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  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
1552BoundedBufferWithStateTracking Version: unknownPublic Domain
3188Apache Commons Net Version: 2.0 (Subset) (using Orbit CQ3044)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
4843Apache Commons Net Version: 2.2 (PB Orbit CQ 4743)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
6218JZlib Version: 1.1.1New BSD Licenseunmodified source & binary
6219Apache Commons Net Version: 3.1Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
7026Apache Commons Net Version: 3.2Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
8378Jsch Version: 0.1.51New BSD Licenseunmodified source & binary

Exempt Pre-Req and Works With Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseType
2600RXTX Version: 2.1-7r2GNU Library or 'Lesser' General Public License (LGPL)works with

Unused Approved Contributions

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseStatus
230Apache Jakarta Commons Net Library Version: 1.4.1Apache License, 2.0obsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
232Apache Jakarta ORO Library Version: 2.0.8Apache Software License 1.1obsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
1752Jakarta Commons Net patch 1.4.1 patch NET-3Apache License, 2.0obsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
1753Jakarta Commons Net patch 1.4.1 patch NET-73Apache License, 2.0obsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Xuan Chen IBM
Kevin Doyle IBM
Anna Dushistova MontaVista Software LLC
David Dykstal IBM
Jose Manuel Garcia Maciel IBM
Radoslav Gerganov
Anton Leherbauer Intel Corporation
David McKnight IBM
Javier Montalvo Orús
Kushal Munir
Martin Oberhuber Intel Corporation
Kaloyan Raev Zend Technologies USA, Inc
Michael Scharf
Uwe Stieber Intel Corporation
Greg Watson IBM
Ted Williams

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Ahmet Alptekin (bte.tubitak.gov.tr)
244405 16734 bytes [terminal] Add a UI Control for setting the Terminal's encoding
Attachment 208766: default encoding and other
Alex Panchenko (gmail.com)
277061 860 bytes [terminal] TelnetConnection.isConnected() should check if socket was not closed
Attachment 136433: TelnetConnection.java patch
Andrei Sobolev (xored.com)
250456 1031 bytes [terminal][regression] Ssh banner message causes IllegalArgumentException popup
Attachment 114806: Patch to fix issue
Anna Dushistova (gmail.com)
149285 3202 bytes [ssh] multiple prompts and errors in case of incorrect username
Attachment 97670: patch for SystemCommandAction
170910 30098 bytes [api][nls] Prepare RSE Service API For Terminal Integrations
Attachment 95116: patch for existing rse plugins with fixed APIs
170910 102007 bytes [api][nls] Prepare RSE Service API For Terminal Integrations
Attachment 95117: new terminal plugins with new API used
226550 14237 bytes [api] Launch Shell and Launch Terminal actions should be contributed declaratively
Attachment 101372: patch for using property testers in Launch Shell action definition
227535 34256 bytes [rseterminal][api] terminals.ui should not depend on files.core
Attachment 98943: improved patch for property testers
227537 66990 bytes [terminal][api] rse.terminals.ui should not depend on tm.terminal.view
Attachment 97391: patch for moving some actions from terminal.view to terminal
228577 12279 bytes [rseterminal] Clean up RSE Terminal impl
Attachment 98604: patch that fixes some issues mentioned
228577 4832 bytes [rseterminal] Clean up RSE Terminal impl
Attachment 98633: patch to fix possible sync problems
229479 2197 bytes [rseterminal][api] terminals.core should not force load terminals.ui
Attachment 98468: patch that removes forced load of UI plug-in from core one.
231966 881 bytes [rseterminal][apidoc] Add terminals.rse Javadoc (package.html)
Attachment 100133: package javadoc
234274 4896 bytes [api] Launch Shell / Terminal commands menu placement and category
Attachment 102633: patch that fixes issue #2
235934 2834 bytes Launch Shell/Terminal commands enabled when selection is empty
Attachment 103836: patch that fixes the issue
Anton Leherbauer (windriver.com)
196465 2792 bytes [terminal] Resizing Terminal changes Scroller location
Attachment 187119: Suggested fix (2)
206329 2833 bytes [terminal][regression] Changing terminal size right after connect does not scroll properly
Attachment 198178: Tentative solution
219589 2653 bytes [terminal] "Copy" is disabled when an entire line is selected
Attachment 173839: Proposed fix #2
220971 2106 bytes [terminal] The optional terminal input line has redraw problems when resizing
Attachment 187101: Suggested fix
294468 13602 bytes [terminal] When a horizontal scrollbar is visible, terminal size is missing 1 line
Attachment 169132: Proposed fix
294468 4487 bytes [terminal] When a horizontal scrollbar is visible, terminal size is missing 1 line
Attachment 169493: Improved fix for default background color
324608 2209 bytes [terminal] Local Terminal (plugin from incubation) has strange scrolling behaviour
Attachment 196087: Proposed patch
335021 7091 bytes [terminal] Middle mouse button copy/paste does not work with the terminal
Attachment 187511: Backport fix (2)
Benjamin Muskalla (tasktop.com)
174690 1237 bytes [ssh] cannot delete symbolic links on remote systems
Attachment 76964: workaround
Bryan Hunt (mac.com)
313991 917 bytes [terminal] [ssh] cannot programatically pass password to SshConnector
Attachment 169563: proposed patch
Chris Khoun (ca.ibm.com)
431396 2227 bytes RSE SystemRemoteFileDialog fails to expand CYGWIN emulated Windows drives through openSSH
Attachment 241389: [Latest]Patch to fix the problem of the bugzilla
David Sciamma (sierrawireless.com)
288254 827 bytes [telnet] local echo is always disabled
Attachment 146187: Fix bad 'if' test
Don Yantzi (ca.ibm.com)
233970 2154 bytes StandardCredentialsProvider ignores ICredentialsValidator message
Attachment 101994: Proposed patch for both issues.
