Tentative IP Log for soa.sca

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  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
2995SCA Java Common Annotations and APIs V1.0 (Service and Reference)Service Component Architecture Specification License unmodified
3762XML schemas for OASIS SCA 1.1 (2010_01_26)OASIS License (Custom)
3763XML schemas for Tuscany SCA 1.1Apache License, 2.0

Exempt Pre-Req and Works With Dependencies

No Exempt Pre-Req or Works With dependencies


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Stéphane Drapeau OBEO
Damien Fournier INRIA (Institute national de recherche en informatique et en automatique)
Oisin Hurley Progress Software Corporation
Etienne Juliot OBEO
David Porter Progress Software Corporation
Lionel Seinturier
Vincent Zurczak

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
amos (6d33e942-f73d-0410-a51d-8b4d3eaff046)
983a6c 2 lines commented out the @Override annotation for the method selectionChanged(IAction action, ISelection selection)
Damien Fournier (inria.fr)
262183 11504 bytes Improve introspection with java and SCA tools
Attachment 123529: sca/java introspection source code
263029 214 bytes Attribute name in implementation.fractal
Dan Becker (gmail.com)
261222 2551 Update meta model to define SCA bindings and implementations for Tuscany 1.4
dfournier (6d33e942-f73d-0410-a51d-8b4d3eaff046)
21e0a4 6 lines Fix AssertionFailedException raised when ScaResource/CsaResource are not used in an eclipse environment (see Bug 329342)
6619ad 514 lines Update namespace uri for FraSCAti model
6d9ace 20 lines Fix NoClassDefFoundError raised when an ScaResource/CsaResource are not used in an eclipse environment (see Bug 329342)
966d62 4 lines ScaResource and CsaResource throws runtime exception instead of printing stack trace
a54d5b 344 lines * Update FraSCAti domain model
d7f5c6 24 lines Ensure that uri given to an ScaResource refers to a file before computing promoted services/references and target references (related to Bug 329342).
e74371 58 lines Fix Bug 285257 : Improve introspection with @reference name
dporter (6d33e942-f73d-0410-a51d-8b4d3eaff046)
3892af 12 lines 233429: Reorganized help plug-ins into top-level TOC entries
58a501 1288 lines Broke tutorial into separate topics
620481 155 lines Adding SCA doc to STP Developer's Guide in Help TOC
c3bf70 4 lines Added org.eclipse.help, org.eclipse.stp.doc to dependencies
c970ec 461 lines Broke samples topic into separate topics; polished HTML and text
f0aa38 12 lines Fixed broken links
f480fb 1415 lines Broke the tutorial down further into smaller topics; fixed spelling error in file name
ejuliot (6d33e942-f73d-0410-a51d-8b4d3eaff046)
b24a1b 2118 lines Bug 237963 : new icon set
e196fc 1309 lines fixed sca schemas
Jamil Shaikh (rim.com)
289474 141 SCACompositeUtils class to collect common utility functions
289475 162 Remove getComposite() from org.eclipse.stp.sca.compositeshell
289481 119 Add new class CompositeImplementationResolver
289497 123 bytes SCA Composite Drag&Drop
Lionel Seinturier (univ-lille1.fr)
277716 1524 bytes Method names fix in org.eclipse.stp.sca.osoa.java
Mahmoud Ben Hassine (gmail.com)
320194 79154 bytes OW2 FraSCAti intent wizard plug-in contribution
Attachment 174857: zip file containing plugin project source code
320194 541 OW2 FraSCAti intent wizard plug-in contribution
Maxime Porhel (obeo.fr)
271635 8160 bytes ImplementationDD evolution
Attachment 131288: ImplementationDD evolution
271635 2318 bytes ImplementationDD evolution
Attachment 131292: JavaImplementation drag'n'drop evolution
271635 2300 bytes ImplementationDD evolution
Attachment 131293: ScaImplementation evolution
271635 2330 bytes ImplementationDD evolution
Attachment 131295: JavaInterface drag'n'drop evolution
271642 17427 bytes Drag'n'Drop of AnyExtension needs a specific extension point.
Attachment 131296: DragAndDropAnyExtension extension point
271642 2102 bytes Drag'n'Drop of AnyExtension needs a specific extension point.
Attachment 131768: EditPolicy for the Drag and Drop of AnyExtension through the extension point.
271646 11081 bytes Drag'n'Drop of semantic informations.
Attachment 131299: Drag'n'drop of semantic information
Norihiro Kubo (gmail.com)
233903 271726 bytes Can not create NotificationImplementation with palette
Attachment 101926: Fixed GenNodes in ToolEntry Notification
236221 1088049 bytes Enhance add new binding children
Attachment 104131: Patch file
ohurley (6d33e942-f73d-0410-a51d-8b4d3eaff046)
041742 406 lines Added amalgam build
0593d0 1525 lines Removing old build rubbish, installing new SCA Tools specific build
127b57 33 lines Updated individual project build for 3.5M5
195c9b 2 lines Changed bad character
1fa7da 6 lines Fixed typos in site files; Updated build properties for target platform
2322f3 5 lines * Project-specific build.xml
26016e 58 lines * Root build feature for SCA Tools
2684d1 11771 lines
294445 2 lines Removed bad characters from file
303260 4 lines * Naming refactor
33740d 6 lines * Fixing some relative paths and properties
352b01 6 lines SCA Component Build System
39455c 19 lines Remove re-appointment of platform, update launcher to 3.4
3cd16a 2 lines Fixed the samples directory for local build
3f69a2 25 lines Updates to create site and copy to builds directory
47daae 72 lines Updated RMAP patterns
54a838 338 lines
54b22c 32920 lines
5ae7e9 320 lines
5e4594 542 lines * Updates for new 3.5 p2 compatible build
636ce3 697 lines
6eabe3 6 lines More character changes
76bfea 6 lines Fixed bug in RMAP; updated platfomr.xml to do ppc architecture properly
783d2a 275 lines
80ea35 3 lines Shuffled properties around
8a9f88 2 lines Removed character that was confusing compiler - replaced with HTML í
8ac6fe 26 lines * Amalgam build now refactored to work
910d49 2 lines * Relocating java.io.tmpdir to be in the workspace
a097c9 5 lines * Making java.io.tmpdir assignment non-optional
ac1eea 738 lines Initial content for SCA build system
ad1235 59 lines Updated M7 build pieces
b09eb7 206 lines * Version Up
b419a0 2316 lines * Updates for automated build - linking to STP general build files
b4fdca 146 lines * Add (Incubation) in the feature titles as required by process
b7bf31 74311 lines
bb91b1 6 lines Minor updates to site
c991f9 76 lines Auto-detect of platform parameters; Updated rmap for correct componentTypes on local searchPaths; Some build optimizations and separation
cce2b3 2 lines Updated cspec to include JDOM in update site
def1b8 5 lines * Minor update to build.properties
e281be 9830 lines
e88ba3 2 lines * Added a way to specify buckminster.temp property in buckminster.properties
eb5ef6 91 lines Updates for eclipse infrastructure build.
