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Tentative IP Log for tools.buckminster

This tentative IP Log is generated dynamically from automatically collected project information. This information has not been vetted for accuracy by the Eclipse Foundation and may not represent the true state of the IP of this project(s). Please refer to the official approved IP Log(s) associated with the official release(s) of this project(s) for more information.


  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
1911jabsorb Version: 1.2 (Subset: excludes servlet-api.jar and yuicompressor-2.2.5.jar)Apache License, 2.0 + JSON licenseunmodified binary
1912SLF4J version Version: 1.4.3 (Subset: API Jar and Log4J Jar)MIT license, + MIT License with no endorsement clauseunmodified binary
1996Apache httpclient Version: 3.1 (PB CQ1765)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
1998commons-codec-1.3.jar Version: 1.3 (PB CQ1275)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
1999commons-logging-1.1.jar Version: 1.1 (PB CQ1644)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
2000mail-1.4.jar in axis2 Version: 1.1 (PB CQ2247) (Subset: Excludes files from demo folder with restricted licenses)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
2001jabsorb Version: 1.2.2 (Subset: Excludes all nested jar files and lib files)Apache License, 2.0 + JSON Licenseunmodified binary
3528EclEmma Version: 1.4.2Eclipse Public Licenseunmodified binary

Exempt Pre-Req and Works With Dependencies

No Exempt Pre-Req or Works With dependencies


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Karel Brezina Cloudsmith Inc.
Guillaume CHATELET
Stefan Daume
Achim Demelt
Thomas Hallgren
Filip Hrbek Cloudsmith Inc.
Henrik Lindberg
Erle Czar Mantos Exist Global
Ed Merks
Michal Ruzicka Cloudsmith Inc.
Carlos Sanchez
Adrian Skehill
Mitch Sonies Cloudsmith Inc.
Johannes Utzig

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Achim Demelt (
241623 17942 bytes Expose connection preferences in headless mode
Attachment 108042: Proposed patch exposing the connection preferences in headless mode
242782 2757 bytes Expose maximum resolution threads preference in headless mode
Attachment 108895: Patch adding a new preference mapping for headless mode
244850 13946 bytes Generate Source Features
Attachment 111435: Patch for Buckminster PDE that adds capability to create source bundle jar
272789 5288 bytes Improve MaterializationContext performance
Attachment 132341: performance patch with corrected member sort order
279270 1011 bytes EclipseImportReader must cope with non-plugin files
Attachment 138563: Proposed patch
280250 4572 bytes PDETargetPlatform doesn't use PDE's new target platform story
Attachment 139162: Proposed patch
Alan Underwood (
302929 5453 bytes Cannot materialize OSGi bundle from Maven repo into P2 site
Attachment 187700: Patch for buckminster.core P2Materializer working with maven repos.
398334 6138 bytes Adding username and password for maven provider
Attachment 225798: Add maven.username and maven.password properties to maven provider
Axel Guckelsberger (
315962 2784 Incorrect path to branding plugin
Carsten Reckord (
291012 1281 bytes Fragment dependencies are ignored by CSpec Builder
Attachment 148508: Use more general bundle model type
Carsten Reckord (
311394 1740 bytes Download source bundles together with binaries
Attachment 166810: add source dependencies to bundles
319488 8456 bytes Add the ability to skip certain Eclipse builders or to mark their errors as non-critical
Attachment 182430: Adds property based filtering of builders and markers
321776 1889 bytes endless recursion in P2SiteGenerator
Attachment 179019: avoid endless recursion in collectBundles()
323853 1118 bytes GeneratorNode cannot handle version
Attachment 178150: Updated patch
325246 669 bytes Git reader fails to fetch remote branches
Attachment 178825: Fixes remote branch fetching
329492 1555 bytes [git] Treat literal 'null' in credentials as unset
Attachment 182433: treat literal 'null' as undefined login/password
382869 1666 bytes Materialize from git fails if slash in branch name
Attachment 217505: Patch
David Williams (
273750 3524 bytes Could we produce XML output
Attachment 133290: same patch without the noise
273750 899 bytes Could we produce XML output
Attachment 133406: additional patch for correct 'replace' statement.
Dennis Huebner (
369389 38308 bytes Buckminster and pde 3.8
Attachment 211270: successfully migrated to pde 3.8
Douglas Palmer (
240116 898 bytes Long symbolic bundle names get truncated when creating bundle jars
Attachment 106914: Patch that fixes the issue
243922 2693 bytes Allow cquery to prefer providers that support binary components
Attachment 109813: Patch which implements this feature
250377 4113 bytes Buckminster/Subversive inserts null into svn file urls
Attachment 115750: Another patch; this one really works.
Ed Merks (
280144 121052 bytes Design a new aggregator model
Attachment 139073: The new core aggregator model bundle
Eike Stepper (
581335 11 lines FeatureConsolidator computes wrong feature version qualifer
380097 2527 bytes Bundle Pool: Unable to load runtime repository: No repository found at file:/...
