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Tentative IP Log for technology.egit

This tentative IP Log is generated dynamically from automatically collected project information. This information has not been vetted for accuracy by the Eclipse Foundation and may not represent the true state of the IP of this project(s). Please refer to the official approved IP Log(s) associated with the official release(s) of this project(s) for more information.


  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
3493JSch Version: 0.1.41 (PB CQ3040)New BSD licenseunmodified binary
3589Junit Version: 3.8.2 (ATO CQ299) (using Orbit CQ2206)Common Public License 1.0
3905jsch Version: 0.1.37 (using Orbit CQ2002)New BSD licenseunmodified source & binary
4275easymock Version: 2.4 (ATO CQ2551) (using Orbit CQ2577)MIT licenseunmodified source & binary
4954Mockito Version: 1.8.4 (Includes parts of CGLib and ASM) (PB CQ3930)Apache License, 2.0, New BSD license, MIT licenseunmodified source
4957Objenesis Version: 1.0 (Subset, Custom) (PB CQ3931)MIT Licenseunmodified source & binary
7530JUnit Version: 4.11 (PB Orbit CQ7066)Common Public License 1.0unmodified source & binary
10693JUnit Version: 4.12 (PB Orbit CQ9298)Eclipse Public License 1.0unmodified source & binary

Exempt Pre-Req and Works With Dependencies

No Exempt Pre-Req or Works With dependencies

Unused Approved Contributions

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseStatus
4796GitHub API for Java - org.kohsuke github Version: 1.4MIT Licenseobsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
5162jakarta-httpclient-4.1 (PB Orbit CQ4840)Apache License, 2.0unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Chris Aniszczyk
Jens Baumgart SAP SE
Laurent Goubet OBEO
Christian Halstrick SAP SE
Max Hohenegger
Mik Kersten Tasktop
Mathias Kinzler SAP SE
Konrad Kuegler
Stefan Lay SAP SE
Andrey Loskutov
Dariusz Luksza
Dani Megert IBM
Benjamin Muskalla Tasktop
Andrew Niefer IBM
Mykola Nikishov
Shawn Pearce Google Inc.
Robin Rosenberg
Kevin Sawicki GitHub
Matthias Sohn SAP SE
Robin Stocker
Remy Suen
Gunnar Wagenknecht Tasktop
Thomas Wolf
Tomasz Zarna Tasktop

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Adrian Goerler (
3c8a0b 13 lines Clarify difference btw. remove and delete repository
7facdf 91 lines Log JGitInternalException occurring during push, e.g. invalid URI
95ae4b 104 lines Update progress monitor while counting objects.
Alena Laskavaia (
709965 6 lines Add accelerators for "Compare With" and "Replace With" commands
Alex Blewitt (
062f4e 9 lines Enable HTTP clipboard contents only if .git is present
239c40 4 lines Fixed case on Fetch From Gerrit
285482 117 lines Allow Git repository to be pre-filled from clipboard
40da4e 2 lines Cherry-pick in menu would be better as Cherry Pick
62ee8b 2 lines Use informational icon for 'hidden repositories'
7f6004 132 lines Remove trailing whitespace across EGit
7fe41b 138 lines Add to '.gitignore' action
b0338c 7 lines Remember to dispose the clipboard after use
e63715 2 lines Fix push dialog title
ed05c5 26 lines Show truncated commit ids when in comparison view
f8a9b1 13 lines Removed unnecessary 'Everything is EPL' statements in README
Alexander Kitaev (
f017fe 2 lines Make GitHistoryPage set ISelectionProvider to the page site.
Alexander Kurtakov (
72f0a4 8 lines Make "Fetch from gerrit" trim input text
847313 2 lines Build with Tycho 0.22.
c1dd5d 8 lines Do not use deprecated tasks in maven-antrun-plugin.
c3e630 4 lines Build with Tycho 0.22.
Alexander Link (
fbe6fc 114 lines Enable getting owners of an organization
Andre Bossert (
1010e7 107 lines Extended support for nested repositories in project.
127201 27 lines Delegate detection of git repositories to JGit
370586 74 lines Cleaning up the DecoratableResourceAdapter
6c7795 50 lines Fix repository search dialog to detect .git files under selected root.
Andrea Guarinoni (
bd2f78 43 lines Fix Package Explorer text colors on dark theme
Andreas Hermann (
09c324 50 lines [historyView] Support searching for branches/tags with find toolbar
0a41e6 137 lines Add a flag in the StashCreateDialog to include untracked changes
30c5a5 944 lines Add stash commit viewer
446414 6 lines [repoView] Sort tags in natural order
67f1c2 14 lines [stagingView] Disable context menu item "Open Workspace Version"
6a63ec 186 lines [historyView] Context menu item for deleting tags
7183e9 36 lines Clone Wizard: Clear unsupported fields when changing protocol
7e428e 73 lines Fix invalid thread access in BranchOperationUI
816de9 133 lines Show an explanation when a merge is not possible
f3559d 70 lines Allow staging from package explorer via drop to staged changes
Andrew Gvozdev (
b53062 46 lines [historyView] Improve performance of hyperlink detection
Andrew Niefer (
12c5ed 8 lines Fetch factory does not checkout tag/branch after initial clone of repo
299ba0 190 lines Add MapFileCompareEditorInput
54353d 75 lines Use MapFileComparePage in ReleaseWizard
755bc5 14 lines Support project and repo specific fetch override tags
b8e520 2 lines Upversion egit-pde-parent to 0.12
ddaaa0 160 lines Fix map file parsing, we are only interested in GIT entries
f4c29a 92 lines Add MapFileComparePage
Andrey Loskutov (
00ef1a 4 lines Decrease job startup delay for IndexDiffCache updates
0da657 2 lines Don't access repositoryCache without lock
1578b2 12 lines Don't try to decorate non existing resources
235bdb 1 lines Close second git repository before teardown
277803 3 lines [stagingView] Don't reload repository on selection if current one is
339818 8 lines [stagingview] "Updating index" should indicate that view is "busy"
36ae7e 128 lines Introduce IndexDiffUpdateJob to schedule resource updates
3f30f1 40 lines [historyView] Added "Focus On This File" menu for selected file
41cf11 6 lines Use appropriate constructor to create bare repository
4ce36e 10 lines Unstable test: use first label if available to check for status
4fa561 38 lines [stagingView] Provide visual feedback while commit is in progress
535843 3 lines Don't use alternating row colors for staging areas
5ac83e 18 lines Cleaned up 3 compiler NPE warnings (false positive)
68d85b 20 lines [stagingview] "Refresh" operation should indicate that view is "busy"
730d9b 5 lines Avoid iterating on deleted repositories in IteratorService
797b34 18 lines Don't try to compute menu for null history page inputs
82d35f 25 lines Check if view is disposed before accessing various widgets
aff73c 34 lines Activator.isActive() should not call into UI thread
b07f94 6 lines [historyView] Remove no longer used styleRanges field
c41c4c 25 lines Always check return value of asFile()
c4ea72 20 lines Do not disable staged/unstaged viewers during merge
c55556 25 lines Scalability: label decorator should cache computed repo branch state
c5a71c 146 lines Don't run potentially blocking operations in UI thread
d3a78e 34 lines Fix IteratorService performance on big repositories/workspaces
d6b268 49 lines [stagingView] Sort content by name if file names are shown first
daed24 33 lines Save in merge editor blocks UI
e09148 171 lines [stagingView] Don't run stage/unstage operations in UI thread
e45e16 26 lines Job.belongsTo(family) should not fail on 'null' family argument
f58519 517 lines Scalability: don't run incremental update if there are too many changes
f77613 2 lines Release lock on all paths in scheduleReloadJob()
faf4d2 9 lines Don't try to format diff if repository is gone
fe9238 8 lines Provide more context on unstable test failures
André Dietisheim (
19ba8c 78 lines Prune deleted repositories from RepositoryCache
209194 80 lines Add "Commit and Push" button to the commit dialog
b244ff 32 lines Allow users to show server messages while pushing
f1550b 117 lines Allow users to push to upstream when committing
f7ee04 383 lines Allow users to push to upstream when committing in the staging view
Arthur Daussy (
3e80d9 60 lines Storages should override equals
42e547 70 lines Disable logical model from preferences
88ab5e 540 lines Distinguish unchanged/deleted files in logical models
Auke Schrijnen (
dcd931 31 lines Create index diff only once per repository
Axel Richard (
a0b579 17 lines Handle -m option for Merge command
aa0ff9 1932 lines Provide access to the absolute path of the git storages.
