Tentative IP Log for tools.gef

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  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
7337Google Guice / Inject Core API Version: 3.0.0 (PB Orbit CQ6118)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
7338ANTLR Runtime only: Version: 3.2 (PB Orbit CQ4865)New BSD licenseunmodified source & binary
9393Google Guava Version: 15.0.0 (PB Orbit CQ7768)Apache License 2.0unmodified source & binary
9395guice-multibindings Version: 3.0.0 (PB Orbit CQ6120)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
9396atinject (Package javax.inject) Version: 1.0 (PB Orbit CQ3578)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
9398log4j Version: 1.2.15 (Subset - see all comments CQ2555) (PB Orbit CQ3560)Apache License 2.0unmodified source & binary
9438Apache Commons Logging Jar Version: 1.1.1 (PB Orbit CQ1907)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
9609Guava Version: 12.0 (PB Orbit CQ6787)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
9613Javax.annotation Version: 1.2 (PB Orbit CQ7806)Common Development and Distribution Licenseunmodified binary
10844easymock Version: 2.4 (PB Orbit CQ2577)MIT Licenseunmodified binary

Exempt Pre-Req and Works With Dependencies

No Exempt Pre-Req or Works With dependencies

Pending Contribution Questionnaires

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
10549Graphviz icons Version: N/Aunmodified source & binary


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Nick Boldt Red Hat, Inc.
Alex Boyko IBM
Ian Bull EclipseSource (See Innoopract)
Marc Gobeil IBM
Randy Hudson IBM
Anthony Hunter IBM
Alexander Nyssen itemis AG
Cherie Revells IBM
Stephan Schwiebert
Pratik Shah IBM
Steven Shaw IBM
Fabian Steeg hbz
Zoltan Ujhelyi IncQuery Labs Research and Development Ltd
Matthias Wienand itemis AG

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
336455 2539 bytes Duplicated Nodes due to copy-paste bug in GraphModelFactory and AbstractStylingModelFactory
Attachment 188418: Duplicated Nodes Test
Adam Kovacs (gmail.com)
174498 1587 lines [395226] Added customization options for Sugiyama algorithm
395226 179764 bytes [ZEST] Extending Sugiyama algorithm
Attachment 239556: New interfaces and some of there implementations
Alex Boyko (ca.ibm.com)
147944 1553 bytes SPACE key causes contents editpart to become selected
Attachment 54348: patch
146894 3710 bytes Update manager paints invalid figures
Attachment 56843: patch suitable for 3.2.2
212460 16982 bytes Request for extra methods on PrecisionRectangle and a fix on PrecisionPoint
Attachment 86005: Corrected patch
212280 2451 bytes org.eclipse.draw2d.RelativeBendpoint#getLocation() returns a point with a slight error
Attachment 90696: final patch
224468 9707 bytes Request: Draw2D enhancements
Attachment 93877: patch
246290 3904 bytes Ray#length() can result in integer overflow
Attachment 111844: patch
270028 1234 bytes PaletteViewer#setActiveTool(ToolEntry) may throw an NPE
Attachment 129889: proposed
226172 1240 bytes GridLayout.layout(...) ignores border insets
Attachment 114220: proposed patch
Alex Shatalin (gmail.com)
238874 51310 bytes Create ScalablePolygonShape figure
Attachment 106060: Patch introducing required figure with unit-tests.
238874 2798 bytes Create ScalablePolygonShape figure
Attachment 116041: Patch fo rthe unit-tests
Alexander Nyßen (itemis.de)
195527 16349 bytes Connections outside containers
Attachment 159667: Revision of patch - Simplifications and cleanup, completion of Javadoc, application of GEF-specific formatting
303557 32518 bytes Ghost Image Feedback to enhance user experience when working with Viewports
Attachment 159855: Patch containing the ghost image feedback contribution
Alexander Nyßen (informatik.rwth-aachen.de)
245182 20163 bytes Draw2d Geometry API should support elementary calculations related to Euclidean Geometry
Attachment 158388: Fixed copyright did of newly created Straight.java did not mention EPL. Fixed patch did not include test cases.
Asim Ullah (hotmail.com)
71684 12488 bytes GridLayout similar to SWTs GridLayout
Attachment 53414: GridLayout files with EPL header
Benjamin Schwertfeger (itemis.de)
305123 7239 bytes RoundedRectangleAnchor should be available
Attachment 205580: RoundedRectangleAnchor CVS-Patch
Brian Schlosser (gmail.com)
267557 1272 bytes Changing the GraphViewer ContentProvider doesn't reset the model factory
Attachment 127962: Patch for GraphViewer on the R3_4_maintenance branch
267558 1912 bytes Repeated calls to applyLayout() result in unnecessary layouts of the graph
Attachment 127964: Patch for Graph widget on the R3_4_maintenance branch
Camille Letavernier (cea.fr)
c2a333 12 lines [475399] Fix SelectionModel creates inaccurate events in case of update.
475399 878 bytes SelectionModel#updateSelection does not produce accurate events
Attachment 255958: Proposed patch
Casey Marshall (gmail.com)
281778 1351 bytes Cannot put the ZoomContributionViewItem to a View Toolbar
Attachment 150513: Patch to fix zoom toolbar contribution.
Cherie Revells (ca.ibm.com)
123760 1513 bytes Palette selection in group is not registered the first time using keyboard
Attachment 43271: Proposed Patch
168582 730 bytes Support extending of ViewportAutoexposeHelper to allow scrolling outside the viewport
Attachment 56331: Updated with new comments
173693 4589 bytes Add comment to javadoc in advanced graphics methods of SWTGraphics
Attachment 59082: Removed added whitespace from patch
174085 1499 bytes Connection is deactivated after moving
Attachment 63767: Attempted fix.
