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Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Aleksandr Igdalov Montages AG

Never Active
Name Organization  
Chris Armstrong
Nick Boldt Red Hat, Inc.
James Bruck Blackberry Limited
Hugo Bruneliere INRIA (Institute national de recherche en informatique et en automatique)
David Carlson
Christian Damus
Tom Digre
Cedric Dumoulin
Raphael Faudou
Tatiana Fesenko
Miguel Garcia
Sebastien Gerard CEA LIST
Michael Golubev
Laurent Goubet OBEO
Sergey Gribovsky Borland Software Corp.
Kenn Hussey
Etienne Juliot OBEO
Thibault Landre Atos Integration
Ma Li
Elena Litani IBM
Chris McGee
Gabriel Merin Cubero
Ed Merks
Marcelo Paternostro Oracle
Emilien Perico
Vishwanath Ramaswamy
Adolfo Sanchez-Barbudo Herrera
A. Jibran Shidqie
David Steinberg IBM
Yann Tanguy CEA LIST
Patrick Tessier CEA LIST
Ed Willink
Guo Tong Xie IBM
Yves YANG Soyatec
Yang Yang
Pan Yue IBM
Lei Zhang IBM

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Axel Uhl (homemp3.dyndns.org)
2487c9 79256 lines moved *emf.ocl*, *examples.editor* and *examples.parser* to archive/
2633c9 682 lines added a dispose() method on EventManagerFactory to allow explicit release of the CleanupThread where necessary
2b6db8 2 lines added default to switch in PropertyCallTracebackStep to avoid warning in Juno
339061 6 lines fixed Javadoc spelling and formatting
3a3c2d 2 lines also handle Byte and Short with precision in commonPrecisionNumber
3fa970 6 lines [352964] Adjust minor version from 3.1.0 to 3.2.0 because two protected methods were added
49bf98 6 lines [352964] Make EcoreEvaluationEnvironment extensible for QVTo collections
4e098f 4700 lines moved features to features/
59edf4 5 lines Update Impact Analyzer documentation regarding derived properties
61a0ac 6 lines fixed Bug 350938, removing known limitations section for Impact Analyzer
64a156 8 lines preserve int/long integral accuracy when coercing to BigDecimal
6d7ce9 6 lines [352964] Make EcoreEvaluationEnvironment extensible for QVTo collections
75a573 56 lines upgraded dependent bundles from 3.1.0 to 3.2.0 according to version numbering guidelines
8c9d3f 36 lines initial IA support for selectByType and selectByKind for the TracebackStep-based IA implementation variant
8d7f31 112 lines attachment 197482, extra tutorial validation
961f82 59 lines added IA test for selectByType that ensures exact type match
b38082 69 lines added IA support for selectByType and selectByKind for navigation step-based IA variant; tests all green
bce692 63 lines added failing test case for selectByType
beb0fa 4 lines added Impact Analyzer comments
c3c41d 252 lines moved the org.eclipse.ocl-feature stuff back in its directory where it belongs
c40b6b 123 lines added IA tests for selectByKind
c9e808 3 lines attachment 197479, fixes textile about opposite end finder customization
cf9093 1 lines added selectByKind to the pass-through stdlib operations for navigation step IA implementation
d39359 64 lines added necessary API filter for making EcoreEvaluationEnvironment.[coerceValue|getCollectionKind] protected
d48f54 17 lines added an example for how to customize the opposite end finder, in line with documentation
e762ff 101 lines Fixed the containment handling of the EventAdapter
e7d529 4 lines added hint to location in documentation
Christian W. Damus (gmail.com)
1b07a8 91 lines [416373] Regex-based string operations parse the same regex every time
marwa rostren (obeo.fr)
179f1d 71 lines [425799] Add refresh Action to the view
2c227d 2323 lines [425799] Implement Validity Standalone Mode.
34c772 43 lines [425799] Fix exported file and hovering message content.
7c269a 1 lines [425799] Add dependency : org.eclipse.uml2.uml
98a244 347 lines [425799] improve elements selection performance
cfb413 33 lines [425799] Propagate checked/uncheked to adjacent tree.
d98fe1 64 lines [425799] Use the Resource instead of IResource to initiate the exported file
e4aba4 2790 lines Add Create Complete OCL File wizard
Nicholas Wourms (gmail.com)
255453 621 UML2 Tools 0.9M3 cannot be installed from update site
Richard Gronback (borland.com)
255453 4718 UML2 Tools 0.9M3 cannot be installed from update site

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