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Tentative IP Log for modeling.m2t

This tentative IP Log is generated dynamically from automatically collected project information. This information has not been vetted for accuracy by the Eclipse Foundation and may not represent the true state of the IP of this project(s). Please refer to the official approved IP Log(s) associated with the official release(s) of this project(s) for more information.


  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

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Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
andre Arnold
Wim Bast
Heiko Behrens
Nick Boldt Red Hat, Inc.
Cedric Brun OBEO
Joel Cayne IBM
Joel Cheuoua
Frank Cornelissen Compuware
Sven Efftinge TypeFox GmbH
Paul Elder
Peter Friese
Laurent Goubet OBEO
Arno Haase
Dennis Huebner TypeFox GmbH
Jan Koehnlein TypeFox GmbH
Bernd Kolb itemis AG
Jonathan Musset OBEO
Patrick Schoenbach itemis AG
Karsten Thoms itemis AG
Markus Voelter itemis AG
arjan kok

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Achim Demelt (
283559 14005 bytes Callback interface extensions
Attachment 141650: Proposed patch
Alexander Nyßen (
264319 2217 bytes setCallBack method should be pulled up from XpandExecutionContextImpl to ExecutionContextImpl
Attachment 125224: Pull-up patch
André Arnold (
263650 578843 bytes Complete Xtend and Xpand middleend to interprete Xpand/Xtend code using the Xtend backend
Attachment 124943: patchset fixing this issue
274617 809 bytes Add getter for wildcardParams on Advice
Attachment 134025: patchset fixing this issue
274619 942 bytes Fix handling of default file encoding
Attachment 134026: patchset fixing this issue
274620 5656 bytes Provide an expression for method invocation in the M2T Xpand backend
Attachment 134028: patchset fixing this issue
274620 4369 bytes Provide an expression for method invocation in the M2T Xpand backend
Attachment 135961: test for the patch
275079 4640 bytes Fix bugs in Xtend / Xpand middleend related to changes in MWE
Attachment 134534: Fixes all compile issues due to MWE changes
275080 4264 bytes Fix version of Xpand and Xtend middleend
Attachment 135766: Corrects plugin versions and EMF dependency
Aykut Kilic (
424084 1155 bytes No Code-Completion in .xpt file after <<ENDREM->>
Attachment 257985: patch containing the fix.
465798 12838 bytes Double clicking in xpand/xtend vertical ruler toggles breakpoint in another line
Attachment 252886: Modified file.
465800 4280 bytes Toggle breakpoint action does not work for xtend files
Attachment 252887: BreakpointActionGroup
465800 3708 bytes Toggle breakpoint action does not work for xtend files
Attachment 252888: ToggleBreakpointAction
480638 3017 bytes Debugging in chk files is not supported
Attachment 258691: patch containing the fix
480645 2742 bytes Debugger does not support create extension statements
Attachment 257508: Patch containing the fix.
480646 7525 bytes Include FeatureCalls in stepping of debugger
Attachment 257510: Patch containing the fix.
480646 1294 bytes Include FeatureCalls in stepping of debugger
Attachment 257550: This patch fixes a ClassCastException
480679 2942 bytes Variables of let expressions are not shown in Variables View
Attachment 257523: patch containing the fix.
480902 2831 bytes DebugMonitor.getAdapter() picks wrong adapter
Attachment 257589: Patch containing the fix.
482602 1265 bytes Putting breakpoints for comments and defines throw NPE
Attachment 258694: patch containing the fix
484406 6988 bytes OAW Debugger does not suspend for breakpoints in xpand files
Attachment 258693: patch containing the fix
484602 1079 bytes Debugger should ignore <DEFINE test FOR test> ExpandStatement
Attachment 258772: patch containing the fix.