cd2439 2178 lines Extract convenience methods in a separate class from the tests
ceee30 110 lines Handle symlink icon in staging view
Ben Hammen (
485d59 96 lines [repoView] Add dropping multiple stashed commits
5e26b3 3 lines Prompt if there are unsaved files on stash
Benjamin Muskalla (
00870a 3 lines fixed usage of Java 1.6 API
0b300c 8 lines Fixed deprecated API usage
1cc6c0 174 lines Cleanup Handler usage in plugin.xml
20e762 117 lines Simplified Content providers by using ArrayContentProvider
263249 52 lines Fixed button order on GTK for all other UI tests
3624bb 2 lines fixed duplicate mnemonic in Import projects wizard
3f2df4 49 lines Use project name from project description file
425065 14 lines Minor refactoring in GitProjectsImportPage
51fd44 4 lines Add mnemonics for Add and Clone on Select repository page
551b1d 184 lines Allow deleting multiple branches at once
55d976 110 lines Added default book.css to help contents
71a9fd 416 lines Support spellchecking in commit dialog
96cf50 4 lines Run egit.core suite headless
971f3e 3 lines removed dependency to easymock
c4e85d 59 lines Fixed several warnings around ConnectProviderOperation
c4f3c3 35 lines Cleanup temp dirs after test execution
cd174b 66 lines Stabilize Core Tests
d1c38c 55 lines Export all packages for OSGi
df8e03 2 lines Minor fix for UI tests to get the correct button on GTK
e2d818 94 lines CCE when deleting branch and cleaned RepositoryViewCommandHandler
f6b8d1 33 lines Added workingset option to projects import wizard
Bernard Leach (
2cbdb1 9 lines Re-use compare editor in CompareWithIndexHandler
4df5e5 52 lines Implement double-click to open compare editor in staging view
562a73 45 lines Add link with selection and refresh toolbar items to StagingView
562ff7 2592 lines Add a 'Staging' view
58bb71 2 lines Ignore self generated selection events in StagingView
5d1964 163 lines Add a compare index with HEAD action
6f370c 22 lines Remove erroneous StagingView form update
707b6e 147 lines Add workspace change listener support to StagingView
96d0ac 7 lines Save evaluation context to allow isEnabled to use caller's context
9ca67d 91 lines Move StagingView reload to asynchronous job
bc358b 119 lines Refactor BooleanPrefAction to top-level class
c0ac51 114 lines StagingView: add context menus to stage/unstage table view
c87190 140 lines [RFC] StagingView: fix stage and unstage actions
Boris Brodski (
e5fa5f 237 lines [repoView] Show checkout confirmation
f7e927 12 lines Remove protobuf from target platform
Brad Davis (
8cd38f 8 lines Fix the behavior of the Share|Git... dialog when a repo is a symlink
Carsten Pfeiffer (
14952c 11 lines Be more strict when identifying a .git directory as a repo
1ba419 97 lines Introduce FilterPath class for following renames
1ed07b 3 lines Do not overwrite existing UserInfo instance
6fa83c 585 lines [historyView] Track renamed paths and provide to actions
76c1ee 7 lines Peel the ref before asking for its peeled object id
7e8fef 170 lines Added the 'Follow Renames' feature to the history page.
9d983b 38 lines Fix reading of stored credentials by stripping the uri path on store
d08774 343 lines Make use of secure storage for ssh auth again
Charley Wang (
297265 2618 bytes Stop prompting user to amend previous commit if no previous commits exist -- patch submission
Attachment 157848: Patch with expanded error message
Charley Wang (
354453 7 lines Stop prompting user to amend previous commit if no previous commits exist
Chris Price (
185ccb 36 lines Update developer tools to point to Mars repository
Chris Rebert (
18c317 2 lines Fix syntax error in META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
5f30d1 4 lines Mark Gravatar methods of User class as deprecated
7f02b8 24 lines Added `context` field to the CommitStatus class
f1d59a 22 lines Added `label` field to the IssueEvent class
Christian Georgi (
10589b 45 lines Do not let PushToGerrit block the UI
19698e 4 lines Expand the "Working Directory" node in import wizard
53df0f 53 lines Format check must honor soft-wrapped commit messages
59f28c 58 lines Consider URLs without user name when importing project sets
60765d 57 lines Make check for empty second line configurable
852ba3 24 lines Consider URLs w/ and w/o .git when importing project sets
a5e5ce 124 lines Consider different users and repo suffixes in project importer
baae29 6 lines Allow incremental project set import
c36415 42 lines Validate branch and tag names in FetchFromGerritWizard
cb94e5 25 lines Consider IResource.getLocation() being null
cfbf8f 25 lines Consider IResource.getLocation() being null
d24cdb 99 lines Check for empty second line in commit message
f89d20 23 lines Make PushResultDialog amodal
fa2316 67 lines Add sash to PushResultTable
Christian Trutz (
015d4c 68 lines Set .classpath to java 1.5
039ce3 29 lines PullRequestService unit tests completed.
06efd7 6 lines Newer org.mockito bundle introduced into target platform
07e1a5 204 lines Import Wizard for Github repositories.
16c98e 2 lines HTTP 201 (HTTP Created) is not handled as error
1a19ef 148 lines Unit tests for LabelService
27eee5 80 lines Unit tests for PullRequestDiscussion.
2a0c5f 99 lines More unit tests for IssueService
5296ef 331 lines GitHubClient refactored to use HttpClient 4.1
530401 231 lines Unit tests for Gist, Issue, Milestone, GistRevision.
5a1c85 30 lines Unit tests for IssueService#createComment
5da76f 61 lines New launch file
675f6e 95 lines Unit tests for PullRequest.
6d0727 10 lines Prevent null pointer exceptions on date getter methods.
6fead7 51 lines Target platform updated to Mylyn 3.5.1
728bc0 67 lines Add comment support to GitHub task editor
74087e 84 lines Unit tests for IssueService#editIssue
76aaa0 87 lines Unit tests for MilestoneService
84c7ad 102 lines Unit tests (headless) cleanup.
8b0d48 214 lines Add org.eclipse.mylyn.github.doc
8d67ba 27 lines Unit tests cleanup.
936612 122 lines egit-github.launch updated
976909 25 lines ClassCastException when creating a gist via editor text selection
9a015d 258 lines Fix feature description, copyright and license
9e2b2c 55 lines Unit tests for GistService
a3944c 67 lines Unit tests for GistService completed
a643de 62 lines Unit tests for GistService#getGist
ae81bd 66 lines Add CommentTest
b60ec6 18 lines [findbugs] Milestone#setDueOn copy date argument before setting it
c1f48e 110 lines book.css added
d751c5 99 lines Clone GitHub repository via EGit.
e3d366 20 lines Target platform upgraded to Mylyn 3.5
ed34e4 54 lines Unit tests for Repository.
eefbff 131 lines Using HttpComponents 4.1
f6cf2b 125 lines Unit tests for PullRequestService
f9ee53 32 lines Remove HttpClient dependency from org.eclipse.mylyn.github.ui
faa319 78 lines Not null unit tests for IssueService#getIssue
Curtis Windatt (
9915db 34 lines Register dynamic tracing options on tracing preference page
Daniel Azarov (
a3ef3a 152 lines Improved icons for remote commands
eef0d4 102 lines Add new wizard banners
Daniel Megert (
0c83c4 584 lines [historyView] Add preferences for max branch and tag length
0e0e49 2 lines Removed unused message from properties file
2112f5 16 lines Fixed incompatibility introduced by fix for Bug 361405.
240f8c 4 lines The History view date format is hard-coded
25a7f1 41 lines Only check out on double-click
358e1b 60 lines Remember previously chosen location in 'Create Patch' wizard
38b992 24 lines Show the repository name in the Properties dialog
592234 103 lines Added context menu to the Commit Editor's header text
5bc0ec 12 lines Ensure that 'master' is used if HEAD points to it.
8f6eb3 11 lines Fix ClassCastException in GitHistoryPage
ab971a 6 lines Commit dialog should not show hyperlink without pressing Ctrl
bbdb70 26 lines Escape single quotes where needed.
c68ec7 23 lines Create Patch... dialog should not set file location
c7ec1f 15 lines Fix patch creation to file system and workspace
cfb15d 10 lines Fix possible invalid thread access exception in history page
d8e403 33 lines Only show EGit views in the context of EGit
d92e59 2 lines Create Patch wizard must validate initial input
d9e467 11 lines Don't start operation when single-clicking an item in a dialog
e1b12f 8 lines Remove two duplicate keys
Dariusz Luksza (
0261f7 117 lines Update of GitSynchronizeData API
02a3f9 32 lines Prevent from NullPointerException's
057173 6 lines Exclude ignored files from synchronization.
1e44e1 3 lines Fix ClassCastException in GitModelSynchronize
2087b5 34 lines Fix MissingObjectException in change set
223bae 1 lines Add icon for synchronize action in Repositories view
29b7ae 105 lines Simplify API of GitSynchronizeData class.
2de643 9 lines Don't show expand indicator for files in ChangeSet
356746 3 lines Show ChangeSet model as default model
41ada1 22 lines Fix NPE when deleting project used in Synchronize View
4fec29 827 lines Refactored UI tests
51fd48 29 lines Fix for bug in GitResourceVariantComparator
52ca15 7 lines Fix for NPE in GitModelSynchonize.launch()
650702 13 lines Add tag icon for tags in tag list in CrateTagDialog
68d6e3 94 lines Use getChildren() instead of TreeWalk in GitCommitMapping
6a4218 5824 lines Add preliminary synchronization support within Eclipse for branches.
6ef637 24 lines Use InputStream instead of byte[] in GitBlobResourceVariant
708aa2 1325 lines Add tagging UI support
7580ea 30 lines Exclude repository node on single repo synchronization
986e38 3274 lines Fixes obtaining common ancestor in Synchronize view
a15eaf 187 lines Improve GitResourceVariant performance
a58311 20 lines Show repository path in Synchronize View
ad9304 29 lines Set default values in sync dialog
ba6eb8 45 lines Fixes strange result set in Synchronize view on Windows
bef6d0 72 lines Improved implementation of GitModelSynchronize
c3a03a 22 lines Improved reability of GitProjectData class.
c5e296 2227 lines Preliminary support for ChangeSets
d97e84 128 lines Respect .gitignore in Synchronization view
db9d89 187 lines Adds support for change direction decorator.
f23feb 260 lines Fire model synchornization in Repositories view
fd5bd3 2261 lines Add tests for integration with Synchronize view
ff8863 6 lines Fix NPE while opening CompareView for oldest commit
ff9cd3 10 lines Fix for out of sync exception
Denis Zygann (
039ed9 189 lines Add a sort order to the unstaged changes
Eddie Ringle (
1feda7 18 lines Add homepage field to repository model
32a7c9 40 lines Add missing note and note_url fields to Authorization
9d5d85 38 lines Add the gravatar id field to the User model
b9a4c9 13 lines Make CommitCommentPayload utilize the CommitComment object
Edwin Kempin (
18f5e6 3 lines Commit Dialog: reset author if amend is deselected
Eike Stepper (
681f82 1 lines Provide history selection to workbench page.
erwinvaneyk (
eb83c1 21 lines Add context support in CommitService.createStatus()
Fabian Steeg (
11de13 17 lines Target platform definition for easy setup in IDE
487cea 78 lines Build 'eclipse-repository' instead of 'eclipse-update-site'
f9a5e7 3 lines Fix for build issue that prevented deployment working
Fabio Zadrozny (
9f205d 9 lines Fix styling of staging view and commit dialog for dark theme
Felix Otto (
4c0106 369 lines Fix "Import changed projects" triggered from filtered history
Frank Jakop (
af5c88 138 lines Gerrit Configuration... is misleading when switching branches
François Rey (
09f589 17 lines Optimize GitScopeOperation with shorter and faster code.
