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Tentative IP Log for technology.nebula

This tentative IP Log is generated dynamically from automatically collected project information. This information has not been vetted for accuracy by the Eclipse Foundation and may not represent the true state of the IP of this project(s). Please refer to the official approved IP Log(s) associated with the official release(s) of this project(s) for more information.


  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
1103Gallery widget Version: 1
2946Port of Robert Penner\'s Easing EquationsEclipse Public License, BSD
2947SVG and PNG files from W3CW3C Licenseunmodified
4102Icon Set: Fam Fam Silk Icon Set Version 1.3 (PB CQ2019)Creative Commons Attribution License 2.5
6086Apache Commons IO Version: 2.0.1 PB Orbit CQ4791)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
7566Tango Icons Version: 0.8.90 (Does not include naming utils) (PB CQ5106)Public Domainunmodified source & binary
9498jquery Version: 1.11.2 (PB CQ9492)MIT Licenseunmodified source
9499CKEditor Version: 4.1.1 (PB Orbit CQ7244)MPL 1.1unmodified source
9503jquery Version: 2.1.3MIT Licenseunmodified source & binary
9504CKEditor Version: 4.4.7MPL 1.1unmodified source & binary

Exempt Pre-Req and Works With Dependencies

No Exempt Pre-Req or Works With dependencies


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Cedric Brun OBEO
Ian Bull EclipseSource (See Innoopract)
Laurent CARON
Peter Centgraf
Peter Chang Diamond Light Source LTD
Xihui Chen
Emil Crumhorn
Jeremy Dowdall
Donald Dunne
Baha El Kassaby Diamond Light Source LTD
Dirk Fauth Robert Bosch GmbH
Andrew Finkbeiner
Ira Fishbein IBM
Grant Gayed IBM
Matthew Gerring Diamond Light Source LTD
Chris Gross
Matthew Hall
Felipe Heidrich Oracle
Veronika Irvine
Mickael Istria Red Hat, Inc.
Marty Jones
Wim Jongman Industrial TSI
Ahmed Mahran
Lukasz Milewski
Steve Northover IBM
Dave Orme
Mirko Paturzo
Pavel Petrochenko OnPositive Technologies
Jeff Phillips
Nicolas Richeton
Thomas Schindl BestSolution
Hallvard Traetteberg
Elias Volanakis Innoopract GmbH
Eric Wuillai
Angelo ZERR

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
289332 1063 bytes Translations for French and Dutch
Attachment 147085: French translation
Adriaan Peeters (
e8cdb0 2 lines Bug 372825 - Grid column with incorrect since word-wrapping introduction
372825 1268 bytes Grid column with incorrect since word-wrapping introduction
Attachment 211782: patch
Alan Plante (
213241 1447 bytes Grid drag and drop not properly expanding nodes on hover
Attachment 85424: patch to GridDropTargetEffect#dragOver
Alex Clayton (
6ba3af 97 lines Bug 467676 - Allow use of custom axes in XYGraph
76ff26 33 lines Bug 460119 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in XYGraph when graphs are drawn
Alex Smirnoff (
240164 1266 bytes [Gantt] StackOverflowError in AdvancedTooltipDialog rendering on OSX
Attachment 107180: Quick fix patch
Alexander Kurtakov (
bd8878 7 lines Bug 485784 - Some cleanup of CDateTime
alexander.bunkowski (
1f3121 6 lines Bug 478038- IntensityGraphFigure: Zooming behaviour not correct
9b7aa9 8 lines Bug 478066 - IntensityGraphFigure: Added MouseListener are not
Alexandre Borgoltz (
419707 1787 bytes GridTreeViewer remove-by-index broken
Attachment 236699: Path for GridTreeViewer replacing Tree and TreeItem with Grid and GridItem
Alexey Romanov (
6c6bea 89 lines Bug 382965: [I18N] Russian translation for CDateTime
Andi Thomas (
248931 1102 bytes Copy&Paste is broken for FormattedText editor widgets when NumberFormatter is applied
Attachment 121879: Proposed patched version.
