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Tentative IP Log for soa.bpel

This tentative IP Log is generated dynamically from automatically collected project information. This information has not been vetted for accuracy by the Eclipse Foundation and may not represent the true state of the IP of this project(s). Please refer to the official approved IP Log(s) associated with the official release(s) of this project(s) for more information.


  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
5729ANTLR Runtime Version: 3.0.1New BSD Licenseunmodified binary
6424Xerces Version: 2.9.0 (excludes nested jar files) (PB Orbit CQ2095)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
6425wsdl4j-1.6.2.jar Version: 1.6.2 (PB Orbit CQ2301)Common Public License 1.0unmodified binary
6426junit Version: 4.8.1 (PB Orbit CQ3678)Common Public License 1.0 unmodified binary

Exempt Pre-Req and Works With Dependencies

No Exempt Pre-Req or Works With dependencies


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Sara Ayoubi
Nick Boldt Red Hat, Inc.
Robert Brodt Red Hat, Inc.
Oleg Danilov Intel Corporation
Tobias Liefke
Grid Qian Red Hat, Inc.
Hanine Tout
Vincent Zurczak

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
288935 545 bytes org.eclipse.bpel.xpath10.LiteralExpr doesn't parse the literal correctly
Attachment 146742: Bugfix
grid.qian (
290083 455 bytes can't save the change of the link element location
Attachment 147750: a patch for this issue
290084 792 bytes don't display the correct wizard page of the wizard for adding a Import element to the bpel process
Attachment 147751: a patch for this issue
290085 7347 bytes not refresh the properties view when change the import of the bpel process in the Source tab of the bpel editor
Attachment 147752: a pactch for this issue
290090 1112 bytes there is a error when select a wsdl file in the import wsdl wizard
Attachment 147757: a patch for this issue
290343 27537 bytes should filter the xsd and wsdl when user click Import an XSD or Import a WSDL button
Attachment 147949: a patch for this issue
290344 111604 bytes always show expression:property of variable when you choose From=property of variable and To= property of variable after you add a copy to a assign element
Attachment 147950: a patch for this issue
290345 995 bytes get a java.lang.NullPointerException when create local messageexchange
Attachment 147951: a patch for this issue
290346 829 bytes java.lang.NullPointerException at org.eclipse.jface.viewers.ColumnViewer$2.getCellEditor( when click the propertyid of a correlation
Attachment 147953: a patch for this issue
290348 754 bytes a error occured:java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0 when switch from From worksapce button to From Project button
Attachment 147956: patch for this issue
290349 1668 bytes when collapse a element, there is java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
Attachment 147958: patch for this issue
290350 15631 bytes when delete the partnerlink, a exception occured:java.lang.ClassCastException: org.eclipse.wst.wsdl.util.WSDLResourceImpl
Attachment 147959: patch for this issue
290351 780 bytes no display the detail of a partnerlinktype when switch from 'From Imports' to 'From Project' in the 'Choose the Parnerlink type' wizard
Attachment 149409: fix a issue caused by the last patch
290352 994 bytes when create a partner link, in the property view, detail tab, the partner link type should be disable because the original value of the partner link type is none
Attachment 147961: patch for this issue
292110 590 bytes change a dispaly message of variable detail tab of property view
Attachment 149408: a pactch for this issue
292111 705 bytes java.lang.NullPointerException when open a bpel file that only has a correlationSet element
Attachment 149410: a pactch for this issue
292113 2650 bytes Don't refresh the outline view when delete or add variables, partnerlinks and so on to a scope element
Attachment 149411: a pactch for this issue
292115 19246 bytes bpel.ui.messages - Find Broken Externalized Strings (and clean them up)
Attachment 149414: a pactch for this issue
292116 2853 bytes BPEL->'WSIL Browser' Preference page cannot load WSIL xml
Attachment 149415: a pactch for this issue
297935 908 bytes put a element into a wrong place
Attachment 154545: patch for this bug
297937 4653 bytes namespace not saved when creating new process
Attachment 154547: patch for this bug
298375 503 bytes In the Details property tab of onMessage element, there are reduplicate variable combo boxes
Attachment 154920: patch for this bug
298387 1108 bytes When initializer is created, it appears to be selected but its text is not displayed
