 lines Bugzilla 315660. Insert of assist proposal fails inside nested object
b481d8 30 lines Bugzilla 377241.


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