244807 3046 bytes System view does not handle restore from cache
Attachment 110671: Subsystem patch (with Contribution statement)
244807 940 bytes System view does not handle restore from cache
Attachment 111107: This is an update to the original patch (requires the original patch be applied first)
Eclipse Genie (eclipse.org)
469415 116 [TERMINALS][api] Allow adopters to set the terminal title
Ewa Matejska (access-company.com)
137839 16512 bytes Initial CDT/RSE Integration plugin
Attachment 39266: Remote CDT/RSE plugin v2.0.
157426 40021 bytes CDT Remote Launch integration patch
Attachment 50233: org.eclipse.rse.remotecdt patch
157426 2098 bytes CDT Remote Launch integration patch
Attachment 50634: Adds missing copyright comments.
158783 7989 bytes Remote path for C/C++ Application must be absolute
Attachment 62736: Adding Browse Button for Remote File location
158784 15442 bytes Cannot specify gdbserver port for C/C++ remote application launch
Attachment 55442: Removing dependency to org.eclipse.cdt.ui
161777 4057 bytes Please move HostShellAdapter and HostShellOuputStream in other plugin.
Attachment 53889: Javadoc comments.
180532 793 bytes Remote CDT Example doesn't find the org.eclipse.rse.remotecdt.RemoteGDBDebuggerPage class.
Attachment 62693: Patch
Greg Watson (computer.org)
252060 1733 bytes InputStream from HostShellProcessAdapter incorrectly throws IOException
Attachment 120481: patch to fix problem
Ioana Grigoropol (intel.com)
411343 1803 Provide access to readers in host shell implementation for synchronous running commands
Jacob Garcowski (us.ibm.com)
232738 4095 bytes [dstore][multithread] ServerLogger should delay file creation until needed
Attachment 100870: Proposed Patch
Javier Montalvo Ors (gmail.com)
142980 1812 bytes Contents of System Type dropdown should be sorted in New Connection Wizard
Attachment 53323: patch
149151 6111 bytes New Connection: 1st page should use a Listbox for systemtype
Attachment 52688: Patch for this bug
158555 1091 bytes newConnectionWizardDelegates can only be used once
Attachment 50818: bug patch
138619 1513 bytes Local Shell encoding not properly set in Win2K
140323 4489 FTP delete and rename are not implemented
140344 888 bytes FTP (files.ftp) should be available for Windows systems
140348 2271 bytes FTP port number is ignored
140406 258 bytes FTP new file does not work
140562 1711 bytes New Connection wizard should be registered as an Eclipse wizard
Johann Draschwandtner (windriver.com)
227509 1495 bytes [apidoc] Add a note in Javadoc how to persist a created PropertySet
Attachment 96406: Patched javadoc
231827 12791 bytes [remotecdt][api] Default for Remote path to executable should be computed automatically
Attachment 100869: proposed patch
233057 2370 bytes [remotecdt] Connection Properties button should be disabled if no connection is available or Local is selected
Attachment 101978: reworked patch
Johnson Ma (gmail.com)
195402 107350 bytes [api] RSE should support gzipped tar archives (*.tgz, *.tar.gz)
Attachment 91652: updated patch for Bug 195402
218880 17209 bytes [ssh][nls] request ssh keepalive to be configurable per connection
Attachment 91947: updated patch for Bug 218880
Justin Lin (ca.ibm.com)
244051 1865 bytes JJ: Environment Variables property page allows duplicates in table
Attachment 109987: Patch to fix duplicate name checking in the environment variables page
Kenya Ishimoto (jp.ibm.com)
241197 892 bytes Paste action causes IllegalArgumentException at Resource.copy
Attachment 107701: Patch of org.eclipse.rse.ui - change SystemPasteFromClipboardAction.
Kevin Doyle (ca.ibm.com)
160280 1187 bytes Could not remove object from remote scratchpad if it multiply added
Attachment 68664: Added a check when adding items to the scratchpad to see if they already exist.
160378 1332 bytes Subset action should be disabled when there are no tabs available in Remote Monitor view
Attachment 74273: Check enabled state of Subset Action
163883 6635 bytes [persistence] Multiple filter strings are disabled after quit&restart
Attachment 74087: Changes to RSEDOMImporter and RSEDOMExporter so we persist the proper values
174776 1128 bytes [refresh] new filter name is not validated against existing names
Attachment 68582: Vector existing lists passed to ValidatorUniqueString are now sorted to be in sync with passing String array existing lists.
175277 2183 bytes Cannot disconnect multiple connections at once with multiselect
Attachment 74395: Changed to allow Disconnect on Multiple Selection
177587 7883 bytes MonitorViewPage SelectionProvider
Attachment 71516: Made the SystemMonitorViewPart a SelectionProvider that wraps the table viewers selection provider
180875 4745 bytes Double Clicking on a file within FileSelectionDialog should close the Dialog (but opens file in Editor)
Attachment 65111: patch to fix double clicking issue
180875 8084 bytes Double Clicking on a file within FileSelectionDialog should close the Dialog (but opens file in Editor)
Attachment 65265: Adds double click listeners required for closing dialogs when file is double clicked
182024 2300 bytes Remote Search Only Shows Local Connection in Folder Browse Dialog
Attachment 68804: Folder Field of Search Dialog is no longer prefilled if selected object in tree doesn't support search
182221 2101 bytes Creating a new file in root C directory fails in Vista
Attachment 69153: Removed new IOException() that will never be hit.
