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  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
5460Google Collections Version: 1.0 (PB Orbit CQ3679)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
6518Guava Version: 10.0.1 (PB Orbit CQ6121)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
7056Guava Version: 11.0.2Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
8824google-diff-match-patch Version: r106 (PB CQ7404)Apache License, 2.0modified source
9271DaisyDiff Version: 1.2Apache License, 2.0, Eclipse Public License (Two Files)modified binary
9311Neko HTML Version: 1.9.14 (PB Obit CQ4806)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
9312Apache Xerces Version: 2.8 (PB CQ2093)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary

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Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Mikael Barbero Eclipse Foundation
Cedric Brun OBEO
Arthur Daussy OBEO
Laurent Delaigue OBEO
Stefan Dirix Innoopract GmbH
Moritz Eysholdt itemis AG
Laurent Goubet OBEO
Patrick Konemann itemis AG
Philip Langer Innoopract GmbH
Jonathan Musset OBEO
Cedric Notot OBEO

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Alex Lagarde (obeo.fr)
377776 16651 bytes Merging issues : PositionEAdapter are not removed by EFactory.eAdd()
Attachment 214612: An updated version of the EFactory that unregisters the PositionEAdapter
357942 356 bytes Merging Issue with models generated in CDO-native mode
Alexander Nyen (itemis.de)
301112 227292 bytes Introduce IMatchScope to allow restriction of MatchEngine's search room (choice between resource/resourceSet comparison) and to fix false-positives in combination with external filters and fragments
Attachment 166753: Revised pach, adopted to current EMF Compare HEAD as of 02-05-2010
Alexandra Buzila (eclipsesource.com)
0c92d4 101 lines [470332] Resolving a conflict causes loss of previous changes
104573 4755 lines [467677] Detection of binary identical resources
28c8d6 117 lines [457117] Race condition on save
389e4e 7 lines [471157] StackOverflow in ThreeWayComparisonGroupProvider
46cf1f 7 lines [462938] Merge dialog freezes when merging submodel changes
4f2ddd 654 lines [470147] Logical model resolution of remote side fails
5f1df3 76 lines [483798] Introduce Papyrus label providers for UML models with Profiles
bb0362 61 lines [469105] No changes for comparison with previous from History view
d27f86 133 lines [484557] ResourceAttachment vs Attribute conflicts
f0c44d 654 lines [470147] Logical model resolution of remote side fails
f6103d 4755 lines [467677] Detection of binary identical resources
f79331 244 lines [478620] Cherry pick operation hangs
Alexandra Buzila (gmail.com)
1799b4 14 lines [448464] Source list incorrectly determined when undoing changes
23bd60 206 lines [446252] Issue with feature ordering when merging FeatureMaps
537aab 52 lines [450360] Warning for duplicate IDs
8b51e7 71 lines Fixed typos in the Tutorial, Developer guide, Logical model
Ali Akar (gmail.com)
297305 6094 bytes Externalize the creation of org.eclipse.emf.compare.ui.ModelCompareInput
Attachment 154095: A patch file for project "org.eclipse.emf.compare.ui"
297463 2733 bytes NPE when comparing two objects under the same container/file
Attachment 154216: Proposed patch
Andreas Mayer (gmx.de)
0e06ce 304 lines [469853] Unresponsive merge viewer with reference changes that yield
26b297 304 lines [469853] Unresponsive merge viewer with reference changes that yield
Andreas Mayer (gmx.net)
356097 5012 bytes NPE and wrong change description in compare editor if an UpdateReference has neither a left nor a right target
Attachment 202396: Patch for UpdateReferenceItemProvider r1.22
Andreas Scharf (cs.uni-kassel.de)
379740 5272 IllegalArgumentException in EMFCompareEObjectCopier
Arthur Daussy (obeo.fr)
04d237 20 lines [429441] User doc update: Post processors configuration
066b35 25 lines Correction of 2 checkstyle errors.
0dac45 134 lines Regenates .edit code for DiagramCompare metamodel with EMF 2.10.
1941ae 206 lines New tests: Test ItemRegistry
1963a2 11 lines Correction of unit tests for
1be723 1 lines Add a description to "Diagram Refined elements".
1cb225 47 lines [430372] Documentation update.
2040c1 723 lines New tests: Test MatchEngineFactoryRegistryWrapper
21f730 4 lines Engines preference page: Correct message dialog
2924be 3 lines Avoid unnecessary dialog when commiting non fragmented dialog.
2b85e0 3 lines [427126] Build correction.
2fe3cd 60 lines [427126] User doc update: Engine configuration
3282c8 19 lines Prevent changing group twice for only one selection.
39d97b 1888 lines StereotypedElementChangePostProcessor unit tests.
43eb89 6 lines Typo error in emfcomparercpuimessages.properties
46d1f6 3 lines Avoid unnecessary dialog when commiting non fragmented dialog.
471ed0 1 lines Add description for "UML refined element" filter.
488740 9 lines Item providers preference page documentation.
48f2a7 192 lines Use stateful item providers for Diagram extensions.
4ad0c2 392 lines Adds Item provider preference page.
4b3ecc 575 lines [429636] Add Group Synchronization behavior mechanism.
4c6021 570 lines Test integration of profiles in EMF Compare.
4c6ac2 306 lines Use stateful item providers for UML extensions.
4dde60 12 lines Correction on UMLDifferencesOrderTest.
54e2b5 577 lines [430682] Refactoring of IModelResolver
565825 2 lines [429441] Extend UML Post process ui.
5a448b 296 lines Generates UMLCompare source code with EMF 2.10
5ad347 1623 lines [427126] Add match engne UI configuration
5ce26c 2327 lines [427126] New extension points
5f3de9 18 lines [427126] Layout correction for Windows OS
606c02 7 lines [427126] Add default constructor to DefaultDiffEngine
61f6b1 23 lines [430682] User Doc: Model resolution
6474b0 398 lines Customizes the way StereotypeAttributeChange and StereotypeRefenceChange
68812e 8 lines Updates external adapter factories.
695994 215 lines Filters EMF compare adapter factories using preferences.
6fd6dc 798 lines [427126] Add Match engine extension point
705a95 539 lines Cutomization of the way stereotyped elements are displayed.
7330d4 402 lines [434828] Test Merge Conflict Diff With Conflicting Diff With RequiredBy
752b61 374 lines [430682] New test: Test ModelResolverManager
7ba319 34 lines Improvements and corrections on MatchEngineRegistryWrapper.
7f88ae 74 lines [430682] Improves ModelResolverManager
7fe7bf 281 lines [427126] UI refactoring.
83af1e 12 lines Improvements and corrections on ItemRegistry
8538ce 698 lines [429636] Refactoring of IDifferenceGroupProvider
8df473 8 lines Correct typo error on IMPL_CLASS_DESCRIPTOR_ATTR in
931d5b 472 lines EMF Compare tutorial: Tutorial part 1
9872f0 2 lines [430682] Correction on ModelResolutionPreferencePage
98a5c7 1 lines Correct Helios compatibilty break.
9972b5 73 lines Use width hint in preference pages
9ac30d 472 lines EMF Compare tutorial: Tutorial part 1
9efd97 2 lines Typo error in developer documentation.
9f2311 6 lines Correct the order of processing post processors.
9f9d0b 1296 lines UI improvement: Prevents freezing UI during groups building.
a0520c 980 lines Regenerates EMF Compare static test profile.
a303c5 218 lines Adds UMLStereotypedElementChange post processor.
a3ed4c 502 lines Adds custom stereotypes icons.
a8a838 367 lines [430372] Preference page for filter.
aab629 30 lines [429636] Documentation update: Groups
abba5e 562 lines [434827] Wrong overlay icon after merge
ad7dfc 244 lines Tutorial part 2 : Git
b0d00f 2 lines Add description and label to "Diagram post processor"
b0e324 468 lines [430372] Add synchronization behavior.
b1b44d 2343 lines Add Stereotyped element change to the UML Compare meta model.
b594af 6 lines [432033] Do not reset Group and filter after saving.
b6e456 365 lines Unit tests for DecoratorUMLProfileItemProviderAdapterFactory
b6e924 17 lines Improves EMF Compare global preference page.
b86d4f 919 lines [426975] Add color preference for EMF Compare viewer
b90eb5 301 lines [430682] Preference page for Model Resolving mechanism
c210a5 13 lines Fix @ since
c3e8a2 5 lines [435612] Prevents memory between selection in TreeMergeViewer
c69ed4 5 lines [434714] Add EMF Content type to model provider
ca75fd 6 lines Corrects possible NPE on resource resolving.
cb1438 2 lines Add @noimplement and @noextend to IMatchEngine.Factory.Registry
cbde4c 13 lines Groups and Filters preference page: Lines up label with combo.
ccd48a 83 lines [430372] Refactor filters.