199f7e 768 lines Gracefully ignore linked resources
710115 336 lines Commit dialog: make message section resizable to augment file list area
c0bcaa 20 lines Refactor RepositoryActionHandler to use AdapterUtils
dadf03 208 lines Check target of linked resources in action handler isEnabled
Gerd Zanker (
a41ca8 90 lines Add a config option for the default source ref when branching
a466e1 262 lines Provide extensibility for suggesting branch names
Gregory Amerson (
134753 189 lines Add OpenWorkingFileAction to context menu of synchronize view
Henning Heitkoetter (
ed2593 34 lines [blame] Add a preference to ignore whitespace changes
Ian Bull (
5e1ed7 90 lines Add filtering to the reflog view
aabcc0 25 lines Refresh whenever the refs change.
ddbd9e 7 lines Fixed an NPE in the reflog view
Igor Fedorenko (
10564f 309 lines Flipped EGit to manifest-first maven-3/tycho build
617a56 156 lines Font and color decoration.
ilya.ivanov (
010fa4 180 lines Support 'Open corresponding task'
1c3188 18 lines Allowing non-workspace resources to appear in sync view
390b6b 231 lines Branches and Tags links in commit message viewer
a6beb8 605 lines [sync] configurable date format and change set labels
d5a8ae 2 lines Allowing platform contributions to sync view menu
Jake Wharton (
898395 18 lines Switch UserPlan fields to long instead of int
Jan Koops (
2690a6 16 lines [historyView] Option to shorten long branch and tag names at start
Jan-Ove Weichel (
a92529 51 lines Introduce compare mode for Git Staging view similar to History view
Jason Tsay (
77a95f 20 lines Add missing id field to PullRequest model class
974e7b 3207 lines Add service support for Event API
e270b8 20 lines Add missing id field to Issue model class
Jens Baumgart (
03499e 132 lines Fix incorrect editor updates with changes from diff-viewer
0c166f 25 lines Fix deletion problem in EGit Core tests
12172b 18 lines Fix error handling in Add to Version Control action.
127d9e 695 lines Action Reactoring (AbstractOperationAction)
164ba1 67 lines Fix disabled next button in import projects from git wizard
1c6f83 5 lines Fix DiscardChangesAction
1fc344 44 lines Team->Commit: do not freeze UI while calculating diff
247ef7 43 lines Fix bug in General Project Import
25add6 317 lines Fix ClassCastException exception in isEnabled
2bbc7c 43 lines Add show all branches toggle in history view
364393 390 lines Improve DiscardChangesAction
373162 121 lines Improve error handling in EGit UI
3732f7 49 lines History View: sub menus for reset and quick diff
374af9 230 lines Implement Team->Add to Index action
375f4c 30 lines Reset now resets merging state
37f23e 10 lines Fix IgnoreOperationTest
3df7ba 46 lines Enable import of empty Git repositories
4242ab 48 lines Fix missing support for monitor == null
446235 5 lines Improve JavaDoc of IEGitOperation
46d41a 34 lines Fix bug in Import Git repository wizard
4c487c 13 lines Fix NPE in decorator
4fb81b 114 lines Fix ui tests accessing history view too early
506fb7 105 lines Extract public class RepositoryCache from GitProjectData
5ed46e 5 lines Make PropertyTester more robust
629fd5 25 lines Cleanup repositories in LocalRepositoryTestCase
66c61a 22 lines Execute ResetOperation in Workspace Runnable
686e36 1 lines Make Repository Scanner a system Job
6c8423 2 lines Cleanup RepositoryCache after tests execution
710768 33 lines Avoid loading GitProjectData in case of project deletion
713fa7 59 lines Fix error on repository deletion
74510d 6 lines Improve decorator performance
795771 1 lines Fix logged NPE in GlobalConfigurationPageTest
895dde 582 lines Externalize strings / add NON-NLS comments for technical strings
898dce 127 lines Display details of push result
8b40dd 47 lines Improve RepositoriesView performance part 2
8c6e4d 15 lines RepositoryView: do not display deleted repositories
8ed98b 3 lines Fix JavaDoc in IEGitOperation
951605 37 lines Fix bugs in MergeCommand
98079a 140 lines Replace getWorkbenchWindow().run by using a Job
9a3c24 113 lines Implement view revision action in history view
9b354e 23 lines Decoration of ignored projects
a0f3c6 117 lines Improve decorator performance
a2ade7 272 lines Delete invalid projects after work dir checkout
a6c18f 29 lines Fix build
b9a3ef 63 lines Fix UI tests on Mac
b9e8e1 21 lines Fix HistoryViewTest problem with virtual tables
bb09d6 35 lines Fix freeze of repository import wizard progress dialog.
c1dd74 14 lines Shorten SHA-1 hash in label decorator to 6 characters
c47d2a 104 lines Avoid logged SWTException in ShowInTest
c4c4e7 294 lines Support Team->Ignore on projects
c9d8a1 2 lines Fix AddOperationTest
ce2477 85 lines Fix error handling in some actions
cee1a9 16 lines Fix NPE in History View
d1877a 40 lines Fix bugs in MergeActionHandler
d41884 107 lines Provide gitignore support in commit dialog
d495cf 439 lines Add Test for ResetOperation
d94684 17 lines Fix selection handling in AbstractOperationAction
d97171 1 lines Fix GitRepositoriesViewFetchAndPushTest
da5400 336 lines Move UpdateJob to UpdateOperation
df2427 1 lines Fix bug in progress reporting of PushOperation
dfc277 135 lines Fix unhandled CoreException in BranchOperation.refreshProjects
e06d66 4 lines ContextMenuHelper: check for disposed widget when hiding menu
e6a635 244 lines Implement dialog to display a merge result
e9cdf7 12 lines Add missing confirmation dialog for hard reset
e9e5ba 78 lines Implement compare mode toggle in history view
eba644 2 lines Fix focus bug in Repository View
ecbcfe 320 lines EGit operation / action refactoring
ee944e 448 lines Externalize strings / add NON-NLS comments for technical strings
f36a6b 246 lines Improve Repositories View performance
f920b5 8 lines Fix exception in decorator
fa7caf 39 lines Exclude ignored resources from decoration
ff2c89 12 lines Clear RepositoryCache after each test to fix core tests
Joachim Käßer (
2f9624 4 lines Use Mars icon 'synced.png' used for "Link with selection"
Johan Wannheden (
81199b 12 lines Add dialog settings to project import dialog
Johannes Dorn (
9b7a3a 4 lines Handle external files in CommitUI.getSelectedFiles()
John Arthorne (
0a3cb4 46 lines Release fails when non-git map entries encountered
Jon Ander Peñalba (
045a78 1 lines Remove useless import
25724f 432 lines Improve the IssueEvent class adding more fields
45f0a0 546 lines Implement starring API
4aba13 20 lines Add the assigner attribute to IssueEvent
680129 384 lines Add the ReleaseEvent and its corresponding Payload
682f08 80 lines Update API calls to v3
83ded1 81 lines Added `rename` field to the IssueEvent class
975e70 20 lines Added `closedBy` field to the Issue class
d1d5d1 20 lines Added `bio` field to the User class
d6d067 47 lines Add 'action' and 'pullRequest' to PullRequestReviewCommentPayload
f13128 38 lines Allow changing the Accept Header and default to the FULL version
f698a6 54 lines Add missing attributes to CommitComment
Kaloyan Raev (
18e390 56 lines Show info message that anonymous cannot submit tasks
Kaloyan Raev (
1d84bc 12 lines Avoid "No activeWorkbenchWindow found" error when comparing commits
9c3bf5 29 lines Project deletion fails if project is closed and contains .git
Karsten Panier (
e868a7 8 lines Fix unexpected tab order in push dialog's "Push refspec" page
Kevin Sawicki (
0237f3 110 lines Add validation of settings in Gist repository page
02c60b 179 lines Add model classes for gist and gist file
039d7d 239 lines Add custom summary task editor part to display avatars
052aba 120 lines Add support for creating issues using JSON POST request
0643f0 40 lines Add support for Gist updated at field.
07cfb7 89 lines [historyView] Reduce commit dot size and expand lane color palette.
0c4b3a 323 lines Migrate task data handler and attribute mapper to use new API
0cc416 2 lines Change summary attribute to type short rich text
0dccbf 72 lines Add generated summary text with file and size summary
0ee4c7 7 lines Remove execution listener in finally block
128aa1 170 lines Add full repository model support.
185223 70 lines Add support for getting an issue using new API
18a60c 24 lines Externalize manifest values to properties file.
1ada0e 135 lines Adding stubbed out gist task editor attachment part
1bfc57 3 lines Add icons folder to file.
1cb3f9 11 lines [historyView] Set anti-aliasing value to SWT.ON in SWTPlotRenderer
1e1197 189 lines Add initial gist task attributes
1ea5ff 120 lines Add gist history model classes
1eea7c 11 lines Add missing credentials on GitHubService.showIssue
22bde9 63 lines Add service support for updating a gist
23263d 7 lines Display labels icon in issue query page
23fc43 1 lines Set task attachment id to be gist file name
259830 179 lines Add support for creating comments and issues using new API
27e383 287 lines Add diff formatter that generates a list of style ranges
2820bc 57 lines Add action to open commit from graph table.