Attachment 154953: patch for this bug
298498 674 bytes BPEL Plugin is not correctly initalizing variables
Attachment 155008: the offical patch for this bug
298670 4093 bytes BPEL Editor gives validation errors after creating correlation variables
Attachment 155148: patch for this bug
Lorenzo Bettini (
20c833 53 lines indigo target (and fixed juno target)
3656c0 997 lines Bug 391913: reintroduce expression editors
4b5149 56 lines Added project for target plarform definitions
b28c24 28740 lines Bug 395840: Embeddable Xtext editors
c71058 997 lines Bug 391913: reintroduce expression editors
cf8580 28740 lines Bug 395840: Embeddable Xtext editors
f61e8e 46 lines Kepler target platform definition
Mickael Istria (
357512 110153 bytes Factorize common attributes of To and From element into an AbstractAssignBound element
Attachment 207910: Proposed patch
357605 24278 bytes Remove dependency from IExpressionEditor to BPELPropertySection
Attachment 207911: Patch with better factorization
367841 1449 bytes BPELTextTransferDropTargetListener blocks additional DropListeners
Attachment 209000: Patch that makes BPELTextTransferDropTargetListener disabled when necessary
Miriam Grundig (
291317 25014 bytes Name change of a link is buggy
Attachment 153817: Proposed final patch.
mistria (
513c67 1456 lines Apply the patch provided by Mickaël Istria
78ddd9 9 lines Applying a patch provided by Mickael Istria
95ef36 101 lines Apply the patch provided by Mickaël Istria
nsalatge (
247293 3030 bytes Bug in the generation of "if" activity
Attachment 112546: Patch for this bug
Oleg Danilov (
204936 11190 bytes BPEL Source tab development
Attachment 84945: sourcetab-20071207.patch
205873 1854 bytes Incorrect import added to BPEL when adding variables of primitive types
Attachment 83762: suggested fix
208226 8619 bytes "Export as image..." feature
Attachment 82547: new patch
210754 2192 bytes New partnerlink has partnerlinkType of incorrect namespace
Attachment 83629: suggested patch
210938 1887 bytes bpelex file sould be removed along with a bpel one
Attachment 83781: delete_bpelex.patch
212001 997 bytes ![CDATA sync problem
Attachment 84533: apply-changes.patch
212004 1019 bytes Can't choose variable in Assign / Details wizard
Attachment 84538: variable.patch
212139 96580 bytes @generated tags should be removed from the updated methods
Attachment 84622: clean_generated.patch
212146 1199 bytes Query in an assign operation
Attachment 85048: first_slash.patch
212861 829 bytes NPE at parter link type selection
Attachment 85168: message_adapter_patch.patch
Oleg Danilov (
199713 34994 bytes Tooltips should be more informative
Attachment 76749: enchanced tooltips 2
Oleg Vazhnev (
273353 19651 bytes Shouldn't access BPEL Editor from EditParts
Attachment 132998: patch for this bug
Rob Stryker (
324823 47790 bytes Change the bpel project into flexible project
Attachment 178490: First attempt, accomplishes 1-5
325193 8692 bytes Convert ODE deployer to deploy from servertools module API
Attachment 178789: Patch to publisher
325193 473 Convert ODE deployer to deploy from servertools module API
Robert Brodt (
319215 899 bytes BPEL Editor does not observe "Layout Flow children automatically" preference at startup
Attachment 174882: patch for
320535 2231 bytes XPath validator does not recognize return types of XPath functions
Attachment 174884: path for
320537 2924 bytes XPath validator can not resolve multiple variable reference arguments passed to XPath function calls
Attachment 174886: patch for
320538 3481 bytes XPath validator does not allow unary literals and variables in "IF" conditions
Attachment 174890: patch for
320539 1107 bytes "WAIT" literals are flagged as errors
Attachment 174894: patch for
320545 28269 bytes Deployment editor throws NPE
Attachment 174918: patch file
320654 17795 bytes Namespace prefix is null in content assistant when entering condition expressions
Attachment 175005: Patch for content assistant
321173 1429 bytes CreatePartnerLinkWizard throws class cast exception
Attachment 175438: Patch file for
Tammo van Lessen (
193194 4888 bytes Update namespace in process templates to BPEL 2.0 final
Attachment 71662: Patch updates the templates to use BPELs final namespace
Telesh Alexandr (
275438 8852 bytes Eclipse Galileo support - hot-fix patch
Attachment 142517: updated cumulated patch
278205 2646 bytes Problem with importing remote WSIL/WSDL still exists.
Attachment 137478: cvs patch
Terry (
296532 1203 bytes NPE when process folder contains files without a file extension
Attachment 153409: Patch to fix the NPE
296538 2168 bytes Publish to the server does not preserve sub-directories