Attachment 233872: P2Materializer patch (workspace format)
416771 4873 bytes Enhance logging of Build command; add --logfile option
Attachment 235261: Build command patch
421389 4408 bytes FeatureConsolidator computes wrong feature version qualifer
Attachment 237329: Patch to fix the problem
Frank Hoellering (
317709 9841 bytes site.p2 product build always creates source feature
Attachment 172512: Patch for fixing tutorial problems with buckminster 1.3.0
Guillaume Chatelet (
165803 6 lines Adding .qualifier to plugins
1c0eb4 1328 lines Introducing a new property file listing the translated error messages for suversion clients thus allowing Buckminster to choose if an SVN exception is actually a FileNotFoundException or a connection error.
3f7803 3228 lines Big subversion refactoring.
54402c 1 lines Test file created by webmaster
5813f5 15 lines Adding debug to executor
86ea97 1533 lines Big subversion refactoring.
a7c9cd 26 lines Correction of bug :
d09e52 29 lines Products were not coherent between ant actor and executor actor.
d608dc 30 lines Actor's execution fails by default if the execution returns non 0 code.
e0b4b0 8 lines Adding warning message when an attribute is expanded to null
e36f40 8 lines Correcting a few Manifest mistakes :
f3254c 109 lines Adding the possibilities to inherit the environment variables from the system.
Guillaume CHATELET (
241657 21773 bytes Enhancement submission : executor and fetcher actors
Attachment 108454: The archive contains the new projects as archive and the workspace wide patch for revision 9468
Henrik Lindberg (
029382 98 lines
0365d7 2005 lines Added various classes from buckminster to fix removed dependencies.
077d21 1275 lines Initial checkin of touchpoint editing (not working yet)
0e758e 77 lines
0ecaeb 529 lines
100dbd 5 lines Fixed issues with generation of eclipse=1 type link.
119f54 54 lines Added replace/remove to FilterAdvice
12aebc 14 lines
140755 33748 lines Language revsions - lots of change in the second experimental release.
14fe6e 162 lines Touchpoint Action Labels are now set from descriptors.
178390 18 lines Minor naming changes, some diagram layout tweaks.
1f8d3f 112445 lines Extensive changes to b3 DSL syntac - now includes 99.9% JS 1.6 support.
22d6fc 281079 lines Removing moved b3 projects from buckminster trunk
23d827 34734 lines Modified syntax for repository handling. resolver keyword changed to repository.
278af2 43 lines Changed to UTF-8 from MacRoman
2bbef6 148 lines Corrected use of message bundle to Eclise mechanism.
2cde2b 34 lines Javadoc and comments.
2d21cb 65 lines Fixed issue with action label (in tree) not being updated.
3045c0 28713 lines Changed QualifiedName's name to QID to reflect that is like a terminal, and just a string.
316168 46755 lines Fixed validation of Version and VersionRange - these are now transformed to instances of OmniVersion in the language parsing.
31b770 92 lines TouchpointData now supports phases from descriptor meta data.
34d1b9 425 lines Defined context. Refined advice (removed pointcut). Made closure contain advice.
34e6ea 68 lines
35c1b0 11 lines ModelRoot now passes itself as detail when notifyChanged() is called.
3c80f1 205 lines TouchpointType set is now undoable.
3d1e88 60 lines
3ec087 106 lines Removed Buckminster dependencies.
3f8649 18 lines
40d295 24 lines
43cbe0 45 lines
43db63 70 lines
488663 7 lines Changed to UTF-8 from ISO 8859-1
4d1822 760 lines Refactored Touchpoint meta data descriptor classes.
4d64aa 11 lines Added "propertyName" to IRequirment, to make a prerequisite capable of referencing a property in the ICapability returned as a resolution of the requirement.
4e4b51 227821 lines Lots of changes to syntax. b3 is now a functional language :)
5450ed 6 lines Removed set of same input in ComponentOutline to prevent regeneration of outline tree on every text selection (or caret move).
54ee50 3 lines Added categories to build properties.
555e52 1643 lines
567b49 64 lines
581ff0 309 lines Corrected use of message bundle to Eclise mechanism.
585239 13 lines
5a8788 5 lines javajdoc corections
5b8248 12 lines
5cd19a 30278 lines
5df107 22 lines
5e2075 469 lines
629741 18 lines Fixed issues with ModelChangeEvent's detail not being used in event
687b85 212 lines Simplified Properties model.
6ace73 6 lines Changed mutable (default true), to immutable (default false).
6cd0cb 94 lines
6fc205 10 lines changed naming of "importOptions" and "resolutionOptions" to simply "options" in both cases, as these are now relationshoips from different classes.
70e05e 20 lines Cleanup (NON-NLS and string constants, removed dead code).