418240 84 bytes CollectionExpression.executeSortBy does very expensive comparison
Benedikt Niehues (
292770 5164 bytes [ContentAssist] Broken extensionfiles should not affect content assist
Attachment 186368: fix for this bug
312425 1352 bytes [Xtend Editor] Problem with Error markers
Attachment 191131: this fixes the nullpointer exception in equals method of MarkerObject
312569 1696 bytes [Xtend] Editor does not mark syntax error
Attachment 186367: fix for this bug
312571 5164 bytes [Xtend] Editor does not mark errors
Attachment 186366: patch for this bug an Bug 292770
320507 1973 bytes [Xtend] should show error when forgetting a semicolon in .ext file
Attachment 186369: patch for this bug
339167 916 bytes duplicate errors of "type unknown" in parameter list of extensions are shown in Xtend Editor
Attachment 190616: Fix for this bug
339168 2710 bytes a huge amount of resourceChanges are fired while XpandXtendBuilder is running
Attachment 190619: introducing MarkerObect to store issues and errors in analyzationProcess
339168 8714 bytes a huge amount of resourceChanges are fired while XpandXtendBuilder is running
Attachment 190622: creating markers per file
339168 3781 bytes a huge amount of resourceChanges are fired while XpandXtendBuilder is running
Attachment 190623: removing markers correctly
339169 6264 bytes problemMarkers should be adaptable
Attachment 190625: introduces Interface for MarkerFactory
339169 5116 bytes problemMarkers should be adaptable
Attachment 190626: introduces ExtensionPoint for MarkerFactory
339169 5311 bytes problemMarkers should be adaptable
Attachment 190627: extends MarkerObject
339169 8486 bytes problemMarkers should be adaptable
Attachment 190628: makes use of MarkerFactory
339175 4316 bytes analyze files only and the files which have references to the file
Attachment 190633: adds new builderPreference
339175 3729 bytes analyze files only and the files which have references to the file
Attachment 190634: make use of new Builder Preference
339182 2264 bytes avoid multiple resourceLoading if an additional storageFinder is implemented
Attachment 190639: eliminating multiple resourceLoading
341194 2191 bytes Provide codeCompletion for types in extension definitions in xtend-editor
Attachment 193129: this is a patch for Bug 341194
341921 16137 bytes Enable compilation of Xpand/Xtend/Check files outside Java classpath
Attachment 203999: patch for Bug 341921
341921 4744 bytes Enable compilation of Xpand/Xtend/Check files outside Java classpath
Attachment 204014: additional fix for Bug 341921
342678 1153 bytes Analyzing reverse referenced files will not work if imported resources do not exist
Attachment 193131: fixes Bug 342678
357392 1893 bytes JavaTypeImpl with clazz=java.lang.String doesn't match StringTypeImpl
Attachment 204008: patch for Bug 357392
358071 2493 bytes Exception when starting xtend.ui and xtend.check.ui plugins in head-less application
Attachment 204006: patch for Bug 358071
359100 10688 bytes Xpand is completely broken
Attachment 204151: Patch for Bug 359100
359100 4907 bytes Xpand is completely broken
Attachment 204574: UnitTest testing referenced projects build
401505 12511 bytes Inefficient Algorithm for checkAmbiguousDefinitions
Attachment 227450: Testcases for Ambiguous checks
401505 10056 bytes Inefficient Algorithm for checkAmbiguousDefinitions
Attachment 227451: Fix for this bug
Benjamin Schwertfeger (
319823 2100 bytes XMLBeautifier fails to process data with encoding different from platform-enc
Attachment 175921: Patch for set the file encoding before read and write
321422 1365 bytes Breakpoint position in Xtend and Xpand is not right calculated
Attachment 175639: Patch for correct line calculation. Position must be inside the text area.