182403 1401 bytes Remote Scratchpad Issue's
Attachment 71065: Double Clicking on an object will expand/collapse the object if it is expandable
183772 5705 bytes no error message when creating a duplicate file
Attachment 66150: Changed name validator used to ValidatorFileUniqueName
183870 2045 bytes Wrong Error Message Displayed for DStore Connections when File Exists
Attachment 65032: Changed exception thrown for folder exists
187427 3874 bytes Check Search Archive Files when Click Search from folder in Archive
Attachment 72742: Checks Search Archive's checkbox when selecting an archive or file in an archive
187536 1511 bytes Drag & Drop file to Editor launchs file in system editor
Attachment 74837: Added a check if editor would open external and if so used default editor
187553 5336 bytes Remove Toolbar in Select Input dialog
Attachment 69103: Removes the toolbar/button bar from SystemViewForm
187707 2610 bytes Seperator missing in popup menu on Filter under New
Attachment 72735: Updated for latest changes in file.
187736 1264 bytes [refresh][tableview] Table View not refreshed on Drag&Drop, Move, and Copy&Paste in tree
Attachment 68447: Mark's the directory shown in the table stale when a new resource is created
188637 2099 bytes deleting a file to which you are not authorized gives no error message
Attachment 70034: Handle the exception that is thrown from deleteBatch when it fails to delete a file
189005 2950 bytes Blank Table when clicking on Remote System Details View after loading up RSE
Attachment 69124: Fixed 2 places where SystemRegistry was used when SystemRegistryUI should of been used.
189150 4632 bytes Incorrect Right Click Menu in Scratchpad after Clear Action Used
Attachment 73047: Updated for latest code changes
189421 16145 bytes [scratchpad][refresh] Scratchpad not updated after Rename
Attachment 75230: Rewrote the rename event handling and copied some recursive methods from SystemView
189423 2574 bytes [scratchpad][refresh] Scratchpad not completely updated after Delete.
Attachment 73387: Rewrote code to handle Remote Delete Refresh
189430 2884 bytes Browse for Folder Dialog in Search should not display all system types
Attachment 69581: Updated as file has changed since last patch was made.
189433 2043 bytes [Search] Dialog for selecting folder to search should display Archive Files
Attachment 68969: Adds Viewer Filter to SystemSearchRemoteFolder dialog to display archives and directories
189828 1668 bytes Incorrect virtual file name after rename
Attachment 69531: Updated to include a -1 check on index found from indexOf
190010 1496 bytes Search Terminate Doesn't Work
Attachment 69707: Fix for terminating Local Search
190010 2801 bytes Search Terminate Doesn't Work
Attachment 69714: Start to fixing Terminating DStore Search
190445 3105 bytes Move Up/ Move Down actions on filters are not enabled and disabled correctly
Attachment 69965: Fix so Move Up/Down are enabled/disabled properly
191548 4909 bytes [dstore] Deleting Read-Only directory removes it from view and displays no error
Attachment 75878: No longer return true if the classification is not a file
191548 12066 bytes [dstore] Deleting Read-Only directory removes it from view and displays no error
Attachment 76331: Updated based on Comments
192278 2369 bytes [scratchpad] Delete Dialog appears twice when Deleting from Scratchpad
Attachment 71086: Removes handleKeyPressed() from SystemScratchpadView
192725 1628 bytes Deleting Files from Remote Search view doesn't remove them from view
Attachment 73452: Changed mentions of Vector to List so ArrayList is handled.
192725 1010 bytes Deleting Files from Remote Search view doesn't remove them from view
Attachment 73859: Fix for Deleting files within Archives not removing them from view
193148 2197 bytes [Scratchpad] Clear Selected Action enabled when not on a root element
Attachment 73058: Clear Selection Action only enabled on root elements
193151 11592 bytes [Scratchpad][refresh] Scratchpad not updated on Move
Attachment 73573: Moved some recursive methods from SystemView and updated refresh events
193155 1537 bytes [Scratchpad] Double Clicking on a String in the Scratchpad Errors
Attachment 73581: Added a check to see if element is IAdaptable
193380 1461 bytes [Refresh] Deleting Connection Refresh's Entire Remote Systems View
Attachment 73068: Removed refresh() call and added remove(multiSource)
193394 2568 bytes [Table] After Deleting the folder shown in Table get an error
Attachment 73369: Changed mentions of Vector to java.util.List as passed child is an ArrayList not a Vector
193394 6342 bytes [Table] After Deleting the folder shown in Table get an error
Attachment 74382: Deleting parent of folder shown in table will no longer display error
194463 1684 bytes Local Changes Pending Dialog clicking cancel still brings up Editor
Attachment 72801: Check the result of _editable.download(monitor) to decide if editor should be opened
194602 2465 bytes Double Clicking on Folder sometimes expands wrong folder
Attachment 72606: Modified handleDoubleClick to use TreePath instead of element.
