Tentative IP Log for eclipse.pde

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  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
2040asm Version: 3.1 (PB CQ1937)New BSD licenseunmodified source & binary
2855css file from Version: 1.7.1 of the Apache Ant ManualApache License, 2.0unmodified source
3427asm Version: 3.2 (excluding *.gz files identified in comment4)New BSD licenseunmodified source & binary
4720asm Version: 3.3.1 (excluding *.gz files)New BSD licenseunmodified source & binary
7062asm Version: 4.0 (PB Orbit CQ7061)New BSD Licenseunmodified binary
7942ASM Version: 5.0New BSD Licenseunmodified binary
8129ASM Version: 5.0.1New BSD licenseunmodified source & binary

Exempt Pre-Req and Works With Dependencies

No Exempt Pre-Req or Works With dependencies


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Chris Aniszczyk
John Arthorne IBM
Brian Bauman IBM
Benjamin Cabe Eclipse Foundation
Vikas Chandra IBM
Sonia Dimitrov IBM
Dejan Glozic IBM
DJ Houghton IBM
Janek Lasocki-Biczysko
Jeff McAffer
Susan McCourt
Dani Megert IBM
Wassim Melhem
Kim Moir
Andrew Niefer IBM
Rodrigo Peretti IBM
Jacek Pospychala Zend Technologies USA, Inc
Pascal Rapicault RAPICORP
Michael Rennie IBM
Ankur Sharma IBM
Olivier Thomann IBM
Lars Vogel vogella GmbH
Curtis Windatt IBM
Darin Wright

Never Active
Name Organization  
Oleg Besedin IBM
Ian Bull EclipseSource (See Innoopract)
Jim Des Rivieres IBM
Kai-Uwe Maetzel IBM
Lorne Parsons IBM
Shailesh Patel
Mike Pawlowski IBM

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
309902 1138 bytes some XML file can not be properly handled by org.eclipse.pde.internal.core.text.XMLEditingModel when one attribute name is sub-string of another
Attachment 165529: Patch to DocumentHandler.java
Aaron Maenpaa (gmail.com)
201998 105203 bytes Provide a wizard that generates NL fragments
Attachment 116831: Addresses issues in comment #50
Achim Demelt (googlemail.com)
284885 1210 bytes [launching] manage launch configurations using features (feature based launching)
Attachment 159993: Patch to fix launching of legacy launch configs
Aditya Aswani (samsung.com)
2cc542 9 lines Bug 279147 - [patch] [samples] array index out of range error
545fb9 8 lines Bug 421636 - Selecting extension from quick outline (Ctrl-O) only works
Alex Blewitt (gmail.com)
585678 7 lines Bug 469803 - Add Eclipse-SourceReferences to autocomplete
665c6b 3 lines Register the viewer as the selection provider
6f7511 70 lines Bug 474069 - Replace new Boolean with Boolean.valueOf
95ad7b 83 lines Bug 476691 - Warn when Service-Component used without activation
Alexander Kurtakov (redhat.com)
115eb7 1609 lines Bug 415649 - Don't create new cursor and dispose it
13c66f 40 lines Bug 415608 - Use FrameworkUtil.getBundle instead of deprecated
4daab3 36 lines Bug 415601 - Fix deprecation warnings
5f1fbd 33 lines Bug 416438 - Don't use deprecated [Default|Instance]Scope() constructors
Andrea Guarinoni (gmail.com)
0cd93d 46 lines Provide resonable PDE defaults for syntax color in Dark theme
Andreas Dolk (dolk.de)
253093 1268 bytes [pde viz] actual version of plugin is not compatible with 3.5M3
Attachment 116723: Patch to make pde viz compatible with eclipse 3.5 M3
Andrew Eisenberg (gmail.com)
303960 20964 bytes Ability to override javac task during pde builds
Attachment 160713: Updated test cases.
Ankur Sharma (gmail.com)
224613 2295 bytes Quick fix to remove empty plugin.xml should remove it from build.properties
Attachment 120963: Patch to delete the plugin.xml entry from build.properties
Ankur Sharma (in.ibm.com)
258327 2129 bytes Possible to get an empty template wizard page
Attachment 121202: Patch to hide the empty template wizard page
243440 1021 bytes Custom templates should be unchecked by default
Attachment 121052: Patch to keep all templates unselected by default
249071 34125 bytes Need an option to export a source bundle
Attachment 124357: Full Patch
263552 29089 bytes [export] No validation of directories on export wizard
Attachment 124736: Patch to validate directory path
264901 31525 bytes [target] target plaform pref page table & move operation
Attachment 126871: Full patch with Del key listner
264904 28229 bytes [target] File > New > Target Definition
Attachment 127148: Full Patch
266711 65597 bytes [target] Making a target's name empty causes NPE
Attachment 127369: Full Patch
266548 11303 bytes [target] Move... target button allows targets to be moved on top of each other
Attachment 127708: Full Patch
267939 946 bytes [cheatsheet] Typo in Create an Update Site cheat sheet
Attachment 128831: Patch
268159 20209 bytes [target] The "View Template" button doesn't responds
Attachment 128607: Patch
267927 1065 bytes [cheatsheet] Inconsistent wording in RCP cheat sheet
Attachment 129174: Patch
269219 1110 bytes Missing keyboard accelerator on the target platform prefs page
Attachment 129391: Patch
267036 961 bytes [target] When there are no target platforms, adding one should make it active
Attachment 129187: Patch
267930 3605 bytes [cheatsheet] Confusing instructions defining a feature-based product
Attachment 129583: Patch
209347 2914 bytes [target] Launch should use vmargs from the install by default
Attachment 130130: Patch with default VM Args for new target def
266737 4883 bytes [target] "Save As" does not work on the Target Definition Editor
Attachment 130305: Updated Patch
267264 36209 bytes [target] Add group by location to EditProfileContainerWizard
Attachment 128263: Patch with group by location
260581 8154 bytes [cheatsheet] error in install steps of creating an eclipse plug-in cheatsheet
Attachment 129645: Patch with updated steps
264383 20485 bytes [target] First page of new target definition wizard always resets contents
Attachment 131392: Patch
264394 74910 bytes Adopt the proper preferences story
Attachment 131545: o.e.pde.ui pref fixes
264106 9478 bytes [target] Provide careful handling when the "Remove" button is pressed
Attachment 131846: Patch
264057 2670 bytes [target] warning if no target is selected on the new preference page
Attachment 131849: Patch
264056 25709 bytes [target] be able to open external target files using Open File...
Attachment 131845: Final Patch
264696 4237 bytes [target] No information on current target if backing target definition file deleted
Attachment 131912: Updated Patch
267933 1482 bytes [cheatsheets] Create an Eclipse Plug-in cheat sheet needs updating
Attachment 131955: Patch
269685 5044 bytes Importing plug-ins as source should not import .class files
Attachment 132336: Patch
274393 1937 bytes [target] Move... button on pref page enabled for multi-selection
Attachment 133985: Patch
274354 1440 bytes [cheatsheet] Define the product step needs correction
Attachment 133807: Patch
246241 2903 bytes [cheatsheet] splash.bmp missing from RCP example
Attachment 133806: Patch
274694 12480 bytes [target] [editor] Target editor is dirty but can't save
Attachment 134686: Patch
237681 922 bytes [amd] Computing a bundle's dependencies should include "discouraged access" APIs
Attachment 133724: Patch without QuickFix
266144 9250 bytes [doc] Missing help topics in schema editor
Attachment 135200: Patch
275732 13974 bytes UI Context help links missing full path
Attachment 135604: Patch
277506 66524 bytes [doc] Add help contexts for new target platform work
Attachment 137455: Full Path
272021 12432 bytes [preferences] Javadoc the PDEPreferencesManager
Attachment 134601: Patch
277936 3203 bytes New target definition file wizard help needs updating and screenshot
Attachment 137893: Patch
278418 4901 bytes [import] Import wizard help needs to be updated
Attachment 137984: Patch
278231 10701 bytes [target] Add links/topics to help contexts for targets
Attachment 138180: Patch
276107 30025 bytes Add help pages for basic definitions
Attachment 138271: "Updated Patch" + Topic entries in the context xml
265198 6176 bytes [target] make sure we warn about forward compatibility
Attachment 142638: Patch
284707 1954 bytes [target] The target name should be defaulted to target file name instead of 'New Target'
Attachment 142850: Patch for NewTargetDefinitionWizard.java
284496 15692 bytes Context Help Editor should debug XML errors
Attachment 142789: Patch
278781 1169 bytes Launching eclipse application fails when a vm arg in eclipse.ini contains a space
Attachment 143709: Patch
285134 3749 bytes Table of Contents Editor does not recognize single quotes
Attachment 143443: Patch
138541 6121 bytes Warn user when changes impacting the generated scripts are made and custom is set to true
Attachment 143246: Pach
286276 9940 bytes [ua] [editor] On save help editors remove new items from the table
Attachment 144188: Patch
286192 1192 bytes bug in "Create an Eclipse plug-in -> Create an update site" cheat sheet
Attachment 144197: Patch
286191 2177 bytes bug in "Create a rich client application -> Create a plug-in" cheat sheet
Attachment 144307: Patch
Anton Leherbauer (windriver.com)
251513 1050 bytes @noreference tagged method reported as "no longer API" when baseline has no API description
Attachment 115669: Proposed fix
Anton Tanasenko (gmail.com)
7824c9 11 lines Bug 429902 - Support the root level features attribute
bartosz michalik (gmail.com)
240737 29398 bytes [product] be able to set start levels on a product
Attachment 109836: gui change
Ben Cox (uk.ibm.com)
1480d8 7 lines Bug 417498: Ignore API tools tests /bin folders
298e31 34 lines Add warning for Eclipse-GenericCapability and
75b70f 2 lines Add basic manifest content assist for Require-Capability and
79912d 2 lines Correct spelling mistake in "Eclipse-GenericCapability".
e1237d 4 lines Make the deprecated warning for Eclipse-GenericCapability and
ea4400 249 lines "Open Manifest" key binding.