Christian Dietrich (
333605 11205 bytes [Typesystem][UML] does not support all Built-In Primitive Types
Attachment 186123: Sample Project and Possible Workaround
Christian W. Damus (
281269 8291 bytes [Xtend] EMF typesystem does not support EDataTypes
Attachment 139905: Fixes for datatype limitations
Darius Jockel (
283799 38218 bytes Navigation by Ctrl+click in XPand Editor
Attachment 156791: Improvement of navigation
284019 19924 bytes [Wizard] creating new Xpand project should use settings from preferences
Attachment 155580: An alternative Xpand project wizard
291526 6093 bytes Custom resource loading in xpand / xtend editors
Attachment 157404: Patch for Bug 291526
297053 4876 bytes Performance significantly decreased in 0.8.0 stream
Attachment 154100: Patch for Bug 297053 and testcase
301392 2510 bytes [XtendXpandModelManager] Deleted projects are not removed from projects cache
Attachment 157749: Patch
Dieter Moroff (
273412 4378 bytes UI dependency in org.eclipse.xtend.typesystem.emf
Attachment 133005: Patch moving EarlyStart to UI plugin, changing the plugin.xmls
274265 3403 bytes Maven pom file
Attachment 133730: Patch for XPand Relang
274265 9694 bytes Maven pom file
Attachment 133731: Patch for XPand Plugins
274879 1403 bytes Minor changes to maven pom files
Attachment 134289: Patch with the changed pom.xml in XPand Releng and Plugins
Ed Merks (
385587 75555 bytes Reduce memory footprint of class Identifier
Attachment 227004: Further improvements
400675 75555 bytes XtendXpandProject.findCachedXtendXpandResource is O(n^2)
Attachment 227003: Improved lookup
401144 26406 bytes The type system performance can be improved by avoiding expensive regular expressions
Attachment 227222: Patches to improve performance
401167 8070 bytes Ambiguous Definitions Marker creation on wrong resource
Attachment 227322: Patches to improve performance
411937 2837 bytes XpandPluginExecutionContext doesn't clone reusable caches
Attachment 232913: Patch for the changes
417896 789 bytes Performance of org.eclipse.internal.xtend.util.Cache can be improved
Attachment 235745: The proposed changes
418154 3760 bytes Performance of org.eclipse.xtend.typesystem.AbstractTypeImpl.operationsCache can be improved
Attachment 235879: Patch for the changes
418155 2138 bytes Collection/List/Set types could benefit from more caching
Attachment 235880: Patch for the changes
418156 18550 bytes Avoid so many calls to Identifier.getValue()
Attachment 235881: Patch for the changes
418240 2795 bytes CollectionExpression.executeSortBy does very expensive comparison
Edoardo Comar (
262915 2154 Apply Eclipse JDT formatter to jet-generated java sources
ekkehard gentz (
283942 1060 bytes Xpand 0.71 Sample Project Workflow Errors
Attachment 142017: generator.mwe with correct classnames
Erhard Weinell (
299797 2271 bytes [typesystem.emf] Use of eAllContents in getKnownTypes yields massive overhead on large metamodels
Attachment 156253: Replaces eAllContents with a more specific implementation
300827 43727 bytes [xpand.ui] Provide user-configurable syntax coloring / markup
Attachment 157397: Adds user-configurable syntax coloring
310579 854 bytes containingDefinition setting not propagated across IfStatement.elseIf
Attachment 166167: Patch to fix #310579
Fabrice Daugan (
295809 9232 bytes Restore "skeleton" or add an "extends" configuration
Attachment 152814: Patch including JET1/2 and editor
Heiko Behrens (
264363 1197 bytes [Xtend] No meaningful exception when reexporting an unknown extension
Attachment 125255: Exception that names importer and unknown extension file that should be imported
264564 51020 bytes [Xtend] Expressions cannot represent large ordinal numbers
Attachment 125427: Long->BigInteger, Implicit type conversion for java extensions, minor fixes
267033 5493 bytes [Xtend] EClassType das not support setter for multi value EDataTypes
Attachment 127484: Patch including test and fix
274516 9359 bytes Some bugs in EMF typesystem
Attachment 133926: patch
274518 13202 bytes Some bugs in UML typesystem
Attachment 133928: patch
277572 214325 bytes Profiler for expression-based languages such as Xtend/Xpand/Check
Attachment 136879: profiler and templates
278345 35146 bytes Performance optimization of Xpand Builder
Attachment 137610: cached analyzed return types for extensions, enhanced preferences page
Jochen Schmich (
307281 5258 bytes UML Typesystem should be aware of a stereotyped Element's actual type
Attachment 192549: Adds actual type awareness for Stereotypes
308622 1172 bytes UML Typesystem does not handle Stereotype associations correctly