Attachment 153411: Patch to preserve the folder structure
302943 4014 bytes NPE using UI
Attachment 159177: Attached patches with extra null checks
308600 485 bytes Publish to the server corrupts filenames if filenames contain the folder name
Attachment 164332: Candidate patch
Tobias Liefke (
334366 1123 bytes Missing factory definition in uiObjectFactories.exsd
Attachment 186813: Patch for the uiObjectFactories.exsd
340654 90440 bytes Synchronize EMF model with code
Attachment 191689: Synchronisation of EMF model with code
340654 2293 bytes Synchronize EMF model with code
Attachment 192524: Readded "reconcile()"
341200 13732 bytes Selection in pipeline is not synchronized with properties view
Attachment 192075: Proposed patch
Vincent Zurczak (
209341 42178 bytes Can't open a bpel file thru File->Open
Attachment 151472: Create a file in the workspace referencing the external file
Vitaly Tishkov (
186551 3885 bytes Throw: IllegalArgumentException when trying to set a user-defined fault type
Attachment 66850: a patch to the bug
187191 2765 bytes Outline View: Outline and Overview buttons don't have tooltips
Attachment 67356: a patch for the bug
188061 1319 bytes org.eclipse.bpel.common.ui.composite.EditorReference can't be built on top of Eclipse 3.3
Attachment 67959: a patch for the bug
191470 2156 bytes IBPELUIConstants.BPEL_SPEC_COMPLIANT_EDITOR_ID is obsolete and should go away
Attachment 70495: a patch for the bug
195365 3589 bytes BPELEditor.loadModelWithoutEditModel() should go away
Attachment 73016: a patch that fixes the bug
199829 1731 bytes inconsistency in o.e.bpel.ui.editparts.ActivityEditPart.addAllAdapters
Attachment 76023: a patch that fixes the bug
vzurczak (
000a73 1 lines Bug 367764 - Export org.eclipse.bpel.ui.dnd package
29b9d1 17 lines Fix the build (avoid a test failure)
32b995 32 lines Addition and update of POM files for the tests.
330b4d 10847 lines First version of the documentation (from JBoss Tools documentation)
37eef7 286 lines Allow to search WSDL in the workspace.
460c5b 128 lines Upgrade the version to 1.0.2
4c43d3 28 lines Fix for Bug 350540
5482f7 691 lines Add about.html in all the BPEL plug-ins
55f934 3311 lines Removal of unused methods and classes.
572d77 26 lines POM update (again)
5a0273 222 lines Fix a bug in the WSDL importer
64621c 2 lines Make a constructor public
64dba4 88 lines WSDL Import: get better names for WSDLs whose URI looks like "myWs?WSDL"
65c274 93 lines Copy the generated updated site on Eclipse servers
6c7f76 303 lines Update the build parameters.
6f2d18 16 lines Same war: fix a SWTBot test that works locally
705f7b 4 lines POM update (yes, again)
76d173 8123 lines Removal of the Switch copy and code regeneration.
78416c 7 lines Update the site.xml file
7969dc 76 lines Change the way update sites are generated. Use a category.xml file now.
7bf931 580 lines Another try for the SWT Bot tests @
7d7b5c 4150 lines Update license texts and internationalize the features
81b526 56 lines Fix a bug with WSDL import for files generated by IIS (.NET)
850402 741 lines Remove a useless entry in the
87ca27 3 lines Embed the file in the bundle
8d97ff 495 lines Remove useless methods and classes.
90497d 8488 lines Complete update of the new BPEL wizard.
92bac0 120 lines Fix the build (again)
999545 4 lines Trying to fix a SWT Bot test (works locally)
a158d8 1 lines Remove @Override annotation
a210be 7 lines Export another package and update a feature version to 0.8.0
abf3aa 27 lines Remove meta from the bundle classpath and put it as a source folder
adf907 241 lines Fix a bug in the DnD
b093f2 1206 lines Use the XPath source viewer configuration instead of the XPath editor
b49500 2 lines Update the packaging
b70e7d 22 lines Repair the build: the file was missing
b867ed 6 lines Simplify the menu selection.
bb1e12 34 lines POM fixes
be0067 10 lines Revert the previous commit, and by-pass Eclipse repositories when
c2b51c 694 lines Fix SWT tests
c3dbac 32 lines Simplify the "publish" step.
c66f91 833 lines Split the BPEL wizard class
c78362 470 lines Fixes for Simrel reports
d50f58 3686 lines UI update + new tests
dc36f4 10 lines Complete a unit test to make sure file extensions are all preserved
dcc62b 5 lines Make a constructor public.
e13c9b 4 lines Do not use plugin repositories from Eclipse
e76976 45 lines Remove Sonatype repositories and update a forgotten artifact ID.
edb422 8292 lines Backup the work made to remove embedded editors.
edcb5b 19 lines Use Tycho 0.13.0
f7c2cd 172 lines Remove update site mark-ups and fix the computation of relative imports


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