ce47ba 45 lines Improves preference page UI.
cf3ca4 15943 lines EMF Compare tutorial: EXTlibrary plugins
d014f0 39 lines Remove useless preference tab.
d023c7 2070 lines Name refactoring.
d34461 408 lines [435365] CascadingFilter shouldn't filter out changes in moved objects
dc8ef9 6 lines Corrects possible NPE on resource resolving.
dee08b 12 lines Remove Google API leak.
e4f7d8 966 lines [434822] Conflict between move and delete
e61de1 22 lines Correct order on post processors.
e67835 15943 lines EMF Compare tutorial: EXTlibrary plugins
e735ec 2166 lines Unit test for MDT Papyrus differences order.
e931f7 2048 lines [429441] Enable/Disable post processors.
eb3ab4 33 lines [431785] Correct synchronization mechanism
eddddc 2166 lines Unit test for MDT Papyrus differences order.
f3ba6d 1184 lines UML differences order test.
fc3f44 2233 lines [429636] Create preference page for groups
358225 32840 bytes [EMF Compare] Extension point for IPAF registration
Attachment 204929: New patch
360757 702543 bytes Integration of SysML language into EMF Compare
Attachment 205811: Plugins for SysML integration after refactoring from observation
360757 16548 bytes Integration of SysML language into EMF Compare
Attachment 206472: Feature for SysML Integration
361379 1196 bytes [EMF Compare UML] Change priority of Diff and Match engine of UML plugin
Attachment 205508: Patch to modify priority
361531 5047 bytes [EMF Compare UML] Add modification in org.eclipse.emf.compare.uml2.tests
Attachment 205622: Modification of the visibility of getDiagramKindPath()
361531 3244 bytes [EMF Compare UML] Add modification in org.eclipse.emf.compare.uml2.tests
Attachment 205740: Make AbstractUMLCompareTest usable for heritage
361666 3406 bytes [EMF Compare UML] Update Reference difference target to the wrong targets when target is a stereotype
Attachment 205735: Possible correction
358122 1888 bytes [EMF Compare UI] Enable to handle all descriptors in UI
Axel Richard (obeo.fr)
01c0f0 84 lines [399724] fix bug on items order in the structure merge viewer
1ec144 3907 lines [398360] Provide content merge viewer for resource attachment changes
4ee5ec 10397 lines [399456] Managed enhance readability of Resource Attachment Change
6f9601 903 lines [401440] Adjust API to be able to read the description of a difference.
6fb047 79 lines [401873] Display unresolved differences number next to groups names.
7ea9ec 6042 lines [398358] Extension point for filters and groups
81974f 89 lines [401854] Expand and collapse buttons on structure and content merge
9be62b 7 lines [399270] Disable save comparison model button
9da022 3219 lines [401659] New filters and trees under groups
a65a3a 2649 lines [403187] Ordering post processors
c8c4ba 4515 lines [402536] Merge sub diffs when filter "Sub diffs elements" is active.
db9933 580 lines [398099] enhanced labels in structural viewer
dedaab 3912 lines [403055] Provide a match engine extension mechanism.
eac77a 637 lines [399456] Managed enhance readability of Resource Attachment Change for
Benjamin Klatt (fzi.de)
397428 1022 bytes IllegalStateException in ReferencesCheck.createNonConflictingReferencesUpdate()
Attachment 225205: Patch to fix the IllegalStateException
Benjamin Muskalla (tasktop.com)
351763 1289 bytes NPE when using EMF compare inside dialog
Attachment 199453: proposed patch
C. Thompson (gmail.com)
387048 324960 bytes *.ecorediag File diffs do not properly display class names
Attachment 220225: Patch for bug
Cedric Notot (obeo.fr)
351593 3806 bytes Merge StereotypeApplication : required ProfileApplication should also be merged
Attachment 205141: Fix for regression
357916 5779 bytes The merge of a difference extension has no effect
Attachment 203477: Correction of the bug
359421 13237 bytes API to open emf compare editor with initialization of selection
Attachment 204290: Open editor with selection API
359540 10285 bytes API to query the viewer for the list of visible changes
Attachment 204359: Patch for the API
359590 239805 bytes Some improvements
Attachment 204398: The patch
360560 71218 bytes API to open a view with a differences tree and a given filtering and ordering
Attachment 204959: Patch for API (view management)
361344 1816614 bytes Duplication of model root in the difference view
Attachment 206142: Fix
361614 13213 bytes API to get viewer with a differences tree and a given filtering and ordering
Attachment 205693: The patch for this new feature
361674 6722 bytes Exceptions are thrown when getVisibleDiffElements(CompareEditor) API is called
Attachment 205738: Bug fix
362043 1267 bytes Only the last selected filter is taken into account
Attachment 205971: Fix
370723 4416 bytes Regression on setSelection() API
Attachment 210583: Patch
370727 12607 bytes It is not possible to call the ModelComparator.compare() API inside an existing thread UI
Attachment 210587: Patch
370728 973 bytes Papyrus Diagram comparison on notation files
Attachment 210589: Patch
Csaba Koncz (gmail.com)
199745 17955 bytes When merging a reference change emf compare may loose the order of the references.
Attachment 172214: Code changes
199745 28587 bytes When merging a reference change emf compare may loose the order of the references.
Attachment 172215: test cases
199745 32886 bytes When merging a reference change emf compare may loose the order of the references.
Attachment 176980: Test cases with copyright and test methods for rightToLeft merging
199745 5912 bytes When merging a reference change emf compare may loose the order of the references.
Attachment 176989: code fixes for rightToLeft merging
Dimitris Kolovos (cs.york.ac.uk)
238423 4695 bytes Selecting the matching engine
Attachment 105912: Patch for org.eclipse.emf.compare.ui
238423 9919 bytes Selecting the matching engine
Attachment 105913: Patch for org.eclipse.emf.compare.match
Ed Willink (willink.me.uk)
365528 287 bytes Inccurate org.eclipse.emf.compare.uml2 plugin.xml
Eike Stepper (esc-net.de)
390845 2775 bytes Make it easier to customize FilterComparisonScope
Attachment 221729: Patch of FilterComparisonScope
390846 3572 bytes Make it easier to customize DefaultMatchEngine
Attachment 221731: DefaultMatchEngine Patch
Gonzague Reydet (gmail.com)
270730 115481 bytes Match & Diff engine association using content-type instead of file extension
Attachment 152873: Patch implementing the engine association within content-type and namespace
295858 2228 bytes ReferenceOrderChanges generated for elements with close URIs
Attachment 152855: Patch that seems to fix the issue
295883 22319 bytes Need for API extensibility
Attachment 152876: The needed API modifications
296905 7507 bytes IndexOutOfBoundsException when comparing proxies with segment-less URIs
Attachment 156526: Add a test case to my previous patch
305479 9397 bytes Enable applications to use custom implementations of ModelCompareInput
Attachment 164024: Updated patch to use interface instead of abstract class
Hajo Eichler (gmx.de)
199248 27952 bytes Using diff.edit code instead of own Label/ContentProvider
Attachment 75851: Extended Patch for using edit code
Jan Reimann (gmail.com)
ae83e9 783 lines Support comparison through Subversive
fe5f4a 783 lines Support comparison through Subversive
308306 1507 bytes Comparing textual representations of models returns null as IContentDescription
Attachment 164019: null check patch for EclipseModelUtils
308351 1717 bytes ClassCastException in ModelContentPreviewViewer when pressing back button
Attachment 164081: patch containing an instanceof check
308446 2506 bytes Comparison of in-memory models needs independence of Resource
Attachment 164183: fixes my copy paste error
316429 4517 bytes Comparing a model with resource with an in-memory model results in an empty right pane
Attachment 171616: solves the bug at two places
Karla Rubio (servexternos.isban.es)
f03564 41 lines [426871] Externalize plugin.xml strings for
f6f925 49 lines [426871] Externalize plugin.xml strings for
Laurent Delaigue (obeo.fr)
0bd794 28 lines Fixed some spelling mistakes and tried to improve readability.
29a9ac 8 lines [458502] NPE in EMFCompareStructureMergeViewer.
316108 18 lines Happy boy-scout: Fixed findbugs warning.
5cc3f7 164 lines Improved developer guide and fixed typos.