98565 1640 bytes hookListeners() and unhookListeners() in DirectEditManager should have protected visibility
Attachment 78758: Final patch
178117 1094 bytes better support for truncated text in org.eclipse.draw2d.text.TextFlow
Attachment 78760: final patch
194278 41497 bytes Ability to customize FlowUtilities used by TextFlow and ParagraphTextLayout
Attachment 78759: final patch
194278 4252 bytes Ability to customize FlowUtilities used by TextFlow and ParagraphTextLayout
Attachment 79072: Updated javadoc
113264 835 bytes Screen reader sometimes does not read shapes when switching selection with keyboard
Attachment 82576: Fix
112692 6614 bytes PaletteStack.setChildren should refresh active entry
Attachment 85737: Patch to fix problem
112692 945 bytes PaletteStack.setChildren should refresh active entry
Attachment 85994: patch to fix NPE
213359 14036 bytes Make GEF's snapping and tools extensible to allow moving shapes with arrow keys
Attachment 85579: updated patch
217320 3217 bytes Palette drawers should be able to have no icon
Attachment 88466: Patch with proposed solution.
219838 8683 bytes Inconsistent truncation between drawers and tools on palette
Attachment 90386: the patch
219838 1371 bytes Inconsistent truncation between drawers and tools on palette
Attachment 90647: SimpleTextLayout bug fix
220563 10604 bytes Update UI for PaletteTemplateEntries
Attachment 92062: patch to update UI for palette templates
220563 3320 bytes Update UI for PaletteTemplateEntries
Attachment 92063: Patch that will allow you to test in a GEF logic diagram
220381 69701 bytes Pinnable Stacks and UI Changes
Attachment 94286: proposed patch
223712 7816 bytes Bugs/regressions in the new palette
Attachment 95103: proposed patch
225162 33224 bytes Bugs with new pinnable palette stacks
Attachment 94865: Bug fixes
227541 23592 bytes Minor UI improvements to the new palette look
Attachment 96483: Removed unused imports from patch.
133385 96715 bytes palette UI look and feel changes
Attachment 90466: Updated patch.
133385 2982 bytes palette UI look and feel changes
Attachment 89408: zip file of icons
227844 10346 bytes [Palette] Note stack cannot be selected in the palette toolbar
Attachment 96922: Proposed Fix
229483 14385 bytes SWT Color leak originating from ToolbarEditPart.java
Attachment 98445: Proposed fix.
143019 3955 bytes Palette Stack is not accessible because screen reader thinks its a push button
Attachment 95926: proposed solution
138626 1070 bytes ConcurrentModificationException in AbstractEditPartViewer.fireSelectionChanged()
Attachment 39543: Patch for AbstractEditPartViewer
Chris Lee (krease.com)
130382 974 bytes ScaledGraphics does not copy all TextStyle properties in zoomTextLayout
Attachment 35710: patch to fix missing TextStyle params
233784 1276 bytes FigureCanvas scrollToX and scrollToY may cause SWTException due to disposed widget
Attachment 101843: patch for this bug
120411 5464 bytes SnapToGeometry.THRESHOLD should be retrieved via accessor method
Attachment 56006: added getThreshold / setThreshold
141167 812 bytes NPE in SimpleObjectTransfer.nativeToJava on Linux
Attachment 41058: patch for the NPE - checks for null before using
Christian Sowada (cs-dev.de)
237319 1457 bytes Text not fully displayed when using ZestStyles.NODES_HIDE_TEXT and ZestStyles.NODES_FISHEYE
Attachment 143366: A working patch
Colin Sharples (ctg.co.nz)
377fff 58 lines [460754] Add Angle#getReverse() method to increase an angle by 180deg.
8d6e06 66 lines [460754] Add Line#getLength() method to compute the distance between its start and end points.
c20f13 192 lines [460754] Add Line#getDirectionCCW() and Line#getDirectionCW() methods to measure the slope of a Line.
460569 8900 bytes Comparator in Point.eliminateDuplicates() violates contract of Comparator
Attachment 251009: test case with points that cause the exception
460754 704 bytes Add getLength() method to Line
Attachment 251188: Patch for Line.getLength() method
460754 968 bytes Add getLength() method to Line
Attachment 251189: Patch for Line.getDirection method
460754 729 bytes Add getLength() method to Line
Attachment 251190: Patch for Angle.getReverse() method
460569 1076 Comparator in Point.eliminateDuplicates() violates contract of Comparator
David Sciamma (sierrawireless.com)
102306 558 bytes setLineWidth in ScaledGraphics does not support the zoom factor
Attachment 24197: ScaledGraphics patch
David Williams (us.ibm.com)
93059 868 bytes toString assumes Edge for VirtualNode
Attachment 20431: minor fix, but I can't resist contributing :)
Del Myers (gmail.com)
162779 675 bytes NullPointerException in UpdateManager.firePainting(Rectangle)
Attachment 52951: proposed patch
Dmitry Stadnik (gmail.com)
131747 950 bytes Provide label alignment getter
Attachment 36253: patch with getter
Ed Willink (willink.me.uk)
99500 2593 bytes Ecore.ecore has moved
Attachment 22857: ediagram.* fixes
Elias Volanakis (volanakis.de)
71532 50795 bytes Need a simple example of a GEF-based editor
Attachment 14063: GEF Shapes example. Initial contribution. 20040818.
Erdal Karaca (googlemail.com)
f7da56 2 lines [366916] Initial post selection events notification
366916 864 bytes [jface] GraphViewer does not handle post selection events
Attachment 208481: Initial post selection events notification.