350756 10875 bytes [patch] 'Header must be terminated by a line break' quick fix
Attachment 198869: Patch to add quick fix
181210 11405 bytes [patch][osgi] Should warn if an R3 bundle uses R4 syntax
Attachment 199685: Quick-fix to add Bundle-ManifestVersion
331262 13274 bytes [patch] Make "Open Manifest" bound to a command
Attachment 203058: Patch of commit 06c4256a87bef2175c2f28f25b00ae58733f176e
Benedikt Arnold (gmx.info)
221655 1292 bytes [plug-ins view] useless content description
Attachment 102887: Removed useless initial content description
Benjamin Cabé (eclipse.org)
241503 761 bytes Cycles in Dependency Graph should be resizable
Attachment 107909: Patch
222793 1341 bytes Bundle-ContactAddress should generate warning if not translated
Attachment 92590: Patch
246804 2692 bytes Missing NLS message in org.eclipse.pde.internal.core.pderesources
Attachment 112206: patch correcting the NLS missing key issue + default level set to ignore for errors wrt versions
248852 1937 bytes new plugin project from JAR includes .settings dir
Attachment 113680: patch
247553 5007 bytes Export-Package version when creating Plug-in from existing JAR archives
Attachment 115499: updated patch
248417 1035 bytes Manifest editor - extensions wizard does nothing
Attachment 113356: Possible fix
241145 1033470 bytes [refactoring] move UA code into separate plug-ins
Attachment 115626: updated patch (again)
251339 1134 bytes [ds tooling] Strange label selection in Service Component editor
Attachment 115639: patch
252329 3701 bytes Externalize Strings Wizard does not show un-externalized names of extension(-point)
Attachment 116570: Patch
253212 1301 bytes [templates] org.eclipse.ui.decorators template should use FileLocator#find instead of Platform#find
Attachment 116820: patch against org.eclipse.pde.ui.templates
253692 3116 bytes Eclipse-BuddyPolicy content assist is broken and/or doesn't work as expected
Attachment 116934: patch against 3_4_maintenance branch
234376 3710 bytes New Plug-in project with property page template uses deprecated elements
Attachment 116874: patch
250334 4134 bytes Renaming an NLS property file needs special handling with respect to the Bundle-Localization header
Attachment 117018: patch to make Simon happy :)
255326 2106 bytes Unexpected warning icon on Eclipse Application launch config Main tab
Attachment 117888: patch
256986 8785 bytes [Templates] org.eclipse.pde.ui.newExtension extension point is not 'identifier-ready'
Attachment 119087: patch
253076 132910 bytes [UA] Javadoc erroneous for CtxHelp model classes (and perhaps some others)
Attachment 119101: patch against brand new org.eclipse.pde.ua.core plug-in
257143 1334 bytes Sad typo in TypePackageCompletionProcessor
Attachment 119218: patch...
259990 1370 bytes CCE in PDEStorageDocumentProvider.createAnnotationModel
Attachment 121564: patch
233562 13024 bytes Two copies of PluginSearchOperation
Attachment 122019: patch
261091 1500 bytes Use of Java 5 APIs
Attachment 122590: patch
243625 15639 bytes [Context Help Editor] Keep <b></b> tags as they are when entered in Description box
Attachment 122348: patch
261404 2786 bytes Search does not find references to class in plugin.xml
Attachment 123011: the promised patch
261890 1425 bytes ArrayStoreException generating build script
Attachment 123294: patch
261971 1317 bytes Problems reported on /org.eclipse.pde.ui/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
Attachment 123347: fix
261871 31382 bytes Compiler warnings in N20090120-2000
Attachment 123288: updated patch
254971 4001 bytes [ds tooling] Service Component wizard: "Browse..." button should only allow visible types to be chosen
Attachment 123301: make Simon happy :)
262353 1749 bytes PDE's class search participant does not find all matches
Attachment 123857: patch
262564 5817 bytes CCE in PluginArtifactSearchHandler.execute(...)
Attachment 123899: patch
262977 4770 bytes NPE editing external site.xml
Attachment 124218: proposed patch
263807 737 bytes Template for incremental builder with nature generates incorrect code
Attachment 124951: updated patch
262622 12966 bytes 3 images leaked opening service component editor
Attachment 123936: patch
264176 2085 bytes Java search participant does not find type reference with parameter
Attachment 125155: proposed fix
265943 2826 bytes DocumentElementNode: namespace prefix support is broken
Attachment 126536: Patch
265931 7044 bytes Autostart values are not persisted correctly in the product file
Attachment 126542: Updated patch
264462 2701 bytes Product editor loses fragment flags for unavailable fragments
Attachment 126550: Patch
268123 1705 bytes [ds tooling] property dialog issues
Attachment 128404: patch
268387 2950 bytes [ds tooling] new component wizard has "&" in class label
Attachment 129069: Patch
268363 4072 bytes [product] Unable to open external .product file
Attachment 129153: Updated patch
269107 7448 bytes [product] [editors] Product editor should take care of ProductModel#isEditable()
Attachment 129154: patch
269252 1937 bytes Filter in Plug-in Dependencies throws Problem Occured
Attachment 129265: patch
268692 6676 bytes Hyperlink for NLS'd strings in plugin.xml doesn't work
Attachment 129142: Patch
273049 1398 bytes [CheatSheet] Registering a cheat sheet fails with java.lang.NullPointerException
Attachment 132666: Patch
273936 953 bytes [ds tooling] editor fails when component has a factory id
Attachment 133447: patch
274368 1199 bytes Changing Destinations enables Qualifier box in export deployable feature dialog
Attachment 133981: fix
274107 2181 bytes [product] [editors] plugin_customization.ini not added to build.properties on synchronization
Attachment 133581: patch
274454 2348 bytes DBCS3.5:Externalize string from PDE tools for project with DBCS name results in Error
Attachment 133929: patch
262885 2178 bytes Tracing tab in PDE launch configs: right pane initially disabled
Attachment 133973: updated patch
Bogdan Gheorghe (ca.ibm.com)
9d3e0e 33 lines Bug 378112 - Product editor should allow 256x256 window icon
Brian de Alwis (mt.ca)
460146 60 lines Bug 429420 - Manifest Extensions editor should indicate deprecated extension elements
681416 74 lines Bug 387251 - OpenManifestHandler should open manifest for current editor if the active part
794852 1535 lines Bug 324310 - Load API baseline from target definition
8a2d81 164 lines Bug 429420 - Manifest Extensions editor should indicate deprecated extension elements
8ab6ca 4 lines Bug 466588 - API Baseline chooser has no mnemonics
abdc22 143 lines Bug 437726 - [target][p2] Wrong error messages when opening target definitions with non-existing IUs
f6ac66 18 lines Bug 437726 - [target][p2] Wrong error messages when opening target definitions with non-existing IUs
fc53ea 6 lines Bug 466783 - [apitools] Add New API Baseline wizard opened with wrong parent shell
292068 4379 bytes [target] Target environment settings not persisted on Mac OS
Attachment 150117: Add selection listeners to environment combo boxes
387251 6498 bytes OpenManifestHandler should open manifest for current editor if the active part
Attachment 219889: Patch to OpenManifestHandler
Carlin Rogers (oracle.com)
348035 768 bytes [Regression] ExternalLibraryCache causes false classpath problem markers.
Attachment 197193: patch - checks if the ZipEntry is a directory.
