Tentative IP Log for rt.rap

This tentative IP Log is generated dynamically from automatically collected project information. This information has not been vetted for accuracy by the Eclipse Foundation and may not represent the true state of the IP of this project(s). Please refer to the official approved IP Log(s) associated with the official release(s) of this project(s) for more information.


  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
71Apache Commons Lang Version: 2.1Apache License, 2.0
2370Apache Batik Version: 1.6 **See Comments 6&7 re CSS SAC APIApache License, 2.0
2876qooxdoo Version: 0.7.4 (Subset - see comments)Eclipse Public License + Modified JSONmodified source
4053JSON2.js - json.org javascript impl of json parser Version: 2010-03-20Public Domainunmodified source
4084Jetty (Subset) Version: 6.1.23 (ATO CQ3915) (using Orbit CQ3934)Apache License, 2.0, Eclipse Public License, Permissive Open Source Licenses
4536YUI Compressor Version: 2.4.2 (Subset)New BSD licensemodified source
5286Tomcat 7.0.12 Version: Subset (PB CQ5094)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
6514Glassfish servlet-api Version: 3.1-b33 (PB Orbit CQ5018)CDDL, Apache 2.0 unmodified binary
7019xml-apis.jar Version: 1.3.04 (PB Orbit CQ2166)Apache License, 2.0, Public Domain, W3Cbinary
7058JsDoc Toolkit Version: 2.4.0 (subset)MIT Licenseunmodified source
7059jasmine Version: 1.3.1MIT Licenseunmodified source
7085iScroll lite Version: 4.1.6MIT Licensemodified source
7089ios6-timers.js Version: Revision 2MIT Licenseunmodified source
7271Apache Felix Gogo Version: 0.10.0 (Command, Shell and Runtime) Version: 0.10.0 (PB Orbit CQ6793)Apache License 2.0unmodified binary
7278JUnit Version: 4.11 (PB Orbit CQ7066)Common Public License 1.0unmodified source & binary
7318hamcrest-core Version: 1.3 (PB Orbit CQ7067)New BSD Licenseunmodified source & binary
7772Google Gerrit Prettify Version: 2.1.5 (PB Orbit CQ4738)Apache License 2.0modified source
8069jasmine Version: 2.0MIT Licenseunmodified source
8302ICU4J and ICU4J Replacement Version: 52.1 (PB Orbit CQ8071)MIT Style with "no endorsement" clause, Unicode licenseunmodified source & binary
8745Transit Version: 0.9.12MIT Licenseunmodified source
9075Java Servlet API Version: 3.1 (PB Orbit CQ7293)CDDL, Apache 2.0unmodified binary
9204icu4j 52.1.1 Version: 52.1.1 (PB Orbit CQ9143)MIT Style with "no endorsement" clause, Unicode license, BSD Style License unmodified binary
9685ICU4J and ICU Replacement Version: 54.1.1 (PB Orbit CQ9145)MIT Style with "no endorsement" clause, Unicode license, BSD Style Licensunmodified source & binary
9686commons-fileupload Version 1.3.1 (PB CQ9586)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
9687Apache Commons IO Version: 2.2 (PB CQ8294)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
10425CKEditor Version: 4.4.7 (PB CQ10358)MPL 1.1unmodified source & binary

Exempt Pre-Req and Works With Dependencies

No Exempt Pre-Req or Works With dependencies

Unused Approved Contributions

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseStatus
69Rhino 1.6R1 Version: 1.6R1 (**excluding proprietary files grabbed during build)Netscape Public License 1.1 (NPL)obsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
70Apache Commons File Upload Version: 1.0Apache Software License 1.1unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
1192qooxdoo Version: 0.7 (rev 9276) (subset)Eclipse Public License +JSON for Eclipseobsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
2057qooxdoo Version: 0.7.3 (subset)Eclipse Public License +JSONobsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
2375Junit Version: 3.8.2 (PB CQ2206)Common Public License 1.0obsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
2377Apache Commons Logging Version: 1.0.4 (PB CQ1945)Apache License, 2.0obsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
2378Jetty Version: 5.1.14 (*Subset) (PB CQ2080)Apache License, 2.0 + Custom Permissive OS Licensesobsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