Erik Johnson (avaya.com)
227679 1225 bytes Annoying target feedback behavior of TreeContainerEditPolicy
Attachment 117930: Proposed patch
Eugene Kuleshov (gmail.com)
231456 1176 bytes [patch] ZoomContributionViewItem clears item selection
Attachment 99633: patch
Fabian Steeg (gmail.com)
001e61 1 lines Suppress serial warning on anonymous map containing test cases
00b35e 11 lines [237489] Test for GraphViewer#findGraphItem
04abad 17 lines Update Tycho and MWE Maven plugins
080166 14 lines Missing $NON-NLS$ tags
08706d 528 lines Consistent API tools settings for all bundles
08c614 6 lines Run Zest tests on platform, not SDK
0c1db8 4 lines [370511] Avoid unnecessary MWE invocation
0c3936 29 lines Added test to verify fix for Bug 200732 also fixes 334009
0d82b7 57 lines [286106] Some cleanup and header fixes
0e530e 35 lines [356449] Don't add null data to selection, deprecate redundant method
0f0c8d 7 lines Fix to avoid null pointer when resetting the graph or container layout
1005dd 3 lines [441129] Re-add resources/ to build.properties
10d332 31 lines Option to skip tests in Tycho build, pass -XstartOnFirstThread on Mac only
11668c 16 lines Update execution environment and compiler compliance settings
124b0f 1127 lines [441129] Remove org.eclipse.gef4.zest.ui, update tests
13e7b6 4 lines [372365] Update Zest features to fix build with clean `~/.m2` repo
155d5d 173 lines [337144] Applied patch by ujhelyiz@mit.bme.hu for item access during layout, added tests
15bce4 845 lines [441129] Move DotGraphView from zest.fx.ui to dot.ui
179bad 15439 lines [372365] Move DOT code from gef4.graph.* to gef4.dot.* namespace
179d1c 68 lines Add graph view option to link DOT input and corresponding image
17f0a2 2 lines Build with Tycho 0.11.0-SNAPSHOT
188b35 17 lines Fix resource leaks in Graph and ZestGraphView
188ea1 5 lines [338167] Some null checks during layout
1a5570 40 lines [373199] Preserve line attributes on curved edges
1e92f8 30 lines [337644] Update graph view in sync mode when DOT editor is selected
1ea888 880 lines [372365] Move graph model to new gef4.graph bundle w/o dependencies
20fee2 9 lines Update zest.target to Indigo release
2151fd 16 lines Updated .gitignore and target platform definition
232a2b 194 lines Tests and fix for Bug 336455 (contributed by alejandrocorbellini@gmail.com)
2369a9 53 lines [337644] Add links to toolbar actions in default info message
248d39 122 lines Added deprecated compatibility layer for common usage of old API
262e95 2 lines Remove `Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment` from non-Java bundles
2b3e8d 427 lines [441129] Add export action, refactor buttons into private classes
2cb7f0 180 lines Moved main test suites
2ee31f 21 lines [405871] Don't dispose shared colors from ColorConstants, add test
2f7b99 332 lines [338019] Generate source bundles and include source feature in SDK
331186 4 lines Update target definition
3527c7 4 lines Remove hard coded CVS file exclusion
35ad8c 5 lines Removed JDT and PDE dependencies from examples project
360769 12 lines [441129] Log error to platform log as in zest.ui
36f124 11 lines Fix Javadoc warnings in DOT bundle
36fcaf 23 lines [355533] Add cloudio wiki to help and build
395fa8 11 lines [283476] Update comments
3a37e2 37 lines Added a Graph#clear method that removes all subgraphs, nodes, and connections
3ab0cd 8872 lines [307807] Delete original dot4zest code (moved to Zest 2.0 Git repo)
3c0404 2 lines Make Mars the only default target to fix simple `mvn clean install`
3c1b09 111 lines [295002] Optional node space configuration (contributed by Miles Parker)
3d5bef 88 lines [337639] Handle surrounding and escaped quotes
3d945e 10 lines [441129] Update dot.ui bundle to Java 7
3f0203 1364 lines [458867] Rename GraphCreatorInterpreter to DotInterpreter
420cfe 1 lines Fixed regression issue with graph containers on Mac
44b2c9 418 lines [441129] Move DotDirStore from gef4.zest.fx.ui to gef4.dot.ui
496d86 34 lines Remove empty mvc.fx.example project with duplicate name
4cc51a 512 lines [431412] Rename Attr & ZestStyle enums to Attr.Key & Attr.Value
4e3d27 10 lines [458867] Remove unnecessary exposure of internal API
503d14 8 lines Revert experimental settings, disable tests for Hudson build
54b92c 31783 lines Added src-gen folders with code generated by Xtext
55bc11 194 lines [452650] Customize DOT editor outline labels, icons, and structure
55de20 21 lines Updated dot4zest help, added wikitext jars for CI of wiki documentation
55ec29 41 lines [409048] Split up test_getConvexHull to investigate test failure on JDK 7.