Carsten Pfeiffer (gebit.de)
84b471 346 lines Bug 381975 - [patch] Improved support for import package/export package
bea256 235 lines Improved Import-Package QuickFix
Carsten Reckord (reckord.de)
288343 1134 bytes UITestApplication does not guard against exception in runTests
Attachment 146271: Patch to guard against test runner exceptions
Chris Dail (gmail.com)
b99906 10 lines Bug 327371 - Plugin launch configuration does not include Bundle-Classpath jar files
327371 2459 bytes Plugin launch configuration does not include Bundle-Classpath jar files
Attachment 200832: Patch for eclipse 3.7
Christian Georgi (sap.com)
37ea7f 43 lines Bug 385100 - [patch][tracing] Tracing options tree is not keyboard
3b15f4 4 lines Bug 435698 - Check for instance location being null
4fe7f7 12 lines Bug 369937 - DebugOptions are not updated correctly in Trace Preference Page
5ce858 14 lines Make Import from Repository available below External Plug-ins
5f956d 10 lines Bug 368780 - Update tracing bundle to support 3.5 and 3.6 target dependencies
8a371b 4 lines Bug 370543 - NPE in Tracing page on cancellation of browse dialog
d002cf 33 lines Bug 369916 - 'Tracing' page content feels odd
d72058 4 lines Bug 435698 - Check for instance location being null
385100 5622 bytes [patch][tracing] Tracing options tree is not keyboard accessible
Attachment 225535: Updated patch
Christian Pontesegger (web.de)
54f28d 332 lines Bug 386197 - add view to browse for plug-in images
bc074c 17 lines Bug 400206 - Add double click support to Plug-in Registry view
400206 1675 bytes Add double click support to Plug-in Registry view
Attachment 226692: Patch to add double click action
Cole Markham (ccmcomputing.net)
308070 3559 bytes pde.exportPlugins ant task doesn't support cycles
Attachment 174103: patch to add support to pde export ant tasks, change to Boolean.parseBoolean
David Green (tasktop.com)
275240 1675 bytes Externalize strings wizard fails to detect strings that need externalizing
Attachment 134813: patch that avoids NPE
David Williams (us.ibm.com)
6a707b 3 lines Bug 460076 - testRegexExcludeList needs org.eclipse.equinox.p2.ql
Dean Roberts (ca.ibm.com)
309701 21796 bytes Persisted launch configuration file changes unnecessarily
Attachment 191013: New patch for which also addresses plug-in ordering problem
Deepak Azad (gmail.com)
183000 1621 bytes [Manifest][Editors] Blocking dialogs and NPE when switching between manifest editor source pages
Attachment 132547: Proposed patch to let a user switch to other pages in the manifest editor.
249066 1633 bytes dependency analysis not primed for non-workspace plug-ins
Attachment 133696: Patch
265935 1078 bytes Product editor opens on the wrong page
Attachment 134042: Patch
Denis Roy (eclipse.org)
5909c1 46 lines Bug 402384 Add CONTRIBUTING file
Dennis Fridlyand (gmail.com)
357940 947 bytes Inconvenient representation of children of org.eclipse.ui.activities, org.eclipse.ui.handlers nodes when editing a plugin.xml
Attachment 204062: patch 1
Dimitar Giormov (sap.com)
351417 824 bytes [target] Setting target platform does not execute configure phase and ...
Attachment 199243: added configuration phase.
Dina Sayed (eg.ibm.com)
228355 862 bytes BIDI3.4: Event Details window and error log view do not display Arabic dates correctly
Attachment 157800: Proposed patch
Eike Stepper (esc-net.de)
64f18e 54 lines Bug 429372: ErrorLog view duplicates statuses
b100b9 33 lines [427825] Let subclasses of AbstractBundleContainer specify smoother progress monitoring for resolve()
Erkki Lindpere (gmail.com)
264288 385 bytes New Plugin Project Wizard allows % in project name
Fabian Miehe (cassidian.com)
35d577 103 lines Bug 440420 - 'Remove' Button is missing in Feature Editor
Fabio Zadrozny (gmail.com)
294636 1073 bytes NPE using Plug-in Spy on Toolbar action
Attachment 156061: getSuperclass() could return null (and that wasn't checked)
Felix Riegger (sap.com)
331332 15864 bytes [target] Target editor should update its content, if the target file was edited with another eclipse editor
Attachment 186014: Proposed patch fixing resource change handling and more
Florian Albrecht (gmx.de)
147831 6867 bytes [compiler] failed to find classes wrapped in a bundle
Attachment 190902: Patch for caching wrapped JARs in referenced external bundles
George Suaridze (1c.ru)
ef70a5 52 lines Bug 367187 - [patch] Product validation doesn't find plugin needed in
Gunnar Wagenknecht (wagenknecht.org)
1b1270 13 lines Bug 315039 - [patch] Eclipse launch configuration should inherit properties from target platform
330278 5203 bytes PackageFinder.findPackagesInClassFiles may produce invalid package names
Attachment 183159: patch for PackageFinder
Heiko Seeberger (googlemail.com)
237764 1223 bytes [spy] NPE when there is no (active) part
Attachment 105397: Patch
Hilger (gmail.com)
3b5087 35 lines Bug 477852 - Replace usage of SubProgressMonitor with SubMonitor in
Himanshu Mishra (samsung.com)
c58d74 72 lines Bug 361123 - [patch] Feature editor won't allow copy and paste for
Hiroki Kondo (gmail.com)
227949 976 bytes Key binding for Plugin Spy not working
Attachment 107799: for Windows and Japanese Locale user's patch
Igor Fedorenko (ifedorenko.com)
72672f 137 lines Add poms for Tycho build
821580 1181 lines Add poms for Tycho build
aff576 1 lines set Eclipse-BundleShape:dir for test projects
353442 15078 bytes Bundle classpath entry resolution API
Attachment 202577: basic unit tests
353442 17402 bytes Bundle classpath entry resolution API
Attachment 200613: proposed new API
Ivan Furnadjiev (eclipsesource.com)
a699a3 16 lines Bug 407333 - [patch] Used fixed length hash for target definition
Jacek Pospychala (gmail.com)
224582 2967 bytes [logview] Date format in LogView not respect with nlv culture
Attachment 95805: patch
226049 1021 bytes [logview] Error view does not have help contexts set up correctly
Attachment 109065: patch
217752 4977 bytes [logview] provide action to open entry stack trace in console
Attachment 109139: patch
240350 2840 bytes [logview] accessibillity: missing button labels in error log
Attachment 109062: patch
248924 5290 bytes [plug-in registry] pde.runtime unit tests
Attachment 115932: patch
251970 2211 bytes [ds tooling] "Hello OSGi Declarative Services" template generates invalid MANIFEST.MF
Attachment 116021: patch
244269 8085 bytes [logview] create preference to control whether logview activates on events
Attachment 119893: patch
258236 14749 bytes Switch to use new look of FilteredTree
Attachment 120325: patch
259270 1247 bytes PDEEditor "Extensions" tab empty
Attachment 120849: patch
258881 1233 bytes Switching to new FilteredTree look causes issues on Mac
Attachment 121122: patch
258953 5872 bytes Fix margins with the new FilteredTree look
Attachment 121072: patch
251665 51127 bytes [plug-in registry] improve view performance
Attachment 120951: patch
220110 36599 bytes [plug-in registry] Show Service Content Only
Attachment 121634: patch
260376 2080 bytes FormFilteredTree broken on Mac
Attachment 121946: patch
260363 3075 bytes [plug-in registry] inconsitent wording in recent services-related contrbutions
Attachment 122255: patch
260241 6824 bytes [plug-in registry] plug-ins sometimes can't be expanded when grouped by Bundles.
Attachment 122257: patch
259882 2123 bytes [registry] view does not react to changes when filter is on
Attachment 122422: patch against updated HEAD
260742 13880 bytes [registry] fix tests
Attachment 122428: patch
263973 9789 bytes Widget disposed in Plugin Registry View
Attachment 125625: patch
262545 5124 bytes Plug-in registry view initialization blocks the UI
Attachment 125650: patch
265570 1515 bytes [logview] hover (tooltip) from error log view doesn't go away
Attachment 126571: listen to MouseExit event
248953 30144 bytes [plug-in registry] view could display bundle fragments
Attachment 128183: patch
267855 11661 bytes [plug-in registry] use a styled label provider
Attachment 128370: styled label provider
265908 24864 bytes LocalModelTest failing in HEAD
Attachment 129598: updated tests 2
268595 3163 bytes [plug-in registry] NPE in LocalRegistryBackend
Attachment 129596: patch
249087 14613 bytes [plug-in registry] show package information in plug-in prerequisites
Attachment 130191: patch
Jacques LESCOT (sierrawireless.com)
292530 1507 bytes [modeling] Handle non-XMLResource type in the SourcePage
Attachment 149755: Handle generic case for Resource type
293554 973 bytes [modeling] NPE on validation while changing active page
Attachment 150713: Fix the NPE - Provide additionnal check
294045 1888 bytes [modeling] EmfFormEditor is not closed when the linked Resource is removed from the workspace
Attachment 151176: Markers events should be filtered after ...
296676 2458 bytes [modeling] Need to expose methods for a better control on the creation of Child/Sibling elements
Attachment 153574: Expose 4 methods as public visibility
296678 4892 bytes [modeling] Creation menu filters are not correctly updated when they are different between two pages
Attachment 153575: Bug fix + necessary API changes
296682 4827 bytes [modeling] Add button using a DropDown menu
Attachment 153576: New Action using a DropDown menu
296709 5093 bytes [modeling] Improve the DropDown button behavior
Attachment 154094: Some more improvements ...
