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  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
6837KIELER Version: 0.7.1Eclipse Public License unmodified source & binary
7092Google Guava Version: r08 (PB CQ4895)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
7093Google Guava Version: r09 Version: 9 (PB CQ5691)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary

Exempt Pre-Req and Works With Dependencies

No Exempt Pre-Req or Works With dependencies


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Juergen Haug Protos Software GmbH
Thomas Jung Protos Software GmbH
Peter Karlitschek
Eyrak Paen Protos Software GmbH
Henrik Rentz-Reichert Protos Software GmbH
Thomas Schuetz Protos Software GmbH

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Daniel Weber (googlemail.com)
345457 5181 bytes add releng directory with Buckminster query
Attachment 195486: An example releng project
Frank Lippert (gmail.com)
004b2b 30663 lines [doc] Wider margins for PDF, removed boxes around hyperlinks, added two forgotten chapters, general sanitizing, altered links in toc.xml
35900c 31 lines [doc] added first tex file
4a3ffd 80113 lines [doc] added html code and necessary changes in TeX files
67bebf 6 lines Change-Id: Ibefbb2c475e9c04dc8b2d1d7924835bc52b7a316
99983e 2276 lines Change-Id: I67f87ea723ce7cb3b4aafb6452f701eba9ce8a1d
b43743 3752 lines [doc] Rebuild eTrice PDF
c4f2ef 75604 lines added changes from master
d5d029 117038 lines Added ANT build file, added XSLT script for creation of tocs, reorganized directory layout
e5f54f 36942 lines Change-Id: Ibf620a53beb8da9050ff0832a1fbe7c0661a0e1e
Herward Ahlheit (tieto.com)
beb62c 131 lines core.room: initial version of formatter
dfb09a 1 lines core.room: applied patch
334484 5182 bytes implement formatter for ROOM DSL
Attachment 190256: clean up of improved formatter
334484 809 bytes implement formatter for ROOM DSL
Attachment 190387: Tight brackets if they are empty
Jayant Gupta (gmail.com)
157c33 541 lines Done Corrections and Added some Layout Option Infrastructure.
29d008 577 lines Renders error, warning and info markers in eTrice State chart Editor.
3f64e5 865 lines Adds QuickFixDialog and QuickFixFeature to manage it.
47de59 737 lines Solves unresolved issues for Quick Fixes in State Chart Diagrams.
746c30 747 lines Adds Quick Fix Implementations and corrects QuickFix Dialog layout.
7edac7 83 lines Adds copyright note and Layout entry in pop-up menu of diagram editors
9bdd32 86 lines Adds getDecorator() methods to Feature Provider of StateSupport.
9c4538 714 lines Rebuild on Juno and solved some layout issues
aab0e7 1356 lines Adding support for context sensitive layout and building on juno branch
acafec 3698 lines Combined commit for Project 'Target language aware action code editors'.
ad11ea 2374 lines Adds preference pages for configuring default layout options.(New)
afe75c 96 lines [ui.layout] Improvements in KIELER Layout
c10418 67 lines Does corrections proposed in earlier reviews
d2878e 87 lines Modifies copyright note of ETricePreferenceUtil.java .
Jayant Gupta (gmail.com)
e26a9c 417 lines Adds user documentation and a new layout configurator.
Juergen Haug (student.uni-augsburg.de)
0ad596 21745 lines [CQ 6485][config,generator,tests]
0c8670 34205 lines [CQ][generator, config] fixes attribute generation
0f233b 1671 lines [CQ 6485][config, generator] refactor dataConfiguration,
1a8859 2710 lines [CQ 6485][config, generator] missing gen .java files + fixes
221cfc 309 lines [CQ][generator, config] fixes attribute generation
34f565 31452 lines [core.room] PrimtiveType: LiteralType mandatory + prefix pt
3b0496 3341 lines [CQ 6485][config, generator] refactor: draft IDataConfiguration, static
50fcc9 1848 lines [CQ][generator] first config c generator
537d59 21617 lines [CQ 6485][config] validation
6a8e70 1281 lines [CQ][common.tests] StaticConfigTest added
6fe05e 11218 lines [CQ 6485][config, runtime] .gitignore for config.tests,
72eaf5 24252 lines [6485][config] grammer prepared for dynamic config + dataclasses
771bf9 106 lines [CQ][tests] java and c tests updated for StaticConfigTest
7badae 2050 lines [CQ 6485][config, generator] refactor dataConfiguration,
81f5a7 30 lines [CQ 6485][generator, tests] update models, fix
