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Tentative IP Log for modeling.emft

This tentative IP Log is generated dynamically from automatically collected project information. This information has not been vetted for accuracy by the Eclipse Foundation and may not represent the true state of the IP of this project(s). Please refer to the official approved IP Log(s) associated with the official release(s) of this project(s) for more information.


  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

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Unused Approved Contributions

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseStatus
224Apache Commons Logging Jar Version: 1.0.4Apache License, 2.0obsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Freddy Allilaire
Chris Aniszczyk
Lucas Bigeardel
Reinhold Bihler
Sandro Boehme
Manfred Boettger
Nick Boldt Red Hat, Inc.
Cedric Brun OBEO
Gilles Cannenterre Sierra Wireless
Joel Cheuoua
Jean-Claude Cote
Christopher Daly IBM
Christian Damus
Stephan Eberle itemis AG
Sven Efftinge TypeFox GmbH
Hajo Eichler
Paul Elder
Moritz Eysholdt TypeFox GmbH
Peter Friese
Miguel Garcia
Richard Goodwin
Laurent Goubet OBEO
Thomas Guiu Soyatec
Arno Haase
Markus Herrmannsdoerfer
Dennis Huebner TypeFox GmbH
Bryan Hunt IBM
Jan Koehnlein TypeFox GmbH
Bernd Kolb itemis AG
Benoit Langlois Thales Global Services SAS
Jacques Lescot Sierra Wireless
Ma Li
Xavier Maysonnave Soyatec
Simon Mc Duff
Chris McGee
Ed Merks
Jonathan Musset OBEO
Peter Nehrer
Marcelo Paternostro Oracle
Vishwanath Ramaswamy
Deyan Rizov
Markus Scheidgen
Patrick Schoenbach itemis AG
Joerg Schoettle
David Sciamma Sierra Wireless
Shaun Smith Oracle
Michael Soden
Eike Stepper
Martin Taal
Karsten Thoms itemis AG
Thiago Tonelli Bartolomei
Antoine Toulme
Markus Voelter itemis AG
Jos Warmer
Guo Tong Xie IBM
Yang Yang
Pan Yue IBM

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Achim Demelt (
283383 6594 bytes Reader component should have fault tolerant mode
Attachment 141488: Proposed patch
283554 3974 bytes Writer component should have fault tolerant mode
Attachment 141647: Proposed patch
283557 5495 bytes FileCopy component
Attachment 141649: Proposed patch
Alexander Nyßen (
206434 1977 bytes MWE-Core feature does not specify dependencies to org.apache.commons.logging and org.apache.commons.cli
Attachment 80461: Fixed feature.xml
Alexander Nyßen (
289287 20142 bytes Proposed refactoring of WorkflowRunner to offer more flexibility (extensibility) and realiability
Attachment 147048: Proposed path to apply the described refactoring.
Aykut Kilic (
480628 9397 bytes [MWE] Adding filtering of call stack elements to ElementAdapter
Attachment 257501: Patch containing the fix.
Christoph Kulla (
323912 2302 bytes Mwe2Runner should give access to the workflow context
Attachment 177691: Patch which gives access to the context.
337027 4789 bytes [MWE2] Patch to show variable values in hover
Attachment 188830: Patch for mwe2
337027 745 bytes [MWE2] Patch to show variable values in hover
Attachment 188831: Patch for Xtext
Dennis Huebner (
253168 721 bytes [mwe-releng] Preselect dependencies in a project Build website
Attachment 116801: patch
253909 18174 bytes Plugin/Feature names/provider not correct
Attachment 117097: This patch contains a bug fix
253909 8253 bytes Plugin/Feature names/provider not correct
Attachment 117212: additional changes
253909 100117 bytes Plugin/Feature names/provider not correct
Attachment 117430: There are still some unresolved feature/plugin names in generated source artifacts.
256426 17638 bytes Issues&MWEDiagnostics should be able to carry feature information
Attachment 118656: Extends issues and diagnostics so they can handle with features
Dieter Moroff (
274171 1072 bytes Avoid NPE
Attachment 133634: Patch to the workflow runner
274249 2725 bytes Maven pom file
Attachment 133713: Patch for MWE Core Plugin
274249 1222 bytes Maven pom file
Attachment 133714: Patch for MWE Utils Plugin
274249 26321 bytes Maven pom file
Attachment 133719: Patch for MWE Releng
275211 775 bytes Create none unique maven shapshots
Attachment 134687: Patch for MWE Releng
Holger Schill (
414169 11612 bytes Better error reporting when .project is missing
Attachment 234320: signed patch
Kai Kreuzer (
278753 1103 bytes Performance problems in MWE when used in a plugin
Attachment 141606: Proposed patch for the NPE in getResourceAsStream()
Karsten Thoms (
210735 827 bytes WorkflowRunner ignores multiple -p arguments
Attachment 87016: Patch
Knut Wannheden (
221820 967 bytes DirectoryCleaner should have an exclude property and default excludes
Attachment 124277: 4.3.1 directorycleaner patch
269683 858 bytes debug event listener not removed
Attachment 129586: patch for mwelaunchdelegate
278753 941 bytes Performance problems in MWE when used in a plugin
Attachment 141199: caching resource loader patch
Michael Clay (
323115 16712 bytes [StandaloneSetup] Improve population of org.eclipse.emf.ecore.plugin.EcorePlugin.getPlatformResourceMap()
Attachment 177053: proposed patch
Michael Scharf (
243004 1104 bytes Problem in handling generics
Attachment 109029: This patch fixes the problem (for me)
243006 2221 bytes Stack overflow when selecting a line
Attachment 109031: This patch fixes the problem
249635 1479 bytes Better support for runtime development
Attachment 114242: A patch to fix the problem
250649 3169 bytes The GenerateEcore and GenerateEmfatic actions are not thread safe
Attachment 114948: A patch to fix the problem
250652 8510 bytes Add an auto generate ecore option to the emfatic editor
Attachment 114974: A patch that fixes the problem
Moritz Eysholdt (
268578 4056 bytes misc bugfixes for MWE needed by the XSD Adapter
Attachment 128754: MWE Fixes 0.1
Sebastian Zarnekow (
265575 7056 bytes Behaviour of DirectoryCleaner has been altered
Attachment 126241: Patch that restores the missing functionality
266707 981 bytes Errormessage in VisitorCreator is not helpful
Attachment 127175: Patch that fixes the problem
267692 1790 bytes [Workflow Editor] NPE when you close / delete a project and have an open editor
Attachment 128069: Fixes for NPEs
268730 8421 bytes [Exception] NPE during initialization of the editor
Attachment 128912: Fixes NPE, ensure correct scheduling rule for editor initialization
268810 2130 bytes [Editor] Bad performance on initialization due to unnecessary operations
Attachment 128937: Fix in TypeUtil.getAllClasses
272976 5423 bytes [Editor] References to other files are broken
Attachment 132492: Fix
278753 8317 bytes Performance problems in MWE when used in a plugin
Attachment 142361: Workaround for the buddy policy issue - Update

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