Andre Dietisheim (
175119 1148 bytes vertical align controls in the middle of the row
Attachment 59567: patch that changes vertical alignement to the middle
176194 1955 bytes refresh single row
Attachment 60178: patch that adds refreshRow(int row) to CompositeTable and InternalCompositeTable
Andreas Ehret (
334786 1463 bytes TableCombo drop down height problems
Attachment 187106: Path that fixes TableCombo drop down height problem
Bala (
298684 343842 bytes Grid items are not rendered properly after rearranging columns
Attachment 155348: patch
Baruch Youssin (
009cb6 33 lines Bug 261414 - [CDateTime] getSelection does not return visible date
880d43 43 lines JUnit test case for the new Bug 429495 - Focus cannot be set to CDateTime programmatically on Ubuntu
Benjamin Bortfeldt (
300797 3657 bytes Tooltip for column header
Attachment 157884: Patch to support tooltips for column headers
Benjamin Cabé (
182562 756 bytes Grid.setItemHeight() doesn't update the flag userModifiedRowHeight ...
Attachment 63914: My two cents patch (and a single line ;) )
Berthold Daum (
306144 17195 bytes Extremely slow operation for very large image selections
Attachment 162248: Modified versions of and (0.5.2)
bwedlffn (
ccaff0 672 lines Bug 459521: IPointStyleProvider
Caleb (
357302 948 bytes Today and None buttons overlay the calendar dates
Attachment 203106: proposed patch
357303 986 bytes Days of the week are improperly truncated with Hebrew locale
Attachment 203108: proposed patch
cbrun (
431bf5 431 lines [414432] Add about.html and update provider name
676808 341 lines [414433] Add PaperClips in the examples gallery
6bf060 4882 lines [294940] Move package-vis. classes to internal
787683 696 lines [414432] Add legal information on the PaperClips feature
414432 39234 bytes Add about.html notices and update provider name in PaperClips
Attachment 234100: Ready to apply
414432 54202 bytes Add about.html notices and update provider name in PaperClips
Attachment 234138: Add legal information on the PaperClips feature
Chris Merrill (
332689 61426 bytes Prepare XViewer for localization/internationalization/translation
Attachment 185364: Proposed patch to allow localization of text strings
332689 2245 bytes Prepare XViewer for localization/internationalization/translation
Attachment 185588: and files (zipped)
Christian Pontesegger (
edaff4 7674 lines Bug 460536: XYGraph code should be formatted using default Eclipse
Christian W. Damus (
cc0ab2 32 lines Bug 468644: TableCombo bundle JAR missing legal files (about.html)
Chuck Mastrandrea (
213586 7921 bytes Grid needs clear methods
Attachment 86204: 2nd try with new patch
222280 29206 bytes Grid Contribution - Word-wrapping and auto-height features
Attachment 92206: Contribution as an Eclipse patch
Claes Rosell (
272384 1839 bytes [Grid, GridViewer][PATCH] rowspan support
Attachment 132057: A snippet demonstrating the basic use of rowspan in Grid
272384 20766 bytes [Grid, GridViewer][PATCH] rowspan support
Attachment 132964: New version of row span patch
Claus Klammer (
267057 755 bytes when hidding a specific GridColumn belonging to a GridColumnGroup, the GridColumnGroup is badly redrawn
Attachment 131096: Patch for invisible columns and column groups
Cosmin Ghita (
323687 766 bytes Grid: SWTException widget disposed exception when walking into grid with arrow keys
Attachment 177509: patch which fix the problem
Cserveny Tamás (
318984 774 bytes Control Editor should be disposed
Attachment 173517: Wrong version attached prior.
295468 1242 bytes Minimum width of a column.
