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Tentative IP Log for

This tentative IP Log is generated dynamically from automatically collected project information. This information has not been vetted for accuracy by the Eclipse Foundation and may not represent the true state of the IP of this project(s). Please refer to the official approved IP Log(s) associated with the official release(s) of this project(s) for more information.


  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
4372ckeditor Version: 3.3.1MPL 1.1, BSDunmodified source
7105MathJax Version: 2.1Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
7106Apache Tika Core Version: 1.3 *subset excluding test folder*Apache License 2.0unmodified source & binary
7111Apache Tika Parsers Version: 1.3Apache License 2.0unmodified source & binary
7148jsoup Version: 1.7.2MIT Licenseunmodified source & binary
7658maven-plugin-api Version: 3.0 (PB CQ4591)Apache License 2.0unmodified binary
7659Mockito Version: 1.8.4 (Includes parts of CGLib and ASM) (PB CQ3930)Apache License, 2.0, New BSD license, MIT licenseunmodified source & binary
7660Objenesis Version: 1.0 (Subset, Custom) (PB CQ3931)MIT Licenseunmodified source & binary
7661hamcrest - all Version: 1.1 (PB Orbit CQ2907)New BSD licenseunmodified binary
8120Google Guava Version: 15.0.0 (PB Orbit CQ7768)Apache License 2.0unmodified source & binary

Exempt Pre-Req and Works With Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseType
7745maven-plugin-api transitive dependenciesApache License, 2.0works with
9257CommonMark specification Version: current/latestCreative Commons Attribution - ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC By-SA 4.0)works with

Unused Approved Contributions

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseStatus
5559jsoup Version: 1.6.1MIT Licenseobsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
7664Guava Version: 12.0 (PB Orbit CQ6787)Apache License 2.0obsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used

Pending Contribution Questionnaires

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
10658MathJax Version: 2.6Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
David Green Tasktop
Steffen Pingel Tasktop
Tom Seidel
David Slater Tasktop
Torkild U. Resheim Itema AS