2379ICU4J and ICU4J replacement Version: 3.8.1 (PB CQ1956)MIT License with "no endorsement" clauseobsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
2380Apache Java Servlet API Version: 2.4 (PB CQ2074)Apache License, 2.0obsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
2916jetty Version: 6.1.7 (*Subset) (using Orbit CQ2081)Apache License, 2.0 + Custom Permissive OS Licensesobsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
2917Java Servlet API Version: 2.5 (using Orbit CQ2075)Apache License, 2.0obsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
3344ICU4J and ICU4J replacement Version: 4.0.1 (ATO CQ2970) (using Orbit CQ2981)MIT license with no endorsement clause, Unicode licenseobsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
3709ICU4J and ICU4J replacement Version: 4.2.1.v20100112 (ATO CQ3699) (using Orbit CQ3700)MIT License with "no endorsement" clauseobsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
4050jslint Version: Edition 2010-04-06MIT Licenseunused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
4051Mozilla Rhino Version: 1.6R6 (**excluding proprietary files grabbed during build) (ATO CQ1694) (using Orbit CQ2175)Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL)obsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
4052json.org java impl of json parser Version: 2008-09-18 (PB Orbit CQ3603)MIT licenseunused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
6513Apache Felix Gogo Version: 0.8.0 (Command, Shell and Runtime (PB Orbit CQ5101)Apache License, 2.0unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
6515ICU4J Version: 4.4.2.v20110823 (PB Orbit CQ5529)MIT Style with "no endorsement" clause, Unicode license unused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release
7272icu4j Version: 50.1.1 (PB Orbit CQ7165)MIT Style with "no endorsement" clause, Unicode licenseunused: not currently in use, but may be used in a future release


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Frank Appel
Istvan Ballok CAS Software AG
Jordi Boehme Lopez
Tim Buschtöns Innoopract GmbH
Ivan Furnadjiev Innoopract GmbH
Ruediger Herrmann
Markus Knauer Innoopract GmbH
Jochen Krause Innoopract GmbH
Cole Markham
Benjamin Muskalla Tasktop
Joel Oliveira
Austin Riddle
Stefan Röck
Holger Staudacher Innoopract GmbH
Ralf Sternberg Innoopract GmbH
Elias Volanakis Innoopract GmbH

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Aleksandar Pavlov (bers-soft.com)
352722 1125 bytes [Table] TableItem#setChecked and TableItem#setGrayed don't cache the virtual item
Attachment 200084: Table Item Patched code
Andreas Hoegger (bsiag.com)
341324 845 bytes SashForm getControls visible only
Attachment 192166: patch for SashForm
Arnaud MERGEY (yahoo.fr)
346407 1689 bytes Impossible to configure SettingsStoreFactory implementation through config.ini
Attachment 196090: Patch allowing to read org.eclipse.rwt.settingStoreFactory in config.ini as well
358741 1342 bytes [GEF] set "Drag-Job" jobs as system in order to hide them
Attachment 203917: proposed patch
Artur Kronenberg (web.de)
320389 15678 bytes Support system tray API
Attachment 176884: Patch for Bug 320389
291178 5865 bytes [design][fancy] Theming for Tree
Attachment 178041: Theme update for tree
291178 2900 bytes [design][fancy] Theming for Tree
Attachment 178042: Tree collapsed Icon for the fancy desing
291178 2905 bytes [design][fancy] Theming for Tree
Attachment 178043: Tree expanded icon for the fancy design
290515 5877 bytes [design][business] Theming for Tree
Attachment 178038: Theme update for the tree
290515 2905 bytes [design][business] Theming for Tree
Attachment 178039: image for tree expanded
290515 2900 bytes [design][business] Theming for Tree
Attachment 178040: Tree collapsed image
324303 89511 bytes [design] introduce i18n for org.eclipse.rap.design.example
Attachment 178051: Internationalization for bundle org.eclipse.rap.design.example
325060 5156 bytes RAP fails with Turkish Locale...