70eab7 467 lines There were to different IResolution - merged them into one.
7864ab 824 lines Fixed right associative assignment operator issue
78a6b4 43 lines
7951fa 297 lines IU editor now supports editing Update information.
7b995c 29 lines Input of "comma" is now blocked in parameter value fields.
7ce221 1328 lines Renamed "query" package to "command"
7fe2e6 6664 lines Added restrictions; input must have some input, output must have some output.
8176de 12 lines
81efaa 18 lines Fixed missing images in label provider for provided capability.
831276 2 lines
8636a4 8492 lines
88144d 1150 lines Initial checkin
8857ec 2 lines Output directory misspelled!
8ac7af 3280 lines Initial checkin of model.
8ad7b6 8 lines Removed all dependencies to buckminster. The authoring should now require only a standard Eclipse 3.4.
910418 15 lines
95a620 72 lines
9782d8 2 lines
9a2156 6 lines changed name of "property" to "memberName" in IRequirement.
9b3779 1232 lines mistake made on initial checkin
9b4e44 784 lines It is now possible to add touchpoint actions
9b871c 2 lines exposed packages
9bfea2 15 lines
9c89e5 108 lines Corrected use of message bundle to Eclise mechanism.
9fbcf5 623 lines Updated Materializer model/diagram with materializers in Buckminster, and added the related classes ConflictResolution (an enum), and a class for UnpackOptions.
a32a59 135 lines
a5def1 1428 lines
a72c06 20 lines Removed dead code
b03884 667 lines
b1b838 25 lines Added comments to the properties file.
b2907c 3 lines Manually fixed broken Build.ecorediag file after delete of a package where a diagram lingered in the ecorediag file.
b2d032 3 lines Added rcpp2 feature in the mailapp demo category to make it show up in install new software.
b342ca 7 lines Fixed issue with duplicate reference
b3e593 8 lines ttps://
b3e9ab 2582 lines Moved from root of repo
b8637a 11 lines TouchpointType is now set from the type in the IU when IU document is opened.
b9522a 8 lines Fixed problem with empty severity causing NumberFormatException.
bb492a 1199 lines Added builder support for touchpoint and touchpoint data.
bb92d1 289 lines ttps://
bc3280 36 lines
bc763e 95681 lines cleanup of grammar.
bcec0d 16 lines
bcfc15 102505 lines Lots of changes - richer expressions and script statements added.
bd8b57 7 lines Added copyright & license header
be62f3 4 lines
c0ca1a 56 lines
c18329 642 lines Deleted bogus test data
c1e885 7 lines Fixed issue with not being able to open an empty file - asking for the instantiated model when there was none.
c3a071 18807 lines Modifie syntax for repository handling. resolver keyword changed to repository.
c3d2fc 455 lines
c425af 22 lines
c42f07 10 lines Removal of dead code.
c4d234 6 lines Fixed issue that missing URLs for update sites in input causes materializer to crash.
c5056d 2611 lines Removed unused packages, and removed "Buckminster distro" related stuff.
c66bb5 9028 lines
c8359b 2 lines Modified text for "Installation" tab - it is called "Touchpoint".
cf55b5 107 lines Continued refactoring of touchpoint descriptor meta data.
d19284 142697 lines Improvements to the AST
d3ee47 26 lines
da6c2e 3 lines Removed blank lines
dd8ded 1423 lines
de5d4a 237 lines Added a StyleLabelProvider wrapper allowing P2AuthoringLabel to be used as delegating style and plain style at all times.
de8134 4 lines
e12aab 1867 lines Testdata
e30922 28 lines
e35acf 7 lines made "mutable property" true by default
e456ad 66 lines Filter advice added
e52da6 644 lines Deleted bogus test data
e58993 2 lines
e6157d 7 lines It is now possible to remove an action.
e66254 61754 lines meta changed to env
e86a6e 23 lines Enablement of up/down/remove removed for TouchpointInstructions in treeview (these nodes are fixed).
ea26d3 165 lines Improvements to handling of touchpoint data.
eb671f 6 lines
ee49eb 36 lines Action Detail page now reacts to touchpoint type change and updates labels and warning message.
eeedad 44 lines Added the fact that a BuildUnit is always an IGenericUnit which can represent itself as an IPathGroup.
ef53ad 129988 lines subversive's ui for checking things in makes it too easy to check things in, in the wrong place.
f13d3b 3 lines
f28a45 21 lines
f3c6df 96 lines
f5627b 2 lines Fixed issue with empty OPML outline folder not showing up as a folder.