298565 3412 bytes [modeling] Provide a way to define the ViewerComparator to use in the outline
Attachment 155076: Possibility to define the ViewerComparator to be used in the outline TreeViewer
298569 3706 bytes [modeling] Improve usability of the DropDown button - Control the tree selection
Attachment 155082: Provide a way to control the tree selection to be passed before computation of the Child/Sibling actions
300462 12538 bytes [modeling] [masterdetails] Remove button and remove toolbar action should be bound to the EmfActionBarContributor's Delete action
Attachment 156930: Refactor the DELETION mechanism
310585 1835 bytes [modeling] [validation] Fix a ClassCastException on bindings
Attachment 166169: Fix the ClassCastException
311007 4670 bytes [modeling] The TreeViewer selection is not correctly updated after a Deletion
Attachment 166508: The element to remove is not always contained through a multi-valued reference.
298610 558 bytes [modeling] Provide a default implementation for the ViewerFilter to be used in the EmfMasterDetailBlock
Jakub Jurkiewicz (pl.ibm.com)
241505 7914 bytes dNew Library Plug-in wizard should allow to set a BREE
Attachment 108352: Patch
230258 898 bytes [product] Message on product export wizard suggests a problem that does not exist
Attachment 116175: Patch
Jan-Ove Weichel (gmail.com)
241240 5 lines Bug 473534 - [Target Platform] - Improve label for Reset button in
Jesse Weinstein (clinicomp.com)
1cb12e 459 lines Bug 417045 - Add identifier-type to extension point schemas
John Arthorne (ca.ibm.com)
0143f3 2 lines Increased service segment for fix in Juno SR2 stream
19ef3a 16 lines Remove reference to update extension points
32ec2e 2 lines Updated bundle version for Juno SR1 fix
3a831b 2 lines Increment pom version to match bundle version
63ee77 9 lines Bug 378853 - Remove feature image from our features
6cf8db 1 lines Bug 390192 - Exclude pde.build from packing
8c831c 14 lines Bug 379182 - Test failures running PDE build tests on Hudson
a0d3d1 12 lines Bug 392789 - Custom EE environment test failures
b5741e 7 lines Bug 392434 - Many PDE Build Unit test Errors on new Mac (with new JDK)
c7521e 7 lines Bug 392434 - Many PDE Build Unit test Errors on new Mac (with new JDK)
e4aae4 1 lines Bug 390192 - Exclude pde.build from packing
ed4af1 2 lines Updated pom version for Kepler stream
250219 3354 bytes Fixes for changed p2 provisional API
Attachment 114629: fix
John Cortell (freescale.com)
294525 1126 bytes javadoc bundled in plugin not handled properly; exception occurs
Attachment 151618: fix
Kaloyan Raev (zend.com)
323246 967 bytes IBundleProjectService.setBundleRoot() does not accept null argument
Attachment 177089: patch
Kaloyan Raev (sap.com)
0e38b7 6 lines Bug 376257 - Corrupted features should not prevent export of plug-ins
2b9e2a 6 lines Bug 376257 - Corrupted features should not prevent export of plug-ins
Ketan Padegaonkar (gmail.com)
233682 3161 bytes open extension point by double clicking in the manifest editor
Attachment 108305: Patch
241912 4818 bytes [spy] Spy does not show pages in a FormEditor
Attachment 114725: the patch necessary to add the support to identify parts in an form editor
250340 3596 bytes [API] Create template method in JUnitLaunchConfigurationDelegate
Attachment 114715: the said patch
89044 11548 bytes PDE Junit Test should be able to run in non-UI thread
Attachment 121746: a patch for the UI to contain a checkbox and the launch configuration delegate to understand non-ui thread applications
Kim Horne (pookzilla.net)
240345 6023 bytes Cannot self host products defined by IProductProviders
Attachment 112922: Patch against PDE UI
Kirill A. Balod (borland.com)
315762 1038 bytes bundles with compile errors never published even through p2.publishonerror is set to "true"
Attachment 171099: patch
Krzysztof Daniel (gmail.com)
265293 43363 bytes Export breaks due to missing org.eclipse.equinox.launcher.nl1
Attachment 126262: Fix proposition
339857 3149 bytes It is possible to import package from fragment, but classes are invisible
Attachment 192251: Patch with altered comments
Krzysztof Daniel (redhat.com)
420f7a 1 lines Bug 383072 - problem with parents
7c9472 76 lines Bug 322352: Feature selection dialog should list features containing
ef76d3 1 lines Bug 383072 - problem with parents
f0cc49 1 lines Bug 383072 - problem with parents
f9e0d0 3 lines Bug 415222 - Rename Feature Selection dialog search field and add F1
Lars Vogel (gmail.com)
09c1db 128 lines Bug 376057 - Wildcard support for adding feature in product configuration editor
0dd653 15 lines Bug 414172 - compile failure in N20130731-2000
386848 69 lines Bug 427995 - Minor clean-up in ManifestContentAssistProcessor
4dd9f1 40 lines Bug 428065 - Minor clean-up in QuickFixProcessor
53770b 10 lines Bug 427991 - Update org.eclipse.pde.ui to Java 1.6
96f145 8 lines Bug 426100 - Change org.eclipse.pde.ui extension point examples to use
99f2f0 53 lines Bug 424113 - Add 256x256 branding icon support to product editor
cec2db 19 lines Bug 424111 - OpenLogDialog readFile does not close BufferedReader
Lars Vogel (vogella.com)
0268d7 38 lines Bug 446418 - Update org.eclipse.pde.ui.templates to Java 1.6
22addb 5 lines Bug 458995 - [api tooling] API parse error of MANIFEST.MF without naming
258358 8 lines Bug 463271 - Highlight which API (3.x or 4) is used in the PDE templates
3f5cb6 5 lines Bug 461877 - Remove empty folder selection for templates_3.6
4e8f9e 259 lines Bug 457931 - Remove "Hello, world" template for deprecated Action Set
5863ca 27 lines Bug 446427 - [template] Use good practice in PDE template "RCP with a
7190e4 347 lines Bug 446418 - Update org.eclipse.pde.ui.templates to Java 1.6
a94776 499 lines Bug 433714 - [Graphics] Replace pde.ui icons in PDE with png files
aa2d21 8 lines Bug 465774 - [Graphics] Update Javadoc in pde.ui from gif to png
cf8015 576 lines Bug 446418 - Update org.eclipse.pde.ui.templates to Java 1.6
dac805 14 lines Bug 463270 - Update org.eclipse.pde.ui.templates to Java 1.7
e07ca9 16 lines Bug 446418 - Update org.eclipse.pde.ui.templates to Java 1.6
f461e1 10 lines Bug 463272 - Avoid adding org.eclipse.ui without template section
269618 1090 bytes Automatic wildcard support in MANIFEST.MF editor for dependencies
Attachment 130769: PluginSearchItemsFilter
265231 3377 bytes [templates] Update "RCP application with a view" with commands
Attachment 126228: patchViewRCPTemplate.txt
265231 1563 bytes [templates] Update "RCP application with a view" with commands
Attachment 126229: patchApplicationActionBarAdvisor.txt
284704 1103 bytes Default Launch Configuration should include -consoleLog
Attachment 152670: Patch for consoleLog
295145 897 bytes Eclipse RCP with a view template
Attachment 152218: RCP with a view update
297667 1050 bytes [PDE Templates] Unnecesarry imports
Attachment 154367: Remove unnecessary imports
376057 5174 bytes Wildcard support for adding feature in product configuration editor
Attachment 219860: Patch
Maarten Meijer (xs4all.nl)
3bd94f 309 lines Bug 395795 - [patch] Template with Incremental Project Builder generates
de65c0 5 lines Bug 398149 - [patch] Builder template lacks implementation of clean()
maarten meijer (eclipsophy.com)
395795 39781 bytes [patch] Template with Incremental Project Builder generates IObjectActionDelegate instead of handler
Attachment 225295: Removed IObjectActionDelegate and added Handler and o.e.u.menus for plugin.xml
398149 788 bytes [patch] Builder template lacks implementation of clean() method