194867 3540 bytes [Scratchpad] Remote Scratchpad should have Refresh Action on toolbar
Attachment 75231: Added Refresh Action to Scratchpad toolbar
194899 1692 bytes [Scratchpad] Remove All should do a full reset of the scratchpad
Attachment 74572: Reset the views input if the view's input is not SystemScratchpad
195537 10090 bytes Move ElementComparer From SystemView to Separate File
Attachment 73352: Moved ElementComparer to separate file
195543 2661 bytes [Scratchpad] Double Clicking on a folder expands wrong folder if shown twice in view
Attachment 73316: Double Clicking is based on TreePath's so proper element is expanded
195709 1661 bytes [Dstore][windows] Copying doesn't work when source path contains space
Attachment 73360: Updated for latest changes to UniversalFileSystemMiner
196211 7718 bytes [Move][FTP][Local] Move a folder to a directory that contains a folder by that name errors
Attachment 73857: Updates for Local and DStore move to use Java File.rename()
196582 7271 bytes ClassCastException when doing copy/paste with Remote Search view open
Attachment 75712: Added Contributer Line
196588 2532 bytes [Move] Move Dialog doesn't show Archives
Attachment 73895: Archives are visible on connections that support archive management
197199 3201 bytes [Persistence] Renaming a Profile doesn't cause a save
Attachment 77403: Renaming a profile now performs commit/delete
197841 3103 bytes [Scratchpad] "Terminate and Remove" should remove the shell from Scratchpad
Attachment 75256: Added handling of EVENT_COMMAND_SHELL_REMOVED
197855 2619 bytes [Regression] Can't Delete/Rename/Move a Read-Only File
Attachment 78440: Removes canWrite checks
197971 2779 bytes [Table][Regression] NPE when table has no input and doing commands in Systems View
Attachment 74696: Added a check if _currentItem is null
197976 7450 bytes Changing a file to read-only when it is open doesn't update local copy
Attachment 77301: Changing remote file to be read-only updates local copy open in editor
198007 4200 bytes Moving multiple folders allows moving to themselves
Attachment 75263: Go through all files to be moved when checking if valid
198114 1382 bytes Allowed to move file into existing folder/archive on first attempt
Attachment 74818: Fixed the enablement of Okay button
198534 2890 bytes Shell Menu Enablement Issue's
Attachment 75699: Handle the case in updateActionStates where the folder is empty
198576 5359 bytes [Filters] Renaming a folder directly under a Filter doesn't update children
Attachment 75167: Updated with comments.
199871 8916 bytes LocalFileService needs to implement getMessage()
Attachment 76232: Implemented getMessage for LocalFileService and LocalProcessService
203365 2553 bytes [dnd]Profile should not be saved as a result of file transfer
Attachment 78437: Only do a commit if encoding has changed
Kit Lo (us.ibm.com)
312923 1589 bytes TVT36:TCT252: JPN: Extra spaces in front of the second Regular expression checkbox
Attachment 169488: patch
Kris De Volder (gopivotal.com)
392092 3005 bytes Extend ITerminalView API to allow programmatically opening a UI-less connector
Attachment 222427: A small patch adding newTerminal method to ITerminalView and TerminalView
392107 1057 bytes Switched interpretation for ESC[0K and ESC[1K sequences?
Attachment 222430: Fix for this bug
Krzysztof Kosmatka (gmail.com)
331005 1166 bytes [archives] RSEF1301 when opening file in a ZIP archive containing backslash separators
Attachment 183824: corrected patch
Li Ding (ca.ibm.com)
256135 2257 bytes Subsystem not restored in system view tree if subsystem configuration does not support filter
Attachment 118511: Add checking for supportFilters
Lothar Werzinger (tradescape.biz)
161838 3698 bytes Local shell reports isActive wrong
Attachment 52461: The modified HostShellAdapter.java from RSE 1.0RC2 that prints the isActive status.
161838 742 bytes Local shell reports isActive wrong
Attachment 52645: patch to enable termination
Martin Tauber (t-online.de)
256581 11740 bytes [ssh][performance][api] Improve Sftp performance by re-using open file channels where possible
Attachment 187662: Patch for SftpFileService.java
Max Stepanov (appcelerator.com)
339768 922 bytes [terminal] The Terminal doesn't react to the PageUp key properly
Attachment 192681: Proposed fix
Michael Berger (ca.ibm.com)
140408 9325 bytes FTP uploading files does not work
Attachment 44446: Fix FTP Upload
141813 1928 bytes dstore-linux server: inconsistent display of symbolic links
Attachment 42462: Fix for classifying symlinks under filters
141813 1162 bytes dstore-linux server: inconsistent display of symbolic links
Attachment 42463: Classifying files - fix for expanding directories problem
142974 5997 bytes dstore-windows connection dropped on localhost
Attachment 42465: Fix for KeepAlive problem
145799 1743 bytes [api] Request DataStore refresh() method with depth parameter
Attachment 43733: Patch to add a refresh() method to datastore that refreshes to a certain depth
145843 1209 bytes Feature Request: Remove Expand and Collapse Actions from Context Menu
Attachment 43768: Patch to remove Collapse and Expand from the context menu
146326 2151 bytes DataStore erroneously allows some DataElements to be disconnected
Attachment 44043: Patch for Bug 146326
146339 7073 bytes Refresh icons not using our own icon
Attachment 44054: Patch to add our own icon for refresh action
147531 6380 bytes HostProcessFilterImpl should not get username from system property
Attachment 45120: Patch to filter "My Processes" by username used to connect
147531 7201 bytes HostProcessFilterImpl should not get username from system property
Attachment 45554: Patch to filter "My Processes" properly
147531 4129 bytes HostProcessFilterImpl should not get username from system property
Attachment 45556: Patch to allow filtering on either client or server
147791 2844 bytes Search does not detect cycles in file tree properly
Attachment 44874: Patch to ensure Search doesnt descend into cyclical areas of the file tree
148434 3342 bytes Better F1 help for RSE Logging preference page
Attachment 45200: Patch to add better F1 help for RSE Logging pref page.