Attachment 179726: Test cases and patch
321458 31228 bytes [Tree] Improve Tree-page in examples demo
Attachment 178392: Update of the TreeViewerExample
Asen Draganov (eclipsesource.com)
281868 4398 bytes [Theming][Button] CSS padding does not work
Attachment 140603: Proposed patch
279815 4215 bytes [Theming][ExpandBar] Add expanded state to ExpandItem-Header
Attachment 140598: Proposed patch
282455 20891 bytes [Theming][CCombo] Theming of CCombo has no effect
Attachment 141044: Proposed patch incl. Combo/CCombo button width themable
282687 5008 bytes [CCombo] getTextHeight is missing
Attachment 141071: Proposed patch
238657 22385 bytes List#getTopIndex is missing
Attachment 142658: Proposed patch
282265 7603 bytes [design] Buttons with CHECK and RADIO are not vertically centered
Attachment 141983: Proposed patch
282454 22226 bytes [Theming][DateTime] Padding around up/down buttons
Attachment 141857: Proposed patch
283466 11123 bytes [Tree][Table] Should reuse new checkboxes
Attachment 142015: Proposed patch
284976 2141 bytes [DateTime] Overflow issue when widget is smaller than preferred size
Attachment 142861: Proposed patch
284021 2003 bytes [DateTime] Text cursor visible outside widget bounds
Attachment 142733: Proposed patch
238656 25210 bytes Combo#getSelection is missing
Attachment 142639: Proposed patch
280900 6031 bytes List#showSelection() is missing
Attachment 143147: Proposed patch
287355 10804 bytes [Combo] Misses methods that are already implemented in CCombo
Attachment 145516: Proposed patch
286254 12711 bytes [Text] setTextLimit doesn't cut existing text
Attachment 145675: Proposed patch
289327 1414 bytes [Combo] Combobox list at the bottom of the browser window is not visible
Attachment 147278: Proposed patch
280839 9212 bytes Display#update is missing
Attachment 147560: Proposed patch
223870 21870 bytes [CoolBar] Moving CoolItems does not work correctly
Attachment 148518: Proposed patch
Austin Riddle (tamu.edu)
258961 1094 bytes Wrong Message Bundle Reference in ActivityMessages
Attachment 120599: Patch with changed code
271277 3775 bytes [Tree] labels of following columns misplaced when showing an image in a column
Attachment 131346: Fix for the image alignment
275380 2503 bytes RAP Cookies Not Secured
Attachment 135386: Patch that secures cookie and validates contents upon read
301481 244 bytes Show View menu is not activity friendly
Balazs Brinkus (cas.de)
301126 1553 [Table] TableColumn remove problem
Benedikt Arnold (gmx.info)
193302 1091 bytes TableItem.getBounds calculates wrong width if table style is SWT.CHECK
Attachment 71743: Replacement for the patch above
Beyhan Veliev (sap.com)
334913 105450 bytes [Tooling] Split tooling and runtime
Attachment 188343: Version 8
336459 2334 bytes [Tooling] Compile error in TargetSwitcher_Test.java
Attachment 188667: Version 2
336794 6119 bytes [Tooling] Refactor UI of install target platform dialog
Attachment 188668: Version 1
334555 5494 bytes [Tooling] Deprecate log-level combo box in launcher
Attachment 188679: Version 2
323702 20471 bytes [Tooling] Browse on entrypoint/servlet should search Target bundles too
Attachment 189187: Version 1
282938 44685 bytes [Tooling] servlet/entrypoint should validate against selected bundles
Attachment 189684: Validation Entrypoint/Serveltname v2
254718 37901 bytes [Tooling][Launcher] Workspace Data section missing
Attachment 192803: Versoin 3
338706 975 bytes [Tooling] Update launching RAP application docu with Workspace Data section
Attachment 190180: Version 1
338706 42860 bytes [Tooling] Update launching RAP application docu with Workspace Data section
Attachment 192840: Default location changed
336242 1218 bytes [Tooling] Update documentation about RAP-tooling
Attachment 188691: Version 2
340435 12216 bytes [Help] Update WAR Deployment guide to use WAR Products tooling
Attachment 191514: Version 1
340435 149732 bytes [Help] Update WAR Deployment guide to use WAR Products tooling
Attachment 191515: New Images
335285 13190 bytes Provide tooling support for JavaScript Tests
Attachment 192822: Version 2
337810 13598 bytes [Tooling] Add target platform validation to the RAP templates wizard
Attachment 193680: Question dialog instead check box
342854 33991 bytes [Tooling] Main tab of RAP Launcher looks overloaded
Attachment 194346: Patch updated to CVS head
342083 26069 bytes [Tooling] Allow the context path to be specified in the run configuration
Attachment 194259: reviewed and updated patch
342190 10277 bytes [Tooling] Servlet name validation breaks for feature-based launch
Attachment 194247: Patch with test cases updated
343488 31847 bytes [Incubator] Create an incubator feature
Attachment 194442: Updated incubator feature