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
354077 13880 bytes ConfluenceLanguage does not use internalLinkPattern
Attachment 201137: Proposed patch
Amr Dawood (
5a5dbc 50 lines 479283: Substituting DELETED strategy for line-through text-decoration
caaf9c 34 lines 478859: Preserve underline text-decoration while parsing HTML
dfb121 204 lines 444199: Support substituting SpanType with String
Andreas Dangel (
b147d1 221 lines 415264: Add support for nested lists and paragraphs for markdown
Benjamin Muskalla (
008d58 108 lines 469970: add setting to Confluence Language to disable relative hyperlink
03b156 186 lines Add tests for MultiplexingDocumentBuilder
1e8485 1 lines Fix workspace warning
ca6156 65 lines 425080: HTML cleanup should ignore insignificant whitespaces in lists
Billy Huang (
babe08 157 lines 396332: html cleaner should validate and repair CSS colour styles
dfcbab 157 lines 396332: html cleaner should validate and repair CSS colour styles
Carsten Hammer (
d5c36f 161 lines Bug 383400: does not fetch
Colin Ritchie (
89ccc3 328 lines 485582: Update wikitext version to 2.9.0
daniel (
1ec9be 35 lines 438968: support markdown in task editor
Daniel Migowski (
274730 1509 bytes MediaWiki Parser does not read tables having mixed headers/normal cells correctly
Attachment 134599: Patch
David (
12f49a 3 lines Bug 462495: Remove nested jar in org.eclipse.mylyn.htmltext.ui
ae8c07 3 lines Bug 462495: Remove nested jar in org.eclipse.mylyn.htmltext.ui
Holger Voormann (
279029 8008 bytes [TracWiki] Do not parse upper-case words as WikiWords
Attachment 138205: Patch: bug fix + tests
Igor Malinin (
b7a7f1 3180 lines NEW - Bug 308208: [patch] Mylyn WikiText should support Creole aka
308208 151098 bytes [api] support Creole markup aka WikiCreole
Attachment 199896: Patch adding Creole 1.0 syntax
James Kennedy (
00b8f6 344 lines 473533: update markup to allow adjacent/nested span blocks
2ef796 94 lines 433872: Remove whitespace preceeding br tags in
Jaxsun McCarthy Huggan (
a47cc5 93 lines 485456: emit // instead of /n when /n would terminate a confluence block
Jeremie Bresson (
05c5e0 41 lines Bug 380052: [WikiText] Support digits in MediaWiki Template name.
06dad7 53 lines Bug 381506: [MediaWiki] support markups and tags in pre-formatted blocks
09600b 26 lines [asciidoc] Heading Blocks with style
09dc29 108 lines 304495: [MediaWiki] Support for nested tables.
0ac457 26 lines 417481: prevent an infinite loop caused by closed nested blocks
0d068d 182 lines 468237: Errors processing wikimedia templates
0ea3c0 103 lines 468609: [MediaWiki] ignore behavior switches
219850 65 lines 390081: [TracWiki] multiple lines support in list items
2d7594 48 lines 473109: [MediaWiki] wrong external links
3b2b24 177 lines 467067: [MediaWiki] fix local anchors specified via absolute links in ant task
4528dc 26 lines Bug 367525: MediaWiki to Eclipse Help does not honour templateExcludes
4df28e 7 lines 445707: update maven repository url in the documentation
6d61fc 131 lines Bug 379783: [WikiText] Expand MediaWiki template recursively.
7cac07 206 lines Bug 381912: [MediaWiki] support for nested blocks in table cells.
91305f 4705 lines 478559: Remove dependency from "o.e.m.wikitext.mediawiki.core" to "org.apache.ant"
971ca5 88 lines 396545: [MediaWiki] blank spaces at the beginning of table lines
a02d59 196 lines 249344: TracWiki markup language should support definition list syntax
b51d7a 56 lines 388657: [MediaWiki] Anchor to internal links with special chars.
b73a9a 43 lines 389812: TracWiki rendered text does not match formatting of Trac's
c72556 39 lines 391850: [MediaWiki] Bold and Italic marker do not work with space.
cc841e 6 lines 478540: Mention Markdown in the Help guides
eff9ce 40 lines 468237: Errors processing wikimedia templates
f84013 119 lines 492623: [asciidoc] support for horizontal rules
fdd711 120 lines 389143: Rename DateTimeTemlate in DateTimeTemplate.
ff87ee 24 lines 492302: HtmlDocumentBuilder: support for links with null href value
John Arthorne (
350460 2821 bytes Relative href paths generated on Windows have incorrect path separator
Attachment 198660: Simple fix
Leo Dos Santos (
0b73fc 186 lines 440935: MarkdownDocumentBuilder - quote support
23700d 14 lines Generate source bundles for Markdown
24cbee 277 lines 440935: MarkdownDocumentBuilder - list support
2dc123 97 lines 460060: DocumentBuilders should guard against null image URLs
34f558 2 lines 433260: build Mylyn with Tycho 0.20
4b6fa5 299 lines 440935: MarkdownDocumentBuilder - paragraph and headings support
76da67 210 lines 440935: MarkdownDocumentBuilder - code support
93d56a 97 lines 460060: DocumentBuilders should guard against null image URLs
d56a6d 107 lines 440935: MarkdownDocumentBuilder - image support
e5b14a 100 lines 440935: MarkdownDocumentBuilder - emphasis support
ea6000 87 lines 440935: MarkdownDocumentBuilder - link support
Marc-Andre Laperle (
