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Tentative IP Log for

This tentative IP Log is generated dynamically from automatically collected project information. This information has not been vetted for accuracy by the Eclipse Foundation and may not represent the true state of the IP of this project(s). Please refer to the official approved IP Log(s) associated with the official release(s) of this project(s) for more information.


  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
2995SCA Java Common Annotations and APIs V1.0 (Service and Reference)Service Component Architecture Specification License unmodified
3762XML schemas for OASIS SCA 1.1 (2010_01_26)OASIS License (Custom)
3763XML schemas for Tuscany SCA 1.1Apache License, 2.0

Exempt Pre-Req and Works With Dependencies

No Exempt Pre-Req or Works With dependencies


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Stéphane Drapeau OBEO
Damien Fournier INRIA
Oisin Hurley
Etienne Juliot OBEO
David Porter Progress Software Corporation
Lionel Seinturier
Vincent Zurczak

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Damien Fournier (
262183 11504 bytes Improve introspection with java and SCA tools
Attachment 123529: sca/java introspection source code
263029 214 bytes Attribute name in implementation.fractal
Dan Becker (
261222 2551 Update meta model to define SCA bindings and implementations for Tuscany 1.4
Jamil Shaikh (
289474 141 SCACompositeUtils class to collect common utility functions
289475 162 Remove getComposite() from
289481 119 Add new class CompositeImplementationResolver
289497 123 bytes SCA Composite Drag&Drop
Lionel Seinturier (
277716 1524 bytes Method names fix in
Mahmoud Ben Hassine (
320194 79154 bytes OW2 FraSCAti intent wizard plug-in contribution
Attachment 174857: zip file containing plugin project source code
320194 541 OW2 FraSCAti intent wizard plug-in contribution
Maxime Porhel (
271635 8160 bytes ImplementationDD evolution
Attachment 131288: ImplementationDD evolution
271635 2318 bytes ImplementationDD evolution
Attachment 131292: JavaImplementation drag'n'drop evolution
271635 2300 bytes ImplementationDD evolution
Attachment 131293: ScaImplementation evolution
271635 2330 bytes ImplementationDD evolution
Attachment 131295: JavaInterface drag'n'drop evolution
271642 17427 bytes Drag'n'Drop of AnyExtension needs a specific extension point.
Attachment 131296: DragAndDropAnyExtension extension point
271642 2102 bytes Drag'n'Drop of AnyExtension needs a specific extension point.
Attachment 131768: EditPolicy for the Drag and Drop of AnyExtension through the extension point.
271646 11081 bytes Drag'n'Drop of semantic informations.
Attachment 131299: Drag'n'drop of semantic information
Norihiro Kubo (
233903 271726 bytes Can not create NotificationImplementation with palette
Attachment 101926: Fixed GenNodes in ToolEntry Notification
236221 1088049 bytes Enhance add new binding children
Attachment 104131: Patch file
vzurczak (
2d312d 96 lines Update the version to 2.3.1


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