Daniel Holmen (
200764 122 bytes [FormattedText] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in NumberFormatter when deleting all characters from input
Attachment 76613: Patch against the nightly build
Daniel Migowski (
213685 738 bytes In some Example Snippets (like CompositeTabelSnippet2) scrolling was not passible anymore. This fix resolves the issue.
Attachment 85706: Patch containing the fix.
214242 958 bytes Patch: PGroup crashes when resized too small
Attachment 86107: Patch
Denis Roy (
e73c8e 46 lines Bug 402384 Add CONTRIBUTING file
Dietmar Glachs (
6b30b1 69 lines Bug 388813: No selection event is sent when changing either month
Dirk Fauth (
085887 24 lines Bug 413718 - Adding the possibility to configure if the text of an event
0c1127 134 lines Added support to connect the zoom behaviour of different Gantt charts
1012b2 69 lines Bug 413713 - modified drawText() to use regular expressions to determine
121558 79 lines Added the possibility to specify a period in the chart.
1ffec0 18 lines Bug 413744 - Add the possibility to configure that all selected events
21bab3 46 lines Added support for custom placeholder support
272f01 4 lines Bug 413819 - Change visibility of getSettings() and getHeaderHeight() to
36859a 1219 lines Bug 414632 - Add the possibility to connect a GanttSection with data and
447274 19 lines Bug 413714 - draw the background for the bottom of the gantt chart as on
5179ee 136 lines Added possibility to specify holidays in the gantt chart and
5f4b33 192 lines Added the possibility to connect two GanttCharts where one is on top of
60c140 27 lines Bug 413813 - Correct adding and removing GanttSections
66ac74 3 lines Bug 413661 - added check and handling of images that are smaller than
6c33b7 17 lines Bug 413654 - added the shiftHorizontalCenteredEventString() method to
7bedb4 473 lines Bug 413822 - Improvements to undo/redo capabilities like adding delete
848682 68 lines Bug 413820 - Removed the selected event from the surrounding ones
8594ff 9 lines Bug 413700 - added getter for parent composite
96afad 3 lines Bug 413817 - Added check for _mainBounds to avoid NPE in
9bde3d 11 lines Bug 413815 - Set the _preMove properties in GanttEvent to null if the
9e5538 176 lines Bug 413748 - Add the possibility to add events via context menu to the
b288d0 68 lines Bug 414109 - fixed loosing events if multiple events are dragged vertically and put back to the original vertical position
b8217f 628 lines Bug 414144 - Added the possibility to print a GanttChart by using the
be1bdf 6 lines Added convenience getDate() method that takes a java.util.Date object as
e3130e 122 lines Bug 413804 - Add possibility to add custom menu items to the context
Doug Showell (
5375d0 6 lines [383589] - Verify text modification event can be processed multiple
ddfa5e 5 lines Bug 353930: CDateTime miliseconds not editable.
353930 698 bytes CDateTime miliseconds not editable.
