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Tentative IP Log for

This tentative IP Log is generated dynamically from automatically collected project information. This information has not been vetted for accuracy by the Eclipse Foundation and may not represent the true state of the IP of this project(s). Please refer to the official approved IP Log(s) associated with the official release(s) of this project(s) for more information.


  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
5868DocBook DTDs and Schemas Version: 5.0W3C License, Custom License based on NTPunmodified source
5869Batik CSS engine library Version: 1.7 (PB Orbit CQ2941)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
6700xml-apis.jar Version: 1.3.04 (PB Orbit CQ 2166)Apache License, 2.0, Public Domain, W3C unmodified binary
6701Batik utility library Version: 1.7 (PB Orbit CQ2932)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
6702Batik GUI utility library Version: 1.7 (PB Orbit CQ2934)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
7622xinclude schema Version: 1.0 (PB CQ2232)W3C Licenseunmodified source & binary

Exempt Pre-Req and Works With Dependencies

No Exempt Pre-Req or Works With dependencies


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
David Carver
Carsten Hiesserich
Igor Jacy Lino Campista
Florian Thienel
Holger Voormann

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Carsten Hiesserich (
226524 255 lines extract whitespace processing to new XML class
5660b2 770 lines Bug 410241: Namespace handling for attributes fixed
683154 324 lines refactoring: provide a base implementation for IUndoableEdit
6e7c6a 81 lines Add element fails in nodes with mixed inline and text elements
70608e 44 lines pasting at invalid position should not delete parts of the document
86cdca 244 lines revalidate outer block's layout when inner block is edited
8cd6d1 142 lines compress whitespace when inserting text through IVexWidget.insertText
950628 52 lines write DocumentFragment "as-is" without wrapping
a119c9 74 lines allow to insert newline into verbatim (pre) elements
b12414 3 lines create Vex namespace for internal processing
c094e5 603 lines apply whitespace policy to inserted XML fragments
c14a87 51 lines correct formatting of verbatim elements
ca2f86 239 lines do not create Text nodes for superflous whitespace
cbfae7 20 lines test for undeclared attribute namespaces
ebfdb4 109 lines add declarations for undeclared namespaces on insertFragment;
f726a9 64 lines Insertion of elements into comments should not be possible
ffaf9c 115 lines handle block splitting when cursor is right before inline element
David Carver (
1d5cc1 11 lines Add dependency on platform sdk.
41e305 8 lines Fix dependency issue.
4a448b 64 lines [323292] Temporarily comment this out.
57660a 41 lines [323292] clean up parent pom for Documentation generation.
70935f 88 lines [276600] Add source bundles to the build.
74efc0 2 lines [329633] Change imagedata to block by default.
95ab4d 97 lines [323292] Added MylynWiki Text steps to the documentation build.
9a208c 1 lines [323292] Fix issue with pom.xml file.
9af069 27 lines [276600] Create Source Bundles and Update to Tycho 0.10.0
b8d6a2 2 lines [nobug] upgrade to 0.9.0 of tycho.
b9e1c2 2319 lines [323717] Cleaning up vex-dev branch and then will merge to vex-release
bf3923 64 lines [323343] Test updated proxy/hostname resolution settings on new hudson server.
dcb314 18481 lines Removing jsf.facelet as it's no longer under development in the incubator
260806 2038 bytes [vex] enhanced support for 'content' CSS property
Attachment 127982: Updated Patch to include Contribution Information in the header.
Denis Roy (
90c75e 46 lines Bug 402384 Add CONTRIBUTING file
Ed Merks (
16be06 280 lines Suggested changes to the Vex setup.
Florian Thienel (
01696b 0 lines fixed file mode
027ea0 392 lines Bug 324927 reviewed javadoc; moved ConfigurationRegistry instance
028013 0 lines Bug 298912 provide own box implementation to display an image