149080 69315 bytes JUnit Test Suite
Attachment 45508: Patch to allow the framework to work.
149331 506868 bytes Update User and ISV docs
Attachment 45616: Update user and ISV docs.
149331 5564 bytes Update User and ISV docs
Attachment 45623: New doc for memory management
140406 801 bytes FTP new file does not work
Mike Kucera (gmail.com)
241316 14959 bytes [efs] Cannot restore editors for RSE/EFS-backed resources
Attachment 135084: enhanced patch
Mikhail Kalugin (gmail.com)
201864 1073 bytes [terminal-ssh] Keyboard interactive authorization in terminal
Attachment 77440: Patch for keyboard interactive authorization
201867 813 bytes [terminal-ssh] Add port to SSH connection summary string
Attachment 77444: Patch for SshConnectorInfo
Mirko Raner (raner.ws)
196337 107258 bytes [terminal] Request TM Local terminal connector
Attachment 158143: Zip archive containing the latest source of the local terminal connector
309899 22426 bytes [terminal][local] New local terminal launch configurations should have reasonable default values
Attachment 168664: Patch v1 including various improvements to the local terminal connector
309899 13651 bytes [terminal][local] New local terminal launch configurations should have reasonable default values
Attachment 169629: Patch addressing the issues mentioned in comments #10 and 13
310376 1007 bytes Local terminal connector needs to be upgraded to full terminal functionality provided by Bug 248071
Attachment 166007: Patch to upgrade LocalTerminalLaunchDelegate to the new PTY(boolean) constructor
313643 4988 bytes [terminal][local] Unexpected dialog on quit-workbench about unterminated terminal sessions
Attachment 170136: Patch to disable the unexpected dialog
314193 634 bytes [terminal][local] Local Terminal should not be available on Windows since it's unusable
Attachment 169771: Patch to disable Local Terminal Connector on Windows
314195 10840 bytes [terminal][local] vi editor unusable in tcsh local terminal on Linux RHEL4
Attachment 170139: Patch including terminal resizing and TERM=ansi default setting
314607 2927 bytes [terminal][local] Launching a terminal also pops up the console view
Attachment 170320: Patch to avoid Console allocation when IStreamMonitor already contains data during RuntimeProcess initialization
314977 5386 bytes [terminal][local] Confusing error when trying to install Local Terminal on Windows from Helios
Attachment 171072: Patch to disable the Local Terminal Connector if PTYs are not supported
Missing name (jp.ibm.com)
380158 988 bytes [dstore] DataStore.command() fails when multiple commands issue simultaneously
Attachment 215974: My proposal
Missing name (intel.com)
411343 234 bytes Provide access to readers in host shell implementation for synchronous running commands
Mohamed Hussein (mentor.com)
396143 1723 bytes RSE Wizard doesn't validate if failed once
Attachment 229684: Fix validation issue - added copyright line
Nick Boldt (gmail.com)
307014 8881 bytes [releng] Improvements to build script for Athena
Attachment 162948: patch for build.xml (total replacement) and new properties settings to build.properties
Nikita Shulga (mentor.com)
213438 71680 bytes Provide SCP service for file transfers on "SSH only" connections
Attachment 181475: Source code of SCP file service plugin
331109 2406 bytes [scp] time fields are different in different ls implementations
Attachment 184002: Proposed fix with updated copyright header
Nils Hagge (siemens.com)
276023 242 bytes [terminal][telnet] no more telnet connections with org.eclipse.tm.terminal
Attachment 135520: solves problem
Noriaki Takatsu (jp.ibm.com)
220126 90335 bytes [dstore][api][breaking] Single process server for multiple clients
Attachment 196617: Reattach for tracking purposes
226074 2064 bytes [dstore] Add status return codes for getStatus() API in ConnectionEstablisher
Attachment 95151: Patch for the process of getStatus() API.
226237 4111 bytes [dstore] Move the place where ServerLogger instance is made
Attachment 95338: patch to move the place where the ServerLogger instance is made
227905 1079 bytes [dstore] Double invocations of finished() of ConnectionEstablisher
Attachment 96729: patch to solve the double invocations of finished in ConnectionEstablisher
228156 1257 bytes [dstore] DataElementRemover thread doesn't terminate even after a client disconnects the server.