617848 27 lines [458802] NPE when IComparisonScope computes empty comparison.
a1a723 106 lines [458544] Impossible to save value of text att if left not editable.
bd36b7 96 lines [458818] NPE when conflict on multi-valued attrib. (move vs delete)
e9a3d2 1841 lines [457034] ProximityEObjectMatcher should support cancellation
Laurent Goubet (obeo.fr)
199244 53598 bytes [EMF Compare][PATCH]potential NPE with compare editor + export API
Attachment 75662: The herein described patch
199246 45980 bytes [EMF Compare][PATCH]potential NPE with compare editor + export API *v0.7 maintenance*
Attachment 75666: The herein described patch
200335 100391 bytes [EMF Compare][PATCH]Slight performance optimization
Attachment 76288: The described patch
200368 865499 bytes [EMF Compare][PATCH]Diff Extension draft
Attachment 76304: The described patch
203565 1176840 bytes [EMF Compare][PATCH]Fix for Bug 199060 - properties not shown
Attachment 78531: patch for Bug 199060
259081 43316 bytes no engine overriding possible in standalone mode
Attachment 120677: patch adding an engine registry for the match engines
259081 84519 bytes no engine overriding possible in standalone mode
Attachment 122522: patch adding an engine registry for the diff engines
280279 45285 bytes EMF Compare graduation
Attachment 139175: Patch to change version numbering all around
Mariot Chauvin (gmail.com)
279079 5452 bytes NullPointerException in ResourceSimilarity#computeURISimilarity
Attachment 138265: patch and test for head
Martin Taal (elver.org)
299641 2752 bytes EAttribute which have an array instanceclass (EStringArray for example) are not compared on the content of the array but on the .equals of the array
Attachment 156110: diff for solving this reported issue
Mathieu Cartaud (obeo.fr)
1b2326 2 lines [475935] Fix potential IllegalStateException in MergeViewerItem
230f8d 168 lines Add debug logging for merge actions
2d0c03 174 lines Add a proposal for the modification of Compare UI tooltips.
2f390a 7 lines [478032] Fix accept/reject dropdown icon
32d90b 5374 lines Model Merge Tool + classes to do model merges with EGit
3510da 182 lines [411485] Fix the CMV display for moves beteen two containers
47daad 93 lines [464386] Add commit short id to make label more distinguishible - test
54f662 3300 lines Implementation of contextual tooltips
5cb671 5675 lines Implementation of contextual tooltips
619e3f 48 lines [UI tests] Fix papyrus RCPTT tests
62ead5 162 lines Use JGit provided progress monitor
635a21 12 lines Fix bugs caused by an EGit update
755f4b 2784 lines Scalable conflict detector
7f78ba 129 lines [UI tests] Fix papyrus RCPTT tests
857767 4 lines [485538] Fix ClassCastException in MergeResolutionManager
89fd95 49 lines Fix RCPTT bugs
8c1af5 10613 lines [UI tests] Add tests involving Papyrus & Egit
93c4ec 99 lines [486093] Don't create log file if logs are off
987f32 336 lines [477769] Papyrus linked ResourceAttachmentChanges
a68638 43 lines Fix label issues when using the MergeTool on merge conflicts
ac24a1 261 lines [487011] Fix wrong conflict detection
ae6fc1 16 lines Add missing test suite for Neon build
c1fc71 194 lines [464386] Add commit short id to make label more distinguishible
c317b7 90 lines [411485] Fix the CMV display for move between two containers
cbcf4c 7 lines [473190] Fix NPE in the CompareStructureMergeViewer
cce332 713 lines [485266] Fix merge consequences for delete/move conflicts
e2355c 7 lines [478032] Fix accept/reject dropdown icon
ed08cb 16 lines Set maximum version to 4.2.0 for EGit bundles
eee88a 8 lines Improve progress monitor to allow cancelling
Matt Seashore (gmail.com)
226565 1087 bytes [Compare] Getting RemoteRemoveModelElement instead of RemoteAddModelElement with 3 way compare
Attachment 95551: An initial attempt at a fix for the bug
Michael Borkowski (eclipsesource.com)
012159 91 lines RevisionedURIConverterTest inner classes as mockito mocks
1576a8 477 lines [470268] Add test classes for RenameDetector and SimilarityComputer
1b857b 135 lines [467191] Add label for comparing equivalent models
2b4232 150 lines [467576] Correct Handling of Proxies in ReqEngine
334a01 1822 lines [470268] Consider potential renames in model resolution
523a44 40 lines Upgrade to Mockito 1.9
542422 133 lines Additional Unit Tests for Navigatable
a5e2b8 4 lines Add Mockito Dependency to org.eclipse.emf.compare.tests
a777aa 584 lines [462863] Extension Point for detecting complete merge resolutions
addd97 690 lines [462237] Merge Viewer: Jump to next unresolved difference after merging
b058ef 330 lines Adds Mockito Dependency
d65872 294 lines Unit Tests for {Local,Remote}MonitoredCreationListener
db9f81 188 lines DependencyGraphUpdaterTest using Mockito
dbc6bd 150 lines [467576] Correct Handling of Proxies in ReqEngine
f57895 6 lines [462863] UI Messages for EGit bundle
ffcdfc 320 lines [462863] Staging Prompt after Resolving Conflicts
Mikael Barbero (eclipse.org)
343404 24379 bytes Support for textual comparison of textual EAttribute
Attachment 195381: the new patch
345451 112490 bytes Filtering and grouping facilities in the Compare editor
Attachment 195382: the patch
351593 118421 bytes Merge StereotypeApplication : required ProfileApplication should also be merged
Attachment 203002: the generic patch
351593 0 bytes Merge StereotypeApplication : required ProfileApplication should also be merged
Attachment 203003: the uml2 patch (bigger 'cause of unit tests updates)
351593 1065 bytes Merge StereotypeApplication : required ProfileApplication should also be merged
Attachment 203134: the new icons not added in previous patch
352981 562170 bytes UML Comparison Engine doesnt handle conflictual UpdateAttribute and UpdateReference
Attachment 200258: The new fixtures as patch to the tests plug-in
357079 18130 bytes Enhancements for filtering and grouping facilities
Attachment 202986: the patch
346607 1616 bytes IMatchScope are not used to filter out model roots in GenericMatchEngine
Mikaël Barbero (obeo.fr)
00b53b 38 lines use a EObject to URI cache with max size instead of weakKeys
01082b 24 lines Remove unnecessary loop to copy an iterable
019610 2 lines Activate by default the "by side" group
02372d 58 lines Display number of computed and filtered differences in structure viewer
0286b1 5 lines remove enrroneous comitted file .directory and add it to .gitignore
02ecd0 339 lines fix merge UI action
035354 21 lines update target platform definition
0354ae 3 lines oops..
041e8a 4 lines fix wrong reference to PLUGIN_ID
042d25 54 lines change confusing methods name
05281b 2 lines Use https for downloading
05463c 2 lines refactored too much
062d68 16 lines handle save on text merge viewer
072154 162 lines upgrade pom.xml, MANIFEST.MF feature.xml versions (3.0.0 for MANIFEST.MF
09a8cf 2 lines add -q option to zip command
0a83e0 2 lines Fixed the enable status of merge button
0b1926 2 lines Do not force refresh after change of group/filter, it is useless
0b4ef7 14188 lines move accessorFactory extension point from ide.ui to rcp.ui
0b799e 57 lines add merge all non conflicting diffs from one side to another.
0ba9a5 36 lines use ReferenceUtil instead of defining our own method
0be899 5 lines fix wrong side
0c04b5 2 lines Fire changes when not one of the IEMFCompareConfiguration's one.
0c0f93 53 lines use linkoffline in javadoc while we can't provide proxies to the javadoc commands
0e74f5 95 lines remove unused and deprecated EMFCompareConfiguration
0e850e 3 lines an exception has to be thrown to be useful!
0eb070 53 lines archive website and add publisher info to ease plublishing
0f2e24 56 lines change the way the left & right sides are marked as dirty
0fad40 251 lines remove unneeded directives in some pom.xml
10abd5 103 lines add uml2.ide to the UML2 feature
10d5c4 18 lines use super CompareHandlerService instead of creating a new one
12747a 2 lines add missing import
1276af 25 lines add support for save action with juno
1294c5 84 lines [366553] let edit models in conflict with Egit merge tool
12e3b2 63 lines update state of the merge before merging refining differences.
1313df 23 lines add some helpful message instead of dummy one
13eb57 175 lines fix bug with version comparison
13f0fd 63 lines Fix regression on undo/redo support.
141089 2 lines Removed unnecessary keyword
14513f 12 lines rename variable to ensure uniqness
163751 4 lines update target definition files to refers to Orbit stable build for
16746e 3 lines [409281] setSelection to widget to avoid content viewer change.
16c9c4 7 lines remove warning from build.properties
16cacc 4 lines remove property to report non zero arg when test failure
16d742 31 lines make AbstractDiffAcessor implementing IEditableContent to return true to
1779d0 23 lines display proxy with italic font
1792c3 1696 lines add a EMFCompareConfiguration class to configure the match/diff/merge
17c3d6 9 lines Update to q7 runner 1.3.12
193246 689 lines Let the user switch to text compare from no difference and wait viewers
196f66 54 lines fix NPE when closing the compare editor before
19e012 22 lines Fix center control drawing and icon display
19f363 95 lines add few more ItemProvider #getChildren tests
1a9a54 89 lines Get ride of the need of the PLACEHOLDER file in the help folder
1aa509 27 lines Remove no longer necessary external tool builder
1ad82f 53 lines update build
1b2872 24027 lines refactor UML plugins to make all classes internal before kepler m6
1b40bd 1540 lines Modify custom AdapterFactory.