5ea486 73 lines 424558: Add Collapse All button to Outline view
72aa3b 16 lines Bug 402118 - Unix line endings corrupted on Windows
a5efa0 20 lines 428231: Fix bg color in quick outline on Ubuntu
fc87b8 9 lines 427945: Add editor presentation toolbar
Martin Kurz (
290961 10599 bytes Locale support for wikitext
Attachment 148567: complete patch but MarkupTask removed
Mat Booth (
21a406 1 lines 458282: We depend on hamcrest core, it should be explicitly
319977 13011 bytes wikitext-to-eclipse-help for Trac doesn't support images
Attachment 186342: Patch to add image macro support to Trac wiki parser
319977 4643 bytes wikitext-to-eclipse-help for Trac doesn't support images
Attachment 186343: Patch to add tests for Trac image macro support
327518 6363 bytes WikiText should support overstrike syntax for Trac wiki
Attachment 186436: Patch to correct Trac syntax strikethrough behaviour
Max Rydahl Andersen (
14b0f3 363 lines 467623: add support for links
1f0213 1589 lines 418563: Add basic functionallity for AsciiDoc
31254c 677 lines 418563: add initial bundles for asciidoc.
6dc2ab 300 lines 467624: Add support for images to AsciiDoc
a43a26 230 lines 467625: Add support for comment and attributes.
ac5041 240 lines 467626: Add basic asciidoc content assist templates
Michael Nelson (
be9247 87 lines 460811: Change unsupported blocks to use line breaks instead of newlines
Myles Feichtinger (
16ec7b 68 lines 466649: Ampersands not escaped when emitting text as characters in Markdown
Nicolas Bros (
4c7791 37 lines Bug 356283: Preview scrollbar jumps to beginning of document when saving
Patrik Suzzi (
00f911 1111 lines Bug 474084 - [asciidoc] add better support for asciidoc blocks
2d37d0 256 lines Bug 481670 - [asciidoc] support for lists
Peter Friese (
273355 7496 bytes Support image scaling for Textile -> DocBook
Attachment 132855: Image scaling for Textile -> DocBook
Sam Davis (
3603b0 258 lines 445557: update version to 2.4.0
3c68cf 330 lines 479456: update versions to 2.8.0
46651c 244 lines 432201: update to version 2.2.0 (3.13)
5b8cd5 456 lines 487770: Mylyn bundles require Java 8
607b08 46 lines 475539: remove Broken Externalized Strings from wikitext
765081 5 lines 462495: Remove nested jar in org.eclipse.mylyn.htmltext.ui
7a479d 64 lines 22703: Create CONTRIBUTING file for
7fff99 264 lines 457394: update versions to 2.5.0
814e28 244 lines 460174: update version to 2.3.2
81efc5 60 lines 423848: change minimum required JRE to Java 7
8618c1 330 lines 471058: update versions to 2.7.0
91f7fe 11 lines add missing @since tag
a9b692 863 lines 439453: update copyright notices in
b64431 78 lines 475539: fix copyrights for
d6fa01 330 lines 465143: update versions to 2.6
dddfdf 244 lines 462113: update version to 2.3.3
e27f19 2 lines update @since tag for setElementNameOfSpanType to 2.9
e37bc1 10 lines 488408: fix incorrect ant package name and paths
ec8253 244 lines 439453: update Mylyn Docs to version 2.3
fc0be2 5 lines 462495: Remove nested jar in org.eclipse.mylyn.htmltext.ui
fe8f33 244 lines 457998: update version to 2.3.1
Stefan Seelmann (
176a2a 3666 lines 329528: Support Markdown in WikiText
5d59e7 51 lines 415101: Allow empty alt text, link text, and title.
aea430 2098 lines 404095: [Markdown] Add support for links and images
b85fd5 244 lines 404096: [Markdown] Add basic support for lists
Stephan Wahlbrink (
42af2d 14 lines 472386: [CommonMark] Fix pattern for AtxHeader
47ea1d 4 lines 436912: fix list templates for Markdown
503526 48 lines 438980: fix offset of span elements in list items in Markdown docs
75ef1d 15 lines 472390: [CommonMark] Fix pattern for HorizontalRule
96c2c1 190 lines 459683: add support for paragraph breaking blocks in Markdown
e5418f 17 lines 472395: [CommonMark] Fix pattern for IndentedCodeBlock
Tomasz Zarna (
08e151 2 lines 420490: fix invocation of substring(0), which returns the original value
210845 9 lines escape unicode characters in DefaultSplittingStrategyTest
6d8288 413 lines Bug 438758: add API for HtmlLanguage that conforms to XHTML strict rules
b67eda 6 lines 408361: fix HtmlDocumentBuilderTest.testRelativeUrlWithFileBase()
Torkild U. Resheim (
b2ba6c 14387 lines Bug 332122: Add ANT task for converting from wiki markup to EPUB format
336592 5996 bytes XslfoDocumentBuilder should be able to generate a bookmark tree
Attachment 188513: Patch for XslfoDocumentBuilder to generate XSL:FO bookmarks
336683 12575 bytes XslFoDocumentBuilder should allow for basic page styling
Attachment 188674: Added basic page styling for XslFoDocumentBuilder
337405 3595 bytes XslfoDocumentBuilder assumes that image width is specified in pixels
Attachment 189168: Patch to handle image width in both pixels and percent
336683 1384 XslFoDocumentBuilder should allow for basic page styling
Ulf Winkelvos (
389d73 155 lines 455485: xslfo link handling issues


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