Attachment 225606: patch to add default implementation of clean() method
Marc-Andre Laperle (ericsson.com)
404cfa 19 lines Bug 432695 - [patch][performance] All project API descriptions get saved
47ec5a 12 lines Bug 419759 - NPE when exporting product containing a license feature
d1b504 33 lines Bug 328467 - Double clicking on required features does not open feature
Marcelo Paternostro (ca.ibm.com)
201687 4299 bytes [spy] Having fun with the cursor
Attachment 77337: patch for the Spy plugin
Markus Keller (ch.ibm.com)
0a800b 7 lines Bug 392950 - OpenSchemaAction does not handle locations with + in it
1e2d8d 11 lines Fixed Bug 380563: Extension point schema editor has random tab ordering
2395a8 10 lines Fixed Bug 441883: [bidi] Compare editors for MANIFEST.MF and plugin.xml must enforce LTR
3afb9b 119 lines Fixed Bug 429679: NPE trying to open Dependencies and target Platform State views
45815d 30 lines Bug 430640: Wrong API Tools errors in org.eclipse.core.runtime (ADDED and REMOVED annotation types)
4cffa3 8 lines Bug 448111 - UI bugs in Tracing preference page
4f5169 177 lines Bug 474038: Wrongly reports addition of first type parameter to a generic method
55f908 2 lines Bug 469765: Prep for 4.5 (Mars) maintenance builds - update parent poms
6e4a96 11 lines Fixed Bug 380563: Extension point schema editor has random tab ordering
74f656 30 lines Bug 430640: Wrong API Tools errors in org.eclipse.core.runtime (ADDED and REMOVED annotation types)
85748f 34 lines Bug 471835 - Build succeeds, even when "old" parent pom is referred to
9e0637 22 lines Bug 449102: Target platform bundle ignored when different version available in workspace
c147f3 5 lines Bug 462642: Delta pack not present at currently mentioned location for MacOS
c9b71f 20 lines Bug 350461 - Selection of "Launch an Eclipse application" strips out
cc0146 10 lines Fixed Bug 441883: [bidi] Compare editors for MANIFEST.MF and plugin.xml must enforce LTR
cff38c 34 lines Bug 471835 - Build succeeds, even when "old" parent pom is referred to
d015ba 8 lines Fixed Bug 435205: Can't launch second runtime workbench when org.eclipse.equinox.launcher is in workspace (from Git)
245227 2872 bytes PDE APIs and Extension Point descriptions should be in TOC
Attachment 114446: Polish
255530 649 bytes .options files should be opened with the Java properties file editor
Attachment 118057: Fix
Markus Kuppe (lemmster.de)
895293 14 lines Bug 461549 - [patch] [target] Dont increment sequence number during
296599 4885 bytes Add ability to run e4 based tests using PDE's JUnit Plug-in Test
Attachment 228594: Do OSGi service registry lookup for TestableObject before creating WorkbenchTestable
Martin Woodward (teamprise.com)
237922 2335 bytes PDE Build not generating RCP launcher branding icons
Attachment 105535: Proposed patch to enable headless RCP branding in Eclipse 3.4
238001 11982 bytes Launcher icon branding does not handle Win32 x64 launcher .exe
Attachment 105617: IconExe patch with correct read8 method
Mat Booth (redhat.com)
8ddcbd 748 lines Bug 462201 - Remove support for building Eclipse 2.x-style plug-ins
8f3e92 7 lines Bug 462220 - Remove support for building Eclipse 2.x-style plug-ins
Matthias Villiger (bsiag.com)
2e4139 129 lines Bug 432494 - hashCode() wrong in IUBundleContainer
a01189 25 lines Bug 432494 - hashCode() wrong in IUBundleContainer
Mickael Istria (redhat.com)
1502fa 10 lines [434317] Fix NPE in menu spy
4e47c1 69 lines Bug 459100: Added quick-fix to open TP preference page
852960 21 lines Bug 443174: Set skipTests=true in individual pom
383795 51770 bytes [p2] [category] Support inclusion of bundles directly in Category Editor
Attachment 220346: Patch
Min Idzelis (us.ibm.com)
229073 2209 bytes PDE launch configurations slow to open in dialog
Attachment 125581: Other patch
Mohammed Mostafa (ca.ibm.com)
296522 3747 bytes Custom quick fixes do not show on MF files
Attachment 153397: Patch
Mykhaylo Shlyakhtovskyy (gmail.com)
f21425 24 lines Bug 477675 - Replace usage of SubProgressMonitor with SubMonitor in
Nick Boldt (gmail.com)
256379 5910 bytes permit cvs and svn checkouts to be silent
Attachment 118735: patch to add optional reallyquiet attrib to generated <cvs> tasks
Nigel Westbury (miegel.org)
359544 1013 bytes [target] Versions are improperly compared when resolving to the latest version
Attachment 204368: patch to use correct version comparisons
Noopur Gupta (in.ibm.com)
ec9e74 369 lines Bug 466680 - In E4 Template changing the Activator's package name fails
Olivier Prouvost (opcoach.com)
08f49c 58 lines Bug 471305 - The application model created by E4 Application template
4029ef 44 lines Bug 463821 - Eclipse 4 RCP template always creates an Activator
4eef18 63 lines Fix Bug 463822 - Syntax error after Eclipse 4 RCP template generation
695709 12 lines Bug 466523 - Eclipse 4 RCP template includes outdated SWT fragments into
706f3a 58 lines Bug 471305 - The application model created by E4 Application template
ae78b4 3 lines Bug 467377 - [Templates] Remove SWT libraries for unsupported 32 bit
b4f195 10 lines Bug 465680 - Better labels and descriptions for Eclipse 4 project
ca88d7 3 lines Bug 466604 - [e4 tools] Template product is missing dependencies
e1fa96 791 lines Bug 441331 - Integrate e4 project template into PDE
Olivier Thomann (ca.ibm.com)
1408f2 2752 lines Add ee generator to git
3233fa 2 lines Set ONLY_USE_CACHE to false
451955 2 lines Fix online javadoc retrieval
4b2383 1 lines Add Main-class entry
71fb05 1 lines Remove unused import
89a957 27 lines Add tracing for javadoc retrieval
a120f8 309 lines Clean up unused code
a8033a 276 lines Add black list support for types without javadoc
b4280a 94 lines Fix for 373812
b9189e 5 lines HEAD - Fix for 373812
bd6ed0 12 lines master - Fix compile errors and new compiler warnings
d42a1c 5 lines Validate output argument
dcc32d 17 lines Fix missing NLS strings in MANIFEST.MF
dd4dac 4 lines Fix online javadoc retrieval
ebf729 10 lines Fix for https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=383448
ef8cd0 5 lines HEAD - Fixed Bug 358414: With fix for 357110, member types are processed
f1a49a 5 lines HEAD - Fixed Bug 358414: With fix for 357110, member types are processed
fbd784 19 lines Bug 361660 - API Usage Problem "Execution environment references were not checked"
Pascal Rapicault (rapicault.net)
1935a2 93 lines Generate metadata for macos bundled application -
Paul Webster (ca.ibm.com)
2ca89e 29 lines Bug 405151 - [CBI] Remove antrunner replace tasks
2da93d 4 lines Bug 390465 - Update pom version
577bba 2 lines Bug 400616 - Update PDE branding plugin qualifiers
e6a201 76 lines Bug 436736 - Prep for 4.5 (Mars) and 4.4 maintenance builds
e7b58e 10 lines Bug 411162 - Update parent POMs for Luna
e8bcbe 10 lines Bug 436736 - Prep for 4.5 (Mars) and 4.4 maintenance builds
ebc347 68 lines Bug 411162 - Update parent POMs for Luna
Peter Friese (peterfriese.de)
240000 2368 bytes Splash templates generate bad NON-NLS comments
Attachment 107592: Patch with "escaped" $ signs
241074 3033 bytes [templates] HelloRCP template contains non-externalized strings
Attachment 107594: Patch
215314 1450 bytes manifest editor content assist: additional info has wrong status text
Attachment 96170: Patch that removes the F2 message
Peter Nehrer (eclipticalsoftware.com)
243475 5777 bytes Old-style source plugin does not include sources of all plugins from the corresponding feature
Attachment 109435: Proposed patch.
244870 1100 bytes Generated source feature inherits wrong platform filter
Attachment 110615: Proposed patch.