02f9c7 100 lines use own schemas and DTDs to test resolving, in order to reduce
05e451 2 lines added @SuppressWarnings("rawtypes") for parameter of overridden method
0653ca 45 lines Bug 322730: register DocBook and DITA in the WTP XML catalog
06e180 185 lines Bug 298912 added support for 'background-image' and 'attr()' according
0881fc 156 lines Bug 329636 support attr(...) for all length properties.
09e837 77 lines Bug 250838: allow to instanciate WTPVEXValidator with the identifier of
0a6953 794 lines Bug 298912 resolve relative image URLs; added baseURI and documentURI
0aa517 23 lines test case that shows how to resolve a Schema by its namespace name and a
10522c 6 lines Bug 298912 added image support for DocBook
141f07 311 lines Bug 324927 little cleanup, added some tests
1597b3 51 lines Bug 324927 cleanup
16dadf 159 lines Bug 326347 - added org.w3c.css.sac to the content of the Vex feature
18fea4 363 lines Bug 324927 moved configItemFactories to ConfigSource
2303cf 48 lines Bug 298912 added support for 'background-image' and 'attr()'
23c6f4 12 lines Bug 298912 scale image to the current width of VexWidget
24f6d7 8 lines Bug 298912 add image support for DITA
263ce4 22 lines Bug 331615 set correct compiler version
283117 75 lines Bug 322729: Define a new content type "XML Document" and use this
292770 47 lines Bug 320027: fixed compiler warnings
29e4e4 48 lines Bug 298912 align the image within the line
2da634 32 lines Bug 298912 test BackgroundImageProperty and the handling of attr(...)
2e45a2 59 lines Bug 250838: added tests for schema based validation
2f4bde 10 lines [324927] removed unused constants
31b4bd 498 lines 320027: reverted 306639
320167 322 lines Bug 324927 cleanup of PluginProject
395677 53 lines Bug 331615 added table support
39f550 37 lines removed serializability from Validator
3b6439 264 lines Bug 298912 removed unneccessary dependency to SWT
41d34e 94 lines Bug 250838: create a validator for a simple schema and use it
43ce9a 2 lines Bug 298912 fixed style definition for graphic
449cd0 63 lines Bug 324927 handle changes of existing plug-in projects within the
466f4e 1 lines Bug 331615 ignore compiler output
4924f6 773 lines Bug 324927 moved retrieval of Style into ConfigurationRegistry
4b8562 290 lines Bug 324927 the document type property page uses its own instance of
516186 181 lines Bug 298912 provide own box implementation to display an image
51a9df 505 lines Bug 253753: handle namespaces when reading documents
5cfedf 47 lines Bug 320027: re-added SerializationTest
61a2b6 12 lines Bug 324927 removed fireConfigLoaded from the public interface of
63c83a 16657 lines removed EMF model, reverted to old, hand-made model
65a8a6 397 lines Bug 331462 use the WTP XML catalog to load DTDs
65d98c 57 lines Bug 324927 error handling
66d16f 179 lines Bug 324927 test the proper handling of deleted files in a plug-in project
678d2b 60 lines Bug 253753: handle the namespace URI with a QualifiedName instance
67d320 226 lines Bug 333364 use Maven to run the FindBugs and PMD(CPD) reports
694950 1 lines Bug 330076 do not set the document's URI as system ID
69c609 132 lines [324927] Do not serialize the configuration provided by a Vex Plug-in Project
6e22b1 75 lines Bug 298912 add image inline as "before" content to align it with the other
748786 106 lines Bug 250838: test validation of a simple schema with locally defined
75998d 71 lines Bug 250838: validate using a more complex combination of two schemas
779009 28 lines Bug 320027: use SacFactory to clone the SAC objects
797be0 147 lines 253753: test case to show how to read a document with multiple
7a77d2 24 lines NULL objects
7fe7b9 4 lines fixed missing dependencies
821570 768 lines Bug 331615 Add a new plug-in that defines a document type for XHTML and provides styles.
82c402 76 lines Bug 329636 use LengthProperty to represent width and height
874101 122 lines Bug 329636 use enum for IProperty.Axis
8b2f70 8 lines some refactorings
8e4934 193 lines renaming; new test to show how to use a CMDocument instance