fe09d3 84507 lines
sdrapeau (6d33e942-f73d-0410-a51d-8b4d3eaff046)
002626 380489 lines Copy branch 2.2.0 into trunk
0135ca 70 lines Bug fix
019263 62 lines
0374f8 25 lines Added SCA Tools build for Amalgam project.
03977d 42 lines Added missing NON-NLS tags
03d08d 25994 lines Removed Tuscany
0496c0 12 lines SCAProject icon
0536b0 31 lines ns prefix fixed for addressing, instance, and policy.
05639d 30 lines Composite files enclosed in a jar file are now copied in directory .metadata.
062f6c 4 lines
069090 35 lines Share project "org.eclipse.stp.sca.capabilities" into "svn+ssh://dev.eclipse.org/svnroot/stp/org.eclipse.stp.sca-tools/org.eclipse.stp.sca/trunk"
071926 99 lines
078991 1383 lines
088747 2 lines
08c8e3 2 lines
08cd3d 195 lines Added xmleditor
092f54 16 lines Preparation to fix Bug 233903
09f3b0 3 lines XSD scheme added in build.properties
0badb0 8 lines
0bae52 1172 lines Extensible SCA Composite Designer
0c021a 46 lines
0c49a9 5 lines
0c8e74 524 lines Updated with FraSCAti namespace version 1.1.
0cd29e 831 lines Added AnyExtension type on Composite, BaseService and BaseReference
0cfb68 1049 lines Updated documentation :
0dab02 223 lines DnD composite file on composite.
0e27c5 6 lines
0e790d 82 lines Apply patch for Bug 271635
108d31 22 lines - Added resolution with the ComponentTypeResolver
10bf65 16 lines Fix for Bug 278028
118756 122 lines cleanup
123fdf 18 lines Updated to version 2.0.0
12476b 255 lines Fix for Bug 289481
126499 1 lines @Override on run(IAction) removed
129c00 6 lines Default size for composite changed
12a607 5 lines
12d229 23 lines Update : version 1.1.0
12f5f9 23314 lines
13a634 2738 lines Bug 236221
14ae3b 117 lines Refactoring + Fix for DnD from jar file.
15bb0a 170297 lines Added SCA/OASIS Meta model
163412 14 lines Added ReferenceResolver and PromoteResolver.
166965 56 lines Fix for Bug 289213
1695ef 7 lines unused imports removed
1732b1 68 lines Added composite file DnD
1776de 17 lines Preparation to fix Bug 233903
17c3e8 4221 lines First commit
1a1e2c 2 lines Updated to version 1.1.0
1a64da 12 lines Update sites updated to version 2.0.0
1bf0fd 975 lines Share project "org.eclipse.stp.sca.compositeshell" into "svn+ssh://dev.eclipse.org/svnroot/stp/org.eclipse.stp.sca-tools/org.eclipse.stp.sca/trunk"
1c9cab 414 lines SCA to Java with Acceleo (UI)
1cd36a 700 lines
1d0659 4 lines Fix for Bug 281961
1d1872 28 lines
1d5a62 8 lines Updated build scripts to reflect the re organization of the project
1e98bc 2738 lines Replaced by org.eclipse.stp.sca.diagram.extension
1facdc 17 lines
1fb762 42 lines Fix: diagonal gradient on figures available when using the zoom
1fc96a 30 lines Organize imports
209754 6 lines
2149be 550 lines Bug 238092: SCA Nature + SCA Project + Actions to add / remove the SCA nature from a project
21828f 2378 lines
21f3ad 4 lines Test
2272b6 2 lines Added ontology.view and ontology.view.jena2 plugins.
23ad65 103 lines + copyright
23d6df 61 lines
246664 9164 lines Renamed plugins named *.jdt into *.java
2473f8 9 lines Added org.eclipse.stp.sca.osoa.java
24855c 8 lines Updated to version 1.1.0
24f63b 108 lines Updated version to 2.0.1
25b3ca 1521 lines
2621e3 392 lines Added missing about.html files
266803 358 lines Fix for OpenDiagramAction, OpenEditorAction, DnD
269b35 14 lines Updated the licence URL
288251 5 lines
28eec8 14737 lines Specific plugin for Tuscany meta model
29c25b 6 lines Fix for https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=246018
2a7f41 81146 lines Refactoring
2a9aea 85 lines - Documentation update
2c7850 37 lines
2d4c96 17 lines Preparation to fix Bug 233903
2db30c 1109 lines SCA to Java with Acceleo
2e1608 232 lines Unused popup menu entries removed
301732 2 lines
307e40 191 lines
310cce 1861 lines Fix for Bug 283636
320df8 12912 lines Code of FraSCAti updated with the latest meta model of Frascati.
3248b7 192 lines
3249bd 2 lines Revert
3288f3 130 lines Removed comments in sample composite files.
32f38a 3164 lines
330b0c 21 lines
337934 2288 lines Apply patch for Bug 271642
33dbdd 413 lines XSLT transformations added to support Tuscany bindings, interfaces and implementations.