Peter Schulz (kurzepost.de)
f09811 72 lines Bug 275999 - [target] edit software site does not set initial selection
Petri Tuononen (gmail.com)
319965 8938 bytes New Feature Project->Referenced Plug-ins and Fragments multiselection functionality
Attachment 176616: Fixed patch
Philip Ritzkopf (zeb.de)
60f6ce 87 lines Bug 449795 - [patch] [LogView] Does not show log entry if size of
Philipp Kursawe (gmail.com)
238235 21269 bytes [Bundle-Localization] Default to /OSGI-INF/l10n/bundle.properties and not /plugin.properties
Attachment 106598: Additional patch for PDE core
272641 1451 bytes Externalize Strings for MANIFEST.MF should not put ".0" suffix on each header
Attachment 133096: Initial patch
272654 756 bytes [Manifest][Editors] Select all text in "name" after creating new attribute or element
Attachment 133093: Initial patch
269417 121525 bytes New Project Wizard for Plug-In: Remember values entered into Plug-In Provider
Attachment 196643: Updated patch
Pierre Carlson (us.ibm.com)
233029 1180 bytes Unknown extension point errors appearing in target workspace
Attachment 106902: Patch to add the job rule
Pragya Gaur (samsung.com)
0e7bcc 8 lines Bug 398994 - [patch] [target] Target Content not updated when back
33062c 7 lines Bug 278539 - [ds tooling] New Component Definition incorrectly requires
5e403d 72 lines Bug 361413 - [patch] "Select All" is missing from "Edit Software site"
61713a 40 lines Bug 307917 - [patch] 'Remove' button is prematurely enabled in component
66ea9a 20 lines Bug 314300 - [patch] [target] Edit target wizard content page should set
963a16 29 lines Bug 201580 - [patch][Manifest][Editors] Automated Plug-in Dependency not
bb93a6 24 lines Bug 324773 - [patch] feature.xml editor, Recompute check box in
Prakash G.R. (gmail.com)
239076 11200 bytes Add an Extension Wizard for Common Navigator
Attachment 106477: Patch for the bug
Rafael Oliveira Nóbrega (gmail.com)
241715 6368 bytes [ds] default values for names of things
Attachment 108151: generic values creation
241714 1687 bytes [ds] property type body field isn't aligned properly
Attachment 108135: Property`s body aligned
241711 4177 bytes [ds] property types should be available in a combo
Attachment 108358: Combo developed
239495 2648 bytes [ds] code completion should assist open tag (<)
Attachment 107447: Open tag assistance code was removed to avoid problems
240068 20872 bytes [ds] IConstants and IDSConstants duplicate entries
Attachment 108365: Constants fixed (1/2)
223738 2959 bytes [ds] create core models for manipulating DS xml files
Attachment 93385: Initial Version of DSDocumentFactory, DSModel and DSDocumentHandler Classes
223738 8853 bytes [ds] create core models for manipulating DS xml files
Attachment 93447: Initial version of DSRoot, DSObject and IDSConstants
223738 9830 bytes [ds] create core models for manipulating DS xml files
Attachment 93449: Initial version of all DS XML Elements Classes
223738 4518 bytes [ds] create core models for manipulating DS xml files
Attachment 93663: 2nd version of DSRoot, IDSConstants and DSObject
223738 12839 bytes [ds] create core models for manipulating DS xml files
Attachment 93664: 2nd version of DS XML Elements
223738 5155 bytes [ds] create core models for manipulating DS xml files
Attachment 93665: Initial version of POJO Interfaces for DS XML Elements
223739 10646 bytes [ds] create a basic editor for DS files
Attachment 96663: MasterTreeSection, DSBlock and DSPage updates
223739 5528 bytes [ds] create a basic editor for DS files
Attachment 96528: DSMasterTreeSection content updates and DSInputContextManager minor changes
223739 6485 bytes [ds] create a basic editor for DS files
Attachment 96527: DSContentProvider initial version and some code refactoring of DSEditor and DSFormOutlinePage
223739 2707 bytes [ds] create a basic editor for DS files
Attachment 96118: DSMasterTreeSection updates and IDSMaster initial version
223739 8069 bytes [ds] create a basic editor for DS files
Attachment 95989: Initial version of DSPage, DSInputContextManager and DSInputContext
223739 8639 bytes [ds] create a basic editor for DS files
Attachment 95990: Initial version of DSEditor, DSFormOutlinePage and DSBlock
223739 4167 bytes [ds] create a basic editor for DS files
Attachment 96114: Initial version of DSDetails classes 1 of 2
223739 7289 bytes [ds] create a basic editor for DS files
Attachment 96115: Initial version of DSDetails Classes
223739 7735 bytes [ds] create a basic editor for DS files
Attachment 96116: Ds Block and FormOutilinePage updates
230232 10934 bytes [ds] create an error reporter
Attachment 101781: DSErrorReporter DSConsistencyChecker initial version
230232 11229 bytes [ds] create an error reporter
Attachment 103123: DS Error Reporter Update
230232 14006 bytes [ds] create an error reporter
Attachment 106589: Required Attr Reporter
230232 16981 bytes [ds] create an error reporter
Attachment 106814: Error Reporter updates
227903 8569 bytes [ds] create a new wizard for DS files
Attachment 99851: DS Wizard Initial Version
234004 7758 bytes [ds] IDSComponent lacks methods...
Attachment 102663: IDSComponent and IDSService methods
234004 5490 bytes [ds] IDSComponent lacks methods...
Attachment 102852: IDSComponent and DSComponentTestCase update
234004 6611 bytes [ds] IDSComponent lacks methods...
Attachment 102853: All test cases update
233997 6312 bytes [ds] code completion
Attachment 104206: Code Completion and Text Hover Stubs (1/2)
233997 7580 bytes [ds] code completion
Attachment 104207: Code Completion and Text Hover Stubs (2/2)
233997 20649 bytes [ds] code completion
Attachment 104756: Completion for AddChildren
233997 17782 bytes [ds] code completion
Attachment 104901: AddChildren and AddAttrValues working
233997 21706 bytes [ds] code completion
Attachment 105704: Code Completion for Attributes
233997 16976 bytes [ds] code completion
Attachment 105797: DS completion of attributes
233997 22268 bytes [ds] code completion
Attachment 105852: Completion for CAText
233997 3456 bytes [ds] code completion
Attachment 106591: Improving Code Completion for CAText
235874 10732 bytes [ds] Wizard should ask for Component name and Implementation class
Attachment 106903: Wizard updates
238250 13037 bytes [ds] IDSContants Refactoring
Attachment 105703: IDSConstants Refactoring
241163 884 bytes [ds] PropertyDetails body's form isn't updating a blank value
Attachment 108012: PropertyDetails updates
241606 757 bytes [ds] DS UI Editor opens with DS model in the modified state (showing the '*' character)
Attachment 108015: DSInputContext updates
232409 3732 bytes [ds] DSComponent should reuse some DSObject methods
Attachment 100547: IDSComponent, DSComponent and DSMasterTree updates
231399 2978 bytes [ds] javadoc for org.eclipse.pde.ds.core
Attachment 101041: IDSComponent javadoc
231399 926 bytes [ds] javadoc for org.eclipse.pde.ds.core
Attachment 101042: mylyn/context/zip
231399 6446 bytes [ds] javadoc for org.eclipse.pde.ds.core
Attachment 101329: IDSObject, IDSProperty and IDSProperties javadocs
231399 11647 bytes [ds] javadoc for org.eclipse.pde.ds.core
Attachment 101355: IDSService, IDSProvide, IDSReference and IDSImplementation updates
231399 1760 bytes [ds] javadoc for org.eclipse.pde.ds.core
Attachment 101517: IDSReference updates
231399 4699 bytes [ds] javadoc for org.eclipse.pde.ds.core
Attachment 101572: IDSModel and IDSDocumentFactory javadocs
231399 12021 bytes [ds] javadoc for org.eclipse.pde.ds.core
Attachment 101655: javadocs for core.ds concrete classes 1/2
231399 7608 bytes [ds] javadoc for org.eclipse.pde.ds.core
Attachment 101656: javadocs for core.ds concrete classes 2/2
227663 3054 bytes [ds] the class DSModel doesn't adhere to POJO Model
Attachment 96510: IDSModel initial version and DSModel updates
227672 4147 bytes [ds] the class DSObject doesn't adhere to POJO Model
Attachment 96517: Interface IDSObject creation and DSObject update
228429 818 bytes [ds] DSRoot getEnabled() method is wrong
Attachment 97229: DSRoot getEnabled() method update
227836 1055 bytes [ds] IDSModel should extends IModelChangeProvider, IModel
Attachment 96660: IDSModel updates
230237 1233 bytes [ds] DSProvide canAddSibling wrong implemented
Attachment 98660: DSProvide update
230239 11494 bytes [ds] plugin org.eclipse.pde.ds.core should use Interface where possible
Attachment 98661: IDSDocumentFactory, IDSModel changes and impacted classes
230251 6238 bytes [ds] DS Text Model Interfaces should extends IDSObject
Attachment 98669: DS Text Model Interfaces update
230380 5336 bytes [ds] rename IDSRoot to IDSComponent and update similary named methods and variables
Attachment 98813: Renaming IDSRoot to IDSComponent (1/4)
230380 15805 bytes [ds] rename IDSRoot to IDSComponent and update similary named methods and variables
Attachment 98815: Renaming IDSRoot to IDSComponent (2/4)
230380 5831 bytes [ds] rename IDSRoot to IDSComponent and update similary named methods and variables
Attachment 98818: Renaming IDSRoot to IDSComponent (3/4)
230380 8034 bytes [ds] rename IDSRoot to IDSComponent and update similary named methods and variables
Attachment 98819: Renaming IDSRoot to IDSComponent (4/4)
230455 8997 bytes [ds] create methods to list all children by type of DSComponent and DSService
Attachment 98907: DSComponent, DSService and iterfaces updates
230887 1414 bytes [ds] delete should be possible using the 'del key :)
Attachment 99448: ActionFactory.Delete added in DSMasterTreeSection
230987 10683 bytes [ds] DSAddItemAction isn't raising IModelChangedEvent.INSERT event
Attachment 99287: IDSObject and AddItemAction updates
230989 4422 bytes [ds] DSComponent and DSService getChildrens methods doesn't work
Attachment 99181: DSService and DSComponent updates
231693 6356 bytes [ds] DSComponent can't add reference element
Attachment 99849: DSComponent, DSMasterTree and DSAddItemAction update
231694 1008 bytes [ds] IDSModel missing setUnderlyingResource and save methods
Attachment 99850: IDSModel update
231696 9929 bytes [ds] Refactoring Messages fields
Attachment 99917: DSProperty Messages updates
231696 14711 bytes [ds] Refactoring Messages fields
Attachment 102026: All Messages updated.