341083 3284 bytes [Tooling] Update RAP launcher documentation
Attachment 194444: patch updated
341083 36869 bytes [Tooling] Update RAP launcher documentation
Attachment 194445: main tab screenshot
344578 23371 bytes [Tooling] Rename checkbox to select servlet/entrypoint/application
Attachment 194812: filter moved to the drop-down menu
346630 21748 bytes [Tooling] Install latest release runtime can fail in case latest build runtime is already installed
Attachment 196197: fixes the search for "org.eclipse.rap.runtime.sdk.feature.group"
346525 1365 bytes [Tooling] Use stable URLs for runtime download
Attachment 196193: updates the repository URLs to the stable ones
351075 20558 bytes [Tooling] Remove log-level combo from launcher
Attachment 199320: remove log-level patch
355359 58780 bytes [releng] Tooling does not update to latest stable build (1.5M1)
Attachment 203943: install a remote target definition patch
Boris Stepanov (rocketsoftware.com)
273009 1026 bytes [Browser] parent.qx.ui is null error when iframe loads its content
Attachment 132540: IFrame.js fix
Christian Janz (cas.de)
195171 6427 bytes [Text] Implement selection methods for Text with SWT.MULTI
Attachment 108641: Patch to enable the text-selection in multi-line text widgets
231761 734 bytes [ScrolledComposite] setSelection broken with alwaysShowScroll
Attachment 99905: ScrollCompositeLCA patch
Cole Markham (ccmcomputing.net)
275351 5247 bytes Cross-Site Scripting Security Vulnerability
Attachment 134849: patch to address XSS vulnerability
DaAzrael Mising name (gmx.de)
251820 1436 [TableItem] setText (String [] strings) doesn't exist
Darko Varju (googlemail.com)
246074 1593 bytes CTabFolder#getItem(Point) is missing
Attachment 111576: missing method getItem(Point) added
Dominik Ebert (ars.de)
294639 2312 bytes [ExpandBar] accepts indexOf( null )
Attachment 153057: Final draft for ExpandBar
294599 3299 bytes [Text] getText(int,int) is missing
Attachment 152831: Final draft
294593 41447 bytes [Resources] Accessors should fail in case of disposed resource
Attachment 152938: First draft
294606 2827 bytes [Combo] IndexOutOfBounds for wrong arguments
Attachment 152943: Final draft
294646 2689 bytes [Table] removes same indices twice
Attachment 153323: Final draft
294654 4204 bytes [TreeItem] doesn't handle invalid index within parent item
Attachment 153250: First draft
Ed Merks (gmail.com)
215908 1179 bytes WizardDialog.run should not use null as the progress monitor
Attachment 87351: Changes to use in a null progress monitor rather than null.
Elias Volanakis (eclipsesource.com)
219028 397194 bytes Implement activities in RAP
Attachment 90266: Support for activities in RAP
220476 114772 bytes Provide an RWT-based mechanism for persisting settings
Attachment 92114: Setting Store Patch v3
220477 18823 bytes Provide AbstractUIPlugin.getPreferenceStore()
Attachment 92252: Sample Project v2
Erdal Karaca (googlemail.com)
280731 795 bytes [Table] Javascript error in IE 6/8 when column width is zero
Attachment 139529: works in IE
Fabian Henniges (economore.de)
388689 1547 bytes NPE in CellToolTipProvider while setting CellLabelProvider
Attachment 220658: Patch
Florian Waibel (eclipsesource.com)
333154 1026 bytes Widget.isValidThread() should reuse the implementation of Display.isValidThread()
Attachment 185771: Patch containing the suggested reuse of Display.isValidThread
359054 2343 bytes [Link] NullPointerException in LCA after deserialization when running in cluster
Attachment 204114: Complete patched JUnit test SessionSerialization_Test.java
Gareth Bowen (orionhealth.com)
341849 2022 bytes Deadlock shutting down UI thread
Attachment 192510: Patch
Gunnar Wagenknecht (wagenknecht.org)
339820 34800 bytes FilteredItemsSelectionDialog$RefreshCacheJob needs a context
Attachment 191074: patch which fakes the context
Hasan Ceylan (batoo.org)
276596 1302 bytes [Spinner] misses to fire events under some circumstances
Attachment 136100: patch to solve backspace & missed digit key in problems
Hugh Gibson (cix.co.uk)
204910 1379 bytes IE7 leaks memory on each request
Attachment 79436: Fixes the problem by using a dummy function
Ian Bull (eclipsesource.com)
283595 2139 bytes defaultProgressManager leaking jobs
Attachment 141678: Patch
Igor Pavlenko (inbox.ru)
273769 4964 bytes Radio selection events work wrong
Attachment 133292: Patch for this issue
275998 1330 bytes WorkbenchPreferenceExtensionNode and pluginId
Attachment 135490: Patch to fix problem
281315 748 bytes Outdated message in ProgressCanvasViewer
Attachment 139952: Patch to fix this bug
Ivan Furnadjiev (eclipsesource.com)
240684 3738 bytes Disabling a sub menu doesn't work in cascaded menues
Attachment 107440: Patch that fixed it.