341792 1401 lines
350399 12 lines
35616b 3 lines Preparation to fix Bug 233903
35874e 4 lines
35cb16 112 lines Fix for Bug 288212 and Bug 306785
366b65 258 lines JDT dependency removed.
367001 56 lines
367681 14 lines Added introspection plugins
388821 1310 lines Feature "org.eclipse.stp.sca.feature.xmleditor" renamed "org.eclipse.stp.sca.feature.xmleditors" (a 's' at the end).
3954d9 53 lines Test
399316 6 lines Fix for Bug 237789
3a0e57 121 lines
3a6f38 1077 lines Added org.eclipse.stp.sca.capabilities
3a6f5e 912 lines Extensible SCA meta model
3aa51f 260 lines
3ac1a6 73 lines minor corrections
3c77f5 1053 lines Share project "org.eclipse.stp.sca.osoa.java.annotations" into "svn+ssh://dev.eclipse.org/svnroot/stp/org.eclipse.stp.sca-tools/org.eclipse.stp.sca/trunk"
3c83f2 74 lines about.html updated with project creation date.
3f77e1 112 lines Validate action added in popup menu
4023bb 2 lines
403452 11 lines
40a32c 1 lines
40fa31 664 lines
40fc40 140 lines
415660 727 lines added tuscany.ecore_diagram
41988e 21 lines Removed the following plugins :
41a49e 513 lines Cosmetic
41bee3 2 lines
43b551 1688 lines
43fe76 1579 lines
44be15 4325 lines
44d56a 3353 lines
462a2a 4 lines
46573d 131 lines
46814b 1028 lines
46b4e5 77 lines Updated to version 2.0.0
470a3b 576 lines First commit
471d6c 20402 lines
484714 3 lines
48a694 4 lines Updated license properties
4961ec 2903 lines
4965aa 228632 lines
497ac4 399 lines
499e51 4 lines
49bb1f 3442 lines
4ab253 9 lines sca.map added to babel project.
4aff3c 705 lines
4c1019 2 lines
4c6ed2 251 lines
4d3de9 2 lines Test
4d6bd9 6932 lines Moved the ontology view from the incubation directory to the trunk
4ebc33 18 lines Bug fix. Do not promote services and references that are used in a wire.
4f5d3f 424 lines
4f7819 218 lines Auto size feature
4fcc8e 210 lines Arrange All
50645f 33 lines 0.1.0 -> 0.8.0
50e311 664 lines
512829 1969 lines
515246 1 lines
51bb77 29 lines
5277ee 41435 lines Big update of the OSOA meta model.
52b2c5 61 lines Internationalization
52c1cb 26 lines Cosmetic
54a49c 6 lines
551cd4 20 lines Eclipse-LazyStart replaced by Bundle-ActivationPolicy
55f942 1663 lines
56a0a6 32 lines New component name parser:
56ac5e 2 lines New images + new zip
5703d3 4 lines
571aac 6 lines Renamed
573f2c 21 lines Preference page of the SCA Composite Designer under SCA Tools
579bb5 37 lines String externalization
57bb18 41 lines
58a324 2 lines
592a1a 8 lines
599a37 180 lines Added SCAClassLoader. Needed by the Jena connector and the introspection feature.
5a07e1 30 lines SCA Perspective opened when a new SCA diagram is created.
5a321a 4 lines
5a96fe 380 lines Added OSOA API
5c148f 865 lines Share project "org.eclipse.stp.sca.ontology.view.jena2" into "svn+ssh://dev.eclipse.org/svnroot/stp/org.eclipse.stp.sca-tools/org.eclipse.stp.sca"
5c417e 2 lines test
5d057a 2562 lines Updated license properties and files in features
5e462f 728 lines
5f9870 2 lines
61032f 38 lines New test.Client
6108a6 13 lines Fix for https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=246019
61dff1 8 lines
628321 4 lines
63050b 39 lines Updated to version 1.0.1
635e11 778 lines
64ae0d 89 lines Internationalization
65cc35 212 lines
682645 10 lines
6883c1 1 lines Removed src directory
68979b 202 lines Internationalization
689ef6 16 lines Fix for Bug 233903
691d6a 8 lines
693639 78093 lines Removed Tuscany
69470c 6076 lines
69dd21 3795 lines Removed unused icons
69ed29 14 lines Feature "org.eclipse.stp.sca.feature.xmleditor" renamed "org.eclipse.stp.sca.feature.xmleditors" (a 's' at the end).
6a5d94 20 lines Fix for Bug 233903
6a5e6e 2 lines
6a8b4d 615 lines Added documentation for the extension points.
6b20e3 4 lines
6cd489 221 lines - minor corrections
6e0a17 554 lines
6e21db 2743 lines
6e9948 7 lines
6eccd1 465 lines Removed unused plugins
6f6e93 210 lines
6f9819 2339 lines Copyright update
700523 1 lines
70458a 728 lines Specific feature for Amalgamation project.
70ab75 33 lines gmfgen with shortcut
7194f6 1 lines
71f398 6 lines
72c67f 192 lines
73713c 9 lines Preparation to fix Bug 233903
737bc4 131 lines Added plugin dependencies (see Bug 278355)
73aad4 26 lines Preparation to fix Bug 233903
749304 55 lines SCA perspective
7584eb 45 lines Babel map for SCA Tools 2.0.0
7691a0 23 lines Check for Jena
796362 4 lines implements OrthogonalRouter.
79ab56 167 lines Fix for Bug 277716
79efb1 16 lines Updated the svn path of SCA Tools (STP -> SOA)
7a77c0 13864 lines Extensible SCA meta model
7bf78c 950 lines
7c1d7c 4 lines Added Tuscany 2 in the build
7ccc72 7 lines
7d7f8a 4 lines Version Up
7de694 239595 lines Will be renamed org.eclipse.stp.sca.csa
7e80a5 8 lines
7eb954 33 lines
7ecd20 22025 lines Cosmetic
7f734c 34 lines updated to version 0.8
7f90cc 8805 lines
7fa68f 1801 lines Moved the ontology view from the incubation directory to the trunk
8101f6 3 lines Preparation to fix Bug 233903
81396a 46 lines Added about.html in build.properties...