1b77c1 64 lines [44393] hide "expand" button in front of item with filtered children
1bbf7f 4 lines Use tycho 0.19
1c12d1 2 lines add p2 agent temp folders to .gitignore
1c451d 411 lines rename to make checkstyle happy
1c5a6f 5093 lines move and refactor merge viewer from ide.ui to rcp.ui
1cca39 3 lines sometimes parent is null (when it is the root...)
1d15d4 32 lines filter out diff refined by or required by refines by
1d1f0d 2 lines should check type of the element and not only if it's != null
1d51d7 25 lines update q7 AUT creation script
1db2af 4 lines Revert "remove uml2.uml.generated_package of test profile"
1e1453 3 lines Do not try to set expanded tree paths, we can't as objects are changed
1e4852 3 lines [410738] add p2.inf to still provide org.eclipse.emf.compare.ui and allow clean update
1e49fe 17 lines do not try to resolve resources from localResourceSet if it is not a
1eb520 51 lines Adds collaborative-modeling profile and updates to 4.5M4 and to 4.4SR1
1f0a9d 636 lines added content merge viewer for many reference changes
1f2507 6 lines fix potential NPE
1f9b23 1022 lines refactored IPostProcessor to move nsURI and resourceURI to Descriptor
200827 3 lines added Arrays.fill()ing of blank space
204dee 8 lines Fix choco commit. Remove UML2 and papyrus from Juno maven profile.
20ae2b 101 lines update setup model
21a4f4 82 lines handle all difference kinds and not only ReferenceChange
21ef44 4 lines use proper version of performance parent pom
22f208 4 lines Remove minimum require bundle version on ecore tools.
233839 5 lines prevent unwanted NPE
236826 10 lines do not consider non-unresolved diff as children of Match
23aa3e 1040 lines code cleaning
23c6a3 4 lines use equinox launcher instead of binary as it does not manage to find java in a chrooted env
23d342 19 lines fix regression on two way compare (NPE)
23ea6e 4 lines Fix image for cancel button of job progress info
246539 34 lines Do not display number of unresolved differences on goup label.
24c609 2 lines Remove comparison cache field
24eb09 3 lines change pmd golas to pmd and cpd
25cd17 7 lines fix monitor issue.
25ed08 34 lines use build directories to store AUT to avoid augmenting the zip file
265067 329 lines Add initial version of nightly publisher
26ff2f 12 lines Do not add unnecessary vmArgs
285790 70 lines add javadoc
287d48 94 lines add specific TextMergeViewer to remove support for partial merge
2907df 3204 lines API embellishment
29552f 421 lines Fix a lot of issues with previous cancellation support
299c9e 5 lines Improve handling of job cancelling
2acb0e 84 lines add refresh on change of commandStack
2b7226 23 lines simplify jacoco config
2b7e21 2 lines remove trailing whitespace in an id.
2be566 6 lines update version number regarding the MANIFEST (bis)
2bee5f 2 lines Fix regression introduced in a36c7e21f7243a0019d1a63cd2d997ec4a2d5826
2c2ffe 84 lines change dependency from Guava 10.0.1 to Guava 11.0.2
2c31b8 19 lines update problem indication from a single location
2c8707 5 lines Add the difference to the list of notifier to watch during
2d0da1 290 lines add preliminary support of undo/redo
2d74b5 69 lines Remove deprecated class
2da215 12 lines Added source feature for all integration features
2e4fb9 2 lines Do not run async to prevent SWTException: widget has been disposed.
2e6841 65 lines fix ePackage nsURI
2ea156 17 lines Revert "add temporary debug instructions in createAUT.sh"
2eacc1 288 lines Happy checkstyle.
2ee9fa 112 lines removed unused merge way tip action
2f4459 21 lines [409363] display related changes for a AttributeChange on FeatureMap
2f6c35 56 lines Use EcoreUtil#convertToString to convert attribute value to string and
2f7f6e 29 lines Fix potential NPE
303128 574 lines Do not use assertSame for int comparison (2)
3102f2 322 lines preliminary support of UMLDiff in the IDE UI
31706c 61 lines Pull up implementation of isAdapterForType
317814 12 lines make source viewers not editable to avoid partial merges
3294d3 40 lines Improve title message
32b6ce 36 lines Deprecate static factory method in favor of constant where possible.
32d78f 201 lines Simpler display for match overlay
32e3ff 11 lines Avoid to dispatch notification to fix deadlock with CacheAdapter
3319ad 35 lines Do not rethrow exception when loading a resource in a custom resourceset
3344a7 2 lines Save the env for debugging
34d4b9 6 lines Change canExecute to test there is at least one difference
34e99e 9 lines change DiffCrossReferencer to handle subclasses of Diff.
352d35 449 lines Generate stateful compare item providers.
35f301 1183 lines Introduce IEMFCompareConfiguration.
3649a8 38 lines Remove deprecated methods.
3824c4 42 lines Add x-friends between our plugins
38cd1f 10 lines Remove internal builder from doc bundle
38ec8f 301 lines Add progress bar to structure merge viewer during computation
392557 6 lines fix regression in UML 2 tests.
3955c9 137 lines Modularize target platform definitions (II)
39683d 4 lines remove hard dependency to uml 4.1 in tests
39d0f1 44 lines do not override setSelection anymore
3a9c1d 82 lines Improve progress reporting
3b3cc1 800 lines Simplify handling of adaptation of Comparison EObject to Node for
3bc898 7 lines [409262] all ui related operations in commandStackChanged must be
3c1e71 20 lines Simplify the instanceof chain tests
3d5a02 88 lines [406626] update dirty state during content merger viewer <init>
3d7cc3 37 lines fix potential InvalidFeatureException with dynamic EObject.
3d8ed1 1627 lines big revamp of the ide.ui code to support some corner cases elegantly
3e1bba 3 lines removes no more existing package from the exported packages list
3e6f64 4 lines do not return q7 test failure
3e83d8 77 lines Handle pseudo conflict in tree viewers
3f36c1 18 lines extract common code to utils methods (getText / getImage)
3f39ac 61 lines unload resources on dispose (prevent UML2's CacheAdapter leak)
42095b 3778 lines some refactoring to separate static @ dynamic profile/stereotype test
42a18e 302 lines remove unused class
42d2c1 7 lines Use version 1.2.1 of exec maven plugin
43dcaf 450 lines add load on demand policy extension point
441c1d 34 lines Add ThreadFactory to pools and implement UncaughtExceptionHandler
44247f 1 lines findbugs should not be tied to validate phase
45b65d 310 lines rename
467680 275 lines Add javadoc to compare command stack related classes
470ebd 10 lines fix center line when diff is a move
47a504 595 lines created parent module for bundles and features to factorize pom definitions
480995 92 lines Remove leak from difference group provider.
48d596 7 lines add uri_mapping to uml2.tests
494323 3016 lines Initial commit of the new EMFCompare UI
49ef25 310 lines fix merge UI action
4ab7f1 29 lines do not draw a specific item when drawing a simple TableItem (no diff or
4b1cd9 451 lines Handle cancel user request through progress monitor
4b8c29 228 lines add composite displaying feature and owner of an EObject list under
4b9183 13 lines fix conflicting handler for copy actions.
4b93a9 2 lines Set shell executor header
4d2bf1 108 lines Add support for reflective invoke
4d9e72 26 lines fix NPE when changing from EMFCompareTextMergeViewer to another Viewer
4dd62f 18 lines add osx flags for UI tests
4df383 21 lines update target platform definition
4e3b45 274 lines [406537] Edition of text merge viewer live-updates model.
4e5707 108 lines few refactoring for better readability
4e87fb 304 lines refactor & fix getChildren for Match and ReferenceChange (was awfully
4f1648 50 lines make compare copy commands implement a common interface to know on which
5013c0 2 lines Forgot to pass the new non null progress monitor...
50b4df 26 lines remove JXR warning
51c49e 7222 lines Refactor Groups.
51cdae 55 lines fix bug while storing previous result of comparison
520b6f 1 lines remove registry listener when stopping the bundle
52b5d7 38 lines Remove duplicate diagram content viewer creator.
534b80 665 lines Open TreeContentMergeViewer on a Match
53ae9f 10 lines add content type binding for default emf compare content merge viewer
542de9 43 lines add ReflectiveItemProviderAdapterFactory and
54dc9c 1402 lines rename EObject content merge viewer
556a75 86 lines Update target platform for Luna M3
56ebbe 5 lines setThreeWay should be call as early as possible (test failure before
5710d7 4 lines Remove minimum require bundle version on ecore tools.