239006 64147 bytes Scale widget is missing
Attachment 106936: Patch without the binary data (images).
Jordan Yakovchev (eclipsesource.com)
280636 941 bytes [Table] When in a ScrolledComposite, getColumnOrder() can be wrong after moving a column
Attachment 139858: Proposed patch
282679 7064 bytes [DateTime] Key events are propagated to parent
Attachment 141161: Proposed patch
283416 1643 bytes [TableViewer] Problem in Cell Editor mode in webkit browsers
Attachment 141518: Proposed patch
280905 8409 bytes [table] Wrong column position after movement
Attachment 139859: Proposed patch
283546 849 bytes [Spinner] Mouse-wheel events also affects scrollable parent
Attachment 141642: Proposed patch
283545 955 bytes [Radio Buttons] Key events also affects scrollable parent
Attachment 141641: Proposed patch
283545 1705 bytes [Radio Buttons] Key events also affects scrollable parent
Attachment 142228: Proposed patch
283544 2694 bytes [Slider] Key events also affects scrollable parent
Attachment 141640: Proposed patch
283544 1613 bytes [Slider] Key events also affects scrollable parent
Attachment 142226: Proposed patch
283543 2963 bytes [Scale] Mouse-wheel and key events also affects scrollable parent
Attachment 141639: Proposed patch
283541 747 bytes [Combo] Mouse-wheel and key events also affects scrollable parent
Attachment 141637: Proposed patch
282679 6515 bytes [DateTime] Key events are propagated to parent
Attachment 142236: Proposed patch
283542 1173 bytes [Table] Mouse-wheel and key events also affects scrollable parent
Attachment 141638: Proposed patch
288344 1698 bytes [list] Letter keys change the selection while ALT or CTRL is pressed
Attachment 146377: Proposed patch
288807 903 bytes [table] The focus stays on the browser location bar after clicking on a table item text.
Attachment 146649: Proposed patch
192634 6160 bytes [Label] Label swallows subsequent whitespaces
Attachment 147083: Proposed patch
242223 1310 bytes [Table] table items ignore leading blanks in text
Attachment 147086: Proposed patch
289089 698 bytes [Tree] Columns in virtual tree viewer render incorrectly upon scroll
Attachment 147557: Proposed patch
280171 820 bytes [Text] SWT.WRAP not respected in webkit-based browsers
Attachment 147544: Proposed Qooxdoo patch
290410 1758 bytes [Combo/CCombo] Combo-list width should take the maximal width of all the subitems
Attachment 148107: Proposed patch
290565 909 bytes [Table] Selected rows cut off
Attachment 148332: Proposed patch
290879 1247 bytes [Table] Incorrect scroll width if table has checkboxes and no columns
Attachment 148394: Proposed patch
243874 6264 bytes [Events] add*Listener throws wrong exception
Attachment 148421: Proposed patch
264219 0 bytes [Table] Selection is faster than scrolling
Mariot Chauvin (gmail.com)
200389 1063 bytes Link widget allows every html tag
Attachment 78497: escape html tags
Martin Domig (domig.net)
465413 562 bytes Callback deregistration (rap.off) deletes wrong callback if called multiple times
Attachment 252731: Patch that will make possible to call rap.off() multiple times without side effects
Nick Mussin (eclipsesource.com)
351651 201551 bytes Split AppearancesBase.js into one file per widget
Attachment 205027: split AppearancesBase.js into separate files
347797 2676 bytes [Theming][Menu] Enhance MenuItem theming
Attachment 207965: increased MenuItem padding and separator padding
365569 830 bytes [Theming] Readonly Text with BORDER does not render border
Attachment 207962: fixes read-only texts with BORDER style flag
370061 2233 bytes [Controls Demo] Provide a style contributions for "special-red" and "special-blue" variants
Attachment 210302: adds theme contribution to default theme with properties for custom variants 'special-red' and 'special-blue'
Paul Kendall (gmail.com)
321924 1101 bytes [Theming] ExpandItem sub-widgets do not inherit custom style variants
Attachment 175983: Patch to fix ExpandItem custom variants
Rabea Gransberger (gmx.de)
435210 1036 bytes [design] Example themes not working without ConfigAction
Attachment 243256: Fix for ViewStackPresentation
Ralf Zahn (ars.de)
280902 10676 bytes ProgressBar#setState() is missing
Attachment 142660: Patch: First proposal
283291 39598 bytes Provide history support
Attachment 149808: 4th draft
205499 27831 bytes [Spinner] setDigits is missing
Attachment 160227: Draft of Spinner component with digits (locale-dependent formatting)
294609 7747 bytes [List] isSelected fails with duplicate list items
Attachment 162909: Patch with ListModel fitting the ListModel_Test requirements
Roberto Sanchez (autonomind.com)
255690 1158 bytes [DateTime] Widget doesn't get Typed Year value
Attachment 118167: This patch solves the problem
Scott Warner (healthlanguage.com)