28e368 7 lines [sync] Always enable expand all model action
2b5e37 153 lines [repoView] Add commit message decorations to ref nodes.
2c09a3 173 lines Add form editor with commit and diff pages
2e06dd 8 lines Don't update exclude field in composite's grid data
2e4b94 245 lines Add commit search query class.
2ef6e5 247 lines Add diff viewer that uses theme and editors settings.
3301f6 196 lines Add label and issue model classes for new API
33e29b 12 lines Add trailing semicolon (':') to task attribute labels
3491e7 107 lines Use Basic authentication in GitHubService for all requests.
37149b 12 lines Close reader and use StringBuilder instead of StringBuffer.
3a75cf 10 lines Properly initialize assignee and mention text widgets.
3acd0c 2 lines Update rebase command id used in history view.
3aeffe 234 lines Add repository commit class that provides file diffs
3b977c 28 lines [sync] Correct enablement of synchronize page finish button.
3cf270 2 lines Fix incorrect date format with swapped month and minute
3d4fac 325 lines Add repository class that holds owner and name
3f40d7 238 lines Add initial gist attachment, create and update support
3f9c25 12 lines Add search page support for issues
3fa932 4 lines [sync] Only supervise resources of type FILE.
3fb03e 248 lines Add repository selection wizard page
42903b 62 lines Add PUT request support to GitHubClient
475482 167 lines Add gist task editor page and factory
47dfb3 87 lines Add support for updating labels when task data is posted
4a2894 224 lines Add compare with previous revision menu.
4c78b5 479 lines Migrate query page to support new filter parameters
4f6763 63 lines Make FileDiff, FileDiffContentProvider, and FileDiffLabelProvider
513669 34 lines Add clone gist handler messages and dependencies
5247f0 224 lines Add editor page class to display commit information
546cb8 82 lines Add support for creating gists using new API
57d357 77 lines Migrate gist handler and job to use new gist service
59bfd0 130 lines Add import wizard for bulk adding GitHub task repositories
5b9a5c 8 lines Make LabelComparator serializable.
5ee0cc 172 lines Add commit search results page with label provider
5f60a4 15 lines Add icon for issue labels for query dialog and task editor
5fb609 130 lines Add gist attachment wizard page.
606777 42 lines Drop 'as' from label for LEAVE operation
60ab00 88 lines Add support for setting an issue's milestone
6180fa 230 lines Add request class and interfaces for pagination support
6213f5 2 lines Set layout data on Scale to not grab excess vertical space
63af01 22 lines Display exception message when thrown during validation
6689d9 29 lines Set per_page query param to 100 for all requests
688235 14 lines [sync] Filter change sets by configuration mode.
6a577c 10 lines Add create tag icon.
6bf7a7 37 lines Update gist notification popup to open gist in task editor
6c3043 4 lines Use myObject field during equals comparisons for error nodes
6cfe5a 102 lines Add initial gist repository settings page
70ccb0 52 lines Update Gist field from author to user
71d3ea 51 lines Add response status value to request exception
73e5d2 30 lines Support extensible hyperlink targets in source viewer
74244e 213 lines Add avatar store field to UI plug-in instance
75045f 35 lines Refresh labels and milestones in update of repository config
753e34 47 lines [historyView] Use action decorators on top of content-type icons
77072b 3 lines Remove unused fields that are FindBugs warnings
7b0fcb 40 lines Add support for creating and getting a gist's comments
7bb025 98 lines Add support for converting JSON dates to Java dates.
7db856 25 lines Use string array as input to labels table in query page.
7e4c93 23 lines Register Gist core and UI repository connector extension points
7e9d50 45 lines Add gist attachment sorter
7f25cd 23 lines Add default title and user when creating first gist query.
7fcde3 4 lines Add task attributes for assignee/reporter gravatar url
80a1f5 242 lines Add class to fetch and cache avatar image data
849357 215 lines Add editor page for viewing diffs introduced by a commit
84b5ee 18 lines [historyView] Add content-type icons to History view
86d91f 75 lines Add support for creating/setting an issue's labels
87d89f 115 lines Add pull request service.
892042 212 lines Add ability to view comments on an issue.
89e6e6 217 lines Add pull request id and discussion model classes.
8ad277 159 lines [repoView] Add scoped keybindings for copy and paste
8bc31d 3 lines Hide create gist action on empty selections.
8d1fdd 142 lines Add initial gist task data handler
8e3aae 62 lines Add clone action to gist task editor page
8ed530 5 lines Use attachment file from attribute instead of source
8f7221 216 lines Add custom issue attribute part instead of extending
90e025 61 lines Add pull request marker model class.
91bb50 20 lines Remove attach context button from action part.
939031 5 lines Add issue reporter as task attribute
95fdd3 72 lines Register diff foreground and background theme colors
99013b 5 lines Add icon for to be used for adding labels controls
990790 244 lines Add GitHub client class for new API
99dd35 241 lines Add clone gist handler
9cde2a 10 lines Set GitHub task repository category property to bugs
a3f392 5 lines Only update pull strategy when source branch changes.
a46421 47 lines Remove use of gist repo field.
a467c5 4 lines Select commit when initially expanded and tag selected.
a50b21 200 lines Add update milestones and labels button to query page
a79171 14 lines Initialize milestone combo with current query value
aa2db1 58 lines Check for trailing newline before writing to .gitignore file.
aacaec 11 lines Add html url field to Gist class.
ab165b 85 lines Add issue task attribute externalized label strings
abdac6 177 lines Add credentials page for import repositories wizard.
ad7ca7 64 lines Add support for getting labels used in a repository
b2b9ef 4 lines Use IOException constructor that is 1.5 compliant.
b663d6 130 lines Add repository service support.
b6814f 250 lines Add issue label attribute editor
bb9965 2 lines Use new tag icon for project tag action.
bccdc2 211 lines Add initial gist repository connector
bd1c7a 31 lines Add support for getting an issue's comments
bf6eea 204 lines Add pull request model class.
bfc867 230 lines Add persistence support for commit editor input
c093f6 4 lines Add task attributes for assignee and milestone fields
c3097d 196 lines Set issue task data as partial when returned via a query
c37f28 142 lines Add caching and refreshing of labels and milestones
c3a4fc 35 lines Use custom summary part from issue task editor page
c3d1a3 7 lines Only set description task attribute if non-null
c3d63b 217 lines Add input class to display commits in an editor
c52d05 75 lines Add support for getting milestones used in a repository
c726c6 188 lines Add unit tests of CommitSearchQuery class
c7661f 67 lines Add service class for getting gists by id and user
c839cb 28 lines Add gist query constants
ca6bf1 179 lines Add comment and milestone model support
cb29c9 7 lines [repoView] Use directory name as label for bare repositories
cc48e0 233 lines Support default repository label and anonymous access
ccaf4c 127 lines Add support for displaying an issue's labels
d00ce7 6 lines Add support for 401 and 403 statuses now returned in the API
d18bda 136 lines Add custom part for editing labels and milestones
d1db18 45 lines Add interface for new API constants
d24115 61 lines Add support for querying issues using new API parameters
d4f282 4 lines [sync] Remove duplicate toolbar entries.
d62e2e 161 lines Add avatar label widget to be used in task editor
d690df 26 lines Externalize task editor page factory strings
d7baff 16 lines Add gist task attribute for clone url.
d8b059 7 lines Lookup index of current text when no selection index.
dc7921 78 lines Add utility for storing values in a repository query attribute
dce926 5 lines Parse milestone number only if attribute value is non-empty
dd1e20 226 lines Add container class for commit search settings
dd2d9f 21 lines Add gravatar url for assignee and reporter as task attributes
ddaf9f 252 lines Add custom gist task editor attachment part
dec33a 190 lines Add user and request error model support
e0a62e 2 lines Add missing properties referenced from Messages class.
e15512 42 lines Add resource provider interface for v2 api calls
e33c18 38 lines Prevent null pointer exceptions on date getter methods.
e793ae 49 lines Externalize repository settings page strings
e7ee81 27 lines Add issue label comparator used for sorting in lists
e9fe86 26 lines Remove API token support which is not supported in v3
ee0447 103 lines Add initial gist task repository connector UI class
efb1c3 139 lines Add class to capture commit search results
f15d35 285 lines Add Replace With HEAD, commit, and ref menu actions
f3ab38 58 lines Add support for getting a list of issues matching filters
f619a1 22 lines Add externalized strings for issue attribute editor
f6a43a 234 lines Add response class and link header support
f9aa66 3 lines [sync] Remove use of decorating workbench label provider.
fbc062 9 lines Update dependencies to feature xml and manifest.
fc1cc5 6 lines Don't show rebase menus if selection is empty.
