Tentative IP Log for technology.iam

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  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
2525Resolver.Jar Version: 1.1 (PB CQ104) (using Orbit CQ2151)Apache Software License 1.1
2526JSch 0.1.31 Version: 0.1.31 (ATO CQ1153) (using Orbit CQ2203)New BSD license
2527Apache Commons Line Interface (CLI) Version: 1.0 (using Orbit CQ1590)Apache Software License 1.1
2529commons-collections-3.2.jar Version: 3.2 (PB CQ1421) (using Orbit CQ1909)Apache License, 2.0
2530Apache Commons Lang Version: 2.1 (using Orbit CQ1595)Apache License, 2.0
2531Apache Xerces Version: 2.8 (PB CQ250) (using Orbit CQ2093)Apache License, 2.0
2724dom4j Version: 1.6.1 (PB CQ1362)Custom license based on Apache 1.1unmodified source & binary
2725lucene-core Version: 2.3.2Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
2726maven-dependency-tree Version: 1.1Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
2772jsch Version: 0.1.37 (PB CQ2014) (using Orbit CQ2002)New BSD license
2950Apache XML RPC Version: 3 (ATO CQ256) (using Orbit CQ2196)Apache License, 2.0
2951JAXB API Version: 2.0 (using Orbit CQ1710)Common Development and Distribution License
2952Apache Commons HttpClient Version: 3.0.1 (using Orbit CQ1354)Apache License, 2.0
2953Apache WS Commons Util 1.0.0 (See RPC attachment to CQ256) (using Orbit CQ2357)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
2955Commons Codec Version: 1.3 (ATO CQ131) (using Orbit CQ2208)Apache License, 2.0
2957Apache HttpClient 3.1 (PB1765) (using Orbit CQ1857)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
2958xml-apis.jar Version: 1.3.04 (ATO CQ1448) (using Orbit CQ2166)Apache License, 2.0, Public Domain, W3C
3115Apache Lucene Core (2.4.0) Version: 2.4.0 (ATO CQ2821) (using Orbit CQ2832)Apache License, 2.0unmodified
3118google-collections Version: snapshot-20080530Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
3165wstx-asl Version: 3.2.6 (Woodstox) (Subset: excludes nested jar files)Apache License, 2.0, New BSD licenseunmodified source & binary
3166Jetty Version: 6.1.15 (Subset) (PB CQ3031)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
3167jetty-client Version: 6.1.15Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
3168jetty-sslengine Version: 6.1.15Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
3171sat4j Version: 2.0 final (PB CQ2349)Eclipse Public License (MIT Style License for Two Files)unmodified source & binary
3172sat4j Version: 2.0 final (PB CQ2349)Eclipse Public License (MIT Style License for Two Files)unmodified source & binary
3173slf4j-api Version: 1.5.6 (PB CQ3084)MIT license, + MIT License with no endorsement clauseunmodified source & binary
3175slf4j-log4j12 Version: 1.5.6 (PB CQ3085)MIT license, + MIT License with no endorsement clauseunmodified source & binary
3183Java Servlet API Version: 2.5 (PB CQ1961)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary

Exempt Pre-Req and Works With Dependencies

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Korina Cordero Exist Global
Joakim Erdfelt
Erle Czar Mantos Exist Global
Abel Muino Vizcaino
Mike Poindexter
Brett Porter
Allan Ramirez Exist Global
Carlos Sanchez
Ismael Teijeiro Florez

Contributors and Their Contributions

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