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Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Stephane Bouchet
Goulwen Le Fur OBEO
Nathalie Lepine OBEO
Patrick Tessier CEA LIST

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
cbrun (obeo.fr)
838302 152 lines Bumping minor version number to 1.1.1
Christophe Bouhier (gmail.com)
330426 1815 bytes EEF and a transactional editing domain.
Attachment 183994: patch for this.
glefur (pcglefur.(none))
6590b2 20 lines model is now an AdapterFactory
d255d8 2216 lines First release : At this point the Binding model definition is initialized
Gonzague Reydet (gmail.com)
350753 1443 bytes EEFTreeMasterPart toolbar add button should only display items for containment references
Attachment 198867: A patch to filter non contnainment references on the add button menu
351035 1635 bytes TableCompisition move events are not handled
Attachment 199017: A proposed patch to update generators to handle move events of the table composition
Joao Barata (thalesgroup.com)
305257 631 bytes Modify attribute visibility
Attachment 161544: FlatReferencesTable.patch
305412 4006 bytes Error in editing domain initialization
Attachment 161676: PropertiesEditionSection patch
305428 3676 bytes Unjustified modification commands
Attachment 161691: textFormImpl.mtl and textSWTImpl.mtl patches
Riadh HAJ AMOR (gmail.com)
391513 0 bytes add support for wizard and ModelingBot test cases
392310 0 bytes add action openEditor and propertiesView ModelingBots
392452 0 bytes add Edit and Move Up/Down actions and modelingbots and fix EOFCV cancel bug
William Piers (obeo.fr)
300804 441622 bytes Generated imports are not complete
Attachment 208248: A patch for codegen and codegen.extended
329797 872 bytes Combo edition generation errors
Attachment 185653: a patch fixing the bug
362821 11135 bytes Unable to display properties
Attachment 207131: EEF Generators fix
362821 332818 bytes Unable to display properties
Attachment 207132: EEF Metamodels fix
366146 1882 bytes Missing or invalid references in EEFGen models
Attachment 208139: A patch fixing component and extended eefgen models
366146 974 bytes Missing or invalid references in EEFGen models
Attachment 208158: A patch fixing non reg eefgen model
366728 97341 bytes Use of EMF codegen
Attachment 208391: Changes in codegen, codegen.ecore and codegen.extended
366814 78744 bytes A common strategy to access eClassifiers classes
Attachment 208441: Fixes references to eClassifier implementation in eef.codegen
367171 3882 bytes Changing generation result
Attachment 208601: the fix for control.mtl conditions
382618 236 EContentAdapters are not efficient


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