Attachment 217824: Fix for Bug 353930
Ed Merks (
e2607a 8 lines Bug 477896 - Please include setup for project Nebula
Elias Volanakis (
267316 11337 bytes [CompositeTable] API to manipulate sort indicators of AbstractNativeHeader
Attachment 130901: patch contribution
273370 2027 bytes [CompositeTable] vertical scrollbar cutoff with SWT.BORDER
Attachment 132880: patch
289379 3548 bytes Grid Contribution - Snippet for Word-wrapping and auto-height features
Attachment 147123: Patch with snippet contribution
Enrico Schnepel (
238729 3538 bytes Add a method to GridColumn to programmatically select cells in the column
Attachment 159431: Patch to select a column or an column group
294952 2689 bytes Select All does not fire SelectionEvent
Attachment 152563: Patch reflects current CVS
294980 945 bytes NoClassDefFoundError for SWTEventListener
Attachment 152053: fixes dependency problems (NoClassDefFoundError)
295048 905 bytes Background not transparent
Attachment 152138: Patch for disabling the background of the Shell
297209 538 bytes [PATCH] hide image on deselecting
Attachment 154007: hide image on deselection
297327 934 bytes Disable Image
Attachment 154107: This disables the Image like it is done for the text widget
304353 1205 bytes IBaseLabelProvider changes do not update the viewer
Attachment 161456: Minimal patch for changes propagation
316112 976 bytes a relayout grows control
Attachment 176551: Patch to ignore the table width while computing the control size
322114 3733 bytes Selection behavior
Attachment 176140: Patch to correct the selection behavior
326285 1646 bytes The help key event should be forwarded to the parent shell
Attachment 179614: forwards the help key event to the parent shell
Ferenc Czina (
4a518b 2 lines Bug 382970: [I18N] Hungarian translation
bac903 2 lines Bug 382970: [I18N] Hungarian translation
c960fe 89 lines Bug 382965: [I18N] Russian translation for CDateTime
f80193 4 lines Bug 382970: [I18N] Hungarian translation for CDateTime
382970 1333 bytes [I18N] Hungarian translation for CDateTime
Attachment 217910: Hungarian translation v2
Gertjan Zwartjes (
a07ec2 37 lines Bug 447918 add missing line styles
Giovanni J (
159929 6 lines Bug 461333 - An Exception was triggered in the Shell-Redrawing,
8e4be7 62 lines Bug 464509 - zoomLevel - Minute View Implementation
98d67a 54 lines Bug 462855 - Zoom Minimum Depth increased up to 6 levels deeper than
a4e8f7 10 lines Bug 464509 - zoomLevel - Minute View Implementation
b35940 656 lines Bug 464509 - zoomLevel - Minute View Implementation
d17c62 37 lines Bug 462855 - Zoom Minimum Depth increased up to 6 levels deeper than
Glenn Burkhardt (
77dc6d 9 lines Bug 198240 - [CDateTime] parent isn't redrawed?
9d2c2b 24 lines Bug 455260 Toolbar menu items in Eclipse application disappear when OK
Glenn Burkhardt (
44ac51 42 lines Bug 299309 - setTimeZone causes hours on analog clock to be rotated
811c37 3 lines Bug 198240 - [CDateTime] parent isn't redrawed?
8b99fa 21 lines Bug 198240 - [CDateTime] parent isn't redrawed?
a0f8f8 368 lines Bug 299309 - setTimeZone causes hours on analog clock to be rotated
e39bbd 43 lines Bug 485173 - Null pointer exception in
Hallvard Traetteberg (
0de2cd 8 lines Add toString method
175c8b 1 lines Removed extends ILabelProvider
363778 3755 lines Initial commit
6395c5 2 lines Re-export dependency on geomap widget.
78dbc2 184 lines Support tool tips. Allow zooming to a specific rectangle and set of
79fce9 210 lines Restructure label and pinpoint provider and support tool tips.
7f7351 242 lines Examples tab for geomap jface viewer.
891010 186 lines Changes corresponding to attachment 214012
9a21bf 92 lines Introduced Options class, to separate from ImageDescriptor logic.
a94f7d 95 lines Changed example to present contributors to Nebula.
bb326b 20 lines Changed to use new getInitialHorizontal/VerticalFill methods in
da6972 57 lines Support tool tips.
e9dbd6 43 lines Property for move selection mode that controls how drag'n drop of pins
374838 580 Contributing Code for SWT GeoMap
hshi (
327846 1313 bytes The Calendar can't show day title correctly when the locale is China
Attachment 180923: Patch to fix the issue
Jacek Kolodziejczyk (
279342 1157 bytes Grid - can't get the row header width
Attachment 138469: patch
Jake fisher (
263489 1351 bytes GridViewerEditor.setLayoutData does not deal with 3.4 layoutdata.verticalAlignment or layoutdata.minimumHeight
Attachment 124579: Patch based on header_footer branch for GridViewerEditor-->setLayoutData
269563 2973 bytes BranchRender Code makes an exception for carbon osx platform regarding linestyles that is no longer necessary
Attachment 129494: Removed OSX Specific code to avoid custom line style
Jan Haensli (
fb7c1d 2 lines Bug 292696 - NullPointerException in VControl when handling deferred
jgielstra (
2c3c76 5 lines Bug 335736 - Grid column header text with AutoHeight(true) and
Johan Kannala (
169230 654 bytes Selecting a column in an empty table generates index out of bounds.