Attachment 96977: patch to terminate DataElementRemover thread
228335 1159 bytes [dstore][multithread] start() in SecuredThread class
Attachment 97162: patch to delete the ThreadPool support
229146 1156 bytes [dstore][multithread] miner threads are not terminated
Attachment 97826: patch to terminate miner threads
230399 1846 bytes [multithread] CommandMiner threads are not terminated
Attachment 98840: patch to stop CommandMiner threads when clients disconnect
232443 1405 bytes [multithread] the single rsecomm.log for all clients
Attachment 100593: Patch to write separate rsecomm.log per client
239068 2359 bytes [dstore][multithread] "client.username" property in getUserPreferencesDirectory
Attachment 106193: "client.username" property in UniversalServerUtilities
239073 1646 bytes [dstore][multithread] assignCacheJar() is to be done after setClient()
Attachment 106202: In multithread, the cache jar should be assigned after setClient() is called
239419 2135 bytes [dstore] Dynamically change the level of logging
Attachment 107029: Refer to system.property every time the log is requested
239419 1735 bytes [dstore] Dynamically change the level of logging
Attachment 108493: Change System property name and add System.err
242968 1806 bytes [dstore][multithread] serverSocket will be exhausted when client timeout occurrs in Accept
Attachment 109005: serverSocket must be closed when an exception happens in Accept
245069 1389 bytes [dstore] dstoreTrace has no timestamp
Attachment 110891: dstoreTrace should have timestamps
256724 2829 bytes [multithread] thread-level security is not established in FileClassifier thread
Attachment 118863: Establish thread-level security in FileClassifier thread
257666 2032 bytes [dstore][multithread] TCP/IP socket connection is not closed
Attachment 119582: TCP/IP socket connection is not closed
259905 2737 bytes [dstore][api] To enable a product to use it's own keystore
Attachment 121480: To provide a way to use its own keystore
283656 6228 bytes [multithread][dstore] Serviceability issue
Attachment 141732: Serviceability issue under multithread environment
283656 6237 bytes [multithread][dstore] Serviceability issue
Attachment 141739: Patch for Backport (Serviceability issue under multithread)
288894 2443 bytes CANCEL has to be pressed 3 times in Userid/Password prompt window in Remote System Details view
Attachment 148420: Sample patch to fix CANCEL button in Remote System Details view
289234 4358 bytes [multithread][dstore] Reset and Restart KeepAliveRequestThread
Attachment 147401: Method to reset and restart KeepAliveRequestThread
289678 6610 bytes [dstore] ServerSocket creation in multiple IP addresses
Attachment 147397: ServerSocket creation in multiple IP addresses
315333 1024 bytes [dstore] Correct Chained Certificates are rejected in the Client
Attachment 170733: Patch for verification against the chained certificates in the client
332393 1076 bytes Default encoding is removed in System Connection property page
Attachment 185283: Fix for removing the default encoding erroneously
341578 789 bytes [dstore] ServerLogger is looped when IOError happens
Attachment 192336: Fix a loop when IOError happens in ServerLogger
362025 1083 bytes [dstore] Search for text hung in encountering a device definition
Attachment 205965: proposed fix for Search hung
365765 1681 bytes [dstore][multithread]client environment cause harm to singe-process server
Attachment 208003: Patch for protecting the server shell encoding from client setting
369767 1244 bytes [multithread][dstore] Invalid Default directory in shell Launch
Attachment 210097: Patch for setting a default directory in launching shell correctly
369767 1423 bytes [multithread][dstore] Invalid Default directory in shell Launch
Attachment 211466: patch to support both zOS and Linux environments
Olivier Thomann (ca.ibm.com)
203124 1868 bytes rse.doc.isv contains lot of html errors (HEAD version)
Attachment 78234: Proposed fix
patrick juhl (hotmail.com)
164300 1325 bytes Cannot start UNIX server.sh on a fixed port
Attachment 80725: Server.sh fixed for port selection
Patrick Tasse (gmail.com)
285047 1448 bytes SystemRefreshAction not disabled when showRefresh returns false
Attachment 142937: Proposed patch in SystemRefreshAction.updateSelection()
Pawel Piech (gmail.com)
333613 4425 bytes [terminal] "Job found still running" message on stdout console after terminating Eclipse
Attachment 191186: Patch without available() api change.
Peter Wang (ca.ibm.com)
299422 2205 bytes [dstore] OutputHandler.readLines() not compatible with servers that return max 1024bytes available to be read
Attachment 155906: patch to fix bug
Qiangsheng Wang (yahoo.com)
469415 2834 [TERMINALS][api] Allow adopters to set the terminal title
Radoslav Gerganov (gmail.com)
181563 13950 bytes DBCS3.3: Hardcoded "Ctrl + Space" for content assist function of remote shell
Attachment 91122: Patch for this bug
214887 79941 bytes Extend RSE to support management of WinCE devices
Attachment 91857: WinCE services for RSE (Eclipse.org)
218173 1428 bytes [local][files] filters without wildcard that resolve to no elements show element as directory
Attachment 89142: Simple fix for this bug
224873 19143 bytes [WinCE] Initial contribution cleanup
Attachment 94208: Cleanup
224873 21243 bytes [WinCE] Initial contribution cleanup
Attachment 94519: README.txt extended, NON-NLS messages added, version changed to 0.1.0 (Incubation)
224873 1287 bytes [WinCE] Initial contribution cleanup
Attachment 94546: Bundle-NativeCode used for specifying where the native library is
225553 10343 bytes [WinCE] Support for creating processes on the device
Attachment 94718: Support for creating processes on the device
225727 19094 bytes [WinCE][api] Add support for setting file attributes and file times
Attachment 95112: Support for setting file attributes and times(using longs)
225874 60338 bytes [WinCE][api] Rename org.eclipse.tm.rapi.OS to Rapi
Attachment 95255: Rename org.eclipse.tm.rapi.OS to org.eclipse.tm.rapi.Rapi
226280 5990 bytes [apidoc][WinCE] Provide better javadoc for org.eclipse.tm.rapi.*
Attachment 95377: javadoc enhanced, api tooling used
226282 3792 bytes [api][WinCE] Encapsulate the public native methods in org.eclipse.tm.rapi.Rapi
Attachment 95529: Making CoInit/CoUnint package private
Remy Suen (gmail.com)
192906 6939 bytes [efs] No Error when trying to Create Remote Project when project with name exists
Attachment 77119: Patch to throw a CoreException if the project already exists.