8fc3ee 1340 lines Bug 324927 - some refactoring of ConfigRegistry, invoke the
903ca2 73 lines some of formattings and corrections
92ab9c 303 lines [324927] Do not serialize configurations that are contributed by Eclipse plug-ins.
936949 180 lines [324927] ConfigLoaderJob does not modify the ConfigRegistry directly,
938690 4 lines Do not fire events from outside of ConfigRegistry
93d54b 51 lines Bug 298912 provide image height and width
93e31f 16 lines Bug 324927 clear was never used
946a96 18 lines Bug 253753: also clone the namespace declarations of an element
96622c 202 lines Bug 253753: manage namespace declarations
96f639 494 lines Bug 324927 removed getAllConfigItemFactories() and getAllConfigItems()
9b9b55 28 lines Bug 324927 removed getConfigItem from the public interface of
9bec82 4 lines Bug 329633 added rule to display inlinemediaobject inline
9effb0 10 lines Bug 331615 added image support
a207a4 187 lines Bug 253753: NamespaceStack for the DocumentBuilder
a43c84 162 lines Bug 324927 the builder uses its own instance of PluginProject and does not
a45d03 3349 lines Bug 253753: namespace-aware Validator interface
a58541 6 lines Added .gitignore files to ignore the bin folders created by the Eclipse compiler
a664e2 43 lines 320027: revert 306639 (partially, without SacFactory yet)
a9257e 7 lines Bug 298912 evaluate if the element is displayed
ac406f 116 lines Bug 253753: handle the element's namespace
adf3ef 286 lines use sample document with test schemas
b1ec4e 138 lines Bug 324927 removed addAllConfigSources from public interface of
b5db3e 12 lines Bug 324927 removed serializability from ConfigSource
b678e4 283 lines Bug 253753: handle the element's namespace
be6951 147 lines Bug 324927 the style property page uses its own instance of PluginProject
c3007e 94 lines new version number 1.0.0
c3398b 3 lines Bug 320796: added marker comment
c407ec 41 lines Bug 298912 dispose Image after drawing, do only hold the ImageData
c4773b 33 lines loading a document from an URL is not the responsibility of VexWidget
c4f4a0 263 lines Bug 298912 test handling of baseURI and @xml:base
c74b81 30 lines Bug 342320: handle wellformed but invalid elements, no more NPE
c940bd 2 lines Bug 298912 changed to expected parameter order: width before height
cc8e00 36 lines Bug 331615 add new plug-in to the Vex features and integrate it into the build
cf7164 92 lines fixed some warnings in the manifests
d0a13d 0 lines Bug 324927 removed SerializabilityTest
d71fa1 23 lines Bug 341562: load new config item when it is added to the config source
dcc4f1 73 lines Bug 298912 support for inline images
dd1df1 70 lines Bug 324927 test notification about modifications on plug-in projects
df292b 77 lines Bug 329636 support values for width and height in the CSS (no attr(...) yet)
e185f4 916 lines moved all test resources under /testResources
e73799 191 lines Bug 253637 - copy test files instead of link, if the tests bundle is jar'd
eae6df 5 lines Bug 329633 added image support also for the inlinegraphic element
eaec60 53 lines Bug 253753: handle the attribute's prefixed name
ec444a 0 lines Bug 320027: re-added SerializationTest
efeb69 62 lines refactored to use JUnit 4
eff77a 636 lines Bug 324927 removed unneccessary serializability
f72230 39 lines Bug 298912 add image to the child list of the block element box
f730f2 87 lines fixed some warnings in the manifests
f79375 12 lines Bug 334866: handle the loading of a totally empty XML file
f7b3e8 92 lines Bug 253753: handle namespaces when writing documents
f88dd4 83 lines Bug 324927 Moved retrieval of document type configurations to
f9d637 166 lines Bug 324927 factored interface for ConfigLoaderJob out, to improve the
fb2cb5 166 lines Bug 253753 us an own class to manage the attributes of an element
fb572e 4 lines Bug 298912 scale the image to the given width and height
302680 13494 bytes Refactor ListenerList to use generics
Attachment 158960: refactoring of ListernList plus a unit test for ListenerList