f593c2 31347 lines added unit literal
f8b29b 24 lines
faffc5 2 lines javadoc corection
ff79e4 28 lines
Jakob Braeuchi (
387345 3413 bytes bin.excludes in is ignored, but only on Windows
Attachment 219943: Sample Project
Jason Barkanic (
319329 9782 bytes site.p2 doesn't include multiple versions of a bundle, when feature export does
Attachment 174634: Test Projects archive
319329 1056519 bytes site.p2 doesn't include multiple versions of a bundle, when feature export does
Attachment 174635: Target Platform
Johannes Utzig (
190406 24924 bytes Improve the action execution dialog
Attachment 143208: patch that replace the current invoke action dialog with a new one
190406 1352 bytes Improve the action execution dialog
Attachment 143209: additional icons
281503 9979 bytes MailApp Example is not installable and missing a create.product action
Attachment 140097: fixes tutorial.rcpp2.feature and adds a cspecx and ant script for product build
282569 100755 bytes Dependency Visualization for Buckminster
Attachment 141106: Updated Project
289949 43819 bytes Invoke Action is Blocking the UI on first usage
Attachment 147652: Make the InvokeActionDialog non blocking and show proper progress monitoring if WorkspaceInfo was not yet initialized
John (
269629 1809 bytes buckminster.bat only passes max 9 vmargs
Attachment 129548: The fixed bat file
Karel Brezina (
00a279 48 lines Bug 293993 - Inconsistent behaviour with regard to required "label" property during build/verification process
00ed7e 54 lines Bug 291115 - Mapped Repository children break if location is changed - fixed
01b982 612 lines
022dda 98 lines Improvements in error reporting
03dfee 14 lines Bug # 241370:
054b01 10 lines Part of the code was lost after regeneration - fixed
062e48 4 lines Dependencies to org.eclipse.ui and org.eclipse.pde.core were downgraded from 3.4.0 to 3.3.0
0682f1 19 lines Link to Cloudreader documentation was added
06b1b9 13 lines Always start splash screen in the director app.
0788ae 1079 lines JNLP P2 product - initial import
079947 3 lines generate eclipse.ini file
07dfb6 19 lines Bug 289990 - Drag&Drop and context menu enhancements
088eec 2586 lines Code clean-up
09ff8a 3 lines NPE fix
0a4633 1566 lines Bug 291539 - Aggregator repository viewer tree should label IUs of all types using 'Label / ID / version'
0ad02f 63 lines Unused BOM was removed
0b8a88 8 lines "org.eclipse.equinox.p2.publisher" bundle was added to the dependencies
0c1dd1 334 lines
0d7c7c 80 lines config.ini optimization
0e697f 14 lines Bug 283001
0e6b47 81 lines Partial developement commit
11de23 20 lines build.jnlp.p2 action was added
12350e 749 lines Code clean-up
133bae 644 lines Refactoring
187807 28 lines Java project was converted to Plugin
195055 5 lines "completed" message was added
19e203 131 lines Improved monitoring of the director app.
1a1324 334 lines
1a2eef 354 lines Bug 227729 Remember a list of previously opened cqueries
1b9084 2494 lines Extended communication between materializatior and remote distro provider
1ba79c 12 lines A new parameter was added to getDistro method
1dc707 226 lines A new JNLP materializer that uses P2 - initial import
1ef4d1 471 lines Asynchronous communication with a remote server
1f1a43 415 lines Support for reporting errors via email
1f2671 1795 lines Intermediate development commit
1f79c9 8 lines Changes to be able to build on Eclipse 3.5
201a2d 6 lines Changes to be able to build on Eclipse 3.5
20e910 1052 lines P2 installer was integrated
20f46b 2 lines Useless "toLowerCase()" was removed
21378b 507 lines SelectDistroPage - new install wizard page was added
21fc1e 306 lines Obsolete code
2240e9 15 lines Update of selected row details
224ca2 1483 lines Bug 289206 Enable drag&drop from structured repository view
2336a4 6 lines
2423ff 365 lines StatusProvider improvements
2522da 14 lines Error message was changed
2a29de 107 lines Splash screen synchronization
2c6071 2 lines Refactoring
2c88d3 84 lines Select distro page styling
2c977c 18 lines Dependency to org.eclipse.equinox.p2.repository was added
2ca079 12 lines New wizard was moved to Buckminster category
2d584c 24 lines application parameter was removed
2f29a3 10 lines Error messages were polished
2f57af 8376 lines refactoring - moving under p2 folder
32e87f 267 lines Bug 293774 - Need way of adding IUs to exclusion and valid configurations rules from repo explorer context menu
3346d5 1243 lines Bug 292511 - Add description property to appropriate model element
365655 38 lines Universal error message was added
39de12 92 lines BuildRepoAction was added (the real action is not performed though)
3c7f3c 1231 lines Bug 290498 - Missing search tool
3d4524 256 lines Bundle optimization
3dd055 2 lines Support for ATOM RSS feeds
405478 27 lines Bug 282783
41b048 14 lines Bug 298378 - It's possible to enter the same IU as mapped unit and exclusion rule
4208a1 37 lines Changes to be able to build on Eclipse 3.5
43aaf3 3 lines Process needs to be cancelled
43e1f1 3 lines Refreshes layout before the page is displayed
441461 60 lines Unused properties were removed
450072 2 lines
47ec5a 5800 lines Bug 291150 - Remove unnecessary levels in the P2 view