fd567a 158 lines Add initial gist repository query page
ffacd2 71 lines Update date formatter to use new single format
Kilian Matt (
5d1a92 4 lines Enabled extension to the history view popup menu
897baf 3 lines Removed duplicated code for history popup extension
Konrad Kügler (
0a7b50 11 lines Show rebase result status text in red for all failure states
0ef4aa 101 lines Use branch.<name>.mergeoptions to set merge defaults
143cd9 10 lines PlotLane: Use identity hashCode and equals
1a42a2 19 lines [historyView] Prevent NPE for non-workspace comparisons
297c62 78 lines Allow canceling the commit operation after save-during-commit
2d830c 73 lines Fix CommonUtils.STRING_ASCENDING_COMPARATOR for equal strings
491855 5 lines Add a toString() for RebaseInteractivePlan.PlanElement
585c41 2 lines Commit Viewer: Tooltip text without newline characters
5ec5a4 4 lines Unregister RebaseInteractiveView from plan on view disposal
68f0c3 3 lines Disable "Show additional refs" by default
8040df 260 lines Show author and committer info for commits in Interactive Rebase view
812ba9 248 lines [reflogView] Offer to reset to a reflog entry via the context menu
844314 6 lines Commit Viewer: Show first line of commit message in editor tooltip
8e0829 52 lines Interactive Rebase View: Double click opens Commit Viewer
92bc3d 4 lines [stagingView] Store the commit message on Eclipse shutdown
9743e6 81 lines Offer interactive and preserve merges options in rebase dialog
9924f6 57 lines Commit Viewer: Provide "Show in History" in toolbar
a50cf8 3 lines FetchGerritChangePage: Avoid NPE in error handling
aaba32 31 lines UI support for pruned references in fetch results
df90f9 157 lines Open workspace version from context menu of the compare editor
e13016 16 lines Interactive Rebase View: Action buttons toggle
ee5b2a 14 lines [stagingView] Don't clear restored commit message state in the UI
Kyle J. Harms (
8a6d3e 196 lines Java templates variables for Git config variables
Lars Vogel (
12a629 17 lines Automatic wildcard matching "Add Git repositories" dialog
2c9886 795 lines Remove redundant type information from org.eclipse.egit.ui
34f6ea 59 lines Share project should close related editors
3577d1 83 lines Removes unused strings found by Find Broken Externalized String tool
4247f7 45 lines Properly style PushResultDialog in dark theme
52328d 1598 lines Add missing @Override annotations to org.eclipse.egit.ui
786519 2 lines Remove reference to Eclipse 2.0 compatibility plug-in
a132f6 2 lines Diff error message should mention that the error is from Git
bc9bd6 31 lines Cleanup in CachedCheckboxTreeViewer
c58d2c 2032 lines Use the shared license-feature for all egit features
cbf2b6 4 lines Fix typo in ExistingOrNewPage#getSelectedRepository
e686eb 411 lines Add missing @Override annotations to all EGit bundles
e71a75 26 lines Rename usage of the label "Working Directory" with "Working Tree"
Laurent Delaigue (
274817 4468 lines Introduce internal API to integrate Team merging.
28ece3 29 lines Use default preferences for preferred MergeStrategy
3279d3 3 lines Fixes potential NPE in CompareTreeView.
40e9eb 6 lines Pass a ProgressMonitor to JGit for merges
99cdec 891 lines Introduce a mergeStrategy extension point.
b9ce7e 51 lines Ensure that preferred merge strategy is stored in core preferences
Laurent Goubet (
12899b 10 lines Local files should remain editable when synchronizing.
1901b3 336 lines Enable restrained synchronization
1b970d 1287 lines Factorize comparison and synchronization code
290b13 215 lines [sync] Accurate revisions for remote and ancestor
2eb5e8 601 lines GitFileHistory should return the full history of its target.
344c6b 28 lines Ambiguous parameter naming
47ea03 7 lines NPE synchronizing remote branches with files not present in "left" side
5d0266 39 lines Remove unused or useless code
5d9b2f 5 lines NPE when right-clicking the synchronize view with no selection.
5edf57 226 lines Only include resources that are part of the data set in synchronize
906c39 1275 lines GitSyncObjectCache erroneously changes the sync state of resources
ad4cc9 517 lines Consider the ancestor when comparing with remote revisions
b8e2c5 3 lines Fix potential NPE from passing null as progress monitor
cc34f6 2 lines NPE when synchronizing with resources out of the workspace
da70c4 3 lines Fix potential NPE from passing null as progress monitor
e8cf92 60 lines Eliminate file handle leaks
e98070 492 lines New tests for merging through Team (GitSubscriberMergeContext).
f2d4ff 588 lines Use the source revision instead of local data for synchronizations
Maik Schreiber (
265092 118 lines Allow for optional commit message for stash commits.
2cab26 718 lines Add ability to squash commits directly from the history view.
453cb9 71 lines Check for uncommitted changes before squashing commits.
677e4b 25 lines Show a rebase result dialog if cherry-picking fails.
7ae617 541 lines Add ability to reword a commit directly from the history view.
d6b769 434 lines Add ability to edit a commit directly from the history view.
df446a 163 lines Add support for reverting multiple commits at once.
e24599 11 lines Check for uncommitted changes before rewording commits.
e7a0ec 267 lines Add support for cherry-picking multiple commits at once.
Manuel Doninger (
76acfc 25 lines Unified commit message creation in commit dialog
850af1 282 lines Extract ProjectReference as separate class
9859d1 36 lines Fetch commit message template from project specific settings
a733a4 2 lines Fixed EGit-Mylyn-feature description
aabcdc 29 lines Configuration for creating Gerrit Change-Id
f88cf9 4 lines Fixed bug with empty commitMessage and Mylyn
Marc Khouzam (
1a8737 71 lines Provide an option to fetch from Gerrit without checking out the branch
aaa832 58 lines Add compare mode to CompareTreeView
bf777e 37 lines Accelerate calculation of content of CompareTreeView.
Marc-Andre Laperle (
04202f 38 lines RevCommit is referenced after hiding blame annotations, wasting memory
61f74a 7 lines Fix IllegalArgumentException in CommitMessageViewer
6d02a6 15 lines Commit dialog should remember its last dialog size
7c9c8f 13 lines [blame] Show in history doesn't open History view if closed
9e1ff7 29 lines CommitMessageViewer is leaked after closing History view
Mariot Chauvin (
8ed624 7 lines Do not try to delete an already deleted folder
Markus Duft (
0b4642 2 lines Fix a missing closing quote in the MANIFEST.MF
180829 3 lines guard against missing projects
222a1c 11 lines Nice checkout conflict display instead of internal error
26cb30 459 lines Add clean action for repositories
2dcea7 4 lines Make staging view check the ChangeId button correctly.
33555c 236 lines Properly handle checkout conflict exceptions
436c4d 14 lines Only refresh projects with changed resources
4687b9 341 lines Make the staging view use the IndexDiffCache
494805 193 lines Introduce a method to find projects containing paths
6c68e1 2 lines Restore ability to not checkout any branch in clone operation
78a566 262 lines Refresh only deltas to the last refresh in IndexDiffCacheEntry
82b60e 779 lines Allow push of single Refs/Commits from Repo & History Views
9320b3 210 lines Implement decoration for working sets
9dcb21 6 lines Fix rebase > continue when nothing left to commit.
9f64d2 163 lines Don't let ignored resources cause index update jobs.
c0bcc6 13 lines Add setting for streamFileThreshold in the UI.
cb5822 14 lines Allow "Push to Gerrit..." to push to refs/drafts/...
e9031b 27 lines Properly filter EGit generated contents from commit message
Markus Keller (
0de5cc 1 lines declare charset=utf-8
14c287 90 lines Fix layout bugs in PullResultDialog
1564e7 18 lines Fix wrong path comparison via file.getAbsolutePath().startsWith(..)
23251a 61 lines Workaround for bug in StyledText#addBidiSegmentListener(..)
290973 12 lines Bug 358868: Fetch Result dialog is modal
292099 16 lines Fix "Git > Date Format" preference page message bugs
2fdf91 8 lines Show the repository name in the title of the Pull Result dialog
334390 34 lines Fix dialog activation order with multiple detail dialogs
4b909d 14 lines Fix keyboard shortcut for Commit... on the Mac
5c30dc 163 lines Suppress "Unnecessary cast" errors in Eclipse Mars (4.5)
718e3d 5 lines Suppress "Unnecessary cast" error in Eclipse Mars (4.5)
9b8031 8 lines Removed bad ON_TOP flag from dialogs.
a28881 20 lines Improve rendering of file diffs in History view
ac7b0c 8 lines Make CommitViewerComparator work with generified ViewerComparator
afcc1c 2 lines Fix bad XML declaration
b24417 3 lines Fix compile errors and warnings in MANIFEST.MF
bd240a 6 lines Use refs cache for tags as well
cbd7dc 30 lines Fixed HTML errors
d73a0e 2 lines Import from repository clones to wrong location on disk
d92501 82 lines Open multiple detail dialogs from MultiPullResultDialog at once
da62d6 1 lines Fix commit keyboard shortcut Ctrl+#
ded4c2 11 lines Make AbstractBranchSelectionDialog resizable and persist bounds
e4487f 2 lines Fix CCE on Configuration preference page when clicking Value field of a
e9ca88 312 lines Hard wrap should insert line breaks after user finishes editing
fc52e1 5 lines Make order predictable when pulling multiple projects
fefae5 30 lines Fixed HTML errors
Mathias Kinzler (
0347bb 14 lines NPE during Eclipse shutdown
14ac3e 63 lines Allow to use the repository name in Git Label Decorations
1aa2a8 568 lines Replace System.out with proper tracing
25f1ac 189 lines Add content proposal to Git Wizards URI field
2a37cb 177 lines RepositoriesView: use the GitImportProject wizard
4d88f0 46 lines "Local file..." button for Repository import
51a958 15 lines Editor tab switch should update GitRepostoriesView
53497e 21 lines Egit Push uses wrong URI/RefSpec
535bdd 9 lines BranchOperation: check for HEAD is too late
6ec8ef 111 lines Cleanup: remove methods from Activator
724ceb 9 lines Repositories View margins
77beda 2569 lines Repositories View fixes/improvements
8a770e 35 lines NullPointerException during Push
974c5c 190 lines BranchSelectionDialog fixes
9d8b32 104 lines NPE upon Team->Show in Git Repositories View
a692ce 391 lines Make tracing 3.4 compatible and plug-in local
aab838 2 lines Add repository name to Git Project Label
ac8c7b 65 lines Add a "Git Repository Exploring" perspective
af6b4e 69 lines Avoid Exception construction in utility method
afa772 6 lines GitRepositoriesView: 3.4 compatibility
b43494 2358 lines Add Configuration to Repositories View
b56662 2 lines RepositorySearchDialog: border
c13271 183 lines Remember author and commiter in CommitDialog
f0325b 1870 lines Add a "Git Repositories View"
Max Hohenegger (
00aaab 17 lines Fixed 'Finishing a release is tagging develop branch instead of master'
02c3e6 380 lines Fixed: Specifying non-existing master does not abort initialization
03f3f3 2 lines Fixed Findbugs warning: Usage of known null
09e583 21 lines Fix NPE in GitFlowRepository.isDevelop()
15884d 4 lines Fixed FindBugs warning: Inner class should be static
1ab13a 134 lines Allow saving feature finish options as default
215eea 36 lines [gitflow] track feature will always claim no remote features exist
2e5f1c 591 lines [gitflow] Implement squash parameter for feature finish
3ffaa8 647 lines Initializing a Gitflow repository should allow changing branch names
4558da 138 lines [gitflow] fixed unnecessary locking of resources
619709 190 lines Fixed 'Merges do not appear to be using --no-ff flag'
67a39e 269 lines [gitflow] Add icon decorations to identify gitflow repositories
6e4bb5 202 lines Added support for keeping branch after Gitflow feature finish
861c0d 37 lines Fix NPE on FeatureCheckout
8d224d 284 lines [gitflow] explicitly notify the user about merge/rebase conflicts
9088b6 292 lines Refactored feature finish UI tests to reduce redundancy
9904bd 8366 lines Extend EGit to allow use of git-flow
a8a7fa 224 lines [gitflow] Feature finish squash should allow changing the commit message
af9f7d 34 lines [gitflow] fixed build warnings
b3cef7 70 lines Fixed 'Finishing and squashing a feature aborts in bigger workspaces'
b7dbf4 618 lines Fix formatting of org.eclipse.egit.gitflow.ui/plugin.xml
bcfcb1 294 lines [gitflow] Fix feature rebase which sometimes fails silently
ca7f7e 21 lines Add icon to Gitflow menu contributions
cb247c 8 lines Fix "Gitflow init dialog has incorrect title"
d46e03 360 lines [gitflow] add UI tests
e26af0 32 lines Fix violations of nullable annotation
e4993d 72 lines Fixed 'When on master branch, gitflow options are disabled.'