56be05 142 lines [284972] Support custom routers in existing label provider extensions
5a1b4e 56 lines Update deprecated JUnit API usage
5a3c99 423 lines Added http://wiki.eclipse.org/Zest to help, removed generated files (now in CI)
5a57a1 4 lines Replace checked in ANTLR jar with feature in target platform
5aaeb8 282 lines Hook existing Zest build into org.eclipse.gef4.releng/pom.xml
5c2eb8 7051 lines Renamed tests bundle, moved GraphSelectionTests from examples
5de17c 5 lines [435246] Only do standalone setup if extension is not registered
5f0476 40 lines [373199] Preserve line attributes on curved edges
618e4b 281 lines Replace separate Zest parent pom with merged GEF4 parent
6216ff 2 lines Removed Mac-specific -XstartOnFirstThread option
634635 71 lines [429600] Add action to load a *.dot file in new DotGraphView
63c0b0 86 lines [373191] Add listener to release resources when parent is disposed
6767ef 120 lines Adjust Zest version numbers to other GEF4 bundles
677837 42 lines Replace external MWE Maven plugin, delete `src-gen` on `mvn clean`
688a44 58 lines Update build to latest Indigo dependencies and Tycho 0.12.0
6913a3 5 lines [452650] Small tweak in `AttrStmt` type label in outline view
6a9a03 113 lines Deprecate public constructors with data objects (see Bug 356449, comment 5)
6b4874 2 lines Update to Tycho 0.18.1 to support building with Maven 3.1.1
6c8b86 70 lines [458867] Remove Graphviz-dependent API in DotExport
6d023a 92862 lines Move namespace 'org.eclipse.zest' to 'org.eclipse.gef4.zest'
6d19c1 59 lines Removed early graph disposal in viewer, added test (Bug 200732)
6de993 9018 lines Added dot4zest, compiles with Zest 2.0
6e6dc8 12832 lines [372365] Move zest.layouts to gef4.layout namespace
6eaadb 12 lines [420224] Require optional dependencies
6fa84a 60 lines [373199] Preserve source and target decorations on curved edges
708975 41 lines Fix error messages and remove DotMessages localization class
71fd45 47 lines Fix image export for graphs not backed by a workspace DOT file
7435d6 14 lines Build against latest Indigo dependencies
74baff 12 lines [458867] Remove redundant constant from DotExport API, update test
7522ef 10 lines Update Luna target to use e(fx)clipse Luna build
75add3 22 lines Replace dot.ui GIF icons with transparent PNGs from platform.ui
763331 51 lines Map Graphviz layouts to Zest layouts during DOT import
76c0e0 6026 lines [372365] Start new gef4.graph component based on zest.dot.core
76f52d 63 lines [238529] Disable animation by default, change toggle implementation
793156 432 lines [441129] Rename internal.dot package in dot.ui to internal.dot.ui
7965a7 27 lines [440986] Minimize dependencies of DOT bundles
79905c 57 lines Fix for rendering multi-edge statements like "1->2->3->4", see TestGraphInstanceDotImport#multiEdgeStatements()
79d296 154 lines Deleted duplicate test
7a00be 4 lines Make org.eclipse.platform.doc.isv dependencies non-optional
7a307d 213 lines Enable $NON-NLS$ validation in project settings
7b0536 0 lines [465682] Add empty src/ folders to compatibility fragments
7b793a 9 lines Build with Tycho 0.14.1
7ca2de 89 lines [337644] Support loading *.dot files outside of the workspace
7fdbf1 2 lines Update repository zip name generated by Tycho 0.15.0 to fix signing
8012f5 319 lines [372365] Move code from internal ZestGraph wrapper to GraphWidget
801429 6 lines Improve action handling in toggle method
89430a 118 lines Map Zest layouts to Graphviz layouts during DOT export
89e8dd 2915 lines [429735] Remove draw2d and zest dependencies from graph component
8a29f0 51 lines [429600] Initial DOT graph view in org.eclipse.gef4.zest.fx.ui
8b6b08 4 lines [355533] Add missing entries to build.properties
8e31e1 154 lines Move Zest features to GEF4 p2 repository
8e6c3d 25 lines [361525] Avoid issues when un-highlighting non-existent items on ZestRootLayer
93d0e6 32165 lines Fix minor issues in grammar, add MWE workflow to Tycho build
94a47b 94 lines Move wiki documentation build into pom
9c52a3 80 lines [190223] Snippet to show curved edges in graph viewer
9c7037 44 lines [390172] Disable dynamic layout by default
9d3305 43 lines [284972] Rename and restrict API, fix minor issues
9d97bd 2087 lines Reformat code with updated settings
a38ee1 9 lines Tweak build: heap space, disable Mac build of sample application for CI
a477af 49 lines [412446] Avoid infinite loop with nodes that are their own parent
a63b8b 2 lines Increase heap space for running tests
a9941b 2 lines Update target reference for clean build
a9de31 26 lines [337644] Add label that shows info about current DOT resource
ac3a9a 6 lines [441129] Set icon and category for DOT graph view
ad915b 64 lines [384730] Sample usage for Sugiyama layout algorithm
aea452 2 lines Run with UI harness, but not in UI thread
af4af2 15 lines Build with Tycho 0.13.0
b1f496 2 lines Fix non-externalized string compiler warning
b6f70e 11765 lines [372365] Move remaining DOT-related code to gef4.graph module
b78a50 26 lines Replaced GraphViewer#setControl with constructor (for consistency with other viewers)
b8f690 144 lines [429600] Add toggle to sync with *.dot files edited in workspace
b93be3 78 lines Don't fail when importing DOT w/ unsupported styles, ignore instead
ba20fe 3209 lines [440992] Use correct 'internal' convention and fix inconsistencies
bb6387 6 lines Add SWT tools to target (for enabling Sleak to find resource leaks)
bdfa93 118 lines [238529] Add option to disable animation of graph layout changes
be09e7 589 lines Build and test with Tycho
bee5cb 1059 lines Updated formatter settings to GEF conventions
bf3a79 61 lines [371339] Don't create temp files when loading DOT from strings