259030 1829 bytes StackOverflowError in widget id generator
Attachment 120967: New patch for fix
Sebastien Arod (gmail.com)
362924 4056 bytes [FileUpload] Causes classloader leaks
Attachment 207010: Patch using commons file upload 1.2.2 APIs
Stefan Riesen (riesen-net.ch)
268654 796 bytes Typo in Java script file leads to JavaScript Evaluation Error
Attachment 128835: Patch to resolve the javascript bug
Stefan Rck (googlemail.com)
251184 1028 bytes [Text] Size determination for text containing only blanks is wrong
Attachment 115555: Patch proposal
Stephan Leicht Vogt (bsi-software.com)
324082 1426 bytes [Theming] ThemeAdapters return wrong values for subclassed widgets
Attachment 205800: Proposed solution
324082 3984 bytes [Theming] ThemeAdapters return wrong values for subclassed widgets
Attachment 205799: Test case
362196 739 bytes Black instead of transparent backgrounds in IE8 / Opera
Attachment 206076: Patch witch solves the black-issue in opera
364172 1083 bytes [Scrollbar] Sends "NaN" as "topItemIndex" after _layoutPost
Attachment 207229: Patch to fix the described problem
382729 614 bytes Losing connection with IE9 results in a error page "Request failed"
Attachment 217420: Solves the issue by adding "newmshtm" to Request#_isConnectionError
347771 2302 bytes [Theming][Table] Make column separator themable
Attachment 217434: update of last patch
Thomas Kstermann (airpas.com)
383718 826 bytes Wrong resource URL leads to "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URI is not hierarchical"
Attachment 217982: Patch for RAP 1.5
Thomas Schindl (bestsolution.at)
272674 1374 bytes [ExpandBar] Calculation of ExpandItem-Control incorrect
Attachment 132208: Patch
tibersept Mising name (yahoo.com)
336340 849 bytes [TableColumn] Moving "0 width" columns
Attachment 188314: Quickfix
Tim Buschtoens (eclipsesource.com)
284717 80126 bytes [Button] Implement a custom Button based on MultiCellWidget
Attachment 143158: SWT-like multi-purpose Button
283394 1895 bytes [Shell] Enable rounded borders for Shell
Attachment 141797: Solves "resize"-problem
284417 858 bytes Rounded borders with 0px border width broken in Chrome
Attachment 142501: solves problem
277671 17975 bytes Implement background gradients
Attachment 141899: Enableds gradients for more widgets
277671 1054 bytes Implement background gradients
Attachment 141496: Fixes problem with group-dimension
277671 18053 bytes Implement background gradients
Attachment 141433: enable gradient and rounded border css
286012 764 bytes [Button] Check / Radio have wrong cursor
Attachment 143784: The ACTUAL solution
286098 1043 bytes [Button] Broken appearance with CSS border-radius property set
Attachment 143882: Solution
286378 874 bytes [Text] Border disappears if CSS border-radius property set
Attachment 144204: patch
286295 1147 bytes [design] Button font colors are wrong since 1.3M1
Attachment 144196: patch
286926 789 bytes [Theming] Gradient breaks canvas layout in IE
Attachment 144926: Real fix
287147 889 bytes Button Text Problem in Wizard
Attachment 145105: Fix
287681 4840 bytes [Menu] causes session timeout due to emtpy image
Attachment 145658: Fix for MultiCellWidget
287823 740 bytes Radio Button does not work correctly anymore
Attachment 145791: fix
287838 10052 bytes [Design] Disabled Buttons are unreadable
Attachment 145809: same patch including test
288098 58013 bytes Fix js-tests for IE
Attachment 146051: fix
288145 1604 bytes [Menu] Memory Leak
Attachment 146080: fix
287810 947 bytes Add destructor to MultiCellWidget
Attachment 145774: destructor
287547 7826 bytes Bad updating control tooltip
Attachment 145924: a better solution
288615 10924 bytes Refactor HtmlUtil.js to remove StringBuilder.js
Attachment 146647: fix
288737 1042 bytes Scroll bars are broken in Opera 10
Attachment 146880: Same patch - Qooxdoo-style formatting
273214 5542 bytes [Text] Use the "native" context menu if there is no servers-side context menu attached
Attachment 147690: 4th patch
290153 19135 bytes Remove original qooxdoo-toolbar from RWT
Attachment 147797: Removes old toolbar
290293 12901 bytes [Menu] Menubar does not open same menu twice
Attachment 147907: Fix
290817 2005 bytes [Menu] Can not click MenuItem in FireFox 2
Attachment 148339: Suggestred solution
285590 5488 bytes [Theming][Button] Support variable size for CHECK and RADIO indicator images
Attachment 148507: Fix2
291672 845 bytes Sash widget breaks and cannot shrink child composite while dragging the sash over any disabled children
Attachment 149107: Suggested solution
291344 2799 bytes [Coolbar] - Look & Feel of Toggle Button
Attachment 148789: layout fix
260255 1347 bytes [CoolBar] Items overlap each other
Attachment 149137: Possible solution (?)