57613f 7 lines fix issue with displayed insertion points (was not taking into account
57ba4c 4 lines fallback to luna release p2 repository for mars TP as long as staging is not updated
581428 13 lines implement IAdaptable and answer to adapt(IHandlerService) properly to
582ade 132 lines remove uml2.profiles.tests as it is now using the one in uml2.tests
584e82 2712 lines refactor EMFCompareEditingDomain to implement an interface.
585c55 299 lines Add fallback to text when something goes wrong during model resolution
586fa6 110 lines Add Javadoc to providers class and clean up some classes
59aa27 6 lines use a valid name for findGnuRegex function
5a20ae 374 lines add IMergeViewer interface
5a2a57 43 lines add custom MergeViewerContentProvider to handle save() gracefully. Also,
5a532f 7 lines [409262] UI related operations in commandStackChanged must be protected
5a55fa 314 lines do not use the root adapter factory, but the provided one (it has to
5b10bf 2 lines remove hard dependency to papyrus 0.10 in tests
5b4005 10 lines Add location of the CBI licences
5c235c 70 lines [406536] Listen to textual merge to update the dirty state of the
5cbace 7 lines Be robust against <null> progress monitor Team could give to us.
5ce62c 2418 lines Factorize out the cache of the computation of required differences.
5ce885 18 lines fix potential NPE
5d4c39 65 lines Update the quality profile and some older ones
5d51d9 32 lines Use nullOrEmpty test for strings returned AdapterFactoryItemDelegator.
5df366 500 lines code clean up
5e08e7 16 lines Restore label display on top of structure merge viewer
5eb6da 3 lines Secure deletion of redirection composite repositories metadata
5eedf3 511 lines Do not contribute more than one content merge viewer for Diagrams.
5f154f 35 lines use target platform fil for indigo
5f892c 25 lines Change ComparisonSpec#getDifferences() to return differences with value
5fc81e 2 lines add verison to exec-maven-plugin plugin
60404a 524 lines Move INavigatable to its own class.
6075d6 5 lines Rename folder Collaborative-Modeling-${PLATFORM} to eclipse
60fb2d 237 lines Properly implement getParent in TreeNodeItemProviderSpec
612b18 15 lines authorize load on demand of resources after having minimized the scope.
616bb3 2 lines update version number regarding the MANIFEST
62345b 201 lines make diagram filter internal
629948 3083 lines Displaying tree of containement reference changes
629af6 33 lines Do not create object if it is unnecessary
62b751 11 lines vertical bar may not available
632099 2 lines rename the environment variable that trigger signing
6347bb 97 lines add basic implementation of post processor descriptor
637699 12 lines avoid NPE when no left/right/ancestor content
65154a 17 lines update jacoco and checkstyle maven config
65210c 6 lines Use EMF Compare's AdapterFactory registry in content merge viewer.
65c7a7 61 lines Conflict and pseudo conflict icons
66159c 32 lines Add IItemFontProvider as a supported type and replace AdapterFactoryUtil
663d2e 15 lines Handle display of cancelation diagnostic
665acb 36 lines [417360] Fix NPE when comparison is not between ResourceSets
666b1c 38 lines add Kepler M5 target definition file
670322 3 lines instanceof interface instead of impl ;)
673c69 24 lines Update createAUT script
6763e5 4 lines Use environment variables instead of hard coded eclipse proxy config
692935 3 lines Raise the timeout to 60sec for Eclipse Hudson after
693a08 2858 lines Introduce MergeMode and rewrite actions.
6983ec 65 lines merge requires/requiredBy diff in UML extension
69d07f 11 lines Properly shutdown delayed executor service
69de85 23 lines fix text message for diff with kind==change
6ab95c 2 lines use client area instead of bounds of the Table
6b3ca4 36 lines The '>' marker should be added at tree node level, not match level
6b470f 108 lines Fix initialization order of group provider
6b850b 18 lines few fixes in createAUT.sh
6bb373 905 lines Minimize the number of events to dispatch.
6bc348 35 lines remove kepler-m3 target platform (not working anymore, we are m4 now)
6c05e3 8 lines depend only on juno & orbit update site
6d2a2e 31 lines add support of font and color provider interfaces
6d8c26 46 lines add kepler m7 target platform
6da702 115 lines removed DiffEngineTest (doublon with DiffUtilTest)
6e4215 1 lines remove unneeded variable
6e679d 2 lines use field instead of overridable method
6e98f4 185 lines added cross reference differences on Comparison#getDifferences(EObject)
6eb8a2 303 lines remove a lot of usage of DynamicObject
6f244b 2 lines use Java home to reference Java
6fab58 212 lines Always create a match accessor, even when one side is null
6fd196 894 lines move every classes from ide.ui bundle into x-internal packages
6fe303 1 lines add uml2.ide.ui
6ff24d 3 lines fix choco commit after refactoring of gmf/diagram plugins
7032f1 14 lines [417791] Fix overlay marking the merge state in accept/reject mode
704bc6 100 lines add save comparison model action
706777 2 lines [428669] Set comparator to new value not the old one
70a9a3 29 lines add specific mehtods for content providers
70c164 144 lines add javadoc
713fde 53 lines Fix the labels of the SMV title bar
71bd67 11 lines Remove unneeded constants
7252fe 21 lines [330566] Apply workaround for Bug 330566 (MacOS X SWT bug)
72e074 4 lines change for guava 11
734f6e 17 lines add temporary debug instructions in createAUT.sh
739750 185 lines Handle multiple root elements.
74b136 2 lines udpate to Q7 maven 1.5.0
74f236 7 lines handle null styled string from IItemStyledLabelProvider
755994 2 lines p2admin binary is now named p2-admin
75b44a 8 lines Use EMF Compare's AdapterFactory registry in content merge viewer.
76052c 23 lines Check for cancelation during discovery of cross references
7612ab 169 lines remove unused class
762f5f 3 lines Create a constant for default group provider
765b80 8 lines increase timeout of Q7 tests
768e8e 158 lines choco-
76a1b4 17 lines add support for mylyn
77a34e 72 lines move getAsList to ReferenceUtil
77a8ff 606 lines fix #395757: refactor and provide new impl for CompareEditorInput.
787756 4 lines use LoadingCache instead of Cache
78a008 384 lines Improve performance of Comparison cross referencers.
795b14 865 lines Ensure that !EMFResourceMapping.equals(SimpleResourceMapping)
796749 4562 lines move internal package from org.eclipse.emf.compare to
79cb2b 2 lines change the range for the #populateMenuManager fix
79dd9e 44 lines add kepler-m4 target platform
7a422b 53 lines die (dispose) gracefully (ie. without NPE) even when something went
7a9a7a 9 lines Fix another synchronization issue with concurrentHashMap
7b39af 85 lines add few more refining diff in extension (do not take only ADD
7b4978 2 lines Activate by default the "by side" group(cherry picked from commit 019610c770efbf18ede3f9a3f021e7271996e4b4)
7c9863 18 lines Restore undo/redo facilities in EMF Compare text merge viewer.
7d8d38 1826 lines implements ListMergeViewer to merge many ReferenceChange
7e758d 204 lines do not be platform specific
7e9957 4 lines do use a platform suffix in aut name (II)
7f40eb 49 lines override canExecute in merge commands
7fc2a8 4 lines Fix wrong call to async in safe sync method
7ffdb4 17 lines Do not use == to compare primitive types wrapper object
80e223 4 lines Add eclipse.org's HIPP proxy configuration to pom.xml
8162ef 4 lines This is what happen when versions literal does not have semantic... ranting about maven
819b94 23 lines remove unused anonymous class
81c280 1474 lines rename UML2 ide(.ui) packages to rcp(.ui)
821618 19 lines Fix links to documentation index and remove TOC on index files
8238f1 4 lines Change tycho extra to 0.19 too
840149 135 lines add resource filtering of a publisher.properties file
8427cb 86 lines Compute model differences in background.
8526f5 7 lines Use appropriate constructor
85693a 128 lines Removed RankedAdapterFactory class.
86026f 37 lines improve color labels and consistency of color constants
864fae 2 lines update update site version
86ab78 792 lines Add support for a new content viewer to fallback to file content merge
86cb5c 10 lines override isAdapterForType to avoid recreation of the Adapter
8753b3 28 lines Use IEMFCompareConfiguration where possible
877edc 141 lines update publisher data
879bcf 33 lines [403423] fix NPE when comparing profiled UML2 3.x
88437f 3 lines execute the command after having modified the inner state.
897c84 1018 lines Rewrite viewer wrapper delegation logic.
898be6 192 lines Happy checkstyle!