81497f 31 lines
81e743 166 lines New test.Client
8411c7 29 lines Suppression of "reexport" attribute in MANIFEST.MF files.
8476fe 630 lines Updated documentation:
852b3e 127 lines Fix for Bug 235082
85764d 48 lines Added sca.diagram.sca in sca.feature
859003 22093 lines Update to Tuscany 1.4
859261 111 lines Palette reorganisation
85a68f 16 lines Added missing annotations (@Override).
85f537 308 lines New functionality: "Hide/Show" implementations, interfaces and bindings
87277e 7 lines Added orbit dependencies
878283 108 lines String externalization.
89cf01 12 lines Removed unused messages.
8b393f 4 lines
8b81ca 919 lines Cosmectic
8c2d3f 3 lines Fixed the class cast exception when editing a QName of a Component.
8c6757 297 lines Method setInterface replaced by the substitution group in the method doExecutWithResult
8c7c60 6304 lines
8d5e19 30 lines Updated palette to FraSCAti 1.1
8dd6d1 790 lines Added Jena connector
8de774 1 lines
8e009f 2 lines Preparation to fix Bug 233903
8e31d2 25 lines Cosmetic
8e6b87 188 lines SCA perspective
8e8cc3 887 lines Rename services, references and components fire the update of wires, promote fields and target fields (ComponentReference).
8f2643 907 lines 2 new entries:
901661 654 lines
908704 13 lines Fix. Do not search composite files in binary folders during "Open with..." action.
90e3ed 13 lines Added dependencies between features
91a2b0 6 lines
926619 53 lines
92926d 1656 lines
92c5a8 1314 lines First commit
933a63 122 lines Fix for Bug 233647
936758 1052 lines Added introspection of .componentType files
93ed14 5557 lines Fix for #302156 and #302158
94754c 133 lines Fix for Bug 289474
9550f3 257 lines Support for pure SCA namespace
95ea6e 28 lines
9717a2 282 lines missing plugin.properties added
9752b1 40 lines Method setInterface replaced by the use of the substitution group in the method doExecutWithResult
98d0ad 223 lines Internationalization
9a3f00 306 lines Fix for Bug 288212 and Bug 306785
9a58dd 451 lines
9a5990 6 lines Added customsrc folder in build.properties
9ac16e 3 lines
9b6a63 25 lines New graphical representation.
9b9073 3 lines
9bdbfe 22 lines
9c0bf9 4 lines Use Xerces 2.8
9e4008 95 lines
9e9bac 14 lines Cosmetic (SCA Tools popup menu)
9ebc64 4 lines Fix for Bug 279131
9f7be8 195 lines Added missing NON-NLS tags
9fa569 55 lines Fix for Bug 269510
9ff424 617 lines SCA Perspective opened when a new SCA model is created.
a0068c 159 lines Adding separate doc plugin for STP SCA
a007a7 17 lines Removed external builders
a12d25 851 lines
a26e6c 30904 lines Big update of the OSOA meta model.
a4a8a3 701 lines
a57246 3013 lines - Updated about.html files
a673fe 2 lines
a6918f 29 lines Enable the SCA layout provider only on SCA diagrams (Bug 245380)
a82aa0 2 lines Bundle-ActivationPolicy added
a914ec 4 lines Test2
aa1236 155 lines Updated versions (2.1.0) for Eclipse 3.6 (Helios)
aa7ca7 84 lines
ab37d9 352 lines - "DnD" and "Open with default editor" for Java interface
ac29da 2 lines
ac8c3a 4 lines
af440e 1 lines Test
afe232 14 lines Preparation to fix Bug 233903
afec5f 169 lines Added DnD support from the ontology view to a ComponentService and a ComponentReference.
b0068c 2 lines
b00957 11 lines internationalization
b0d8c6 14 lines
b17b50 6 lines jdt dependency removed
b298ed 2609 lines
b2b354 2 lines
b3749f 3 lines
b3e861 27 lines Preparation to fix Bug 233903
b4ae88 754 lines
b5432a 9 lines Revert
b55ede 44 lines
b59d1a 7 lines
b5fd14 26 lines Name of the services and references removed from the graphical view.
b6364b 204 lines Arrang all test
b653d2 1972 lines Updated the copyright.
b674e1 319 lines Internationalization
b6f5c9 5038 lines Fix for Bug 263029
b71c98 3 lines Set Tuscany as default target namespace.
b74690 45 lines
b79349 138 lines Internationalization
b7dde5 10 lines Updated to version 1.1.0
b846ba 28 lines
b865e9 157 lines "Arrange all" + "Resize" on *.composite_diagram files.
b8853b 881 lines
b90285 1180 lines message bundles
b950da 43 lines Fix for Bug 289475
b968f2 4 lines SCA Perspective opened when a new SCA diagram is created.
ba619d 8886 lines Frascati support
bb0a15 7 lines Added Jena connector
bb2f43 123 lines Added references support
bcd2ba 2 lines
bd03b0 4586 lines Fix for Bug 302159 #302161
bd32f3 24 lines
be9ce3 3 lines
bf06a6 24 lines Preparation to fix Bug 233903
bf802e 5500 lines Initial commit for org.eclipse.stp.sca.xmleditor
bffa9f 31 lines Added warning if unable to find the document root.
c053ab 89 lines Patch #237083 applied successfully.
c0a2d1 10 lines Specific figure for Notification implementation and Notification binding
c0f714 7 lines Added ontology view plugin.
c17bae 10029 lines
c1927b 307 lines Added IFile getCompositeFile(String compositeName) method
c1f17a 380 lines Correction of the Bug 228640
c1febf 13641 lines Internationalization
c2f36e 266 lines jdt dependency removed.
c35e35 874 lines Share project 'org.eclipse.stp.sca.validation' in 'svn+ssh://dev.eclipse.org/svnroot/stp/org.eclipse.stp.sca'
c3bd0b 18 lines Renamed plugin org.eclipse.stp.sca.introspection.java into org.eclipse.stp.sca.introspection
c3c475 1952 lines Extensible SCA meta model
c4a0e4 7774 lines
c54ea2 25 lines Fixed the exception raised when saving a composite containing a Frascati or a Tuscany element (this exception occurs only during the first save).