ef057e 229 lines [gitflow] Fix broken "start release" from commit
fcb1b7 12 lines Fixed potential NPE in GitFlowRepository::findHead
mcmathews (
a4b06e 167 lines Implemented the GitHub Team Membership API
Michael Keppler (
07901a 76 lines Remove duplicate rename branch dialog
15f43f 2 lines Fix typo in 'git_branch' variable description
1d46c5 10 lines Add missing window title in EditCommitMessageDialog
298675 2 lines Relayout buttons after enabling check for warnings
3639b1 2 lines Prohibit empty remote name
4f0236 18 lines Only enable "Open Workspace Version" when file exists
51702a 2 lines Remove delay in local repositories filter
51c8c3 6 lines Use singular in Synchronize repositories column header
52a33c 44 lines Replace "can not" by "cannot" everywhere
59a5c3 8 lines Case insensitive order of remotes in push branch dialog
5e1cf3 4 lines Fix wrong size of 'commit and push' button
636181 2 lines Avoid blinking cursor in merge result dialog
637aa8 8 lines Avoid multiple head changed warnings in commit message.
675d00 2 lines Remove "job" from job name
7b78cf 5 lines Improve height calculation for multi pull result dialog layout
83ee9b 43 lines Accept git clone command as URI
8bf175 2 lines Initially disable buttons in branch selection dialog
8d6065 2 lines Use ellipsis in "Add Submodule..." menu
94b34b 14 lines Case insensitive order in branch selection dialogs
9add60 1 lines Focus the first control in "Delete repository" dialog
a74808 146 lines Allow deletion of branch hierarchy nodes
b7944b 442 lines Fix typo in testcase name
bdcf37 8 lines Fix wrong cursor position while editing URIs
c42c4c 4 lines Make "Copy" command for reflog entries unambiguous
c5b568 2 lines Have current link in "What's New" of Welcome Page
c5eaf9 4 lines Unify "Add Spec" capitalization
ce4b86 7 lines Remove duplicate URL encoding of repository search query
d9e1cd 3 lines Sort branches in Push to Gerrit case insensitive
db74a4 17 lines Prohibit invalid remote name in clone wizard
e1b709 22 lines Have a window title in RefSpecWizard
e1d72c 2 lines Exclude labels from tab stop
e4412e 4 lines Transparent icons in push branch dialog
f322b5 24 lines Update file count on clearing filter
f56e86 4 lines Fix target platform names
f5c314 4 lines Fix typo in name of RepoViewConfigureBranchCommand
f6e6aa 20 lines Set window title in Clean wizard
fc6b16 24 lines Use baseline instead of centerline in PlotRenderer
Mickael Istria (
02ce44 2 lines Append "..." Commit&Push to highlight it's going to ask for confirmation
1e73ec 27 lines When "Commit and Push" opens a wizard, use simple push wizard
26ab6d 8 lines Reverse src/dest order of push result dialog
32c249 928 lines Improve simple push dialog
4e029c 937 lines Wizard invoking automated import
71349a 32 lines Simple push wizard links to Advanced push wizard
773fc3 53 lines Assist in Push dialog and allow to push to custom refs
8711ef 903 lines [Importer] More direct re-use of EasymportWizard
8a8b01 29 lines Fix and re-include Easymport wizard
9d0f97 6 lines Improve import labels
b7eb3e 1837 lines Use SmartImport API from Platform UI
c6a421 1001 lines Wizard to configure pull operation
Mihael Vrbanec (
1bb0e2 34 lines Implement "Compare with Revision" action.
1dd141 2 lines fix "<missing argument>" display in compare editors
8e5dd9 197 lines Implement "Compare with Revision" feature in history view.
Mykola Nikishov (
00555b 13 lines Assert there are no other git repositories in a parent directories
0dcbff 9 lines Replace hard-coded remote name with Constants.DEFAULT_REMOTE_NAME
1edc47 38 lines Externalize remaining text strings from plugin.xml
2c1381 12 lines Get a suggested directory name to clone to using just introduced
3c3dcd 110 lines Share a single project using Quick Access
3e78b6 37 lines Create an archived update site
4d36cd 46 lines Remove never used parameter
75df95 3 lines Fix assert for a project in a non-existed git repository
84b7cb 10 lines Make a comment which describes a precondition public
84ea4d 158 lines Remove trailing whitespaces when saving file
8c839d 1 lines Specify explcitly that unit tests should be run in UI thread
aefd63 2 lines Externalized tooltip for Git index action is wrong
c3691f 17 lines Remove a test project from workspace before creation
cb9adc 118 lines ConnectProviderOperation uses git repositories selected by user
dcd861 41 lines Fix dialog to select Git repository location
e26119 3 lines add jgit feature
e601f8 4 lines Access to IDEWorkbenchPlugin is discouraged, use ResourcesPlugin
290676 1454 bytes T0001_ConnectProviderOperationTest fails
Attachment 151645:
290788 897 bytes Externalized tooltip for Git index action is wrong
Attachment 148306: fix typo in key's value
291133 934 bytes Add 'add to gitignore'
Attachment 148637: provide constant for gitignore filename
291283 7179 bytes Sharing a single project using Quick Access
Attachment 149740: the final patch version
291303 7266 bytes Selection of Git repository location is broken
Attachment 148729: proposed implementation
Patrick-Jeffrey Pollo Guilbert (
bcfe73 8 lines Fix auto-filled issue task URL
Paul Webster (
e9f883 3963 lines Add a releng tool for git
Pawel Nowak (
c575f5 461 lines Add check for warnings and errors before commit
Peter Karena (
a1b4eb 2 lines Use decoration color to render dirty decorator in repositories view
b9dad5 43 lines Show that there are changes in "Git Repositories" view
Philipp Bumann (
9a8d4c 24 lines Change usage of SubProgressMonitor to SubMonitor in org.eclipse.egit.ui
Philipp Thun (
068bdd 52 lines Replace 'occured' by 'occurred'
0e1256 14 lines Re-enable MergeCommand for RefNode and TagNode
165279 128 lines Add cheat sheet for push wizard
1b30bf 6 lines Fix missing decoration for conflicting files
21a3ca 3 lines Fix possible NPE in CommitDialog
29113c 116 lines Introduce caching for resource decorations
42238d 49 lines Cache paths in RepositoryMapping
4e4f0d 19 lines Remove redundant initialization of GitProjectData
4f2b44 15 lines [historyView] Take bold font into account when drawing branch labels
5ec258 34 lines Clear history view when repository has been removed
69a488 2 lines Fix NPE in DropAdapterAssistant
6da977 7 lines Never ignore project nodes
7c973b 2 lines Handle FAILED rebase result in PullResultDialog
833d16 2 lines Prevent flickering in history view
85763e 14 lines Wrap 'show initial configuration dialog' check box into group
85ae0e 3 lines Fix text decoration for detached HEAD
8adece 1 lines Close repository before deleting its working directory
921f23 1 lines Small enhancement to the 'Configure Git Repository' dialog
9af6a9 464 lines Add unit tests for decoration
9f11bd 155 lines Create temporary decorations for project nodes
b4bb76 29 lines Fix reuse of field labels (incl. shortcut mnemonic) in error messages
c03562 75 lines Cache file length as session property for each resource
c2f337 9 lines Remove help button (? icon) from dialogs
c65d7e 125 lines Improve GitLightweightDecorator
cc8c84 59 lines Remove help button (? icon) from wizards
d422d7 706 lines Queue decoration requests
dc5b37 12 lines Show failures during rebase to the user
dfb50d 14 lines Fix NPE in history view
e7bf25 7 lines Fix SampleTestRepository due to JGit changes
e83b05 95 lines Reduce number of LabelProviderChangedEvents
e99827 10 lines Use CherryPickResult in CherryPickHandler
e9cbc2 3 lines Check FS.supportsExecute() before resolving file from resource
f0cf09 140 lines Improve exception handling during resource decoration
f212c2 24 lines Clone wizard cheat sheet: add missing license header
f2acdf 89 lines Refactor GitHistoryPage
f84228 148 lines Add cheat sheet for clone wizard
Reiner Hille-Doering (
65a9fa 2 lines Fix IllegalArgumentException on create Eclipse workspace patch
Remy Suen (
292588 1224 bytes 'Local Destination' wizard page has conflicting mnemonics
Attachment 149803: patch v1
292588 663 bytes 'Local Destination' wizard page has conflicting mnemonics
Remy Suen (
0b17d3 15 lines Show the 'Git' property page for files and folders
0c47dc 50 lines Prevent NPE when comparing an untracked file with the index
12ac70 32 lines Prevent the user from selecting an invalid branch/reset target.
