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5006IP Log for Mylyn Version 3.5.0 Consolidated (2011-03-16)

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Sam Davis Tasktop
Mik Kersten Tasktop
Shawn Minto Tasktop
Steffen Pingel Tasktop

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Abner Ballardo (modlost.net)
288427 6132 bytes url hyperlinks with parenthesis are not detected correctly
Attachment 159800: Patch with fix and tests
276113 7319 bytes allow typing in task data directory field
Attachment 160130: Patch fixing bug
321672 1937 bytes [web connector][sandbox] query template for Sourceforge not uptodate
Attachment 197850: Patch fixing this bug
Andrew Eisenberg (gmail.com)
232626 8928 bytes [api] JavaStructureBridge.acceptObject() tests using instanceof IJavaElement
Attachment 111889: passing test case for shadowing structure bridges
Benjamin Muskalla (tasktop.com)
292543 984 bytes [web connector] Google code query broken
Attachment 149770: patch
330024 1541 bytes Quick outline shows id instead of key for related tasks
Attachment 186204: patch
Carsten Reckord (yatta.de)
327262 2390 bytes Mylyn Task working sets cause loss of working set data on eclipse crash
Attachment 180443: Fix for TaskWorkingSetUpdater triggering a save
chris.poon (tasktop.com)
7686ef 13 lines 469216: Changing JGit version for e3.6 target
a710e0 4 lines 469216: Change Mylyn default target version to 3.7
b1fd5a 8 lines 469216: Changing JGit version for e3.6 and estaging targets
Ed Merks (gmail.com)
55101e 12 lines add branding to Oomph setup
Flavio Donze (gmx.ch)
304099 10101 bytes [api] create extension point for tasks related search functionality
Attachment 161384: containing the searchProvider extension point and it's implementaiton
305075 105289 bytes consume search extension point
Attachment 161385: containing changes on .tasks.ui to decouple search dependency
Frank Becker (frank-becker.de)
3a4b97 4 lines 432070: change name of the virtualbox
79ab69 165 lines 399803: list all services in index.html
98451c 23 lines 432070: change vagrantfiles to use Vagrant.configure("2")
dd4f6e 95 lines 424077: change Orbit from I20131123181249 to S20131206110810
Frank Becker (frank-becker.de)
4c49ed 4 lines 485473: OOMPH Setup: change API Baseline to 3.18
595366 28 lines 463996: add API Baseline
6a759f 78 lines 455081: upgrade mylyn.org to Ubuntu 14.04 (vagrant for all services)
6b4dfb 4 lines 471063: set API Baseline 3.16 for Oomph
7ef677 66 lines 476160: add Neon to oomph setup
89c0db 20 lines 478855: Add xml placeholder files for Mylyn Docs
b6a2a9 4 lines 479359: set API Baseline 3.17 for Oomph
bfa0e5 2 lines 485990: oomph setup: Neon M4 failure
f6683b 74 lines 463996: add org.mylyn.releng
Gunnar Wagenknecht (wagenknecht.org)
da4360 17 lines Use TCK feature to consume JUnit, Mockito & Objenesis.
Hiroyuki (gmail.com)
262365 53150 bytes [web connector] externalize strings for org.eclipse.mylyn.web.tasks
Attachment 123735: web.tasks.patch
Jaxsun McCarthy Huggan (tasktop.com)
1a7262 1 lines add launchbar to build target to satisfy CDT dependency
2193cb 749 lines 486422: Mylyn Oomph setup should have bugs/reviews/builds as optional
Laurent Delaigue (obeo.fr)
17e361 36 lines 423916 - Added Tuleap connector to Task connectors.
d9c37d 2 lines 423916 - Fixed ID of Tuleap feature.
e131e9 5 lines Updated description of Tuleap connector following latest release.
Leo Dos Santos (tasktop.com)
034bcf 38 lines 433260: build Mylyn with Tycho 0.20
9a0e52 13 lines Fix the target for Mylyn staging build
b9c253 5 lines Fix the Mylyn Luna build profile (resolve target for tests)
bc8514 13 lines Fix the target for Mylyn staging build
ce182a 5 lines Fix the Mylyn Luna build profile (resolve target for tests)
d8e7b0 4 lines Fix the Mylyn Luna build profile
f08ed7 4 lines Fix the Mylyn Luna build profile
maarten meijer (eclipsophy.com)
337980 1779 bytes AbstractRepositoryQueryPage() constructor prevents wizard page design with SWTDesigner
Attachment 189601: Patch to prevent probelems with SWTDesigner
Mat Booth (redhat.com)
2485b4 10 lines 462871: Drop support for 32bit cocoa in parent pom
9c12c7 6 lines 451225: Fix mylyn build failure against Mars staging site
d1667b 6 lines 451225: Fix mylyn build failure against Mars staging site
Miles Parker (gmail.com)
cb5646 2 lines 437298: Increase parent forked process timeout again
cc057e 2 lines 437298: Increase parent forked process timeout
e2bcea 2 lines 437289: Increase test timeout to six hours to diagnose test failures
e6a817 2 lines 437298: Increase timeouts for tests to support longer fixture builds
f1df7f 1058 lines 437298: Remove standalone tests
Peter Kullmann (arenae.ch)
287572 1369 bytes respect custom bugzilla closed status
Attachment 145548: Patch
Peter Stibrany (foglyn.com)
21ae60 9 lines NEW - Bug 360442: Update Foglyn listing in Connector Discovery
Sam Davis (tasktop.com)
327606 965 bytes ConcurrentModificationException in TaskWorkingSetUpdater
Attachment 180708: This should fix it.
Shawn Minto (tasktop.com)
245270 5687 bytes [api][context] support monitoring of things other than workbench parts
Attachment 110953: patch
Thomas Ehrnhoefer (tasktop.com)
326613 1363 bytes test credentials lookup does not work when workspace path contains spaces
Attachment 179910: patch
326613 1207 bytes test credentials lookup does not work when workspace path contains spaces
Attachment 180183: patch v2
328894 1227 bytes DefaultTaskSchema specifies the wrong key for product attribute
Attachment 181893: patch
Tomasz Zarna (tasktop.com)
1f4778 3 lines 414963: remove .keystore reference from mylyn-parent/pom.xml
8f84cc 4 lines update dev target definitions for 3.8 and 4.2
d1906c 6 lines mylyn.commons.soap_feature is no longer available in mylyn/snapshots
fda6f6 2 lines typo in pom.xml/properties/sonar.skippedModules


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