483b80 1897 lines
496b5f 59 lines Publishing from the materializator was removed
4c5978 18 lines Distro needs to be loaded when going from FolderRestrictionPage
4e0151 55 lines Utils.showInBrowser() method was added
4e89c7 5 lines Error handling was improved
50b7fd 64 lines collect.jnlp and collect.local.jnlp actions were added
51d1bb 504 lines Bug 282785
51ee54 2 lines Bug 292246 - Missing installable units should be marked as errors not merely warnings
51fe75 58 lines - switching between materializers using buckminster.jnlp.p2 property
5395c4 70 lines The original root is uninstalled before the new is installed
588a05 7 lines Proxy parameters were removed they are passed directly to java runtime when the materializator is started - e.g. -Dhttp.proxyHost
595e20 51 lines A special tooltip and menu are displayed for cancelled components
595f50 123 lines
59f95f 73 lines OPML support was added
5a1625 329 lines Bug 289990 - Drag&Drop and context menu enhancements
5a895a 1052 lines Initial import
5d4ed0 16 lines
5fea6e 97 lines A bug in caching was fixed
6064f9 14 lines Bug 282561 - "External Save As" button is always enabled
6134e8 10 lines A typo was fixed
632342 2074 lines Bug 295263 - Provide more information using structured tooltips
64ec7e 6 lines A specialized JNLP director application is created
67efba 2 lines Bundle name was fixed
67fcc0 146 lines P2 materializer - ongoing development
685c4b 104 lines Improvements in overlays.
68e817 867 lines Publishing from the materializator was removed
69c4e4 3 lines Progress monitor optimization
6a157d 2103 lines Code clean-up
6afa12 42 lines -forceSplash parameter
6c9810 12 lines profileText is sent in Base64 to handle national characters
6d63ee 13 lines Comment removed
6dbae8 8 lines A special progress provider is removed directly after materialization.
6ff36c 255 lines Code clean-up
73ce65 4 lines org.eclipse.pde.core is excluded from signing
745dcf 12 lines ${} property is set
796c2b 68 lines Bug 286216 - Headless listsite command is broken - fixed
7b2a2d 137 lines
7d5f10 1 lines Unused dependency was removed
7fa846 3 lines Unused code was removed
7fc383 781 lines
820adc 369 lines CSPEC editor with read only mode - only Text widgets are in read-only mode, the others are coming soon
82c1ce 172 lines BuildRepoAction starts the real task
8389eb 8 lines Closing stream that points to
863958 631 lines Bug 290498 - Missing search tool
87e639 41 lines Bug 282397 Add support for raw format as a version type / format name
887405 701 lines
8aca0c 1036 lines JNLP specific director app - initial import
8f32ae 5170 lines Initial import
8fd872 1171 lines Code clean-up
9055b8 2 lines createRetrieveFileTransfer() was synchronized
90d5b5 171 lines UI changes in SelectDistroPage
91ced8 42 lines P2 Version and VersionRange classes are used
925222 2 lines Unused IOException was removed
93f55d 324 lines Bug 282785
96a79c 56 lines Bug 293195 - Aggregator does not detect missing site early enough
96f86a 5102 lines Bug 294865 - o.e.b.aggregator.p2 package needs to be polished
98e822 2 lines link to was fixed
99a7ac 39 lines Support for drafts
9a9e36 67 lines Bug 282786
9adc0a 7 lines Removing of an obsolete materializer
9d08a2 4 lines Bug 287415 It's impossible to change properties of a Contribution - FIXED
a176d4 5 lines Bug 250722 eclipse.import reader ignores port number from url
a213a1 79 lines "Aggregator.buildmaster" 's "Cointainment" flag was set to true.
a28168 16 lines
a371c0 11361 lines A new JNLP materializer that uses P2 - initial import
a47566 91 lines Java project was converted to Plugin
a4a5a5 241 lines Bug 289990 - Drag&Drop and context menu enhancements
a4acf8 752 lines
a59ced 7 lines "org.eclipse.equinox.concurrent" was added
a6878d 396 lines Bug 286708 Mapping of IUs to a mapped repo was enabled by DnD
a72665 30 lines Bug 287215 - Build model editor should expand nodes on double-click
a82930 215 lines Bug 294186 - Provide a model action to disable a 'Configuration' in the aggregator model
a86458 42 lines Bug 262715 - only TOP level features are selected for the TP materializator
a869cd 888 lines Removing distro functionality
a905b9 112 lines Bug 292246 - Missing installable units should be marked as errors not merely warnings
aae720 99 lines Aggregator.label is set as required
ab8117 88 lines Bug 297099 - ResourceException in the aggregator
ab988a 9 lines Bug 297839 - ConcurrentModificationException
abb612 27 lines Omni-version support
ac304d 38 lines Bug # 240811 -
ade3fc 1957 lines Method IServiceUI.showCertificates(..) was implemented
af1dc4 1807 lines Select distro page was incorporated
afa628 308 lines Externalization of strings -
b09335 15 lines FINISH button was not enabled when materialization of a concrete distro was triggered - FIXED
b0969b 332 lines Implementation of IServiceUI
b0ec04 50 lines Error messages were polished
b1f2b7 60 lines Components, which were not materialized, are displayed in the list
b1fec1 2 lines New dependencies were added
b59ec9 11027 lines
b5ec6f 16 lines MD5 file generation
b67da4 4 lines Error message was changed
b9f647 14 lines The second page was removed from the New Aggregator Wizard.