8ae4e0 2 lines Ignore test failure @ package phase
8b2ffd 64 lines add the ability to use the SyncResourceSet and EMFSynchronizationModel
8c1a17 189 lines handle commandStackChange event to select and reveal affected objects in
8c7c3b 2 lines OSTYPE with linux is 'linux' not 'linux-gnu'
8ced51 4 lines [413511] Do not include root of TreeIterator
8cf40a 4 lines fix typo in tycho-extras-version
8d0e51 431 lines Add luna target platform and utility file for TP generation
8f740e 5611 lines [399264] Separate pure RCP code from UI and IDE related code
8fb6c8 6 lines added null test against no match found
8fe821 56 lines few API opening and refactoring to allow extension
908d82 8 lines fix tests (add post processor registry to EMFCompare instance)
908f15 1863 lines another step toward the new implementation of the EMFCompare UI v2 (add
90abb1 177 lines Add cross referencer to TreeNode.data to retrieve TreeNode from EObject
90ca03 166 lines remove deleted plugins from feature
90f2d0 1048 lines add Kepler final target platform definition
910277 30 lines Extract isThreeWay method
919590 10 lines Cancel the comparison computation job when closing compare editor
91adf6 2222 lines Use eventbus for IEMFCompareConfiguration.
91ca76 513 lines update manifest to 3.0.0 for compare, compare.edit and compare.ide
91f200 7 lines potential fix for StackOverflow on win32 WS
920e1b 33 lines avoid performance build failure (code.coverage issue)
92fe77 2 lines fix artifact url
942620 18 lines Update createAUT script to use p2-admin 1.0.2.
9479f5 2 lines Revert "handle launching publication scrit from somewhere else in the filesystem"
94a40a 60 lines do not provide overlay image for match with incoming and outgoing
958d5b 2 lines Fix NPE: extensionDiffProcessed should be initialized in subclasses
95a92e 587 lines Remove unnecessary DiffTreeViewer subclass.
96390a 2 lines add constant for width of structure viewer image icons (with overlay)
965e96 11 lines allow javadoc for undeclared RuntimeException
9667a2 14 lines filter out children of containment references that are not containment
96b100 29 lines happy checkstyle
970c14 181 lines add lines between diffs
97801f 8 lines Merge all actions has to be updated on editing domain change
97ee9e 138 lines Create a parent pom for test (decl Jacoco)
984dfa 386 lines Linted parent pom for readability.
98fee6 6 lines Attach a root diagnostic if there is no one.
99272a 90 lines [406445] copy all should also work in 2 ways
998abd 4 lines Update to tycho 0.21
9999b5 3 lines Initialize the diagnostic of the scope.
9a3e4b 37 lines Remove dead code
9afcdf 725 lines happy checkstyle (javadoc)
9b7644 1 lines Refresh StructureMergeViewer from notifications of displayed nodes
9c0e59 32 lines prevents NPE from findInsertionIndex() & getSourceList() when left,
9c11f1 75 lines Externalize isFiltered utility method.
9c40dc 78 lines fix potential NPE in DefaultEquiEngine
9c7072 7 lines Use sublist.clear instead of a remove loop.
9c842a 1810 lines move all logical model code to internal
9c95e9 946 lines add new uml2.ide.ui plugin to specialize UI
9cbae4 1 lines remove dependency to junit
9d00ca 259 lines Add javadoc to overlay class and simplify its implementation.
9d596a 150 lines Add content merge viewer for default EMFCompare content type bindings
9d81c3 2463 lines add AccessorRegistry extension point and appropriate extensions for
9ded13 2 lines remove unnecessary keywords
9e1de9 7 lines [406524] call super.start() and super.stop() in class inheriting from
9e341e 15 lines [439530] Export all internal packages as x-internal
9ec759 171 lines add pseudo conflict merger
9f7016 1 lines Do not build the update site for Luna.
9f8a6b 876 lines checkstyle and findbugs
9ff2e9 2 lines refactored too much (bis)
a00b62 2 lines Update to q7-maven-plugin 1.4.0-B1 (comp. with Maven 3.1+)
a05f2f 84 lines display merged and discarded diff with a grey font
a0bbca 5 lines Happy checkstyle
a18ee8 17 lines Workaround Bug 293926 only when installed on 3.7 and previous releases
a1b437 15 lines Remove unnecessary registration of item provider for tree node.
a1d51f 117 lines Better reporting of dependency graph computation progress.
a22e6a 50 lines [406541] allow merge when comparing two EObjects
a2975d 2 lines fix typo
a2ad60 7 lines Remove storage of adapter factory property sheet adapter factory.
a2c6ae 3 lines [409281] setSelection to widget to avoid content viewer change.
a2d503 427 lines enhanced compare command stack to know the dirty state of each side
a33568 8 lines Remove outdated classpath and build entries
a361d3 181 lines Add Javadoc to compare editing domain related classes
a36c7e 30 lines Fix potential IndexOutOfBoundException
a3daf0 349 lines Parameterized build and fix issues in "latest" publication
a3e6f7 9 lines Add clear method to Graph
a401e9 2 lines fix wrong case in the filename of the schema in the declaration of the
a46301 11 lines fix strange selection behavior after a merge
a4dce4 2 lines Use generic type instead of Control
a50db6 14 lines let's try with Q7 1.3.13-RC1
a54ac9 5 lines fail fast on null argument
a76846 10 lines export o.e.e.c.ide.ui.internal.editor as x-internal
a7b94b 250 lines AUTs are now created from a script
a7e021 106 lines Use compare configuration labels for side groups title.
a8e269 29 lines Avoid NPE in diagnostic viewer
aa5c09 1077 lines Refactoring of the mergers
aa6bc4 4 lines nicer test for FeatureMap
aac862 2 lines Renamed q7.test project
ad3981 801 lines Reworked Maven build
adc6b5 25 lines Make two IComposedStyledStrings appendable.
adce8b 14 lines use platform suffix in AUT name
ae3834 21 lines update to q7 1.5.x snapshots
ae7319 6 lines fix potential NPE.
aefccd 1036 lines fix synchronization between diff to be merge for all cases (many/single,
af03ea 35 lines add kepler rc1 target platform definition
af6449 963 lines add Match#getComparison() EOperation
af8dfc 1175 lines set API Tooling 'compatibility' and 'version' level to warning
afd5c6 4336 lines rename UML2 ide(.ui) plugins to rcp(.ui)
b04634 4 lines Set proper env variables to the shell script
b04fae 11 lines add support for (to handle eclipse's proxies)
b09d1f 591 lines Make merge action listener to selection instead of SMV constants
b14fe7 2 lines update update site version
b15eb6 151 lines add itemprovider specific implemention for all uml extension
b16c76 22 lines add fake EReference for stereotype applications
b1cfd6 42 lines Parameterize project name and project id to ease reuse by other projects
b221aa 4 lines use updates2 temporarily
b2882f 245 lines change how groups are handled: no more adaptation to EDiffNode now that
b2c603 353 lines Handle text fallback editing (and saving)
b2f977 32 lines add preliminary support for IStreamContentAccessor to support SCM
b2f9ce 2 lines fix extension point id (add namespace)
b340fa 20 lines handle code coverage profile activation through a property
b39883 2 lines Do not call the same method twice when we already stored the result.
b579c5 28 lines Update target platform to Luna M7
b5956a 4 lines remove uml2.uml.generated_package of test profile
b628f1 6 lines Add -vm option to p2-admin
b667af 40 lines fix clipping area issue on windows
b67c8e 29578 lines Add Q7 UI tests
b69206 34 lines add Kepler final target platform definition
b6aba3 25 lines [398083 #c5] change the state of difference in conflict (not done
b7121a 19 lines fix choco commit
b719ed 120 lines update update (sic) sites
b752dc 1236 lines move ICompareCommandStack implementation to new files and add them to
b7601e 864 lines Improve robustness against error
b78d90 58 lines add initial version of setup model
b7968c 1 lines export package!!
b8daad 10 lines renamed variable
b92196 2 lines Deprecate CopyCommand
b92a03 621 lines add action to Compare With menu to open a dialog or an editor on
b996d2 40 lines fix bug in diffnode (should return null when needed)
b9f128 751 lines add package-list for offline javadoc linking
ba1894 3 lines [403543] Do not call EcoreUtil.convertToString() if attribute is not
ba6214 6 lines No need to let this public
ba670f 152 lines add q7 snapshot repositories to pluginRepositories and set the q7 runner version to 1.3.13-SNAPSHOT
bacdb3 1 lines define default value for tycho.testArgLine
bad956 48 lines Update action icons
bbbc5b 13 lines hook disposal of control to remove listeners
bc293c 17 lines Workaround Bug 293926 only when installed on 3.7 and previous releases(cherry picked from commit a18ee80862fa1d6f6824a5ecf17ed770ae405d33)
bc35e9 2 lines fix parent pom to use kepler M5 target definition
bc3dfe 13 lines add UI support for multiple diff extension on the same object (e.g.