bf45e8 12 lines [382791] Test empty graph with GridLayoutAlgorithm
c03df1 5 lines Fix signer input file name for updated Tycho version
c2e9c8 9853 lines Renamed packages in examples bundle
c2ff81 2 lines Remove faulty nested <plugin> tag (probably generated by editor)
c45d85 8411 lines Updated for Xtext 2.0
c4a1a6 2 lines Make org.eclipse.help.appserver optional to fix install on Juno
c51dc9 24 lines Some cleanup in label provider extensions
c52c51 21 lines Restore original header and class comment lost in migration
c7089b 21 lines Update target definition to fix build after 4.4 Luna release
c9915f 7 lines [372365] Update test for changes in LayoutAlgorithm
ca5d14 31 lines [412446] Don't add node as its own child to avoid traversal issues
cb666a 8 lines [440986] Remove unused dependencies in org.eclipse.gef4.dot.ui
cc260f 7 lines Added README file
ce095e 3 lines [441129] Add resources/ to build.properties
cef56d 167 lines [381852] Add tests for using ViewerFilters on GraphViewers
d09a26 3346 lines [372365] Rename zest.core.widgets.Graph to `GraphWidget`
d18d00 4 lines Update e(fx)clipse build version in Luna target
d231aa 47 lines [373199] Preserve source and target decorations on curved edges
d304de 11 lines [337644] Fix issues exposed by image export on editor selection
d3429c 22 lines [366916] Test post selection listener
d3925b 6 lines [418350] Reexport org.eclipse.core.runtime to fix error in IDE
d47840 72 lines Missing fixes for Bug 320281
d71e13 4 lines Build with Tycho 0.15.0
dda6ac 2 lines [441129] Update plugin ID used for error logging
e071b4 36 lines [361541] Avoid infinite loop by disposed items during graph disposal
e10de8 55 lines [431412] Move ZestStyle from DOT to Graph component
e156f6 5 lines Fix disposal issue in graph tests (caused segfault on Mac)
e2363a 4 lines Remove deprecation of graph node constructor with text
e29cc9 1315 lines [372365] Rough draft of gef4.graph API and tests
e2e52c 23 lines [354806] Throw IllegalArgumentException if DOT file has wrong extension
e4d094 29 lines Remove duplicated custom node class
e5de8d 6 lines Fix IllegalArgumentException on clearing visualized DOT file
e92aae 3283 lines Formatting settings, reformat code
e9fb79 25 lines Assign `file` member only after successful DOT extraction
eda968 4 lines Don't use UI thread and harness
ee7744 23 lines Make build non-interactive, specify minimum Xtext version
efd460 101 lines [441129] Externalize strings as in zest.ui, add NON-NLS tags
f0cf1f 1109 lines [372365] Flesh out initial graph API sketch
f2b7ac 30 lines Added GraphContainer#getLayoutAlgorithm() for symmetry with Graph#getLayoutAlgorithm(), see TestGraphInstanceDotImport#layoutClusterSubgraph()
f4efb3 64 lines [373191] Add listener to release resources when parent is disposed
f6e53a 63 lines Add optional signing to Tycho build
f80634 37 lines Added target definition, tweaked dependencies
f8a6fa 10 lines Use default background color for ZestGraphView
f9db20 592 lines [372365] Make DotImport and DotExport public API, not internal
fa57bc 113 lines [337618] Reuse existing nodes when declared after being used in an edge
ffedfb 307 lines [372365] Replace zest.layouts swt & draw2d deps with gef4.geometry
Frank Hoellering (gmail.com)
240d71 4 lines [381852] Create nodes only if they aren't filtered
381852 812 bytes Zest 2 GraphViewer: Filters not working as expected
Attachment 216973: proposed patch
Gerald Rosenberg (certiv.net)
241767 2122 bytes ToolTipHelper should be able to be subclassed for enhanced tooltips
Attachment 126427: Patch implementing the identified changes
Gunnar Wagenknecht (wagenknecht.org)
54250 2478 bytes SetPropertyValueCommand wrongly resets property on undo
Attachment 10226: Patch for SetPropertyValueCommand using new API
46757 795 bytes REQ_OPEN should not reselect the EditPart
Attachment 16415: Patch for SelectEditPartTracker
Ian Bull (gmail.com)
158d75 3 lines Added draw2d as a dependency on the examples.
33a1d8 4418 lines Refactored out the viewer stuff into its own bundle.
42ed4e 4 lines Do not fire changes to the layout if dynamic layout is not enabled.
6d685a 11260 lines Moved tests to examples
8ef5f7 1 lines Initialize the spring layout algorithim when you apply it
97fc11 25916 lines Initial Zest 2.0 commit
a0a024 4417 lines Added the jface bundle
c7b55c 4 lines Fixed the manifest to point to the right version of Zest.
cc5d1a 4 lines Renamed tests to examples
d451e8 4 lines Fixed the dependencies from zest.core
dc33bd 3 lines Removed an empty package.
eea63f 3 lines Don't layout if the number of nodes == 0
Istvan Rath (mit.bme.hu)
4aa7c8 36 lines [419467] Added setters for SpaceTreeLayoutAlgorithm parameters
Istvan Rath (incquerylabs.com)
419467 1083 bytes Allow layout customization for SpaceTree
Attachment 236487: Patch for SpaceTreeLayoutAlgorithm
Jakub Jurkiewicz (pl.ibm.com)
109508 3087 bytes Outline View's local toolbar contains no tooltips
Attachment 66254: Patch attachement
151561 2089 bytes SelectAll Action selects Editparts that are not selectable
Attachment 66104: Fix
James Bruck (gmail.com)
231950 2461 bytes NPE when using connection handles and the Palette is hidden
Attachment 100284: takes into account the tool from the palette root.
260336 1173 bytes ConnectionEndpointHandle should allow users to get at the endpoint
Attachment 121979: updated patch with just getter.
295355 1870 bytes RulerComposite is not extensible
Attachment 159256: proposed solution
James Synge (gmail.com)
225923 1181 bytes javadoc for FigureCanvas is lacking
Attachment 95013: Patch to FigureCanvas.java
Jan Koehnlein (typefox.io)
427106 786 Forward multitouch gestures to SwtFXCanvas
Jan Köhnlein (itemis.de)
56e670 424 lines [427106] Add support for multi-touch gestures.
