Tentative IP Log for technology.koneki

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  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
5301Icon Set: Fam Fam Silk Icon Set Version Version: 1.3 (PB CQ2019)Creative Commons Attribution License 2.5 unmodified binary
5302Icon Set: FamFamFam Flags Version: n.a. (PB CQ4440)Public Domainunmodified binary
6008Tango Icons Version: 0.8.90 (Does not include naming utils) (PB CQ5106)Public Domainunmodified binary
6960httpcore Version: jakarta-httpcore-4.1 FINAL (PB Orbit CQ4718)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
6961jakarta-httpclient-4.1 Version: 4.1 (PB Orbit CQ4840)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
6962Apache Commons IO Version: 2.0.1 (PB Orbit CQ4791)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
6963Apache Commons Logging Jar Version: 1.1.1 (PB Orbit CQ1907)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
7822Apache Commons Lang Version: 2.6 (PB Orbit CQ6450)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
7829Apache Commons Compress Version: 1.4.1 (PB Orbit CQ7000)Apache License 2.0unmodified source & binary
7830Xerces Version: 2.9.0 (excludes nested jar files) (PB Orbit CQ2095)Apache License 2.0unmodified source & binary
7831Jackson JSON Processor Version: 1.6.0 (PB Orbit CQ4513)Apache License 2.0unmodified binary

Exempt Pre-Req and Works With Dependencies

No Exempt Pre-Req or Works With dependencies


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Simon Bernard Sierra Wireless

Never Active
Name Organization  
Marc Aubry Sierra Wireless
Benjamin Cabe Eclipse Foundation
Julien Desgats
Fabien Fleutot Sierra Wireless
Kevin KIN-FOO Sierra Wireless
Gaetan Morice Sierra Wireless

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
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