bc9a5c 5 lines remove debug sysout
bcca55 4 lines change goal of findbugs to findbugs
bd39fb 25 lines choco, again (grrr)
bdf177 3 lines remove DoubleCheckedLocking rule call
be1c12 20 lines checkstyle use the same config file as Eclipse
beca90 232 lines Prepare for version 2.2
bf291a 2 lines handle launching publication scrit from somewhere else in the filesystem
bf4c8b 12 lines [399229] NPE when switching from TextMergeViewer to another merge viewer
bffb5f 183 lines add meaningful toString()
c019c3 3 lines [410738] add p2.inf to still provide org.eclipse.emf.compare.ui and allow clean update
c01b00 28 lines Fix potential NPE.
c03832 29 lines re-enable copy all non reflective in TCMV
c1a2d2 2 lines ooops... 2
c1f4f7 17 lines Icon and overlay of pseudo conflict
c2b08b 1 lines Add runner option for returning error code on tests fail
c37f95 34 lines More graceful shutdown of threads pool.
c42496 171 lines better display text for differences (esp. for kind == CHANGE)
c4308e 10 lines update luna target platform
c44731 2 lines remove unneeded âleft is local"
c47570 4 lines Fix bug about merge all. Replace an OR by an AND
c48919 12 lines remove unused actionSets
c57389 372 lines change the MatchItemProvider that give containment change diff as child
c64158 6 lines reverting q7 runner 1.3.11
c650b2 26 lines set the affected objects of the copy commands to be copied differences
c79169 1727 lines Enhanced EMFCompareConfiguration
c81261 73 lines [417790] Highlighting of required diff
c83788 4 lines now use the real update location for nightly publication
c84f47 27 lines print out conflicts too
c8a6f2 32 lines change display of the owner and the feature of the current list with
c8af02 234 lines Update version number to 2.1.1 (Kepler SR1)
c96c5f 80 lines [401595] Relax constraint on imported packages from Guava to
c9702a 52 lines Never compete with Document updating during model synchronization.
c9c185 77 lines add simple script to know the list of maven profile to be active depending on the platform to be built
c9e03b 2 lines remove unnecessary singleton directive
c9ee3b 250 lines [406548] Allow to save more than once
c9ffba 280 lines [400234] Add accessor factory for Comparison objects
ca8de4 158 lines code cleanup
cab278 5 lines removed @since tags since we did not decided yet if we want to include
cac840 18 lines update for 4.2 release
cad4cf 22 lines fix NPE when comparing 2 EObjects
cb0b99 15 lines remove unnecessary directive in tests' pom.xml
cb4e54 72 lines update performance target platforms
cb5211 54 lines fix NPE when closing the compare editor before
cb8f8a 45 lines fix how children features are retrieved
cbfa28 16 lines [435483] Check for disposal of widgets before reporting progress.
cc4310 13 lines refresh structureviewer only if a diff state is changed from unresolved
cdab40 30 lines Backport fix of a36c7e2 and 2bee5f8 (potential IOO BoundException)
cec09f 160 lines some refactoring to make the code clearer
cf20cf 38 lines Removed unused interfaces
cf3601 4 lines Deprecate getter for change recorder and create copy command.
cf5b30 112 lines Use navigatable instead of navigator.
cf8564 34324 lines some refactoring in UML compare extension
cfb043 2 lines Improve label
cfc11e 267 lines Add javadoc to doc plugin.
cff62d 275 lines Remove duplicate getText(AdapterFactory, Object) method and replace
d015bb 171 lines Introduce AbstractTypedElementAdapter to safely delegate item providers
d09b0b 1 lines output compiler warnings
d10516 43 lines use a JFace ResourceManager to handle images
d13ca5 34 lines fix typo in my name and email
d1a652 274 lines Generate documentation from the maven build
d1e3d8 4 lines Added minimum version of UML to 4.0
d259c0 24 lines remove deprecated constructors.
d3dea2 23 lines remove unnecessary method overriding (duplicate code)
d3fa2b 13 lines tie quality goals to validate phase
d419d5 6 lines Add model resource text content merge viewer to diagram
d47f85 3359 lines refactoring of content merge viewer parts (factorizing in superclass),
d4c926 1281 lines fix adapter factory & epackage uri after refactoring
d4ce3f 6 lines Fix regression in ComparisonEditorInput with new way of grouping.
d51787 53 lines add image for MatchedResource objects that use the provider of the first
d6b2af 44 lines add Monitor to IEObjectMatcher
d6cb10 243 lines move TreeMergeViewer to rcp plugin
d72c13 41 lines Add Kepler M6 target platform definition
d7835d 73 lines make the save possible from the EMFCompareTextMergeViewer
d7ba51 2 lines fix wrong reference to leftTraversal instead of originTraversal
d8d447 28 lines fix 'find: paths must precede expression'
d99d00 84 lines Remove deprecated class
d9a563 52 lines Never compete with Document updating during model synchronization.
da7d51 1305 lines Add transactional compare command stack
db047d 43 lines oups, wrong class for the method
db61ff 51 lines Add ComparisonScope to IEMFCompareConfiguration
db6f20 112 lines regenerate with support of FontProvider and ColorProvider in
dbdb54 251 lines extract some utils methods in CompareItemProviderSpec from
dc1c1a 2 lines log Throwable instead of Exception
ddebfe 1028 lines still some refactoring in content merge viewer providers, and supports
de0d1f 50 lines happy checkstyle
de223c 1048 lines add Kepler final target platform definition
deb8c0 8 lines forgot the publisher.properties file to filter
df1369 862 lines move load on demand policy to RCP plugin
df25da 519 lines Modularize target platform definitions
df2b82 155 lines Fix regression: wrapped command stack events should be forwared too
df454c 526 lines Factorized out filtering code.
df4646 3414 lines Do not use assertSame for int comparison
df4801 28 lines handle removing of CommandStackListener on disposal
df8b60 6 lines some cleanup in content type
dfa207 14 lines Remove scarry findbugs: synchronize on ConcurrentHashMap
e15235 38 lines hide pseudo conflicts
e1ad0b 11 lines Added method to log exceptions
e2659d 129 lines Avoid the refresh of structure merge viewer to collapse the tree.
e26e8b 5 lines ignore failing test
e2fc59 982 lines add some test for compare.edit (esp. getChildren() of ItemProvider)
e30cc9 7 lines remove inclusion of guava from emf compare feature
e30e4d 281 lines split specific support of StereotypeApplicationChange from
e3705d 9 lines do not filters out pseudo conflict
e37087 3 lines syntax error in pom.xml
e38ae5 811 lines add consistency in markers displayed in the UI
e481de 23 lines Add utility methods to MergeViewerSide
e517d0 1450 lines add test for static stereotypes detection
e525a7 5 lines fix desynchro for AttributeChange with ancestor
e549b7 2 lines do not return test failures
e56e5e 1 lines do not log an error when everything went fine ;)
e5b671 689 lines add load on demand policy extension for UML2.
e5ca58 363 lines Fix navigation to next and previous changes.
e67bf7 29 lines Remove dead code
e68f93 4 lines start the createAUT script with bash
e696e8 260 lines Add progress monitor to logical model resolution.
e6ad47 89 lines remove unnecessary pseudo delete conflict filter
e7274a 21 lines fix regression while opening compare editor/dialog
e731fc 513 lines Do not contribute more than one content merge viewer for Diagrams.
e7ee12 2 lines String#elide() now really elide and does not just add elision suffix to
e93441 28 lines Simplify display of conflict objects
e9a793 6 lines Exception can't be added to problem view, we have to log it instead.
e9ad1c 77 lines Execute UI-related code in safe utility
e9ceb0 35 lines change contract of Comparison#getDifferences(EObject) and fix bug in
e9e541 1060 lines add merge test (RtL & LtR)
eb81b0 17 lines add creation of p2.index files for composite
ec605c 17343 lines New documentation build system
ecbdfd 49 lines Restore back the (fore/back)ground color of items in structure viewer
eccb58 170 lines add test for profile application, static and dynamic
eccd77 23 lines happy checkstyle
edd014 2 lines Add java_home to path
eed350 2 lines do not use raw type
ef6f90 536 lines Ensure that !EMFResourceMapping.equals(SimpleResourceMapping)
ef78e5 10 lines Happy checkstyle
f13c87 1 lines set repository name
f13f13 2 lines Set the name of the p2 archived repository to the expected one.
f142a5 211 lines add getAllSubmatches() and getAllDifferences() EOperations to the Match
f1c455 169 lines Add accessor for match resource to let comparing resource serialization
f1e56a 154 lines re-gen with support of font and color provider
f2aae5 123 lines Display all diagnostics in the problem view.