Justin Dolezy (neckdiagrams.com)
311781 1045 bytes [cocoa, gef] Cannot clone figure when running on Cocoa
Attachment 167558: Patch for correct Mac OS X detection for correct ALT clone detection
313319 1073 bytes [draw2d, macosx] BidiProcessor needs validation of Carbon reference causing possible Cocoa issues
Attachment 169280: Patch for correct Mac OS X detection
313311 1023 bytes [cocoa, gef] CTRL key modifier for ignoring snap does not work on Cocoa
Attachment 169003: Patch for correct Mac OS X detection
Kai Schlamp (gmx.de)
237192 5679 bytes Investigate why setting a border on a graph node is not working
Attachment 132689: Border Patch
Ken Duck (twoducks.ca)
259325 1125 Within Zest, GraphConnection::setCurveDepth causes GraphNode fail to dispose
Krzysztof Daniel (gmail.com)
376835 785 bytes GEF isv plugin has incorrect build.properties
Attachment 214031: Fix proposition
375843 530 bytes org.eclipse.gef.examples source feature has dependency on itself
Attachment 213450: Fix proposition
Lars Grammel (gmx.net)
239737 963 bytes Connection can not be selected using setSelection
Attachment 106669: Patch that enables selection of connections using GraphViewer.setSelection
Lidija Grahek (ca.ibm.com)
240752 2502 bytes DVT34: broken link in documentation
Attachment 108469: GEF Doc Link Corrections
251896 3085 bytes ShortesPathConnectionRouter needs some changes
Attachment 116114: Patch
255554 2595 bytes LineBorder should support line style
Attachment 118082: Patch
289391 1507 bytes High contrast display setting is not respected
Attachment 147133: Patch
297903 1099 bytes Increase visibility to ThumbDragger in ScrollBar
Attachment 154530: ThumbDragger increased visibility
298063 104780 bytes SWTException occurs in Figure.setForegroundColor when accessed from different threads
Attachment 154670: Patch
300101 2554 bytes Lines styles are not fully respected when printing
Attachment 156553: Patch
335609 796 bytes ToolTipHelper causing application hangs
Attachment 187773: Patch
Manuel Selva (st.com)
169401 424 bytes Polyline Tolerance
Attachment 62464: New Patch using Max(linewidth / 2, tolerance)
209830 1012 bytes NullPointerException thrown
Attachment 84150: Patch trhowing SWTException
Marc Gobeil (ca.ibm.com)
249367 1114 bytes order of parameters to assert wrong in GraphicsClipping
Attachment 114026: patch to fix assert order
168311 159092 bytes Support the new SWT Line Attributes
Attachment 117737: updated patch
255140 4319 bytes junits for new line attribute support
Attachment 117738: junit test additions
260880 860 bytes add setlinedash to graphics to take float[]
Attachment 122421: patch
262797 9746 bytes The feedback figure is black and not displayed properly
Attachment 124331: patch for shape to fix xor fill/outline
267249 1116 bytes NPE's from Shape's line dash methods
Attachment 127689: fix
263290 2656 bytes RectangleFigure not drawn properly
Attachment 127705: new new patch
270803 2965 bytes RoundedRectangle not drawn properly
Attachment 130609: fix
267397 4185 bytes Ellipse not drawn properly
Attachment 130612: fix
266021 10237 bytes java 1.4 compile error in gef
Attachment 126612: patch to add api tooling exception
267728 52608 bytes Style alignment of ScaledGraphics with GMF ScaledGraphics
Attachment 128099: style patch for GEF ScaledGraphics
Marco Lehmann-Moerz (gmail.com)
231842 1345 bytes DelayedDirectEditHelper does unregister control listeners when aborted
Attachment 101105: Patch that fixes the described problem for me, please review.
Mariot Chauvin (gmail.com)
260740 1699 bytes Strange behavior of the Rectangle class
Attachment 122290: patch for the 3.4 branch
290891 748 bytes ScaledGraphics should implement Graphics#rotate(float degree)
Attachment 148412: patch for the Head
Mark Siegel (businessobjects.com)
146859 801 bytes Accessibility: Palette title has incorrect accessibility role when tested with JAWS
Attachment 45782: Proposed patch
Michael Clay (codeworkz.at)
277380 1989 bytes [dot4zest] Graphviz DOT as a DSL for Zest
Attachment 168365: oaw dot.xtxt
Michael Houston (gmail.com)
259088 1691 bytes TitleBarBorder should set the text colour to match the selected title bar foreground
Attachment 124430: Patch using menuForegroundSelected
Mike Marchand (cranksoftware.com)
e6c829 5 lines [472848] Fix findMouseEventTargetInDescendantsAt() aborts too early.
472848 1073 bytes Figure.findMouseEventTargetInDescendantsAt() returns incorrect result
Attachment 255247: Proposal
Miles Parker (gmail.com)
295002 5768 bytes Provide freeform (self-sizing) tree layout [2.0]
Attachment 152083: Proposed new class and changes for freeform layout.
Mohammed Mostafa (ca.ibm.com)
141836 1069 bytes TVT3.2:TCT480: AR: GEF Four-bit Adder diagram is not displayed correctly.
Attachment 41649: patch for review
147062 26247 bytes Eclipse icons in GEF features incorrect for Eclipse 3.2
Attachment 44406: patch to use the new eclipse icon
147440 4131 bytes Gef about info information is incorrect
Attachment 44640: patch
153305 596 bytes org.eclipse.draw2d.Animation has memory leak
Attachment 49991: patch to fix the memory leak
145291 2504 bytes CompoundDirectedGraphLayout edge shoots out to the side
Attachment 44830: proposed fix
214126 1274 bytes Null Pointer Exception caused by the GraphicalViewerImpl
Attachment 86012: patch
143310 926 bytes EditPartViewer#getFocus is not delegated to the SelectionManager
Attachment 42874: Fix
mwienand (itemis.de)
1e96e5 164 lines [NONE] Add cubic Bezier interpolation.