c5e20d 277 lines Fix for Bug 233903
c6011d 12 lines JDT dependency removed.
c66e2e 4 lines
c685ed 10 lines
c6e0b8 52 lines message bundles
c6e3c7 1019 lines
c74f9b 702 lines
c78416 2559 lines Share project "org.eclipse.stp.sca.introspection.java" into "svn+ssh://dev.eclipse.org/svnroot/stp/org.eclipse.stp.sca-tools/org.eclipse.stp.sca/trunk"
c831fb 11 lines Extensible SCA Composite Designer
c8a9a3 1077 lines
c9740e 4 lines Deprecated Eclipse-LazyStart replaced by Bundle-ActivationPolicy
ca59e2 38 lines Preparation to fix Bug 233903
cb1af4 44 lines Added Babel map for SCA 2.0.1
cb92bb 35 lines Fix for Bug 280221
cbb8f1 3 lines
cc219a 275 lines Apply patch for Bug 271646
cd4888 709 lines Share project "org.eclipse.stp.sca.introspection.ui" into "svn+ssh://dev.eclipse.org/svnroot/stp/org.eclipse.stp.sca-tools/org.eclipse.stp.sca"
ce25bf 97 lines Share project "org.eclipse.stp.sca.capabilities" into "svn+ssh://dev.eclipse.org/svnroot/stp/org.eclipse.stp.sca-tools/org.eclipse.stp.sca/trunk"
ce61e6 39 lines + copyright
cee5e8 2 lines
cfe2f8 3 lines
d08cde 4 lines Updated build scripts to reflect the re organization of the project
d0f1fc 4 lines
d3a4fc 1838 lines Copy of the GMF 2.0.2 class named WrapLabel in org.eclipse.stp.sca.gmf.runtime.draw2d.ui.figures
d40dff 296 lines Fix for Bug 288212 and Bug 306785
d41da7 4993 lines Extensible SCA Composite Designer
d43a0c 57 lines
d459d8 98 lines
d65bc7 285 lines synchronisation with the source editor
d7f30d 13116 lines
d809fd 4 lines
d8789f 165 lines
d9656e 6076 lines
da2905 728 lines
da3ac3 6 lines
db1a01 2 lines Updated to version 1.1.0
dc01b9 7 lines
dc678e 4 lines
dcad3c 5 lines
dd3e27 640 lines
ddf2b8 11157 lines
de1895 332 lines
de27ec 409 lines Added extension point "org.eclipse.stp.sca.ontology.modelfactory".
dff455 70 lines Fix for Bug 234096
e054d7 127 lines Added SCA Tools build for Amalgam project.
e0b145 158 lines
e0dcaa 2 lines Test
e345a1 2 lines Updated the name of the Fabric3 feature
e37ade 2 lines Update : version 1.1.0
e3d10b 8 lines
e4a58e 17655 lines Copy branch 2.2.0 into trunk
e639df 19633 lines
e68ac5 45134 lines First version of the SCA Composite Designer for SCA-OASIS
e7bbd2 270 lines Adding separate doc plugin for STP SCA
e7e9f2 3 lines Added sca.genmodel in build.properties
e811ee 272 lines Fix for Bug 269084
e896a4 1229 lines Fix for Bug 233484
e8bb25 14392 lines Fix for #302156 and #302158
e950ee 13 lines
e9f538 83 lines Updated the table of contents of the documentation
ea7da6 5600 lines
eae00b 1 lines
eb0a1c 7 lines
eb1c26 5904 lines Renamed plugins named *.jdt into *.java
ebb122 36 lines
ec14f9 17 lines
ecfe54 2 lines Test
ed606a 16 lines Builder 'net.sourceforge.metrics.builder' removed.
ed8de9 2 lines Fixed version number
ee27bf 18 lines Updated babel map for SCA Ganymede
ee3120 130 lines Updated to version 1.1.0
ee498b 603534 lines Prepare repository to integrate branch 2.2.0
eefc24 151 lines - Addition of missing license headers
efe2f5 3 lines Test
f0417b 2 lines about.html updated with project creation date.
f05dec 160 lines - Gradient on the shapes
f1cf9a 12 lines Fix: diagonal gradient on figures available when using the zoom
f1f8f8 4 lines
f22dcf 60 lines
f242ec 519 lines Added copyFileEnclosedInJar(JarEntryFile transfer,File tmpFile) method
f26597 4 lines
f27241 7 lines Added org.eclipse.stp.sca.capabilities
f2be61 4 lines Preparation to fix Bug 233903
f3385a 718 lines
f4b295 2 lines Test
f5f7c6 285 lines
f62cbd 92 lines Updated the short descriptions displayed in the palette: added information (since ...).
f63759 2 lines Preparation to fix Bug 233903
f8e81a 2 lines Updated to version 1.1.0
f95bea 364 lines
fac39c 17 lines Preparation to fix Bug 233903
fe3211 75 lines String externalisazion
fee752 96 lines added frascati.ecore_diagram
vzurczak (6d33e942-f73d-0410-a51d-8b4d3eaff046)
001edc 16 lines Updated the build properties
014ba5 45 lines Updated plug-in properties and bundle-localizations
016514 674 lines Use the progress monitor reporting correctly
019bbb 1047 lines Its content was dispatched in other plug-ins
0209ee 52 lines Updated the constraints on the JBI binding
02a623 1741 lines Re-added the builder Java validation through an extension-point.
03163b 38 lines Bug 354985 - Do not show the "id" field in the properties view
041400 9 lines Bug 350532 - NPE in the SCA preferences
04a634 3 lines Handle resources which are not found in the XML outline.
054902 36 lines Sort samples by first title word and then by difficulty.
071632 12 lines Use the last version of Tycho
08245a 27 lines Previous archive names were better
085652 119 lines SCA Java project wizard: add the SCA Java annotations to the project class path.
086af8 2 lines Updated form editor plug-in ID.