Richie Yu (ca.ibm.com)
241716 2272 bytes Handle change expired password
Attachment 108250: updates local variable to handle potential change in .validate ()
Rick Sawyer (ca.ibm.com)
376535 9932 bytes RSE does not respect editor overrides
Attachment 214185: Patch with fix
Rob Stryker (jboss.com)
335059 3560 bytes TerminalServiceShellOutputReader logs error when hostShell.exit() is called
Attachment 187492: Makes suggested changes
393384 1419 bytes ClassCastException occurs when browsing remote filesystem with folder names that have archive extension
Attachment 223441: verifies remote resource is a file, not a folder
Rupen Mardirossian (ca.ibm.com)
187530 1449 bytes SystemMessageException logged when creating New File/Folder and don't have permission
Attachment 69966: Disable logging of SystemMessageException
187713 2449 bytes [dnd] Drag and Drop Filter Displays Error
Attachment 70525: solution for getFilterReferenceWithAbsoluteName method to return proper filter reference
187713 2062 bytes [dnd] Drag and Drop Filter Displays Error
Attachment 70572: Removes NPE explained above when attempting to dnd a filter.
187741 2822 bytes Double Click doesn't work on objects in Team View
Attachment 73455: Implement handleDoubleClick in SystemTeamViewPart
189434 1192 bytes Move Up/Down on Filters Error
Attachment 69606: Modified cloneEvent method to ensure proper constructor is being called and to keep the state of multisource attribute
194259 1693 bytes [Team] NPE When Loading Team View
Attachment 73329: Check to see if the ISystemProfile is null before attempting to obtain SystemTeamViewCategoryNode
198728 9980 bytes Copy/paste across connections did not preserve empty folder.
Attachment 98061: Copy Empty Folders Across Connections
204307 8253 bytes [api] RemoteFileSubSystem.listFolders() returns NPE
Attachment 95931: RSEListFoldersFilesTest
208435 12850 bytes Rename when pasting multiple files
Attachment 82698: Patch to disable the user to rename to the same name when multiple collisions occur
210682 61052 bytes Pasting multiple files should have an "overwrite all" / "cancel all" options
Attachment 93800: SystemCopyDialog
227213 6750 bytes [regression] Cannot duplicate a file subtree by giving new name in the same folder
Attachment 98864: Updated Patch
Ruslan Sychev (xored.com)
217675 1584 bytes NPE or SWTException when closing Terminal View while connection establishing
Attachment 88961: Patch file.
Samuel Wu (ca.ibm.com)
402533 1869 bytes UniversalFileTransferUtility threw NPE
Attachment 227999: A patch with updated copy right
Sean Adams (cisco.com)
231959 898 bytes [telnet] NPE in TelnetConnector.java
Attachment 100070: Patch to fix telnet connections
Sheldon (gmail.com)
178201 43147 bytes New telnet subsystem added to target management
Attachment 61538: Modification for Copyright headers
186536 4685 bytes [telnet] JJ: Strings matched for login and password should be configurable
Attachment 66837: patch for PropertySet
186570 37192 bytes [telnet] Telnet should handle invalid user id or password more gracefully
Attachment 67256: patch for Bug 186570
194464 3522 bytes [telnet] Cannot create multiple telnet shells in quick succession
Attachment 72599: patch for Bug 194464
Simon Bernard (sierrawireless.com)
349947 1804 bytes [scp] with scp IRemoteFile.exist() returns always true
Attachment 199186: a patch for this bug with copyright header
351424 1900 bytes [terminal] Terminal does not support del and insert key
Attachment 199251: a patch to support insert and del keys
Takuya Miyamoto (lab.ime.cmc.osaka-u.ac.jp)
185925 136741 bytes [usability][gsoc] Make RSE IFileService a provider for Platform/Team synchronization APIs
Attachment 107797: excutable mid-term deliverable
Ted Williams (ted.net)
152826 89503 bytes [terminal] terminal view contribution
Attachment 47384: An Eclipse plugin containing our Terminal View contribution.
Timur Shipilov (xored.com)
224538 1545 bytes [efs] RSEFileStore.getParent() returns null for element which is not root of filesystem
Attachment 93953: New one
224540 1527 bytes [efs] RSEFileStore.mkdir(EFS.NONE, null) doesn't create parent folder
Attachment 93955: New one
Tobias Schwarz (gmx.at)
166343 2266 bytes Number of items includes invisible "Pending..." and also "Empty List" messages
Attachment 54774: Patch solving wrong number of children
166345 3026 bytes "Empty List" appears multiple times
Attachment 55037: possible patch for multiple message nodes
168810 73179 bytes subsystem for test plugin
Attachment 56026: patch to add subsystem to tests plugin
173267 2741 bytes [api] "empty list" should not be displayed
Attachment 59469: Patch to provide API functionality to avoid empty list per subsystem
173267 21898 bytes [api] "empty list" should not be displayed
Attachment 69250: make use of SHOW_EMPTY_LISTS preference setting
181394 4410 bytes filter for connection A shows data from connection B
Attachment 63169: Patch to fix non-unique absolute name of filter and filter pool references
183134 860 bytes SystemRegistry.getLocalHost() does not return the local connection
Attachment 64276: patch to fix equals
187312 5749 bytes Submenu "new" is dupliated when actions are contributed through plugin.xml
Attachment 196645: original patch
197484 1767 bytes SystemView does not provide IContextObject for filter levels deeper than 1
Attachment 74357: provide IContextObject for all children
Tom Hochstein (freescale.com)
301075 12135 bytes Host copy doesn't copy contained property sets
Attachment 186407: Fix nested property sets.