130c44 6 lines Do not let the user proceed when multiple commits are selected
180f41 49 lines Implement CommitFileRevision.equals() and hashCode() so editors can be reused
1c15e0 1 lines TagLabelProvider causes leaks due to dispose() implementation
1e92a6 5 lines Remove references to internal types in ShareSingleProjectCommand
217eb8 83 lines Fix leaks of SWT Color instances
21fe73 82 lines Dispose of any instantiated images when the label provider is
222736 16 lines Dispose created images in the tag creation dialog
2c4ebe 4 lines 'Git' property page does not need 'Default' and 'Apply' buttons
2d40e5 17 lines Tighten activeWhen expression for the repository-based pull command
3164ed 7 lines Don't ask Compare to open two editors for selected IFiles
3236fe 6 lines Don't eagerly prompt the user with an error message when creating
338b3c 2 lines Fix history page to handle IAdaptables properly
3735c6 8 lines [historyView] Remove mnemonic definitions
37cf04 7 lines Consider inaccessible workspace resources properly during compares
3edaac 128 lines Restrict synchronization cache updates to specific resources
3f46d0 11 lines Fix NPEs being thrown on tree selection in the reset dialog
4575ab 7 lines Ignore null returns for getAdapter(Class)
51b7b4 32 lines Do not eagerly schedule refresh of the 'Repositories' view
59b6c9 20 lines 'Repositories' view should not show scroll bars unless it has to
5d4a6c 52 lines Support cancellation during synchronization requests
5eb2a8 10 lines Release ObjectWalk after use
5f94dd 3 lines Disable Git quick diff provider if the resource is not versioned
646039 24 lines Fix broken 'Show In' feature for 'Git Repositories' view
6a4901 1 lines Define a layout data for the warning composite
6b6c3c 39 lines Relax constructor parameters of EGit operations
6e9b96 15 lines Prevent configuration dialogs from closing if an error occurs
703532 67 lines 'Repositories' view should use IOpenListener
74396f 27 lines Sort the files/folders of the 'Git Repositories' view
7c4824 55 lines Improve error validation in the patch wizard
7ebcc0 14 lines Do not create a filter for empty string paths
86f6e3 36 lines Do not downcast provided evaluation context as an EvaluationContext
92136a 8 lines Prevent leaking of SWT menus in the 'Git Repositories' view
962214 9 lines Do not set a filter if an empty string is present
a105a3 11 lines Avoid executing commands directly by using the handler service
ae5239 12 lines Remove unnecessary refresh request when removing repositories
ae6f42 60 lines Precheck selected files in the commit dialog
b83aa3 7 lines Remove an extraneous border from 'Git Repositories' view
ba5648 2 lines Fix window focus after closing preferences dialog of commit dialog
c38e55 2 lines Dispose two leaked images in SwitchToMenu
c9eda1 35 lines Diff node should notify listeners when the input changes
d06b00 10 lines Handle excluded resources properly in 'Git Staging' view
dbe361 9 lines Ignore the name of the source ref if it is a deletion request
df6aff 21 lines Improve the patch wizard's text and image enhance its presentation
e0a3a9 28 lines Remove references to internal classes in GitProjectsImportPage
e2eced 2 lines Fix conflicting button mnemonic in clone wizard
e494ea 14 lines Fix EGit history handling code to consider IAdaptables
e7cf32 95 lines Enable 'Pull' operation when selecting multiple repositories
e9f2af 32 lines Fix the history page to not override its parent composite's layout
ebbaf0 6 lines Correct the alignment and sizing of the dialog's buttons in the
f02df8 3 lines Compare editors opened from 'Synchronize' view has incorrect tooltip
f5fa4b 18 lines Replace calls to StringBuffer with StringBuilder
f82d1a 5 lines Ignore secondary mouse clicks in the 'History' view's hyperlinks
Renato Bertacco (
9953f3 10 lines Unbox InvocationTargetException before throwing TeamException
d206ba 176 lines Perform project creation within a workspace operation.
rhopp (
9f63d7 2 lines Populate password field in RepositorySelectionPage
f5bc71 54 lines Closing CommitEditor after deleting Stash commit.
rnveach (
ac816d 45 lines Added interactive rebase tooltip descriptions
Robert Munteanu (
9e3c2f 5 lines TaskReferenceFactory: use constants instead of hardcoded strings
bacd63 13 lines TaskReferenceFactory: use URIish to extract the host
be9cd4 22 lines Include the gson and httpclient dependencies in the feature
c0ec8e 2 lines [findbugs] Remove invocation of new String(String) constructor
f7e28a 2 lines [findbugs] Remove comparison of String objects using ==
Robin Stocker (
03a111 135 lines Skip clone for import of project from existing repo
08ecea 142 lines Refactor anonymous subclasses of EditableRevision into FileEditableRevision
166d2f 10 lines CompareWithCommitAction: Fix encoding of commit element
17cc1e 11 lines Use workspace file encoding in commit dialog diff
19f2cf 32 lines Use CompareUtils.compareHeadWithWorkspace
1ac0a2 6 lines [historyView] Reveal selected commit on filter change
20c956 11 lines [historyView] Preserve commit selection on filter change
2c0033 11 lines CompareWithIndexAction: Fix encoding of index element
3e59db 455 lines Fix capitalization of UI texts
40738a 6 lines Use resource encoding in getFileRevisionTypedElement
419737 66 lines Enable pull for multiple repositories
4845fa 28 lines Make order predictable when pulling multiple projects
48fb40 8 lines CompareTreeView: Fix encoding of right element
53abd7 21 lines Allow preselection in branch selection dialog to enable OK button
58f0f0 128 lines Fix CommonUtils.STRING_ASCENDING_COMPARATOR issues
5aeae3 39 lines MultiPullResultDialog: Fix overall status column
5f6d41 5 lines Fix exception in isEnabled of CompareIndexWithHeadActionHandler
658160 7 lines Fix "Create Branch..." button width in create branch dialog
664c43 16 lines [stagingView] Don't accept arbitrary drops
6683e6 173 lines Add tab for configuring repository settings
66f2a8 17 lines Fix "Open in Commit Viewer" from resource-filtered History view
6a9379 12 lines History: Enable showing diff for files of root commit
6bbea8 447 lines Optionally hard-wrap commit message
6ed6b9 357 lines Refactor import code of GitProjectSetCapability
733368 10 lines Pass file encoding to EditableRevision in FileEditableRevision
73aaf1 4 lines Use resource encoding in getFileCachedRevisionTypedElement
7c5203 36 lines Correct typing errors in
7ecf08 34 lines Suggest name when source ref is selected in new branch dialog
88e2c5 48 lines Show warning when HEAD is detached after checkout
929218 10 lines CompareWithRefAction: Fix encoding of ref element
9620b6 120 lines Change ref parameter of CloneOperation to String
a15b71 129 lines Show detailed branch status in label decoration of project
a1c9c9 7 lines [historyView] Disable Show Annotations if selection is empty
adb254 41 lines Fix unstable SynchronizeViewGitChangeSetModelTest without setFocus
b1f208 47 lines Get rid of regexps in STRING_ASCENDING_COMPARATOR
d54df5 13 lines Ensure that repo is closed in ProjectReferenceImporter
d9dcc7 69 lines Enable cherry-pick conflict resolution
e59133 7 lines Fix unstable test in SynchronizeViewGitChangeSetModelTest
f69abb 34 lines [FindBugs] Fix warnings in GitProjectSetCapability
f95c10 204 lines Save Actions for removing braces of one-line statements
Roland Grunberg (
eeed2a 182 lines Add option to replace selected files with version in the git index.
Ruth Alkema (
345976 8 lines Graphical tags in history view were not correctly aligned
f6c3cb 67 lines [historyView] Added menu option to toggle 'reuse compare editor'
Ryan Schmitt (
23e4fb 72 lines Removed checkedItems field from GitProjectsImportPage
e1b0a7 242 lines Refactored GitProjectsImportPage
fa3999 83 lines Removed uninformative comments (mostly auto-generated non-Javadoc comments)
Sasa Zivkov (
f96aae 208 lines Making branch nodes' names more consistent.