09be77 4 lines Update the directories
0b2367 32 lines Update build files
0bcbb4 13 lines Add the category for the p2 repo
0cacd8 7 lines Fix the check-sum (hopefully)
0cb227 53 lines Updated for the content-assistant based on the preference page.
0dc11c 2 lines Looks like a permissions issue.
0e96d0 2 lines Updated the extension-points.
0eb8e9 6 lines Add invisible markers on the diagram.
10191f 506 lines Removed EMF dependencies from the XML editors
10ff3e 8084 lines Created an SCA nature and a builder in the SCA commons, to replace the previous one.
12049b 146 lines Moved the ScaCustomDiagnostician in the provisional API
124d5d 7202 lines First draft of the SCA form editor.
12ae8e 2 lines
134839 5 lines
1498da 4 lines Updated XML feature build properties.
151c02 2 lines Moved the "init CSA diagram" in the SCA menu
158d98 197 lines Open java artifacts in the default editor.
162389 418 lines Update the versions to 2.3.0 (it was time)
178565 9 lines Updated feature with last samples.
1903f0 2 lines Fixed the bundle name
1b6e57 9 lines Updated features.
1c4bc2 19 lines Properties updated.
1e5596 4 lines Updated build properties
1e79b2 32 lines Update the pack & sign configuration
1fa895 28382 lines
215f4f 722 lines
21c1f1 7098 lines
22247c 55 lines Updated Babel map.
222ae9 3 lines Ignore the META-INF directory
238cd9 6 lines Update the information about the signing plugin
248de4 3170 lines
2934d0 5158 lines Renamed *.jdt into *.java
2a0617 4 lines Commented things related to the form editor.
2a151a 4 lines Remove project settings.
2bf1f1 10 lines Fixed image paths.
2ef1e0 96 lines Change the version to 2.2.0
30c5e1 10358 lines
319bf2 11 lines Add Orbit in the build
31e450 198 lines Some changes to have common classes between the XML editor and the form editor.
31fa4b 2 lines
31ff54 3 lines Updated the version and the dependencies.
334470 55 lines Updated utility methods.
34aef8 39 lines Added a JBI editor.
36368f 6 lines
363fc3 49 lines Change the way builds are published
36c660 57 lines Updated the method to retrieve the binaries from a bundle.
37fdc4 2 lines Bug 350525 - SCA Diagram is not always created (SCA 1.0)
3894f0 49 lines Added unique target name spaces in every sample.
39a6f1 2 lines
3a3e93 1212 lines
3c338f 6094 lines Delete old features
3c583c 1208 lines Updated creation pages.
3e6b5f 20 lines Removed useless dependencies (might help for builds).
3f35c2 38 lines Renamed *.osoa.java into *.osoa
3f740e 73 lines Prepare automated pack + signing
3f7b26 2056 lines Added the builder for SCA.
3faae0 57 lines Weather samples updated.
3fcef3 2 lines Changed a field visibility
40c456 12 lines Prevent duplicate entries exception.
40eb5d 5 lines Ignore missing directory
41efc0 1974 lines Moved into incubation (checked)
427012 24 lines Update the build feature
433182 2 lines
4388b7 684 lines Added extra-validation for the FraSCAti meta-model (JBI binding for instance).
439177 509 lines Moved Base64 from the XML editor to the common.jdt.
443120 42 lines
44e8ed 205 lines Code cleanup
456681 75 lines UI improvements.
46ee0e 161 lines Imported the composite shell generator from the composite shell plug-in
4771b5 280 lines Added a wizard to create an SCA Java project.
47b21f 455 lines New componentType icons created from component icon.
47fc34 513 lines Fixed some UI issues noticed while testing the tutorial.
499f58 7 lines
49a40b 752 lines The feature for SCA 1.0
4ab1a1 2 lines Trying something for the MD5
4c8b77 38 lines Updated copyright.
4df307 20 lines Update the versions to 2.3.0 (it was time)
4e688e 2 lines
4ed756 1286 lines Fixed migration script.
4fd534 266 lines Updated the the creation pages and reorganized the HTML files structure.
50273f 1102 lines These plug-ins were merged with *.sca.diagram and *.sca.diagram.jdt
504c30 39 lines Reverted the last commit changes (copy/paste issue).
50eef0 212 lines Replaced the Xerces Base64 class by one taken from the Eclipse CVS repository.
50f688 8731 lines Renamed *.jdt into *.java
518963 18 lines Do not migrate closed projects.
51f893 14 lines
523ada 1003 lines Contribution about deployment of SCA applications. That's exploration work.
52a9bc 396 lines Bug 233484
52c8fd 2 lines Make the name correct
531099 1026 lines Added the new samples in the examples wizard.
54694f 143 lines Open java artifacts in the default editor.
547db6 348 lines Removed the componentType wizard from this plug-in.
548bb9 282 lines Bug 354232 - Useless wizard for SCA diagrams
557c0e 2 lines Solved handler conflict
55dca5 14 lines Externalization of the last strings.
5696d5 4 lines Last commit of the day
56e3a6 142 lines Bug 284206
57a8a2 2 lines Reverted plug-in ID (bug to come).
581231 7 lines Added the SCA form editor to this feature. It may have its own feature later (or not).
587fc2 3870 lines Added last FraSCAti model changes to the XML preference page.
590eee 1948 lines Added validation in the builder for Java names referenced inside composites.
5917c5 91 lines Fixed refactoring.
5957da 110 lines Added externalization of strings.
598a3b 852 lines Artifacts were added to build SCA Tools with Tycho.
59aaf8 2 lines Make the build work again for Juno
59acbe 11 lines Ignore 'target' directories
5b0289 35 lines Updated remaining features
5bb259 17431 lines Merged the SCA XML editor and the SCA Form editor in a single plug-in
5cf252 17756 lines
5e16ff 2590 lines Serialization of preferences for SCA XML redone.
5e177e 3 lines
5e1d69 2302 lines Moved extra-validation in *.edit plug-ins
5e3164 921 lines Merged into the model (*.sca) plug-in
5f0edf 140 lines Updated string externalization.
5f5ada 4104 lines
607102 20 lines
607d3f 3616 lines Introduced the "SuperComposite API"
640b25 117 lines Content was merged in the SCA Common plug-in
64c0e4 10182 lines
675635 1177 lines Improvement of images management.