Attachment 192575: The patch
385174 3197 bytes UML Typesystem produces "Couldn't find operation '...' for 'java::lang::String'" on UML2 4.0
Attachment 218750: Is aware of the "Types" EPackage used by UML2 4.0 Metamodel
388373 1918 bytes Calling typeSelect() fails for MultipleStereotypeType instances
Attachment 220479: The Bugfix
Johannes Dicks (
367065 7189 bytes Memory Leak caused by adding IElementChangedListener, added in ctor of XtendXpandProject, which is never be released when a project is deleted
Attachment 208545: quickfix
Karsten Thoms (
205522 12299 bytes prExcludes causes IllegalArgumentExeption
Attachment 87450: Patch
206137 17100 bytes prSrcPaths: error if more then 1 path
Attachment 87608: Patch
206621 2514 bytes Stack overflow Exception
Attachment 87705: Patch
206621 4020 bytes Stack overflow Exception
Attachment 87842: Patch
418240 63 bytes CollectionExpression.executeSortBy does very expensive comparison
Knut Wannheden (
280422 4298 bytes [stdlib] replace oaw::Type with xpand2::Type
Attachment 139270: oaw::Type patch
402092 1944 bytes [deps] use import-package for guava dependencies
Attachment 227775: proposed patch
Malte Krüger (
419090 1580 bytes Slow generation from UML-model when behind a proxy
Attachment 236305: Model, template and workflow for reproducing the bug
Manfred Klug (
206621 1720 bytes Stack overflow Exception
Attachment 89929: Updated patch for
Manuel Bork (
407101 3497 bytes Wrong usage of delimiter in QualifiedName.create(String, String) when delimiter is longer than one character
Attachment 230422: Test and bugfix
Michal Ruzicka (
307960 584 bytes org.eclipse.xpand.ui doesn't compile without org.eclipse.debug.core
Attachment 163703: patch to add org.eclipse.debug.core as a dependency of org.eclipse.xpand.ui
Moritz Eysholdt (
268577 7410 bytes misc bugfixes for Xpand needed by the XSD Adapter
Attachment 128893: xtend fixes 0.2
273464 971174 bytes [typesystem.xsd] Migrate documentation from oAW
Attachment 137132: xtend.typesystem.xsd Documentation 0.1
273464 878610 bytes [typesystem.xsd] Migrate documentation from oAW
Attachment 137141: xtend.typesystem.xsd Documentation Images 0.1
277819 157832 bytes Needed fixes detected by the IP review for xtend.typesystem.xsd
Attachment 137127: xtend.typesystem.xsd IP Fixes 0.1
Niko Stotz (
356959 5154 bytes integer overflow in FSIO.cvSize leads to NegativeArraySizeException
Attachment 204750: Proposed fixed version of FSIO
Nirmal Sasidharan (
444766 2956 bytes EMF Metamodel initializing on EmfToolsPlugin startup could be more efficient
Attachment 247285: patch which includes startup check of EmfMetamodelContributor
Richard Gronback (
229115 662 bytes Xpand wizard package should be exposed
Attachment 97801: Simple patch to add wizard package to Export-Package list
Sebastian Zarnekow (
218607 7272 bytes Order Preserving Sets
Attachment 127998: Tests and some fixes for intersect, union, without, SetType.newInstance
267699 9717 bytes Xpand Editor is not registered
Attachment 128080: Restore content of plugin xml, some fixes with keybindings
268576 2596 bytes [Builder] Infinite recursion if resource is not found
Attachment 128751: Fix for inifinite recursion
268808 1529 bytes [Activities] Dublicate entries in plugins xml lead to unresolved message
Attachment 128936: Fix
269954 4041 bytes [Type inference] Return type for Collection.flatten could be infered in most cases
Attachment 129818: Collection.flatten
269955 12634 bytes [ContentAssist] Misleading and duplicate suggestions when parameterized types are involved
Attachment 129819: Patch that fixes the problems
273050 2207 bytes [JavaMetamodel] Opened and closed projects are not handled gracefully
Attachment 132597: Fix
273051 2581 bytes [ContentAssist] Missing proposals for extensions
Attachment 132598: Fix
281220 1036 bytes [project-analyser] Logs an ResourceException
Attachment 140158: Patch that fixes the problem
Simon Barner (
322902 880 bytes Generic EMF Form Editor: ItemLabelProvider.ext does not work with nested packages [patch]
Attachment 176787: Proposed patch to fix to make ItemLabelProvider.ext work with nested packages
Tatiana Fesenko (
361457 1182 bytes Xtend: NPE when creating a UML EnumerationLiteral
Attachment 205562: Proposed patch
361523 1338 bytes Memory leaks in UML2Writer
Attachment 205609: Proposed patch
Thomas Bastian (
332277 478 bytes [Xtend] typesystem.uml2.profile.StereotypeType: normalizedName does not process all fragments
Attachment 184924: Patch

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