b9f719 1 lines P2 installer was integrated
bd9767 407 lines m_remoteDistroService.fireDistroResolution(draft, cspecId) was called twice - fixed
bea377 267 lines Changes in reporting exceptions
bf7c3a 776 lines P2 materializer - ongoing development
c1599f 10 lines A typo was fixed
c1fa96 21 lines A new property was added - "errorMessage"
c24dee 11 lines Page commit needs to be called just for the current page
c297a7 495 lines Source was cleaned up
c34148 11 lines When there is only a broken distro, Select Distro Variant page is displayed
c39fdd 1190 lines Refactoring
c3a0b4 1348 lines Bug 297165 - unable to copy / paste IUs in aggregator editor
c51a4f 176 lines Done page was restyled
c620eb 9 lines Refreshes content once enabled flag is changed
c6a025 66 lines Bug 290529 - Repository mismatch - fixed
c8a685 2 lines Disabled features do not affect status of CustomCategory
c8b7d4 30 lines Rollback of an unwanted commit - testing
c92e99 27 lines getPlatformString was rewritten to contain just pure java
c92eb6 109 lines Refactored to distroProvider
c97964 237 lines DynamicTableLayout was removed
ca7f81 14 lines -forceSplash parameter
ca8d34 1154 lines
ca9d09 88 lines design improvements
caade1 26 lines Refactoring - space was renamed to folder
cb6909 2 lines build.jnlp.p2 action is enabled
cbc613 16 lines A new property was added - "errorMessage"
ccfb34 2 lines Bug 292353 - [cquery editor] Not able to document why a component is skipped
cd9b9c 2 lines NPE problem was solved
cf4858 33 lines Bug 299618 - Use provided capabilities to search for matching IU
d4494e 5011 lines Refactoring
d4c29a 1796 lines Partial developement commit
d6308a 2 lines Bug 282561
d81262 5248 lines Code clean-up
d8e5ae 1 lines product.binary.folder was removed
d9350e 12 lines Obsolete materializer is removed before the config properties are cached
d9eab2 109 lines
da449c 148 lines config.ini optimization
da82d8 415 lines Bug 291897 - Console settings
da9637 11 lines Bug 282784
dc1aff 104 lines JNLP P2 product was created
dc5a15 2 lines Bug 289629 - Drag&Drop should not allow to move IUs among mapped repositories
dd5d5c 11032 lines A new JNLP materializer that uses P2 - initial import
e34cdc 297 lines Bug 293774 - Need way of adding IUs to exclusion and valid configurations rules from repo explorer
e4f1fb 137 lines Implementation of IServiceUI
e646c1 2059 lines Synchronization between CustomCategory.features and Features.categories
e7c9e2 5073 lines Unused wizards were removed (publishing and TP wizards)
e86d10 2429 lines Bug 291150 - Remove unnecessary levels in the P2 view
e9c725 113 lines Artifact repository property was split into two
ec50ab 4 lines NPE fix
eea26e 246 lines Bug 290498 - Missing search tool (select matching IU for a required capability)
f1eaea 2589 lines Added support for StatusProvider. It enables to display an image overlay that corresponds with the current status.