21dee5 101 lines [384328] Ensure that Vector objects instead of Point objects are used in Straight#getPointAt() and Straight#getParameterAt()
28ba71 18 lines [NONE] Fix issues in Line#contains(Point) and Polygon#contains(Point).
2d4e45 10 lines [NONE] Add Line#Line(double...).
3843de 9128 lines [355997] Finalized IPolyShape implementations and added transformation
3f448a 253 lines [NONE] Update documentation diagrams.
469996 20 lines [NONE] Align the BezierCurve#getParameterAt() exceptional behavior with that of Straight#getParameterAt().
46d39d 12012 lines [355997] Complete refactoring of Geometry API (CQ 6363).
49d418 11 lines [NONE] Enhance AbstractPointListBasedGeometry#toSWTPointArray().
77a93f 3 lines [NONE] Enhance an exception message in Ring.
99a32d 11 lines [NONE] Add Straight3D#toStraight().
a2d59a 28 lines [NONE] Ensure Arc#equals(Arc) uses Angle#equals(Angle).
a97a3a 436 lines [NONE] Implement IPolyShape semantics in IGeometry#touches(IGeometry).
b80f55 21 lines [NONE] Add BezierCurve#toString().
c100d1 15 lines [NONE] Fix Line#getIntersectionIntervalPairs().
ecbd7f 5 lines [383647] Implement Ring#toSWTRegion() using getOutline().
fb4955 10 lines [NONE] Ensure Dimension#contains(Dimension) uses PrecisionUtils.
355997 5203 bytes [GEF4] Provide new Geometry-API
Attachment 202501: Implementation of the getIntersections(...) methods in the Ellipse class
356058 3687 bytes [draw2d] ObstructionExample: NPE
Attachment 202305: Patch for the ObstructionExample.java example application
355997 135345 bytes [GEF4] Provide new Geometry-API
Attachment 205718: containment/intersection methods for the existing shapes and quadratic and cubic bézier curves with intersection methods
355997 119951 bytes [GEF4] Provide new Geometry-API
Attachment 206852: several bug fixes and many new tests (headers added)
355997 128731 bytes [GEF4] Provide new Geometry-API
Attachment 208923: missing intersection routines and robust bezier clipping
355997 496996 bytes [GEF4] Provide new Geometry-API
Attachment 213615: Complete refactoring of the geometry API
355997 583197 bytes [GEF4] Provide new Geometry-API
Attachment 216482: Implements Region and Ring and adds transformation interfaces and their implementations
355997 8039 bytes [GEF4] Provide new Geometry-API
Attachment 217706: Adds a cubic Bezier interpolation method to the PolyBezier class
Nicolas Rouquette (jpl.nasa.gov)
278593 709 bytes [cocoa] NPE at ToolTipHelper
Attachment 138520: Patch for draw2d's ToolTipHelper.java
Patrik Suzzi (gmail.com)
ccc1f9 31 lines [472559] Add Mars.p2f to provide required bundles for environment.
472559 1415 bytes GEF 4 Environment Setup
Attachment 256175: Updated Mars.p2f
Pierre Carlson (us.ibm.com)
214900 6435 bytes GEF should be using ICU instead of java.text
Attachment 86560: Patches org.eclipse.gef and org.eclipse.draw2d to use icu classes
Rene Kuhlemann (gmail.com)
8f2488 412 lines [384730] Sugiyama DAG layout algorithm (CQ 6643)
dc53e9 96 lines [384730] Sugiyama layout algorithm: several fixes and improvements
384730 13307 bytes [ZEST] Contribution: Sugiyama layout algorithm to display even large trees and graphs
Attachment 218844: Update of Sugiyama layout algorithm with several fixes and improvements
Requel Wermelinger (ivyteam.ch)
f95f50 5 lines [462235] Fix PropertySourceAdapterFactory is not null-aware.
462235 1070 bytes PropertySourceAdapterFactory is not null aware
Attachment 251588: NPE patch
Richard Miskin (googlemail.com)
236731 1541 bytes provide horizontal variant of DirectedGraphLayoutAlgorithm
Attachment 120408: Make DirectedGraphLayoutAlgorithm allow horizontal layout.
Rickard Petzäll (gmail.com)
273585 2266 bytes make it possible to disable animation during layouting
Attachment 146936: New node style to disable animation
Romain Raugi (fr.ibm.com)
237802 985 bytes RelativeBendpoint.getLocation can create precision errors
Attachment 109526: Patch that contains Randy Hudson's fix.
237802 4163 bytes RelativeBendpoint.getLocation can create precision errors
Attachment 110221: Unit test to highlight the bug.
329873 765 bytes setLineDash(float[]) in ScaledGraphics
Attachment 182795: The proposed patch.
227977 1783 bytes PrecisionPoint should override Point.equals
Attachment 109524: Fix for Ganymede, for PrecisionPoint and PrecisionDimension.
Régis Lemaigre (yahoo.fr)
73636 484290 bytes A contribution to the documentation of GEF
Attachment 14480: see bug description for this
Simon Templer (templer.cc)
22efd6 397 lines added support for custom figures being styled according to model and selection
Simon Templer (simon.templer.cc)
335136 18287 bytes Custom figures in GraphViewer are not highlighted correctly
Attachment 208551: Proposed patch to allow styling and labeling of custom figures (v2)
Stephan Schwiebert (spinfo.uni-koeln.de)
2c409b 188 lines added snippets to demonstrate how to use TagCloud and TagCloudViewer.