f2e216 119 lines handle undo/redo on copy all non conflicting action
f308e0 1 lines remove useless @SuppressWarning
f329ad 132 lines fix getContainer() as revealed by added test -- was using the match of
f35e62 60 lines add preliminary support for undo redo in text merge viewer
f391c9 24 lines Happy checkstyle
f46eb4 12 lines add a log(Exception) method
f48e96 21 lines [409363] display related changes for a AttributeChange on FeatureMap
f4c130 35 lines add kepler rc1 target platform definition
f4cdf5 555 lines add Monitor to all computing methods.
f526f9 60 lines updated emf.compare setup file
f6caf2 717 lines remove the dependency from o.e.e.compare.edit to JFace
f73e12 2 lines Prevent potential ConcurrentModificationException.
f74fe0 4 lines removed reference to o.e.compare internal code
f7ac84 660 lines Extract Toolbar in its own class.
f7b8d9 51 lines filters out root matches with no diff
f7d613 3 lines add plugin.properties to build.properties
f81d9b 26 lines Remove merge all from LTR and RTL from diagram content merge viewer
fa1f6d 32 lines set the EObject to URI cache to use weak keys
fa460e 3 lines add rcp ui feature to update site
fa4faf 2 lines make left and right dirty after a copyRightToLeft and copyLeftToRight
fb2155 123 lines add target platform definitions for tests with guava 12+
fb7a6a 16 lines Add overlay support for any object.
fb7e9e 4 lines Luna is the target with the need for GMF, papyrus and UML.
fc17c3 2 lines add rcp-ui feature to build
fc798f 80 lines add tycho.argLine to surefire config
fcc080 461 lines add eReference reference on UMLDiff EClass
fce6ac 69 lines Add kepler profile to the list Q7 AUT
fd016d 86 lines add custom UMLUtil specialization to avoid trying to load static
fd82c5 7 lines remove deleted plugins from feature (bis)
fdfd1a 10 lines Do not add all diff to acc without testing it is filtered from viewer
fef5a7 15 lines update TP to m6
ff040f 9 lines Rename the folder only after unziping it
ffa1c4 1 lines checkstyle should not be tied to validate phase
Moritz Eysholdt (itemis.de)
240201 9113 bytes Provide Model Diff Viewer for the LTK's Refactoring Wizard
Attachment 106972: Ecore-Rename-ENamedElement-Refactoring
240201 5669 bytes Provide Model Diff Viewer for the LTK's Refactoring Wizard
Attachment 109418: An Implementation for org.eclipse.ltk.ui.refactoring.changePreviewViewers with (c)
262928 949865 bytes Contributing a patch format to EMF Compare
Attachment 124981: EpatchImplementation-0.2
Patrick Konemann (itemis.de)
297812 321539 bytes Contribution of Model-independent Differences as a feature for patching EMF models
Attachment 169079: a patch describing changes v3 to v4
Philip Langer (eclipsesource.com)
01ae07 4237 lines [451365] Adds specific handling of opaque action, behavior & expression
02ca3d 6 lines [451048] Avoids IllegalArgumentException for custom diff types
580ddc 54 lines Adds test case exposing unsuccessful merge reported in Bug 441172
5c9631 282 lines [443504] Fix computation of ignored elements when finding insertion idx
87c8a4 352 lines [440679] Avoids NPE when performing a move
881b8d 4 lines Adds year of contribution to copyright header
9457eb 164 lines [448120] Adds FeatureMapChangeSpec with a useful toString() method
964e97 167 lines [441258] Prevents IllegalArgumentException on merging moves
9bd8b7 361 lines [440679] Avoids NPE when performing a move
a07b98 52 lines Fixes some minor typos in developer and user docs
ae0083 52 lines Fixes some minor typos in developer and user docs
b32dfe 244 lines [446739] Fixes obtaining the target feature in three-way merge of a move
b6b708 169 lines [413520] Fixes IndexOutOfBoundsException on merging opposite references
c2dcc7 169 lines [413520] Fixes IndexOutOfBoundsException on merging opposite references
d8a83a 4429 lines [446947] Adds support for three-way merging multi-line String attributes
fece70 69 lines [442439] Fixes DiffUtil.getSourceList for moved and reordered elements
pkonemann (imm.dtu.dk)
0e0dc5 5 lines Library test fixed.
183dba 21 lines Bugfix: Hidden diff elements were transformed twice.
493aad 2893 lines removing obsolete plugins; contents moved to .transform.
67b216 21 lines Bugfix: Whenever a diff element hides another diff element, the mpatch
c5dab7 4 lines Adding missing plugin dependencies for UML and EACHONCE models.
ff5c8c 5 lines Library test fixed.
Stefan Dirix (gmail.com)
021ae0 163 lines Improve Tutorial
3f1c4f 480 lines [441172] Fix merge order of equivalent diffs for one-to-one opposites
Stefan Dirix (eclipsesource.com)
01ea4a 107 lines [460675] Fix differences for noncontained FeatureMapEntries with moved
0c29d5 182 lines [466552] Increase priorities of conflict mergers
0d5159 101 lines [460923] Do not filter FeatureMapChanges on removed Elements
1b4a8d 366 lines [454579] Fix Nullpointer when element is moved out of FeatureMap
4cb1d5 181 lines [450949] Avoid shortcuts in DefaultDiffEngine for certain FeatureMaps
5a9983 830 lines [475401] Add three-way tests for RootIDMatchingStrategy
5cba21 57 lines [474030] Fix SWTException when CompareDialog is canceled
6972d4 72 lines [455255] Fix determination of TargetFeature in DiffUtil
701e90 415 lines [461697] Add SaveParameter Hook for Papyrus model files
7493d3 57 lines [474030] Fix SWTException when CompareDialog is canceled
7c8ace 23 lines [461011] Allow customization of parent determination while matching
854707 394 lines [453218] Add missing FeatureMapChanges concerning Moves
88d73a 603 lines [475401] Modify RootIDMatchingStrategy to only return unique mappings
892571 110 lines [475401] Sort resources before matching in StrategyResourceMatcher
92029f 470 lines [457652] Give xmi:ids higher priority than attribute ids
9ac0fb 91 lines [460780] Add LoadOnDemand-Policy for UML2 metamodel.
aaffc0 617 lines [474723] Introduce IEMFComparisonSource to support custom comparisons
bf9717 302 lines [461291] Avoid matching proxies with actual objects in
c16948 6 lines [474696] Include adapterFactory schema in the build
c29c58 110 lines [464904] Ensure NotLoadingResourceSet looks at all proxies
c2fbb9 2 lines Update Matching Chapter in Developer Documentation
ca91e6 980 lines Add Util Class to read Model Extension Point of Papyrus.
d5a1d6 329 lines [452147] Fix handling of diffs for interlocked one-to-one refs
d8b87c 859 lines [466607] Enhance EMFModelProvider to consider multiple resources at once
db376e 124 lines [473730] Ignore type descriptions within URIs
f6833a 86 lines [460902] Fix Dependency Calculation for FeatureMap Add and Delete
f72b3c 74 lines [453749] Fix NullPointer when handling Non-Containment FeatureMaps
Stephane Bouchet (intel.com)
318854 39398 bytes [releng] buckminster releng projects
Attachment 173400: buckminster releng files
353612 4943 bytes [patch] modified UI for better integration of custom tabs
Attachment 200741: patch
357106 1528 bytes [ui] change the order of tab folder creation
Attachment 203004: patch
357625 961 bytes [ui] fix potential NPE
Attachment 203334: patch to fix potential NPE
Tatiana Fesenko (cea.fr)
323796 1147 bytes [SaveDeltaWizard] Allow to override existing file and suggest containing resource
Attachment 177596: Proposed patch for "Allow to override existing resources"
Tobias Jaehnel (gmail.com)
241385 19129 bytes Graphical Differencing for GMF modellers
Attachment 124211: GMF Compare V0.2
Victor Roldan Betancort (opencanarias.com)
257e53 616 lines [412181] Flexible delegation on IdentifierEObjectMatcher
3e260b 272 lines [412316] Make CachingDistance public
62a9ec 60 lines [412315] Increase visibility of EditionDistance.getThresholdRatio(int)
65a5fc 616 lines [412181] Flexible delegation on IdentifierEObjectMatcher
6ecb0f 13 lines [412088] NPE in CVS Team Support due to EMFResourceMapping
a7b371 1266 lines [412315] Increase visibility of EditionDistance.getThresholdRatio(int)
fa51d2 346 lines [412088] NPE in CVS Team Support due to EMFResourceMapping
352727 37807 bytes Make StatisticBasedSimilarityChecker.hasSameUri(EObject, EObject) protected
Attachment 200083: patch v1
352729 2182 bytes Export internal packages and mark them as x-internal:=true
Attachment 200082: patch v1
Vygantas Gedgaudas (nomagic.com)
368841 8350 bytes Wrong three-way diff produced when object that is referenced from other objects in the model is deleted
Attachment 209629: Test cases


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