f31061 6 lines Moved back to support RSS Owl M7
f41f79 48 lines Support for reporting errors via email
f5c136 97 lines Bug 291897 - Console settings
f5d92e 1620 lines Intermediate development commit
f5df0e 26 lines Bug 295054 - NPE when accessing property fields with references to Contacts and Configurations
f7b8be 1876 lines Error dialog was re-factored
f8fe3d 155 lines Bug 291151 - Label of RequiredCapability should include namespace
fa7974 12 lines profileText is sent in Base64 to handle national characters
fb0ebb 532 lines Bug 286708 Mapping of MDRs and IUs to a contribution was enabled by context menu and DnD
fb179e 3320 lines Bug 295264 - Overlays should be connected to IMarker instances
fb44ee 171 lines Progress monitor optimization
fcbbe8 4 lines Versions without origin are displayed using toString()
fed0bd 2 lines Incompatible distro is not automatically selected
ff7062 271 lines jnlp.p2 building optimization
Lorenzo Bettini (
0e25ee 8 lines Bug 428301: added org.eclipse.osgi.compatibility.state
1154cb 428 lines Bug 428301: Map<String,String> -> Map<String,Object>
2a73c2 5 lines Bug 428301: use the new shape of PDEState constructor
4f6db8 204 lines Bug 428301: updated svn implementation
5e7787 2 lines Bug 428301: using Luna M6
6fc08c 2 lines Bug 428301: increased site.suffix to 4.4
86dde3 4 lines Bug 428301: use 4.0 polarion update site
8debea 30 lines do not join ThreadJobs to increase performance of buckminster headless
97179f 5 lines Bug 428301: use Collections.emptyList() instead of
a0009b 8 lines Bug 428301: using Luna M5
c6ee76 2 lines Bug 428301: added missing required bundles in the test launch
cc9062 36 lines Adds the command line flag --continueonerror for the build command.
f66a26 27 lines Bug 428301: added implementation of new interface methods
399999 1362 bytes macrodef for extracting product UID
Attachment 226579: add extractProductUid
402171 2297 bytes Adds macrodefs for extracting bundle and feature version unqualified
Attachment 227818: macrodefs for extracting bundle and feature version unqualified
418009 4756 bytes --continueonerror command line option for build command
Attachment 235803: patch that adds the command line flag --continueonerror for the build command
418453 2524 bytes do not join ThreadJobs to increase performance of buckminster headless
Attachment 236020: patch to increase performance
Markus Kuppe (
239392 2904 bytes URIMatcher explicitly sets IComponentType.UNKNOWN
Attachment 108943: patch setting component type to the first value of componentTypes
240770 713 bytes continue on error isn't set for MaterializationContext
Attachment 107421: pass continueOnError to MaterializationContext
257065 450 bytes dogfood2.rmap points to old ECF location
Attachment 119140: fix for dogfood.rmap
257065 450 bytes dogfood2.rmap points to old ECF location
Attachment 119141: fix for dogfood2.rmap
257069 3275 bytes Materializer doesn't use targetPlatformPath
Attachment 119376: patch v1
258820 6678 bytes Bundle remains packed with upack=true set in feature.xml
Attachment 122799: patch p3
260675 15260 bytes Support saving Bill of Material (BOM) in "import" command
Attachment 122249: patch v1
260831 5786 bytes Targetplatfrom materializer doesn't materialize platform specific bundles
Attachment 122394: patch p1
410558 930 bytes ERROR [0003]: java.lang.NullPointerException with git and branchTagPath set to tag
Attachment 232277: Simply checking for a null tree makes bucky behave correctly here
410581 3179 bytes Support lightweight git tags
Attachment 232283: Use (newer) repo.getTags() call that returns lightweight tags too
Matt Biggs (
299491 22877 bytes Handling of Maven Dependency Scope
Attachment 186827: Fixed NPE
Matthias Kappeller (
321064 12598 bytes No JUnit TestReport created for huge report files
Attachment 175697: Updated Patch
328865 2541 bytes A lot of console output will lead to OutOfMemoryError
Attachment 181854: This can help (but it's not as good as it should be)
331888 1510 bytes The resolution service doesn't search the lowest ordinal in tag/branch path
Attachment 184592: A patch to let the resolution service recognize multiple tags and branches
340524 17154 bytes Executing an Action from within the Outline- and Explorer-View
Attachment 191587: Patch of org.eclipse.buckminster.ui
340613 2903 bytes bundle.jar does not build the same as PDE Export does; leads to a wrong JAR
Attachment 191648: A sample project
350504 749 bytes BOM does not contain revision and timestamp for trunk as it does for branches/tags
Attachment 198694: Patch
Michal Ruzicka (
04d655 463 lines
06e48b 562 lines
0aa580 2 lines adds missing // $NON-NLS-1$
1f9929 12 lines cope with split of org.eclipse.equinox.p2.publisher into org.eclipse.equinox.p2.publisher and org.eclipse.equinox.p2.publisher.eclipse
269e86 55 lines Bug 310204 - provide SSH configuration preferences
2c0cfe 2 lines Bug 363230 - fix mangling of source jar files on windows
370c18 25 lines expand properties in tag actor's actor property definitions