232058 2517 bytes [ds] DSService getProvidedServices isn't working
Attachment 100161: DSService Update
232178 2212 bytes [ds] DSComponent get<ELEMENT>s aren't working
Attachment 100295: DSComponent update
232179 1012 bytes [ds] DSProperties canAddSibling missing element
Attachment 100297: DSProperties updates
232559 12715 bytes [ds] Removing canAddSibling methods
Attachment 100693: DS text model classes update
232561 1170 bytes [ds] IDSObject descendsFrom method should use IDSObject instead of DSObject parameter
Attachment 100694: IDSObject update
232946 8238 bytes [ds] Refactoring ds.core interfaces
Attachment 101026: Interfaces updates 1/3
232973 2763 bytes [ds] removing IDSComponent moveChild method
Attachment 101040: removing updates
233274 6277 bytes [ds] changing getImplementations() and getServices() methods
Attachment 101312: ds.core and ds.ui updates
232946 9853 bytes [ds] Refactoring ds.core interfaces
Attachment 101027: Interfaces update 2/3
232946 6895 bytes [ds] Refactoring ds.core interfaces
Attachment 101028: Interfaces update 3/3
233274 7630 bytes [ds] changing getImplementations() and getServices() methods
Attachment 101313: ds.test updates
230883 13101 bytes [ds] add context menu options to items in tree viewer
Attachment 99184: Context Menu Initial version
245999 4925 bytes [ds] need a way to set enabled and immediate fields on overview page
Attachment 111517: immediate and enabled buttons
243950 3011 bytes [ds] new Service Component wizard shouldn't let you complete with errors
Attachment 110338: Page complete checking
246303 2755 bytes [ds] some ds source file updates aren't synchronizing with overview page
Attachment 111747: DSServiceComponentSection update
246001 8600 bytes [ds] DSEditPropertyDialog redesign
Attachment 111630: DSEditPropertyDialog Update
248197 2003 bytes [ds tooling] NPE thrown by DSLabelProvider.getObjectImage
Attachment 113207: DSLabelProvider update
248216 8744 bytes [ds tooling] up/down buttons for properties section
Attachment 113210: DSPropertiesSection updates
248224 3570 bytes [ds tooling] improve up/down buttons for properties section
Attachment 113245: DSPropertiesSection updates
248256 1103 bytes [ds tooling] <component> immediate attribute completion should suggest immediate=false.
Attachment 113243: DS Attr Completion Proposal updates
248223 1063 bytes [ds tooling] <component> "enabled" and "immediate" attributes" are not kept in sync with Overview page
Attachment 113242: Component Service Section update
248207 1436 bytes [ds tooling] Code assist should work for <component> element
Attachment 113209: DSContentAssistProcessor updates
249174 2127 bytes [ds]New Service Component Wizards corrupts manifest Service-Component header
Attachment 113911: Fixed Manifest updating.
248276 2421 bytes [ds tooling] When we create a project using "Hello OSGI DS" template the Error reporter doesn't work.
Attachment 113914: DSEditor Updates...
248221 4518 bytes [ds tooling] "Properties" section should save expansion state
Attachment 113913: Properties Section title updating
248453 4664 bytes [ds tooling] Validate <property> element
Attachment 113935: ErrorReporter updates
248453 875 bytes [ds tooling] Validate <property> element
Attachment 113936: DSProperty update
248228 2760 bytes [ds tooling] Make "Select Type" dialog multi-select
Attachment 113941: done!
248335 4797 bytes [ds tooling] Enable/Disable "This component is immediately activated" checkbox
Attachment 113940: Error Reporter update
248231 8428 bytes [ds tooling] Sort and disallow duplicates in Provided Services list
Attachment 114212: DSErrorReporter and DSProvideSection updates
249263 2411 bytes [ds tooling] A missing <implementation> element should be added when the Class field is set in the form-based editor
Attachment 114704: DSComponentSection updates
250333 1209 bytes [ds] DS page should remove <service> element when the user removes the last <provide> interface
Attachment 114709: DSProvideSection updates
248335 2080 bytes [ds tooling] Enable/Disable "This component is immediately activated" checkbox
Attachment 114716: DSOptionsSection updates
249254 6181 bytes [ds tooling] Provide type-specific validation of <property> element
Attachment 114482: DSErrorReporter updates
250042 7394 bytes [ds tooling] Validate <service> element
Attachment 116080: New Messages
248226 2874 bytes [ds tooling] Referenced Services should have Up/Down buttons
Attachment 117113: DSReferenceSection update
253635 13380 bytes [ds tooling] Service Component wizard improvements
Attachment 117134: DSFileWizardPage and DSNewWizard updates
253635 10097 bytes [ds tooling] Service Component wizard improvements
Attachment 117506: Wizard patch updates
256451 1298 bytes [ds tooling] Declarative Service Builder fails if property type attribute is not set
Attachment 119051: Fixed the Last Patch
256451 896 bytes [ds tooling] Declarative Service Builder fails if property type attribute is not set
Attachment 119047: Fixed
254973 1644 bytes [ds tooling] Service Component wizard: Improve the handling of the Service-Component header
Attachment 118207: DSCreationOperation updates
254970 3959 bytes [ds tooling] Service Component wizard: Persist "File name" field
Attachment 118198: DSWizard and WizardPage updates
254972 4500 bytes [ds tooling] Service Component wizard: Improve field validation
Attachment 118278: DSFileWizard updates
Ralf Ebert (ralfebert.de)
307076 1320 bytes JUnit Plug-in test runner exception "No Classloader found for plug-in ..." is confusing
Attachment 163183: patch to clarify error message
Remy Suen (gmail.com)
242038 1248 bytes 'Organize Manifests' wizard has conflicting mnemonics
Attachment 108413: Patch to use another key for the text field's mnemonic.
272985 1566 bytes EventDetailsDialog leaks Clipboard
Attachment 132503: Dispose clipboard patch v1
Rüdiger Herrmann (gmx.de)
249707 2529 bytes New plug-in wizard should use activities to filter templates
Attachment 114471: Patch
Sascha Becher (qualitype.de)
97efef 385 lines Bug 372803 - Extension Element Search shows wrong match count
a06954 1943 lines Bug 360894 - [patch] Extensions tree viewer should also be filtered by leaf item's attributes
360894 104112 bytes [patch] Extensions tree viewer should also be filtered by leaf item's attributes
Attachment 211150: Extensions page enhancements
372803 15091 bytes Extension Element Search shows wrong match count
Attachment 211768: Additional changes (2) on top of 211250
Scott Kellicker (gmail.com)
272377 2288 bytes [pde viz] does not install into Eclipse 3.4.2
Attachment 131983: patch
Scott Lewis (composent.com)
111b06 45 lines Bug 270684 - [patch] [plug-in registry] add support for OSGi Remote
e04d6f 19 lines Bug 464315 - add method to RegistryBrowser view to allow programmatic
ead867 9 lines Bug 465950 - incorrect code in RegistryBrowserModelChangeListener
Sebastien Angers (compuware.com)
338878 8760 bytes p2 mirror problem in "Product" Builds
Attachment 194539: Modified patch to add more (all) slicingOptions and raw attribute to Headless PDE Build
Sebastien Arod (gmail.com)
c1f5b0 167 lines Bug 370805 - Add filtering options in graph visualization
Sebastien Moran (sierrawireless.com)
287189 8207 bytes [modeling] Master/Detail : Allow to override the default remove action
Attachment 145134: Patch adding possibility to override the RemoveAction (Master/Detail case)
288335 3987 bytes [Modeling]Manage ActionBarContributor's GlobalHandlers enablement state
Attachment 146266: Manage ActionBarContributor's GlobalHandlers enablement state
297194 975 bytes [modeling] Do nothing when no object has been created
Attachment 154000: Patch to authorize AddAction cancelation
308802 2230 bytes [modeling] Let the possibility to add extra options to the Master's TreeViewer
Attachment 164524: Add the possibility to customize the Viewer options
322393 1891 bytes [modeling] Possibility to customize the Master section's styles
Attachment 176366: possibility to customize the master's section styles
Sergey Grant (google.com)
185b2f 15 lines Bug 477865 - API Baseline Wizard Finish Button Unconditionally disabled
Simon Archer (gmail.com)
248519 3676 bytes [ds tooling] Component Definition Information -- Fields should use SWT.BORDER style
Attachment 113432: Patch
248818 1080 bytes Target Definition Wizard's "Initialize the file content" Group should not grab excess vertical space
Attachment 113648: Patch
249255 871 bytes [ds tooling] Cannot add a Class as a Referenced Service
Attachment 113944: Patch to DSReferenceSection.java
249255 902 bytes [ds tooling] Cannot add a Class as a Referenced Service
Attachment 113945: Patch to DSEditReferenceDialog.java
249693 20495 bytes [ds tooling] Improve component XML error reporting
Attachment 114269: Patch to org.eclipse.pde.ds.core
254975 1081 bytes [ds tooling] Service Component wizard: Add missing ALT accelerators
Attachment 117615: Patch to /org.eclipse.pde.ds.ui/src/org/eclipse/pde/internal/ds/ui/messages.properties
257460 714 bytes [ds tooling] Add "Service Component" to PDE perspective's "New" menu
Attachment 119458: Patch to add the "Service Component" menu item to the "New" menu of the Plug-in perspective.
259854 988 bytes [ds tooling] Service Component wizard uses '&' in hyperlink label.
Attachment 121421: Patch to remove the ampersand.