Attachment 56247: Proposed patch.
169231 1518 bytes Removing a selected item from the table fails when in cell selection mode.
Attachment 56248: Proposed fix
169527 4577 bytes getFocusCell returns old values when used from a selection listener.
Attachment 56380: Proposed fix.
Juergen Reichl (
9bea74 1017 lines Bug 428171 - XViewer - German translation
c4e82b 534 lines Bug 424836 XViewerEditAdapter extensions
342684 30502 bytes XViewerStyledTextLabelProvider not fully integrated
Attachment 206470: IXViewerLabelProvider
359532 27614 bytes Integrate the XViewerEditAdapter, which can modify cells
Attachment 204351: patch_09-26-2011
Justin Dolezy (
316598 1189 bytes [nebula grid] Making column header not visible causes first row to render incorrectly
Attachment 171719: Patch that fixes the problem
Justin Dolezy (
256555 8985 bytes ListItemRenderer not honoring IColorProvider with GalleryTreeViewer
Attachment 118749: Patch with original code commented out
256704 16552 bytes NullPointerException on pressing any cursor key when no GalleryItem selected
Attachment 118842: Added simple null check on getNextItem()
290547 1326 bytes Grid.setColumnOrder() throws SWT.ERROR_INVALID_ARGUMENT if first column is column group with a single column
Attachment 148514: Patch for Grid.setColumnOrder()
Jérôme Combes (
263636 3779 bytes [CalendarCombo] StringIndexOutOfBoundsException if I select the button 'None'
Attachment 124677: patch
Kevin McGuire (
263741 3254 bytes Support rectangular selection corners
Attachment 124773: Patch implementing squared corners
Kristine Jetzke (
8b9d4f 92 lines Bug 268497 - Provide implementation of AbstractColumnLayout for Grid
aeb327 101 lines Bug 268497 - Added example for GridColumnLayout
Luiza Pagliari (
b5de58 45 lines Bug 368448: i18n: pt_BR file
Makenna.Fish (
130297 29 lines Bug 491121: Tooltips from hidden GanttEvents are still being shown
37adf5 7 lines Bug 353205 - IllegalArgumentException when event name contains special characters
9913a3 2 lines Bug 491744 - GanttComposite#vScrollToY incorrectly limiting GanttEvent Positioning
e50172 31 lines Bug 491118 - Feature Request: GanttComposite#setTopItem without forcing horizontal alignment
Marco Maccaferri (
142840 39279 bytes CLDC compliance
Attachment 42109: jre 1.4 compliant patch
202413 948 bytes Spinner style GTK UI Enhancement
Attachment 77788: GTK UI patch
294767 845 bytes Arrow-down do not scroll properly
Attachment 151926: Patch
Mario Hofmann (
ef1ac2 351 lines Bug 432085 - [FormattedText] Missing formatter for Short, BigInteger and BigDecimal
Mario Winterer (
244333 1141 bytes GridColumnGroup.dispose() does not dispose of all GridColumns
Attachment 129012: Patch for GridColumnGroup.dispose()
Mark Hoffmann (
316112 18621 bytes a relayout grows control
Attachment 183682: Modified Snippet watch combo #6
Mark-Oliver Reiser (
190252 93812 bytes support for rows of different height
Attachment 71570: differing row heights and drag n drop
193130 34626 bytes Add drag and drop support
Attachment 79040: update and fix
193135 8528 bytes Grid*Viewer should support differing row/item heights
Attachment 72333: auto preferred height for GridXViewer
193135 7184 bytes Grid*Viewer should support differing row/item heights
Attachment 72334: snippet
194189 2775 bytes Grid calculates default item height incorrectly
Attachment 72888: patch
194792 1708 bytes Item not expanding when clicking on toggle