67cbdd 130 lines Update the provider and plugin names
68b309 34 lines Fix the check-sum (hopefully)
6a681d 118 lines Bug 350526 - Validation fails with references whose name starts with a capital letter
6a9f5c 11 lines
6abf12 4 lines Deleted the *.jdt packages.
6b8f2c 25 lines Fixed potential errors (Thanks Findbugs)
6b9da0 5755 lines Basic support for SCA 1.1 (creation wizard, builder, Java generation and composite shell)
6bbd08 1 lines New tentative
6cbe72 14 lines Fixed SCA implementations validation.
6e1b0e 5 lines Fixed some details about composite inclusion.
6e466f 10182 lines Oops ! Was not to move...
6e53dc 3 lines
6e832c 2 lines Renamed the wizard category "SCA Tools" to "SCA".
6f159d 104 lines Fixed errors and warnings that were visible the log view
6fbaf0 12 lines Updated labels.
6ff42d 220 lines Change the version of the maven-signing plugin
70b847 2 lines
7183ea 11 lines Cleaned up code.
74296f 2 lines Search the OSOA plug-in too
7570ab 4 lines Updated string externalization.
75ef0f 13 lines Delete the update site
761c4a 113 lines Gathered utils in *.common.jdt.
767f68 1033 lines Restored the ANT script.
76844c 320 lines Bug 284206
76b8b8 4 lines Fixed nature ID in the wizards.
784f87 79 lines Updated dependencies in features (in particular, JDom was removed)
79c15f 2 lines Updated plug-in name in the feature.
7a7445 4 lines Fix the default values
7a804f 2 lines
7c554a 211 lines Fix the default build for Indigo and Juno
7c6e9b 1468 lines
7c7088 9 lines Hard-coded the SCA nature ID.
7c7989 2298 lines Added OASIS and Tuscany's XML schemas in the SCA XML editor
7c9ff8 77 lines Fixed bugs #266681 and #267653.
7d0e9c 421 lines Imported the composite shell UI from the composite shell plug-in
7fb80b 2601 lines Update of the internationalization
81c8aa 1 lines Removed useless dependency
836ee7 50 lines Fixed Bug 276369
83b369 799 lines Merged the *.sca.validation plug-in into the model plug-in
83bb0c 2 lines Last test. Permissions should be correct now
83e0c7 128 lines Fixed promotions validation.
84336b 62 lines Fix auto-completion from preferences
85c280 40 lines Revert last changes
862ac4 9 lines Updated the samples to be valid with respect to the builder validation (composite renamed).
86f79f 112 lines Useless now
88cc9c 619 lines Moved the componentType wizard in this plug-in.
8928c0 47 lines Some fixes in the builder.
897ba1 1451 lines Remove old build files
8ba554 9844 lines
8bd288 115 lines Added the base of the solution to resolve line numbers
8c1fd5 29 lines
8eb794 341 lines Bug 233484
8f1881 3 lines
8fb29d 6173 lines
9159d6 3279 lines Initial import. The view works correctly. The links with model management were mocked up.
9288f1 1 lines
92a9d1 4 lines Fixing the "pack-and-sign" build
92e013 2787 lines Added three samples from the EclipseCON tutorial.
942431 5 lines Try with org.eclipse.swt
942d78 32 lines Allow samples to provide a .classpath file.
958647 5884 lines
95a470 7 lines Updated the STP feature for SCA.
9607f6 61 lines Commented everything related to the constrainingType page.
96dfe2 2006 lines Moved it to the trunk.
96f038 2 lines
97cb02 461 lines Updated string externalization.
98497f 531 lines The weather samples are in their own plugin now.
98fdc7 2 lines Fix the config
998a72 23 lines Update of the SVN paths
99a2e6 710 lines The core feature for the new SCA Tools
99d033 802 lines Updated SCA feature.
99d6c1 3 lines New tentative (again)
9a44bc 23734 lines
9ab27c 5 lines Do not delete the contents of indigo
9b1a91 28 lines Restoring the original POM
9b4d54 343 lines Back to an organization that allows this editor to work "in stand-alone".
9b7e44 12 lines Add org.eclipse.ui to the plug-in dependencies
9c3dba 3434 lines Moved in incubation (checked)
9caf86 37 lines Updated javadoc.
9d3402 2 lines Fixed rmap file
9df2eb 9 lines Support several DnD handlers.
9e14fd 1670 lines Added the capability to run / debug SCA Java projects.
9e4b79 16 lines Updated XML editor(s) feature.
9e95fc 214 lines Update for the form editor.
9ebc91 2 lines Testing directory permissions
9f10b7 16 lines
9ff866 7 lines Added *.diagram.jdt in the SCA feature.
a4bf7d 235 lines Using XPath instead of a simple parsing.
a60f2b 1355 lines Updated builder.
a6957d 5961 lines Bug 289099: Refactor the SCA XML editor
a78a04 738 lines The feature for SCA 1.1
a88fe2 254 lines Fixed the release of image resources.
a8eaf0 5414 lines
a92e38 2 lines Updated plug-in properties and bundle-localizations
a98fa5 2 lines Suppressed a command handler conflict
a9af70 5711 lines License update
a9c895 248 lines Keep all the classes that used to be in the composite shell plug-in
aac567 7 lines Updated the feature to include the extra-validation.
ad29bf 97 lines Support DnD of *.class files from non-Java projects.
ad3f41 10 lines Commented the simple SCA project.
af3601 6 lines Fixed the "includes" icon and updated shared packages for the form editor.
af77bc 2 lines
af93f7 2 lines Oops ! Enable the Eclipse build profile.
afeb3c 886 lines
aff9eb 3 lines Let the OW2 namespace for Frascati.
b011c0 4 lines Update the signing configuration
b07c4a 63612 lines
b0f64f 1 lines Removed test file
b1c881 1 lines Updated the manifest.
b25939 2 lines Updated Run As classpath.