Simon Bernard (sierrawireless.com)
293012 4257 bytes [modeling] Live validation and cross resource containment
Attachment 150232: a new patch
Simon Muschel (gmx.de)
215743 7388 bytes [schema] errors should be displayed in problems and package explorer views
Attachment 142797: Patch for SchemaErrorReporter.java
260549 5586 bytes Feature editor only shows warning on plug-ins tab when plug-in missing
Attachment 143697: Patch for FeatureErrorReporter.java
189472 2427 bytes [Site][Editors] Clipboard operations do not work in tree viewer on "Site Map" page
Attachment 141688: Patch for CategorySection.java
Simon Scholz (vogella.com)
c13f36 61 lines Bug 449348 - Open Plug-in Artifacts dialog should perform implicit
c81828 24 lines Bug 452487 - In case a WorkspaceExtensionsModel is created, it is not
de241b 279 lines Bug 440275 - Automatic wildcard support for adding plug-ins to plug-in
f0ff21 100 lines Bug 444808 - Use version number constant instead of multiple "0.0.0"
Sopot Cela (redhat.com)
6d28e3 21 lines Bug 394739 - Remove org.eclipse.core.runtime.compatibility* bundles
Srikanth Reddy Lingala (googlemail.com)
209046 1037 bytes [help] context ids on templates page
Attachment 149271: Proposed patch to this bug
292294 791 bytes Dynamic help not working on extension point template configuration dialog
Attachment 149570: Proposed Patch
Stefan Röck (googlemail.com)
206306 15796 bytes [pde viz] Turn around dependencies
Attachment 128985: Further improvements
270864 1164 bytes [pde viz] Dependency between fragment and host not shown
Attachment 130603: Patch proposal
Stephan Herrmann (berlin.de)
61185 959 bytes [Manifest][Editors]Browse for class attribute types could restrict using basedOn class/interface
Attachment 148812: patch for consuming Bug 215139
242461 1973 bytes PDESourceLookupQuery should support JSR 45
Attachment 147259: alternate patch
Steven Spungin (spungin.tv)
fc0ae3 55 lines Bug 408727 - Show PDE warning marker when build.properties does not
Susan McCourt (rapicorp.com)
10be52 40 lines Bug 429852 - [Product][Editors] Arch selection combo is
130d7c 1190 lines [Product][Editors] Allow to populate default preferences from an
4308cf 780 lines Bug 426532 - [category] Specify download stats URL and type of artifacts
9b69ae 552 lines Bug 426527: Allow for VM args to be specified for an OS/Arch combination
b1ceb9 169 lines Bug 426525 - [Product][Editors] Allow for system properties to be
b8d865 748 lines Bug 426524 - [Product][Editors] Add support for p2 repo
bae7fb 146 lines https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=426529
c02617 435 lines Bug 426528 - [Product][Editors] Specify the name and location of the CSS
c987b8 739 lines Bug 426531 - [category] Specify repository references in category.xml
Szymon Ptaszkiewicz (pl.ibm.com)
4a88d9 34 lines Bug 428866 - org.eclipse.core.resources.builders template does not work
59c40c 3 lines Bug 344720 - Removing nature from project description does not call plugin.deconfigure() properly
856a50 54 lines Bug 444988 - Workspace can exit with unsaved changes because of modification of External Plug-in Libraries/.searchable during FULL_SAVE
400129 1851 bytes [ua] NPE when registering context help for non-plugin project
Attachment 226653: Fix analogous to the fix for Bug 273049
Thanh Ha (eclipse.org)
078ec6 4 lines Bug 391983 - Add tycho.scmUrl for eclipse.pde.build.git
0ebaf6 2 lines Bug 402688 - Pom versions need updating eclipse.pde.ui
38ac75 34 lines Fixed Bug 420089: Dirty working tree: about.mappings (PDE.UI)
3b350c 28 lines Bug 420089: Dirty working tree: about.mappings (PDE.UI)
4de686 4 lines Bug 404909 - pde.ui bundles point to incorrect parent version
5b3b0d 2 lines Bump pom versions.
636912 29 lines Bug 419503 - Dirty working tree: about.mappings
a77762 2 lines Bump pom versions.
ad86e5 18 lines Bump version in poms
b37c40 4 lines Bug 400140 - [CBI] Bump pom version for org.eclipse.pde.build.tests
c4e3f0 4 lines Bug 391983 - Add tycho.scmUrl for eclipse.pde.build.git
d34426 2 lines Bump pom versions.
Thomas Hallgren (tada.se)
271063 937 bytes NPE when doing PluginRegistry.getActiveModels()
Attachment 130775: Patch adding a check for null
Thomas Schindl (bestsolution.at)
7342c9 237 lines Bug 363733 - Provide possibility to enhance
363733 13162 bytes Provide possibility to enhance RequiredPluginsClasspathContainer to deal with Equinox-AdapterHooks
Attachment 224848: Implementation Patch
Thomas Watson (us.ibm.com)
3ed600 14 lines Bug 432672 - Latest test failures caused by new JavaSE/compact profiles
4bc215 28 lines Bug 421177 - Update PDESourceLookup to account for new equinox class
Tobias Oberlies (sap.com)
363832 2506 bytes [patch] [target] Resolution fails with "...is a folder but the repository is an archive or remote location" if recent workspaces have relative path
Attachment 207034: Fix: Add recent workspace bundle pools as absolute URIs
Tomasz Zarna (tasktop.com)
49a87b 6 lines Bug 236040 - Exception while opening certain build.properties file
9a9c5a 25 lines Bug 274176 - NPE in TracingOptionsManager
9ef450 5 lines Bug 299298 - [spy] NullPointerException while invoking the Plug-in Spy
a219fc 25 lines Bug 474598 - Minor cleanup work in PDE
bd7981 3 lines Bug 474598 - Minor cleanup work in PDE
Tomasz Zarna (pl.ibm.com)
7f995f 13 lines Fixed Bug 372020: TeamUI#getPages expects fileSystemScheme to be defined
Troy Bishop (ca.ibm.com)
8d4659 102 lines Bug 395632 - Tracing UI bundle declarative service causes the workspace
c65fdf 102 lines Bug 395632 - Tracing UI bundle declarative service causes the workspace
395632 5580 bytes Tracing UI bundle declarative service causes the workspace prompt to not display
Attachment 224277: Potential patch using the StartupMonitor suggestion
Tuukka Lehtonen (semantum.fi)
247907 748 bytes [logview] date sorting works improperly with same timestamps
Attachment 113014: Stabilizes date sorting.
247907 1718 bytes [logview] date sorting works improperly with same timestamps
Attachment 113326: Revised version of group sorting patch
Vikas Chandra (in.ibm.com)
03a3e2 376 lines Bug 427502 - [1.8] Support method references
0d37b0 4 lines Bug 430782 - Junit for PDE are failing - pde api tool
0e2916 74 lines Bug 430305 - [1.8] Remove the unsupported bytecodes preference in Luna
13ce52 118 lines Bug 418226 - Add ability to allow Eclipse debug trace to stdout and
1d613f 224 lines Bug 427499 - [1.8] Support type annotations
6a7a76 5 lines Bug 435810 - PDE Manifest editor: Missing 2.0 compatibility should be
6c1974 70 lines Bug 432403 - Undo redo doesnt happen for adding/removing dependency
758a7a 43 lines Bug 231333 - If @noinstantiate class comes from the default package,
786257 17 lines Change-Id: I1d45883a6d265b382fe83aa7113542f7c89b1389
9944c7 214 lines Bug 427495 - [1.8] Support default methods
a64255 441 lines Bug 427502 - [1.8] Support method references
c46805 2 lines Bug 434573 - @NoOverride PDE annotation on static method should be
e47eb9 46 lines Bug 427061 - OOME in Plug-in Image Browser
f740e3 15 lines Bug 429280 - Classcast exceptions when using delta-pack (export to
Volker Wegert (volker-wegert.de)
243087 4939 bytes [Sample View Template] generate attribute for view ID
Attachment 109096: extended patch
243086 1802 bytes [Mail Template] move perspective ID from AWA to Perspective
Attachment 109086: proposed patch
298799 1630 bytes headless build + generate.plugin = 'unlinked' source plugin
Attachment 155378: documentation patch
Wim Jongman (remainsoftware.com)
da7788 23 lines Bug 454058 - Reorganize plugin-perspective shortcut menu
Wojciech Galanciak (gmail.com)
282672 4910 bytes [plug-in registry] extension point to easily provide different connection providers
Attachment 141181: extension point
282804 53764 bytes [plug-in registry] simplify registry model to separate logic from data
Attachment 141299: after some changes
277648 6169 bytes [plug-in registry] Dialog to establish the connection with remote OSGi applciation
Attachment 141491: updated connection dialog
283823 8296 bytes [plug-in registry] simplify r-osgi ports configuration
Attachment 142012: updated addresses configuration
283823 3754 bytes [plug-in registry] simplify r-osgi ports configuration
Attachment 142253: additional patch
283387 25510 bytes [plug-in registry] Response of plugin when it lost connection with remote application
Attachment 143773: communication
Wolfgang Schell (jetztgrad.net)
259348 4943 bytes [plug-in registry] show service properties
Attachment 121015: implements service properties in plugin registry
260060 5697 bytes [plug-in registry] show different icons for built-in service properties
Attachment 121645: pde-runtime-serviceproperties-5-sorting-icons.patch
260055 3881 bytes [plug-in registry] sort services when view grouped by services
Attachment 121647: pde-runtime-sorting-1.patch


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