Attachment 72879: bug fix
194792 1099 bytes Item not expanding when clicking on toggle
Attachment 72882: similar enhancement
194793 3042 bytes Exception when resizing the grid very small
Attachment 72878: tiny change plus bug fix
206855 1888 bytes [Grid] invisible columns contribute to row height
Attachment 80748: bug fix
Markus Bohr (
c7e6c5 3 lines Bug 460766 dot between day and month, or month and year in ddMMyy Format
Marty Jones (
291432 23841 bytes Proposed TableCombo Widget
Attachment 150436: Fixed issue with TableComboViewer
293743 9219 bytes GridColumn custom Font support for headers and footers
Attachment 150924: Patch for Custom Header and Footer text
Marvin Lütgenau (
6ca6e9 5 lines Bug 389822: Application crashes when repeatedly showing
matthew.gerring (
4818a4 5 lines Bug 427573 XYGraph could use more javadoc
Max Hohenegger (
2d8235 3 lines Bug 422976 Infinite loop in TickLabels-computation leads to
958fcb 29 lines Bug 418168 - [XY-Graph] Auto scaling axis should support limited range
fdcb1d 82 lines Bug 418168 - [XY-Graph] Auto scaling axis should support limited range
Michael Houston (
191216 8420 bytes GridTreeViewer
Attachment 71756: Patch to add javadoc to GridTreeViewer
193727 2064 bytes Grid columns don't fire move event for the moved column
Attachment 72162: Fixed patch
193727 724 bytes Grid columns don't fire move event for the moved column
Attachment 73661: Patch for Grid
194804 15838 bytes Modifications to Grid and GridTreeViewer
Attachment 72710: Without extra files
208565 15168 bytes [Grid] Render tree branches in Grid
Attachment 86122: Patch including option to enable/disable tree lines
208565 3736 bytes [Grid] Render tree branches in Grid
Attachment 86362: Patch to add enable/disable support for line rendering
Mickael Istria (
081cec 42 lines Fix some more poms
2d9f8d 245 lines Fix pom to follow restructure change
d2b646 18 lines * Revert to Tycho 0.13
Morgan E. Cook (
1e7046 4 lines refactor[ats_ATS284247]: Add missing null check
mpaturzo (
039da2 63 lines Bug 387366 - "Widget is disposed" Exception with EditingSupport
16d49e 36 lines Bug 249568 - NullPointerException is occurred when press arrow_left key
1f0e6e 4 lines Bug 430879 - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in GridItemDataVisualizer
34512d 39 lines Bug 421248 - Grid throws "Widget Disposed" when key-navigating after
384bdf 23014 lines Bug 430106 - Data held by GridItem are incoherent
3b177b 468 lines Bug 330661 - Add support for VIRTUAL mode
5f2bf6 2359 lines Bug 419928 - GridTableViewer and Grid performance improvement
9663ef 608 lines Bug 321837 - Export Grid Data
b5c58c 64 lines Bug 328058 - Add support for disabling keyboard navigation.
f59e2c 12 lines Bug 328563 - Grid consumes all "arrow" keys
msteigenberger (
8fd469 108 lines Bug 487302 Animation speed can't be modified
99c8ca 12 lines Bug 487302 Animation speed can't be modified
Mustufa Kasidwala (
281644 135934 bytes Setting row header colors of Grid items should be allowed
Attachment 140215: Set Row header color patch
Nathalie Schätzle (
3ed5f1 43 lines Bug 455595 - GanttChart does not work in WindowsBuilder
Peter (
11e969 1 lines Bug 244767 - NullPointerException was happened when GridEditor Class was
244767 641 bytes NullPointerException was happened when GridEditor Class was called
Attachment 223070: Check if editor is null or disposed.