Sascha Scholz (
a3d255 28 lines Allow ref name prepopulation in gerrit fetch wizard
Sascha Vogt (
1336f8 3 lines Strip git clone from pasted URL
Scott Michel (
c0636b 32 lines Fix potential NPE in EclipseProxySelector
Simon Kaufmann (
46577e 2 lines Fixed ignored presetUri in RepositorySelectionPage
Simon Scholz (
af1ef9 6 lines Add Git Repositories Dialog should give the repository filter text focus
Skirmantas Kligys (
9db8b9 11 lines Quick diff against git head used to fail if the project itself has no mapping.
efbfaf 25 lines Fix RepositoryFinder to work with linked folders
Snjezana Peco (
cda156 27 lines Can not delete git project
Stefan Dirix (
d37c07 323 lines Add "Compare with/Replace with" actions to ResourceMappings
Steffen Pingel (
0144a9 62 lines Consume Mylyn 3.7 APIs
25d910 17 lines Add feature dependencies for EGit Mylyn feature
31a9c1 158 lines Fix regions decorated by commit hyperlink detector
3d933f 3 lines Add branding for EGit Mylyn feature
651fe7 4 lines TaskReferenceFactory should set timestamp for commits
674f97 3 lines Replace usage of Java 6 API with Java 5 API
ca76a7 23 lines Improve performace when entering invalid name in Create Branch dialog
Stephan Hackstedt (
5fa21a 620 lines Change SubProgressMonitor to SubMonitor in org.eclipse.egit.core
Stephane Bouchet (
3ce855 8 lines [releng] Include missing extension point schemas in EGit binaries
Stephen Elsemore (
0906cd 214 lines Support Mylyn links in History View, Staging View and Commit Dialog
1c1168 5 lines Fix NPE when selecting filediff in a merge commit
663ad7 4 lines [repoView] Show correct icons for add/create new repository
862e6f 22 lines Auto share multiple projects in single job
a108c6 19 lines Automatically select file for diff when History view commit selected
ac040f 4 lines Show icon for Advanced menu 'delete branch'
b979ed 22 lines Auto share multiple projects in single job
bacca1 84 lines Move commit-related buttons to "Commit Message" section of Staging View.
cfea8a 141 lines Add file filtering to the Staging View toolbar
d09bab 5 lines Fix NPE when selecting filediff in a merge commit
f81254 59 lines Save local history prior to replace or hard reset
Szymon Ptaszkiewicz (
f40ba8 4 lines Fix repeating message 'Building workspace' in status bar
thallgren (
11f7b6 20 lines Add content-type field to Download model class
309cc0 68 lines Removed dependency to
4da79c 65 lines Fixes problem with single project repositories and GitFileHistory
706fa6 19 lines Add message field to the FieldError model class.
a09ca3 6 lines Moves upper bound on gson dependency from < 2.0.0 to < 2.2.0
fd244b 41 lines Add service support for editing a repository
Thomas Wolf (
0831de 443 lines Check for objects adaptable to IResource in ShowBlameActionHandler
0a76b4 14 lines Fix path prefix computation in RepositoriesViewCommandHandler
0c7c11 48 lines Don't delete projects on disk unless the user said so
0c7f04 639 lines Obey hyperlink preferences in SpellcheckableMessageArea
0da61c 166 lines Improve performance of HyperlinkTokenScanner
1852b8 39 lines Fix behavior of "Restore Defaults" in DateFormatPreferencePage
189356 271 lines Minor clean ups in new CommitMessageViewer
235ed9 145 lines Simplify hyperlink syntax coloring in SpellcheckableMessageArea
25f9cb 138 lines Make diff from staging view also work for files not in the workspace
2d7f89 116 lines Harmonize menus a little
2f9171 17 lines Alleviate problems on case-insensitive file systems
3a6a38 124 lines Auto-configure Gerrit after ssh clone
3da0c4 52 lines Prevent IllegalStateException in GitHistoryView
4e8905 62 lines Show 'Add to Index' and related team menu entries only when applicable
579558 7 lines Minor improvement in test for repository deletion
5c9da5 53 lines Remove unnecessary AtomicReference instances
651b22 48 lines Make StagingEntry a PlatformObject
6bfda2 94 lines Update index diff cache after replace with head in staging view
6d548e 9 lines Focus file list in GitHistoryView when context menu is shown
762037 6 lines Fix a FindBugs warning.
76afd0 857 lines Configurable date format used consistently throughout EGit
76ecb3 29 lines Make the IgnoreOperation work for non-workspace files.
79f1d6 11 lines Change label in context menu on staged StagingEntry
8a28d7 407 lines Fix hyperlink display in SpellcheckableMessageArea
92de59 2 lines Respect push URL's port configuration in Gerrit configuration
9728ae 20 lines RespositorySearchDialog: correctly detect already added repositories
981744 149 lines Introduce new resource properties
9e548a 19 lines Fix disappearing scrollbar in RepositorySearchDialog
aed7ab 174 lines Do not wrap commit message footer lines
b3bc4c 16 lines Enable diff on double-click from staged area for non-workspace files
bd433a 74 lines Use all available space in RebaseInteractiveView
c15bca 1034 lines Extract non-decoration things into new IResourceState
c715f4 7 lines SpellcheckableMessageArea.setText() must not bypass document
cbb270 1 lines Pin tycho-surefire-plugin version
d6c0b6 44 lines Implement isSynchronized() in LocalNonWorkspaceTypedElement
d73199 690 lines Rewrite CommitMessageViewer to use JFace
db148f 237 lines Configurable date format used consistently throughout EGit
dc38a4 48 lines Don't delete projects on disk unless the user said so
dce67c 38 lines Remove obsolete code from SpellcheckableMessageArea
dd7faf 3 lines Remove unused UItext entry
e7ec8c 14 lines Do not log expected FileNotFoundException
ef6651 48 lines Remove unused legacy actions
f447a9 22 lines Deprecate unused and obsolete methods
fe7115 84 lines Use standard link colors in SpellcheckableMessageArea
Tobias Baumann (
122267 43 lines Consider initial selection in Reflog view.
3960ac 75 lines Improve Staging view to remember position of its components
9b64ed 52 lines Consider initial selection in Interactive Rebase view
9ccebf 75 lines Consider initial selection in staging view
d519b0 82 lines Staging view remembers position of it's components.
Tobias Melcher (
a7ce89 259 lines Introduce context menu "import changed projects"
Tobias Pfeifer (
7a6dcb 84 lines Refactoring to reuse rebase commands
c498ed 308 lines Refactor rebase commands
dee31a 123 lines Customize diff file headlines in diff tab of commit viewer
f9733c 37 lines Conditional label of context menu item for checkout in GitHistoryViewer
Tobias Pfeifer (
1288d1 1330 lines Add class that represents the rebase-todo and rebase-done files
56cb94 49 lines Add command to start interactive rebase
5a8583 338 lines Enable to start RebaseOperation interactively
850903 10 lines Make the rebase command stop after initialization
d4f1d3 15 lines Add context menu entry for rebase interactive to history view
ee2550 1468 lines Add a view for interactive rebase
Tomasz Zarna (
f03080 43 lines InstanceScope() and DefaultScope() constructors are deprecated
Tomasz Zarna (
0741a9 178 lines Support git --no-ff as an EGit preference
0cfb8c 4 lines rightCommit param in GitMergeEditorInput#buildDiffContainer is unused
101a68 1 lines egit.ui bundle does not export all its packages
799aa1 10 lines Fix unnecessary code warnings in egit.ui *PropertyTesters
7d4648 3 lines Fix since tags
acb7fe 176 lines Support git --no-ff as an EGit preference
e9901e 9 lines Don't use ContextChangeSet#getComment(..), it's deprecated and internal
Tomasz Zarna (
09467b 7 lines Use ConfigConstants in CloneOperation.doInit(IProgressMonitor)
0af999 13 lines Filtering doesn't work on selected branches in the Clone wizard
1343e8 6 lines IAE: Empty path not permitted. when creating a patch
14e0bf 6 lines Export all packages from org.eclipse.egit.ui
199adc 252 lines Allow GitProjectSetCapability to accept SCM URIs
27c525 5 lines Arrays.copyOf not supported in Java 1.5, replace with System.arraycopy
2e8e20 8 lines An internal error occurred during: "Pulling from Multiple Repositories".
3656b0 281 lines Team > Create patch is missing
3e5103 2 lines GitFileHistory: isEmpty() is undefined for the type String in Java 1.5
3ee608 14 lines Cleanup CheckoutConflictException when JGit API has been fixed
446728 258 lines Add a UI test for Create Patch wizard
44d23c 247 lines Allow to select different diff header formats
5fdcd7 189 lines Add UI tests for File and Workspace options in Create Patch wizard
624ec1 500 lines Add support for "workspace patches"
647df0 24 lines Check "Select Branch" page on filter change
720511 941 lines Allow to save patches in the workspace
7be7dd 93 lines Team > Create Patch... doesn't observe selection
7ffcfe 2 lines Create Patch... misses mnemonic
82e50c 2 lines Dispose RevWalk in SynchronizeWithMenu#excludeTag(...)
8860f7 42 lines Ensure Copyright Checker/Updater works with Git
b4e9d5 13 lines Potential NPE, the site can be null if the page is shown in a dialog
b896f2 5 lines Typo in RepoPropertiesPage fail message
bdf588 4 lines Add "Revert" icon
beba2e 16 lines Spelling errors in SynchronizeWithActionHandler
c22651 699 lines Ensure Copyright Checker/Updater works with Git - Tests
c5cd6e 164 lines Show whitespace chars in the Commit dialog
cc0b09 239 lines Add "Revert" action to Commit Editor
Vadim Dmitriev (
40093b 16 lines Disable interactive rebase view action toolbar if selection is empty
52c6fc 125 lines Link Interactive Rebase view with selected repository
a23ad6 23 lines Interactive rebase view toolbar can incorrectly activate buttons
a8f27c 110 lines Interactive rebase view context menu for plan modification
b44ce3 92 lines Improve icons for interactive rebase fixup and squash actions
b81073 13 lines Show branch name and status besides repository in Git Staging view
c4406f 8 lines Update interactive rebase plan row status icons
cf8148 37 lines Allow to move multiple commits by DND in the rebase interactive view
e44e5c 611 lines Extract GitLabelProvider utility methods into separate class
f596ad 309 lines Make commit order in the interactive rebase view configurable
Wayne Beaton (
18cd85 5 lines Fix tab traversal in the "Create New Tag" dialog
Wim Jongman (
0d8715 19 lines Do not check all repositories when importing repositories
Wim Jongman (
589c30 116 lines Changed project import page checkboxtable into a filtered tree.
Zehua Liu (
7fc22a 22 lines Added the review_comments field into the PullRequest class
zkoppany (
ce7037 108 lines Synchronize View Performance Enhancement


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