301075 11046 bytes Host copy doesn't copy contained property sets
Attachment 186687: Fix test for nightly build.
Tracy Li (ca.ibm.com)
257110 1176 bytes Prompting filter called twice on double click rather than just once
Attachment 210476: minor change in handleDoubleClick function
Wayne Beaton (eclipse.org)
448158 1040 bytes Hidden local files and folders are not hidden on Linux
Attachment 248215: A leading dot means that the file is hidden.
Willian Mitsuda (gmail.com)
184824 1268 bytes Action set caption appear as "&Remote..." instead of "Remote..."
Attachment 69912: Patch
Xuan Chen (ca.ibm.com)
160768 1478 bytes [refresh][dstore] Refresh on renamed node within a zip does not work; parent must be refreshed
Attachment 68673: Change virtualPath to path in UniversalFileSystemMiner#handleQueryAllArchive
180671 2169 bytes [refresh] It is not possible to refresh editor with double clicking on it when file has been changed on remote machine
Attachment 69691: Update patch since file changed in between.
180671 1223 bytes [refresh] It is not possible to refresh editor with double clicking on it when file has been changed on remote machine
Attachment 70008: Updated according to Martin's comment.
181784 1586 bytes [archivehandlers] zipped text files have unexpected contents
Attachment 73715: Fix for Bug 181784
187016 2571 bytes [menus] Remote Systems Details View should have Refresh on right click menu
Attachment 70577: Updated according to Dave's comment.
187016 1671 bytes [menus] Remote Systems Details View should have Refresh on right click menu
Attachment 73611: Updated second patch
187342 3436 bytes Open in New Window expand failed error when not connected
Attachment 70324: Use ISubSystem#connect() call instead
187548 3771 bytes [dstore] Editor shows incorrect file name after renaming file on Linux dstore
Attachment 69209: fix - editor name will be update correctly
187548 2682 bytes [dstore] Editor shows incorrect file name after renaming file on Linux dstore
Attachment 70619: changes made to SystemView to update its elementMap during rename
189041 1608 bytes incorrect file name after rename a file inside a zip file - DStore Windows
Attachment 68927: Updated fix - should not remove checking for '\\'.
189487 4566 bytes copy and paste a folder did not work - workbench hang
Attachment 69383: updated patch since file has been change in between.
189681 4460 bytes [dstore][linux] Refresh Folder in My Home messes up Refresh in Root
Attachment 69596: Change made to handler retrieving name and path information of file/folder right below root.
189681 1229 bytes [dstore][linux] Refresh Folder in My Home messes up Refresh in Root
Attachment 69999: Updated according to Martin's comment.
190824 2167 bytes Incorrect result for DStore#getSeparator() function when parent is "/"
Attachment 73689: Update the patch since the source file been changed in between.
190930 1165 bytes Need to update the year of copyright in UniversalFileSystemMiner.java
Attachment 70062: Update the copyright year of UniversalFileSystemMiner.java
191280 21233 bytes [dstore] Expand fails for folder "/folk" with 3361 children
Attachment 71085: Fixes to improve the performance of query for large folder
191280 1057 bytes [dstore] Expand fails for folder "/folk" with 3361 children
Attachment 71268: update the problem with rename in virtual file
192716 4869 bytes Refresh Error in Table View after Renaming folder shown in table
Attachment 72367: Fixes to make sure the _inputObject are corectly updated during renaming.
192741 1634 bytes [Archives] Moving a folder from within a ZIP Archive doesn't work if > 1 level deep
Attachment 72991: fix for Bug 192741
194293 7391 bytes [Local][Archives] Saving file second time in an Archive Errors
Attachment 73685: change the method as private methods for Tar and Zip handlers
194838 8973 bytes Move the code for comparing two objects by absolute name to a common location
Attachment 73269: fix for Bug 194838
194838 2253 bytes Move the code for comparing two objects by absolute name to a common location
Attachment 73338: Fix the NPE reported by Kevin
Yufen Kuo (mvista.com)
159522 18342 bytes Add linux process subsystem through ssh
Attachment 54117: updated code that uses IHostShell instead of Jsch ChannelExec
189271 2119 bytes [team] New Profile's are always active
Attachment 79430: patch to set the Active flag if makeActive is false
190613 2007 bytes [remotecdt] NPE in Remote CDT launch config when no connections except Local
Attachment 77497: patch to initialize the SystemRegistry before using it
227572 24477 bytes [rseterminal] RSE Terminal doesn't reset the "connected" state when the shell exits
Attachment 97084: patch to reset the connection state when shell exits
274153 4156 bytes [ssh][shells] java.io.IOException when typing "exit" in ssh shell
Attachment 195431: patch to fix the pipe closed issue
Zhou Renjian (kortide.com.cn)
282238 1247 bytes NPE when copying host and overwrite itself
Attachment 140730: Fixing the bug and fix copyrights
282239 2559 bytes Monitor view does not update icon according to connection status
Attachment 140731: Fixing the bug and fix copyrights
282241 1295 bytes "Paste" is enabled on file system when text is in clipboard
Attachment 140735: Fixing the bug and fix copyrights
282242 1434 bytes "LOCALHOST" as host name for first time connection creation
Attachment 140734: Fixing the bug and fix copyrights
282256 3802 bytes "null:..." status message for launched terminal
Attachment 140732: Fixing the bug and fix copyrights


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