b39fed 207 lines
b3b8e2 10182 lines Moved in incubation
b660d1 3170 lines
b7217a 3 lines Update of a plug-in text
b917d9 136 lines Merged *.sca.semantic.wsdl.properties into this plug-in.
b951b5 995 lines Addition of the wizards for FraSCAti intents
b9ccb0 587 lines Added the SCA signature mechanism in the SCA builder.
b9f154 34862 lines
ba0fb2 330 lines Update of the SCA XML editor (image management)
ba82cb 1778 lines
bcce6b 23 lines Reverted plug-in ID (bug to come).
bcd17f 14 lines Updated dependencies
bcd7e4 61 lines Can now drag and drop java files from project and package explorers (no dependency to JDT) - Bug 265012.
bfa91b 3033 lines Added a preference page for XML-based editors.
bfc54b 5011 lines Composite wizard: prevent diagram creation when it is not possible
bfe676 59 lines Update the dependencies in the features
c03200 2 lines
c0d34f 9 lines Fixed the label provider for the outline.
c12a0e 8 lines Using another packaging
c17c24 1341 lines Updated the extension-points.
c23abc 1619 lines Updated the JBI binding.
c2f640 661 lines Added SCA resources explorer.
c45b82 8 lines
c54cf4 1 lines Updated the manifest.
c7553f 18087 lines Plug-in merged into *.sca.xmleditors
c776fa 343 lines Fixed refactoring.
c8362e 1070 lines Added WSDL helper (shortcut to WTP WS client + Axis code cleaner).
c921b1 3846 lines
c98045 423 lines Shorten names and fixed HTML.
ca2240 173 lines The POM were updated to publish the generated update sites on build.eclipse.org
ca5e36 2 lines Remove the pack property
cc9345 4 lines Back to the STP location. Move to the SOA URL later (once it is known).
ceb17c 1358 lines Added a new constraint on the JBI binding
ceb945 4 lines Generate a default target namespace when creating a composite.
d0916a 47 lines Re-added the builder Java validation through an extension-point.
d15f94 685 lines Moved inclusion utilities into the common plug-in.
d2ba2b 31 lines Updated copyright.
d30820 786 lines Internationalized the strings.
d3a16e 579 lines Integrated the source code from the "PostGalileo" branch into the trunk.
d51b38 2 lines Support DnD of *.class files from non-Java projects.
d58b0c 21 lines Implementation.fractal and not binding.fractal
d5a483 315 lines Added utility methods.
d6c086 2 lines Do not delete the staging directory
d6eec8 2157 lines Re-initialized *.composite_diagram files.
d72967 1059 lines A sample SCA application which relies on the "Restaurant - RMI Service" application given in the examples.
d96369 7456 lines
dceb17 7 lines Add the repository to find the signing Maven plugin
dd042e 218 lines
dd9f41 11 lines Updated the feature dependencies
ddcf88 2 lines Updated string externalization.
de178b 24 lines Bug 282361
deab91 103 lines Internationalized the strings.
df309d 8 lines Add the SCA nature as the first one, so that SCA projects have the SCA nature overlay (narcissism inside).
df4371 12 lines Remove diagram markers in incremental builds.
df80ff 31 lines Generate a default target namespace when creating a composite_diagram.
e108cb 4 lines Handle default package case.
e19161 35622 lines
e1bf57 6 lines Fixed a problem in the "composite implementation" sample.
e1cfbf 1227 lines Update following the refactoring of the XML editor.
e22f70 4 lines Trying to fix the build (fix-check-sum fails => wrong parameters?)
e3f5d3 69 lines Change the Tycho configuration
e3fd9c 590 lines Addition of about.html files in the plug-ins
e588f2 21716 lines
e6344c 22 lines Merged the SCA capabilities plug-in with the SCA common plug-in
e70e99 47 lines Open run/debug configurations when no SCA configuration has been defined.
e718b7 82 lines Updated copyright.
e743e4 209 lines Updated the documentation.
e7a929 36 lines Made constructor public.
e89b97 11 lines Handle invalid composites in the generation of composite shells.
e914fb 6 lines Fixed the build properties
ea0ec0 4 lines Added org.jdom in the dependencies of the feature.
ea3921 4 lines
ea5387 2 lines Testing the stp-commit mailing-list.
ecb645 27 lines Reviewed some warnings.
ecf73f 2987 lines Contextual XML information retrieval was completely redone (much more precise now).
ecf74a 95 lines Removed useless code
ed055f 56 lines One plug-in for the doc is enough.
ed74dc 9384 lines
edafa7 93 lines Updated componentType wizard (validation, banner).
edd909 250 lines Merged with the *.sca.semantic.wsdl.edit plug-in.
ee37d6 503 lines Renamed *.jdt into *.java
ee62b9 794 lines Added a plug-in for SCA diagram plug-ins using the JDT.
efe856 197942 lines
f08c22 685 lines Removed the packages and the plugin.xml entries related to the SCA nature and the SCA builder.
f0eb4e 11 lines
f1f01f 2 lines Fixed comments.
f4431f 2 lines Testing the stp-commit mailing-list.
f4a1f5 1 lines this is a file for testing the commit notices. Please ignore or delete it.
f4abe5 111 lines Gathered utils in *.common.jdt.
f4c10f 9 lines Fixed auto-completion (case where the elements have no prefix).
f4fffb 543 lines Use the new utility methods
f51f66 1522 lines Moved into incubation (checked)
f5248e 842 lines Added a content assistant based on the preference page for SCA XML elements.
f53b32 8 lines Fixed some UI issues noticed while testing the tutorial.
f61aa6 3 lines New exported package.
f6bd44 411 lines Merged the FraSCAti validation plug-in into this (the FraSCAti model) plug-in
f76bda 6538 lines
f77cc9 129 lines Changed icons to display on the diagram for bindings, implementations and interfaces.
f8b862 1691 lines Re-factored the outline view.
f8ccdd 19 lines Add a new profile for Kepler
fc60aa 5946 lines
fd27f4 4 lines Updated version and ID.
fd9652 136991 lines
fe5864 169 lines Added support for FraSCAti 1.x
ff73a2 912 lines Merged into the FraSCAti model plug-in


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