260255 1822 bytes [CoolBar] Items overlap each other
Attachment 149221: Update for CoolItem tests
223834 939 bytes [Browser] Modifying the DOM (execute javascript) does not work
Attachment 149441: Fix
295475 1915 bytes Mouse-events do not work during drag-gestures in FF
Attachment 152485: alternative fix-implementation
297202 6887 bytes [DnD] Dragging multiple TableItems does not work
Attachment 154221: Fix
296341 933 bytes [List] Drag and drop conflicts with multi-selection
Attachment 153245: fix
296447 113576 bytes [DnD] Implement Feedback for Tree and Table
Attachment 153923: Version 4
296454 34691 bytes [DnD] Improve Transfer-Support
Attachment 154314: fix
296453 40050 bytes [DnD] Support "OperationChanged"-event
Attachment 154419: fix
299263 141442 bytes create a client-side vector-graphics abstraction layer
Attachment 155733: Patch
298414 1774 bytes [Theming][ToolBar] ToolItem does not support border-radius
Attachment 155840: fix
298836 857 bytes [DnD] update 1.3M4 and UITests Error
Attachment 155734: fix
299034 6173 bytes [DnD] Drag and Drop from view to editor is not working
Attachment 155764: fix
298428 2173 bytes [Theming][ToolBar] Make ToolItem align themable for vertical toolbars
Attachment 155962: fix
299350 729 bytes [Menu] Submenus do not open correctly in certain constellations
Attachment 155968: fix
294736 1244 bytes Focus indicator visible both inside and outside buttons
Attachment 155978: fix
298428 977 bytes [Theming][ToolBar] Make ToolItem align themable for vertical toolbars
Attachment 156004: additional fix
292359 148712 bytes [Theming][ProgressBar] border-radius not supported
Attachment 157231: fix
299620 1379 bytes [Table] ScrollBar not updated on invisible, VIRTUAL table
Attachment 157307: fix
301236 4203 bytes Background-image with rounded borders kills session in Chrome
Attachment 157609: fix / workaround
300509 929 bytes [Shell] Shell gradient is not clipped in Chrome
Attachment 157643: fix
301544 3181 bytes [DnD] Wrong event-order when dragging very fast twice
Attachment 157924: fix
301434 5030 bytes [DnD] Missing DragEnter-event
Attachment 157925: fix
301768 2386 bytes [Wizard] Crashes client-side application in Chrome
Attachment 158187: fix
301709 5439 bytes IE can clip 2 pixels too much
Attachment 158492: fix
301946 27507 bytes [Text] setEchoChar is missing
Attachment 158687: fix
302135 9322 bytes [Theming] fix userForeground for disabled widgets
Attachment 158749: fix
301427 2370 bytes [Table] images are not grayed out when disabled
Attachment 158834: Possible solution
302711 59359 bytes [Theming] enable opacity for FocusIndiactor
Attachment 158978: fix
302980 804 bytes Remove checks for qooxdoo variant "qx.aspects" in qx.js
Attachment 159220: fix
303059 4300 bytes Remove checkDefined from ThemeValues.js
Attachment 159305: fix
297066 12733 bytes Refactor newWidget in WidgetManager.js
Attachment 159296: fix
303162 15418 bytes Prevent unnecessary qooxdoo-flushs
Attachment 159411: fix
303197 3908 bytes Reduce use of "eval" and "new Function" in JS
Attachment 159446: Proposed patch
275391 16103 bytes [Text] setTextLimit for SWT.MULTI doesn't work
Attachment 160209: fix
305890 3242 bytes [design] glitch in combo-box button
Attachment 162086: fix
306030 893 bytes [Shell] Rounded borders are not updated when maximized
Attachment 162183: quick fix
304651 919 bytes [Text] Dragging text from a text widget causes browser to load it as URL
Attachment 162150: fix
306042 5846 bytes [Shell] Shell not restored correctly after browser resize
Attachment 162282: new fix
196417 691 bytes [Shell] controlMoved doesn't work
Attachment 162283: fix
306713 4116 bytes Device#getDPI missing
Attachment 163078: fix
307216 1414 bytes [design] Composite can crash when using background-image: none
Attachment 163104: fix
305659 52266 bytes [Text] support background gradients
Attachment 163271: fix