Peter Centgraf (
196012 1302 bytes [CDateTime] SWT.FLAT Appearance
Attachment 73457: Support for SWT.FLAT appearance
196033 3858 bytes [CDateTime] Better "Editable" Semantics
Attachment 73456: Better semantics for CDateTime.get/setEditable()
Peter Hermsdorf (
eb6269 250 lines Bug 421320 add Tooltips to Holidays in the GanttChart
Peter Kullmann (
224665 1008 bytes [CDateTime] Handle two-digit year entries
Attachment 93996: patch
Peter Schulz (
7dcc3f 131 lines Bug 459484 Calendar date correction goes unnotified by DateFormatter
Ralf M Petter (
e64597 2 lines Bug 389806: [PaperClips] AlignPrint with vertical alignment SWT.BOTTOM
rheydenr (
683e19 2 lines Bug 486395 - Remove dependency to org.eclipse.ui for use in native E4
f65ecb 176 lines Bug 486395 - Remove dependency to org.eclipse.ui for use in native E4
Richard Michalsky (
195415 931 bytes Item labels appear sometimes clipped (especially with other than system font)
Attachment 73044: Proposed patch
195439 3792 bytes Ellipsis in shortened labels could omit center of the text instead of the end
Attachment 73062: Proposed patch
195443 3899 bytes Possibility to set custom font to group title and item label
Attachment 73065: Proposed patch
197952 2670 bytes Problems with layout when using groups in combination with H_SCROLL style
Attachment 74676: Code snippet
197959 1047 bytes Gallery.getItem(Point) doesn't take auto-margin into account.
Attachment 74686: Proposed patch
210757 6061 bytes RedmondShelfRenderer exchanges look of selected and non-selected items
Attachment 83965: Proposed patch 2, text color fixed as well
212726 1495 bytes RedmondShelfRenderer may dispose wrong colors
Attachment 85052: Proposed patch
Robert Handschmann (
215817 14433 bytes Gallery: how to implement pagewise keyboard scrolling
Attachment 87419: Changed classes based on a nightly build from 18.1.2008
Ross Camara (
178419 2702 bytes Create an automated build for Nebula
Attachment 61856: Patch to subant the common stuff
193130 35642 bytes Add drag and drop support
Attachment 79008: update and fix
193130 8217 bytes Add drag and drop support
Attachment 79009: Update Sample
195194 1018 bytes When selecting a row and removing it programmatically an index out of bounds occurs.
Attachment 75342: fix defect
201430 851 bytes Empty Table does not draw empty cells.
Attachment 77139: Compute a default visiblerows value
S. Cook (
368923 2408 bytes [Examples] Xviewer Example test throws exception
Attachment 210151: [Examples] Xviewer Example test throws exception
369826 3942 bytes Adding Filter by Value to the XViewer right-click (context) menu
Attachment 210128: Adding Filter by Value to the XViewer right-click (context) menu
Sakis Kotisis (
217988 427 bytes Gallery.clearAll() throws NullPointerException
Attachment 88987: Sample class Foo used by class above
217988 7046 bytes Gallery.clearAll() throws NullPointerException
Attachment 89123: GalleryViewerTester to reproduce bug
Sansovic Domjan (
ed5af5 153 lines Bug 463431 - Add DYNAMIC_ZOOM as new zoomType
Sharon Snyder (
358720 1281 bytes Handling month changes by key UP and key Down skipped months
Attachment 203898: proposed patch to remove lines causing month skip
358724 2010 bytes When processing arrows to traverse month, don't close popup when done scrolling
Attachment 203906: patch for mouse click processing of arrow buttons on month bar (and includes key processing fix from previously submitted patch)
358756 3381 bytes Keystroke enter and today button not setting date as one would expect
Attachment 203925: proposed patch to fix Enter key and today button processing
Simon Mc Duff (
222280 27671 bytes Grid Contribution - Word-wrapping and auto-height features
Attachment 133276: Update word wrap
Simon Scholz (