303109 9663 bytes PropertyDecl should better provide a Comparator for cascade ordering
Attachment 159362: The refactoring of PropertyDecl
304285 15524 bytes Cleanup StyleSheet
Attachment 160554: Cleanup of StyleSheet
304413 1084 bytes Fix FindBugs warning in FontFamilyProperty
Attachment 160678: This patch modifies FontFamilyProperty to return a fresh copy of the array on each call.
306639 28641 bytes Remove serializability of StyleSheet
Attachment 164258: Previous patch with changed file headers
hvoormann (
61c2bb 6 lines Bug 321681: Vex editors renamed (to avoid acronyms):
738989 79 lines Bug 342628: Avoid acronym "Vex"; in "New.." wizards add the keyword "Vex"
252628 291848 bytes VEX Document Menu always active
Attachment 152801: Fix for Bug 252628 and Bug 251488
277404 8453 bytes Vex will not delete empty tags from a DocBook document
Attachment 153284: Fix + Correction of some wrong expectations in DomTest
283293 877 bytes Vex "Insert Element" keyboard shortcut does not work
Attachment 150564: fix for Bug 283293
283646 4964 bytes 'Document' wizard throws NPE when a 'DITA Task' is selected
Attachment 151777: fix for Bug 283646
283980 76517 bytes Vex stack overflow when inserting "thead" element in DocBook document
Attachment 151741: Fix for Bug 283980: CSS files corrected; code fixed to handle incorrect nesting of display table styles
283980 9699 bytes Vex stack overflow when inserting "thead" element in DocBook document
Attachment 151742: Tests (without fix) for Bug 283980
293239 25363 bytes Feature request: Find/Replace in Vex
Attachment 150443: JUnit tests and implementation - please review!
293239 30126 bytes Feature request: Find/Replace in Vex
Attachment 151014: Test failure fix and actions defined for Find Next (Ctrl+K) and Find Previous (Ctrl+Shift+K)
Igor Jacy Lino Campista (
044e60 1 lines Commenting the DITA 1.1 catalog contributions.
295a8f 24215 lines Added DITA 1.2 schemas.
7967b7 24215 lines Revert "Added DITA 1.2 schemas. Added extension for DITA 1.2 catalog contributions, Added extension for DITA 1.2 Vex doctype declaration Added extension for DITA 1.2 CSS style mappings"
253637 3921 bytes tests don't pass if test bundles jar'd
Attachment 167612: Patch that adds handling in the test setup, in case resources are in jar
283976 3635 bytes Old Vex bugzilla URL shown in error message
Attachment 166267: updates URL to latest bugzilla address
311140 2613 bytes Category of New wizard missing
Attachment 167206: Patch that corrects the category of the wizards
311325 88623 bytes Inconsistent use of Java 5, too many warnings
Attachment 167261: Patch that fixes 333 warnings, clarifies interfaces and simplifies many lines of code.
311325 85864 bytes Inconsistent use of Java 5, too many warnings
Attachment 168023: 2nd patch that fixes 52 warnings, more generics updates , replace some deprecated apis, plugin build/localization corrections
312502 5049 bytes AbstractAddRowHandler simplification
Attachment 168027: Patch with the simplification
John Austin (
276600 634 bytes Minor details to get HEAD to work
Attachment 136103: Patch file generated in Eclipse
Mohamadou Nassourou (
59ebe5 143 lines Bug 298912: applied changes described in
298912 93295 bytes Need ability to Display Images in the Editor
Attachment 178751: Understanding Vex Rendering Engine, and source code for supporting image and CSS pseudo-elements
Remy Suen (
283572 2474 bytes VEX projects do not enforce a J2SE-1.5 JRE in their .classpath files
Attachment 141656: Patch to fix the settings.
Torsten Stolpmann (
250837 1019 bytes Plugin Project Builder NPE
Attachment 119622: This patch fixes the mispelled BuildProblemDecorator.ID avoiding the NullPointerException.
257946 2268 bytes DocumentOutlinePage throws ClassCastException
Attachment 119811: Fixes the exception by checking the class explicitly.
258046 1198 bytes vex core test plug-in requires a too high minimum version for org.eclipse.core.resources
Attachment 119885: This fixes the manifest accordingly.


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