3cd16b 2 lines cope with split of org.eclipse.equinox.p2.publisher into org.eclipse.equinox.p2.publisher and org.eclipse.equinox.p2.publisher.eclipse - add the new bundle to the AllTests launch configuration
4397a5 1098 lines
441c5a 162 lines removal of non-systemic mapping functionality of the tagging support - Bug 309151
4af507 166 lines
5228d2 114 lines
68870a 915 lines
6c9984 2 lines minor javadoc fix
6e5088 1294 lines
6ef8c0 88 lines
6fa790 2 lines minor optimization
73a03d 2 lines ignore path when null
7613e4 229 lines
7dfd26 1 lines minor code style cleanup
7e0b96 15 lines Bug 310204 - notify the JSch plug-in when a preference is unset too
8b6da3 1262 lines
9109cb 218 lines
9a0d8e 88 lines
a82996 115 lines
acd28d 195 lines Bug 310284 - JRE Publisher Actor & JRE Publish Ant Task
ad9c6a 26 lines code cleanup
af36be 6 lines
b358dc 606 lines
bd8085 1686 lines Bug 309151 - tagging support for Buckminster
d18453 663 lines
e92374 140 lines Bug 309151 - add an option to specify projects to exclude / include from the processing
ebfbf4 29 lines
ef47f6 453 lines Bug 369695 - adds importproxysettings command
f21975 673 lines
Michal Ruzicka (
215247 16187 bytes JUnit testing support for Buckminster
Attachment 86855: Zipped souces of the Eclipse project implemnting the test command for Buckminster
Nick Veys (
267457 837 bytes NPE when creating nested source features
Attachment 127875: patch for SourceFeatureCreator
270523 3996 bytes Allow multiple preferences to be unset at a time
Attachment 130319: Patch against 3.4.x to add this functionality
270526 1143 bytes Import and Perform help files have typos
Attachment 130320: Patch against 3.4.x - core
272042 936 bytes Source plugin generation omits the version from Eclipse-SourceBundle manifest entry
Attachment 131670: Patch to add version to the Eclipse-SourceBundle manifest entry
Nicolas Rouquette (
387739 826 bytes An internal error occurred during: "getting resolutions" (NPE in EclipsePlatformReaderType.getBestPlugin)
Attachment 220122: Proposed patch.
Peter Nehrer (
391227 4102 bytes Subversive headless support with SVNKit 1.7 incompatible with older SVN clients
Attachment 221958: Proposed feature that adds support for SVN Kit 1.6.
Peter Woods (
327441 2447 bytes bundle.jar action does not include linked resource class files
Attachment 180663: Patch to fix linked resources issue
Remy Suen (
250379 2233 bytes Cannot open .rmap if file is outside of a project
Attachment 119999: Altered IDocumentProvider implementation patch v1.
Stefan Daume (
098240 1105 lines -implements stricter source code formatting:
0fe3ce 252 lines -string externalization for org.eclipse.buckminster.core.test (see
2a5766 865 lines -partial string externalization for org.eclipse.buckminster.core (see
326e70 871 lines -implements stricter source code formatting:
352536 1409 lines -implementing stricter source code formatting:
41bece 26154 lines -implements stricter source code formatting:
506748 1976 lines -completed string externalization for org.eclipse.buckminster.core (see
7ca664 213 lines -string externalization for org.eclipse.buckminster.ant (see
896867 108 lines Bug 295569 - Add aggregator build sample files used in Aggregator User Guide to aggregator project
d49cde 298 lines -string externalization for org.eclipse.buckminster.cmdline (see
f54b95 1009 lines -partial string externalization for org.eclipse.buckminster.core (see
Thomas Hallgren (
315962 480 Incorrect path to branding plugin
Thomas Spiessens (
192602 21064 bytes Subversive support missing from Buckminster
Attachment 71275: An Eclipse project that contains an implementation proposal for Subversive support in Buckminster
Thorsten Meinl (
c212f8 68 lines Add bin.includes scan of root artifacts on remote repositories
280721 2281 bytes Missing Launcher Icon
Attachment 177688: Patch for nested workspace-relative path
321733 648 bytes SvnSession does not use unattended password prompt
Attachment 175838: Patch
323907 864 bytes Branded ini missing in MacOS builds
Attachment 177684: Patch to that fixed the problem
323907 765 bytes Branded ini missing in MacOS builds
Attachment 180053: Fix for NPE
366837 6636 bytes bin.includes attribute missing during resolution of non-local components
Attachment 245827: Patch for CSpec generation classes (for BM 4.4)
Todd Lee (
219876 3230 bytes CVS provider: resolve fails when CVSROOT contains symlinks
Attachment 90523: proposed patch to org.eclipse.buckminster.cvspkg.internal for Bug 219876
Tomas Cernaj (
382025 1238 bytes Incorrect usage of Matcher in GroupSplit
Attachment 217034: Fix for GroupSplit
382025 3886 bytes Incorrect usage of Matcher in GroupSplit
Attachment 217035: Unit tests for GroupSplit, Split and Replace
Vaidas Narg─Ślas (
192105 786 bytes Resolving query for plug-in that has version without qualifier fails with NullPointerException
Attachment 70964: Proposed patch
214243 858 bytes CVS Plug-in ignores tag checkouting from cvs
Attachment 86108: org.eclipse.buckminster.cvs plug-in patch
221277 411 bytes SAXParseException importing BOM file
Attachment 91488: Patch that fixes this issue


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