306695 2555 bytes Setting the background does not work if rounded borders are set
Attachment 163259: corrected patch
307400 2469 bytes [design] GraphicsMixin can not switch from color to image background
Attachment 163277: fix
290242 69437 bytes [Theming] Provide opacity for widgets
Attachment 160170: fix
307415 1534 bytes [design] JavaScript error in IE, when selecting a tab from a part stack (view, editor)
Attachment 163385: fix
299629 6391 bytes IE does not handle composites correctly
Attachment 163393: fix fix
307734 6556 bytes Refactor AsyncKeyEventUtil.js, _isUntrustedKey
Attachment 163545: fix
306820 2228 bytes [design] Glitch in CTabItem with rounded borders in IE
Attachment 163416: fix / workaround
306631 61876 bytes [Theming][Shell] Make blocker overlay for modal shells themeable
Attachment 163624: advanced fix
306354 719 bytes No Cursor after selecting a Text in IE
Attachment 163878: fix
308210 2529 bytes GraphicsMixinTest "testPadding" fails in IE
Attachment 163895: fix
307944 3456 bytes Display#getDepth is missing
Attachment 164185: fix
308702 3439 bytes Javascript error when programmatically selecting tab with ScrolledComposite
Attachment 164549: qooxdoo fix
308346 1837 bytes reduce logging in client-tests
Attachment 164553: fix
307733 2629 bytes AsyncKeyEventUtil misses events in FF
Attachment 164551: fix
309130 11514 bytes create ASyncKeyEventUtil tests
Attachment 164832: fix
309812 3193 bytes [GC] JS error in Examples Demo
Attachment 165449: fix
309934 2727 bytes Text widget & Context menu - caret and selection missing.
Attachment 165774: fix
306791 3592 bytes [Theming][Table] Allow for vertical-only grid lines
Attachment 165567: fix
309816 203354 bytes [Theming] enable css3-like animations
Attachment 166060: fix
311000 6195 bytes JavaScript tests are green when you execute corrupt JavaScript
Attachment 166507: fix
311025 13824 bytes [Examples Demo] provide page for animations
Attachment 166806: fix
311358 6712 bytes Problem with hover state and animations
Attachment 166927: fix
311543 2880 bytes Animated Shell overlay cause flicker with stacked modal dialogs
Attachment 167122: fix
311533 5554 bytes [Animation] Undesired animation on pressed button
Attachment 167105: fix
311536 3283 bytes [Animation] Delay animation when browser is busy
Attachment 167127: fix
312544 1567 bytes [CCombo] Read-only ComboBoxCellEditor throws javascript error in IE
Attachment 168106: fix
290583 188 bytes [Table][Tree] hover state not reset after resizing column
301277 119 Refactor Graphics-Tests
Tobias Liefke (liefke.biz)
351404 858 bytes The propertiesView extension-point is missing the org.eclipse.ui prefix
Attachment 199232: Patch for the plugin.xml of org.eclipse.rap.ui
Vasko Tchoumatchenko (eclipsesource.com)
270884 2160 bytes [Contributions] WorkbenchServiceRegistry fails with ArrayStoreException
Attachment 130621: RAP adaptation of the 264845 patch
262397 1170 bytes Error Dialog Throws Exception
Attachment 125760: Fix
260662 14267 bytes ColorDialog for RWT
Attachment 122867: Updated ColorDialog.java
260399 13020 bytes Fix for various expression-based activities related issues
Attachment 121956: Fixes various expression-based activities related issues
260032 1440 bytes Expression controlled activities are inconsistent when persisted and reloaded
Attachment 121598: Remove expression controlled activities persistence
253756 2056 bytes Request retry causes multiple browser-instances error
Attachment 132678: An incorrect bug number reference fixed in the comments.
249630 853 bytes IRunnableWithProgress in WorkbenchAdvisor does not show dialog
Attachment 126355: Fix
220733 1196 bytes Missing Theme after using browsers back button
Attachment 147379: Alternative fix
283221 20697 bytes [Tooling] provide session timeout option
Attachment 149354: proposed patch (1/2)


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