2f0c23 8 lines Bug 400296 -
Sofie De Cooman (
ae683a 1 lines Bug 386283 - Cell with row span > 0 in a column with index > 0 not well
386283 407 bytes Cell with row span > 0 in a column with index > 0 not well painted when scrolling down
Attachment 219345: patch to resolve bug
Stefan Dirix (
9c9ac1 179 lines Bug 480298 - [TableCombo] Offer possibility for the popup to stay open
Stefan Widmaier (
304797 885 bytes [Grid] GridItem does not update the list of row spans when columns are inserted or removed
Attachment 161100: Patch for GridItem to update rowspans correctly
Stepan Rutz (
374838 2734 Contributing Code for SWT GeoMap
stepan.rutz (
355a48 494 lines Added more docs for GeoMap code, added constructor overload for setting the tilecache size on a per-geomap basis
Thomas Halm (
315397 2901 bytes Column of GridCellRenderer not set in Grid.onPaint(PaintEvent)
Attachment 170951: Proposed patch with new fixes
Thomas Schindl (
146945 31624 bytes ViewerSupport for GridControl
Attachment 61162: Support for M6
168175 998 bytes DayEditor not working in non EN-Locales
Attachment 55750: make the snippet run in Austria ;-)
188430 28128 bytes [GridViewer] Provide a standard LabelProvider on top of ColumnLabelProvider able to set the RowHeader-Text
Attachment 76181: An implementation based upon CellLabelProvider
191216 35531 bytes GridTreeViewer
Attachment 71382: A discussion base
193459 3770 bytes implement tooltips in grid
Attachment 71856: Ported JFace Snippet
201224 2346 bytes Corners of PGroup not transparent
Attachment 77129: Maybe some doc will help the next one?
210833 12013 bytes [GridViewer] Make selection behaviour configurable
Attachment 83690: Patch
211466 939 bytes GridTableViewer - CellModifier index error with collapsed GridColumnGroup
Attachment 84083: Fix for wrong editor activation on KeyDown
211466 8255 bytes GridTableViewer - CellModifier index error with collapsed GridColumnGroup
Attachment 84085: Work-around for Tabing
226936 5111 bytes Preserving cell selection and focus in GridTableViewer
Attachment 105938: Patch to restore CellSelection on refresh for GridTableViewer
231530 1601 bytes [Viewers] GridViewerRow doesn't implement new JFace-3.4-API for reordered columns
Attachment 99686: patch to bring this new API for JFace 3.4 consumers
231532 1507 bytes [Viewers] GridViewerEditor doesn't scroll the FocusCell into view when tabing or activating the editor
Attachment 99688: patch
237846 26262 bytes Add possibility to add a control to the head of a column
Attachment 105637: Minimize Patch-Size
237846 30694 bytes Add possibility to add a control to the head of a column
Attachment 105902: Fix sorter location
237916 32723 bytes Add possibility to add a ColumnFooterRenderer
Attachment 105634: Remove commented code parts
Thorsten Hake (
08488a 4 lines Bug 415868 - Fixed computeSize of TableCombo
698f3b 15 lines Bug 419447 - Fixed focus traversing of VTracker.
Tobias Genannt (
291861 1529 bytes PShelf patch for font color in hovered mode
Attachment 149205: Patch to add the proposed function
Tom Schindl (
0c0f11 738 lines adding css support for pshelf
Tomasz Kleszczynski (
b9129c 15 lines Bug 476035 CDateTime returns wrong result of #setFocus() if not visible
Tommy Gustafsson (
257923 954 bytes [Grid] Header/Footer not taking RowHeader into account
Attachment 128826: Patch for Bug 257923
Torkild U. Resheim (
530b86 426 lines Bug 421670 - Add Cross and Circle annotation types to XYGraph
Wang Qiangsheng (
263566 2867 bytes CDateTime layout error with spinner
Attachment 125033: New path agains head
zhongnanhai (
286617 2997 bytes SelectionEvent should always set an item in the event
Attachment 144519: It is a patch of to solve this problem


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