84eaee 527 lines [CQ 6485][config, generator] static config
cee5a6 214 lines [CQ][generator.java] port config fix
db1dae 33061 lines [CQ 6485][config, generator, tests] merge attribute config
Peter Karlitschek (draeger.com)
00761f 40 lines cpp generator plugin
0118d2 1538 lines c++ generator: first compiling version!
017726 66 lines Change-Id: I011d033921df882b16bef24bcfc47f5dca9bcbf3
16ca68 2 lines Change-Id: I01e6dbef030587721bcd6a8e689ce8c2f36b1386
3aade6 3167 lines generator cpp: adaptions to Juno
3eb18c 1789 lines Change-Id: I01e6dbef030587721bcd6a8e689ce8c2f36b1386
4b5b11 892 lines Modellib for C++
563d71 31 lines c++ runtime first compiling version!
584c54 1397 lines c++ runtime: first compiled version
59591f 210 lines cpp generator, prepare first push to gerrit
679e0c 260 lines cpp runtime continued
6f3e3f 2 lines Change-Id: I01e6dbef030587721bcd6a8e689ce8c2f36b1386
9cb4fe 2 lines Change-Id: I01e6dbef030587721bcd6a8e689ce8c2f36b1386
a4f5ed 4213 lines Cpp generator - protocol class initial
a7b552 1031 lines cpp runtime continued
a9c253 611 lines cpp runtime initial
aa7116 1118 lines cpp generator: first shot of actor generator
b85883 1682 lines c++ port generator
bd5415 903 lines Changes necessary for state machine generation for C++
c3970f 541 lines c++ runtime: tuning the port classes
dac623 4600 lines Commit before pull of last etrice updates.
f7f4e2 67 lines cpp generator continued
fa0f7f 2420 lines Commit current status of cpp codegenerator before pulling Henriks
Rohit Agrawal (e.ntu.edu.sg)
142462 221 lines [CQ 6589] : Reachability Validator to find unreachable parts of state
1f8643 162 lines [CQ6589] : Proposal Generator Class with changes and debugging option
322f74 19 lines [CQ6589] : Added copyright notes
36a897 869 lines [CQ6589]: All files, committed from scratch due to resetting of
7861f1 218 lines [CQ6589] : Semantics Validator Classes after suggested changes
7c4cf9 84 lines [CQ6589] : Complete with proposal generation after multiple case tests.
805fcb 1319 lines Added icons for config, etmap and etphys models and icons for
80c9ca 28 lines [CQ6589] : Proposal Generator Class with more changes, still unsure what
b7ced7 161 lines [CQ6589] : Minor refactoring in AbstractExecutionValidator and couple
b95e20 448 lines [CQ6589] Semantics Validator Classes
bc0a55 206 lines [CQ6589] : Proposal Generator Class along with minor changes in other
c1ca50 18 lines [CQ6589] : Added copyright notes.
c58122 121 lines [CQ6589] : Working version with warning markers
ccec3a 293 lines [CQ6589] : More changes using HandledMessage class , slight issues with
dcee6b 34 lines [CQ6589] : Complete, with all the info and warning markers and
Thomas Jung (tieto.com)
146467 73 lines [core.room.ui] 347252: Templates for content assist
6c9498 1078 lines applied patch for system port: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=339803
c16a6e 371 lines [tutorials] added extra Java files needed for tutorials
da778c 356 lines doc: 342740: Tutorial Hello World
dfbb97 363 lines blinky tutorial
f429e8 49 lines manually merged patch-rejects for patch: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=339803
Thomas Jung (protos.de)
337075 29848 bytes use LogicalThreads of SubSystemClass for thread deployment of actor instances (runtime)
Attachment 189228: enhancement for Thread V2
338856 1789750 bytes allow notation of state without brackets
Attachment 190315: State without empty brackets
339803 47066 bytes System Port added
Attachment 191726: system port incl integration test V3
342740 906554 bytes Tutorial Hello World
Attachment 193192: Zip file all including
345825 961146 bytes New Tutorial Blinky
Attachment 195654: Blinky Tutorial
345825 4390 bytes New Tutorial Blinky
Attachment 196884: GUIfiles with copyright
347252 3388 bytes Templates for content assist
Attachment 196629: template file
348257 4411 bytes New template version for content assist
Attachment 197324: template file
348497 6322 bytes IntegrationTest ChoicePoints
Attachment 197477: zip file with all artefacts (.room, diagrams, crc16Generator)
348497 2261 bytes IntegrationTest ChoicePoints
Attachment 197488: missing test


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