605ea4 16 lines added header
9655ee 2 lines bugfix: Failed to detect word boundaries on windows 7/x64
e3dcdb 6154 lines [349969] Integrate tag cloud visualization contributed by Stephan Schwiebert, see CQ 5299
Stephan Schwiebert (gmail.com)
349969 166372 bytes Code contribution for Zest (Tag Cloud Viewer)
Attachment 198493: Updated Unit Tests
355533 454 bytes [cloudio] Move documentation and samples to Eclipse wiki and Git repo
Steve Seear (uk.ibm.com)
973bfa 1 lines [379805] Fix looped connection label placement when zooming out
d09233 1 lines [379805] Fix looped connection label placement when zooming out
379805 1439 Problem with looped connection label placement when zooming out
Steven R. Shaw (ca.ibm.com)
125337 803 bytes LightweightSystem doesn't consistently use getUpdateManager accessor
Attachment 33649: patch for bug
Stéphane Lizeray (fr.ibm.com)
213494 1011 bytes The copy constructor of PrecisionDimension loses precision
Attachment 85581: Fix the copy constructor. Fixes also enhancement 124904
212280 2339 bytes org.eclipse.draw2d.RelativeBendpoint#getLocation() returns a point with a slight error
Attachment 85584: Uses internally PrecisionDimension
168307 3017 bytes ScaledGraphics does not support SWT Path
Attachment 82084: path zooming patch
168307 9815 bytes ScaledGraphics does not support SWT Path
Attachment 82085: Example for patrh zooming
Sushant Sirsikar (gmail.com)
286106 3851 bytes Support for org.eclipse.jface.viewers.ITreeContentProvider in org.eclipse.zest.core.viewers.GraphViewer
Attachment 143879: GraphViewer and TreeModelEntityFactory
286106 1595 bytes Support for org.eclipse.jface.viewers.ITreeContentProvider in org.eclipse.zest.core.viewers.GraphViewer
Syed Atif (ca.ibm.com)
140554 10503 bytes GEF Javadoc is not indexed in Eclipse Help system
Attachment 41521: Patch 2...everything fixed
Takahiro Kato (businessobjects.com)
106386 13768 bytes page up and down keys don't work in the text example
Attachment 25856: patch for GraphicalTextViewer and TextTool
Tamas Miklossy (itemis.de)
16d975 144 lines [477980] Add test/example files related to DOT-supported arrow shapes.
1927e8 69 lines [446639] Provide custom preferences for DOT.UI
25c25e 614 lines [446647] Add support for different export image formats.
403b7c 487 lines [337644] Refactoring of DOT Graph view live update/live export
747e44 6 lines [484198] Rename output file generated by dot
446639 16609 bytes Custom preferences for DOT.UI
Attachment 257311: Patch with the DOT.UI preference page implementation
446639 8128 bytes Custom preferences for DOT.UI
Attachment 257646: 446639-Custom-preferences-for-DOTUI_improvement
337644 23235 bytes Extract PDF export from DOT Graph view (and turn it into a global DOT editor action)
Attachment 258180: separate "pdf export" from "view sync" functionality
446647 26614 bytes UI for exporting *.dot files in different image formats
Attachment 258458: Preference Page Extension (improvement)
484198 1006 bytes rename output file generated by dot
Attachment 258611: 484198-rename-output-file-generated-by-dot
Tiago Proenca (ics.uci.edu)
278587 1020 bytes GraphModelFactory is calling ContentProvider twice when it creates a connection
Attachment 137813: GraphModelFactory patch
ujhelyiz (mit.bme.hu)
15bd25 62 lines Key modifiers updated
2f66c3 160 lines Removed unused Bezier-related interfaces
32ff40 273 lines Added support for filling a JFace graph using an ITreeContentProvider
447ced 14 lines Option for setting a GraphConnections router from outside the connection
45980c 8 lines Removed unnecessary check for IFigureProvider (it is done by base
5df263 2 lines Minor update to deselection handling in Graph widgets
9ea299 2 lines Made AlgorithmHelper public to allow its reuse outside the layouts
a2fab8 2 lines Made AlgorithmHelper public to allow reuse outside the
a501a2 2 lines Revert "Made AlgorithmHelper public to allow reuse outside the org.eclipse.zest.layouts plug-in"
a9321a 44 lines Added support for default curved edges
af59a1 81 lines Example for testing connection routers
bdc2bc 159 lines Example for JFace connection router usage
ccdee1 74 lines Support for setting connection routers globally for the graph and
eb557a 33 lines Created label provider for setting connection routers
vincent lorenzo (cea.fr)
424943 1992 ResizableEditPolicy#getResizeCommand duplicates request ignoring some request values
Vineet Sinha (ai.mit.edu)
96745 507 bytes Mouse capture not released on mouse exit in SWTEventDispatcher
Attachment 21797: Proposed patch
Yannic Noller (gmail.com)
412446 1505 TreeLayoutObserver.isAncestorOf(TreeNode) could end in infinite loop
Zoltan Ujhelyi (incquerylabs.com)
337144 3010 bytes Zest 2.0 layouts do no support reading model objects
Attachment 189380: A proposed patch
282526 18657 bytes IEntityConnectionStyleBezierExtension is not used anymore
Attachment 189386: A patch for Zest 2.0 that removes the unused interfaces
283476 10516 bytes In OSX the multiple selection should happen with the Cmd key
Attachment 189385: An updated patch
286106 432 bytes Support for org.eclipse.jface.viewers.ITreeContentProvider in org.eclipse.zest.core.viewers.GraphViewer


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