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  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

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Unused Approved Contributions

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseStatus
1536registry Version: 3.1.3Public Domain unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
1913org.apache.commons.httpclient Version: 3.0.1 (PB CQ1073)Apache License, 2.0unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
1914org.apache.commons.logging Version: 1.0.4 (PB CQ1576)Apache License, 2.0unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
1915org.apache.commons.codec Version: 1.3.0 (PB 1562)Apache License, 2.0unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
2670log4j 1.2.13 Version: 1.2.13 (ATO CQ1593) (using Orbit CQ2168)Apache License, 2.0unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Wayne Beaton Eclipse Foundation
Chuck Bridgham IBM
Cedric Brun OBEO
Stephan Eberle itemis AG
Xiaoying Gu
Andreas Hoegger Business Systems Integration AG
Dennis Huebner itemis AG
Jeff Johnston Red Hat, Inc.
Markus Knauer Innoopract GmbH
Martin Oberhuber Wind River
Andrew Overholt
Steffen Pingel Tasktop
Doug Schaefer Blackberry Limited
Beth Tibbitts
Markus Tiede BREDEX GmbH
Gunnar Wagenknecht Tasktop
David Williams IBM

Never Active
Name Organization  
Roshanak Afsarifard Actuate Corporation
Eric Cloninger Klocwork
Henrik Lindberg Cloudsmith Inc.
Jacek Pospychala Zend Technologies
Tomasz Zarna Tasktop

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Andreas Sewe (codetrails.com)
70bb92 1 lines Bug 435448 - Add Code Recommenders Snipmatch integration to RCP/RAP package
9e4ac0 1 lines Bug 432733 - Add Code Recommenders/Mylyn integration to RCP/RAP package
c59c54 1 lines Bug 435449 - Add Code Recommenders Snipmatch integration to Java package
Christopher Guindon (eclipse.org)
536482 2 lines Bug 445886 - Update Reporting package icon (Mars)
d2db01 2 lines Bug 445886 - Update Reporting package icon (Luna)
Dawid PakuÅ‚a (w3des.net)
3b93b7 1 lines Bug 445335 - Add Mylyn wikitext to PHP package
Doug Schaefer (qnx.com)
347860 738 bytes Add egit to cpp package
Attachment 197045: Patch
Eric Cloninger (gmail.com)
5b73e2 100 lines mobile: Bug 376258 - modifications of config files for EPP.
7c840a 5 lines Modify plugin_customization.ini to provide a default for Java compliance
Kaloyan Raev (zend.com)
098ded 4 lines Update description N&N for PHP EPP
df7c37 2 lines Bug 429696 - Update PDT logo
Ken Lee (bsiag.com)
9f9e3d 6 lines Bug 420246 - Update Scout EPP package description
e4699d 8 lines Bug 420246 - Update Scout EPP package description
Lars Vogel (gmail.com)
fa825c 34 lines Bug 424915 - Use only PNG for window images in the RCP package
Marc-Andre Laperle (ericsson.com)
6f0740 4 lines Add missing lttng2.ust feature
Marcel Bruch (codetrails.com)
240f94 1 lines Add Error Reporting feature to committers package
Martin Oberhuber (windriver.com)
3aaead 3 lines classic website: fix URL in description for filing a bug
4f408b 14 lines EPP Website: Update package description for Eclipse.org downloads
8283f5 401 lines Classic package: sync-up classic product bundle with Eclipse SDK
Mickael Istria (redhat.com)
894b54 3 lines [440809] Include SWTBot in RCP package
Pascal Rapicault (rapicorp.com)
c88026 899 lines Use Tycho for creating the package archives including symbolic links
Pascal Rapicault (JBoss) (rapicault.net)
037bf4 74 lines Bug 406985 - Product IU in Kepler packages should have new property
Sergey Prigogin (gmail.com)
6768d6 6 lines Bug 446566 - Activate UI delay monitoring for EPP Committers
thallgren (tada.se)
0f0d18 9 lines Changed galileo site to appoint staging instead of release.
23ccf6 262 lines Initial check-in
578294 2 lines Updated director to version that uses apache.httpclient
71bc52 2 lines *** empty log message ***
83de4c 8 lines *** empty log message ***
Thanh Ha (eclipse.org)
3ba1e3 1679 lines Bug 366430 - Building EPP packages with Tycho
72f4af 624 lines Bug 405828 - Sign native launchers for Luna
Wayne Beaton (eclipse.org)
212169 113230 bytes Usage Data Collector contribution
Attachment 84646: Eclipse projects


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