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  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

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Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Martin Aeschlimann IBM
Deepak Azad
Dirk Baeumer IBM
Benno Baumgartner
Jared Burns
Jim Des Rivieres IBM
Sonia Dimitrov IBM
Erich Gamma IBM
Noopur Gupta IBM
Tom Hofmann (nee Eicher) Google Inc.
Markus Keller IBM
Adam Kiezun IBM
Kai-Uwe Maetzel IBM
Christof Marti
Manju Mathew IBM
Dani Megert IBM
Kim Moir
Philippe Mulet IBM
Darin Swanson IBM
Raksha Vasisht IBM
Andre Weinand IBM
Tobias Widmer
Darin Wright

Never Active
Name Organization  
Kevin Barnes
Maxime Daniel IBM
Dejan Glozic IBM
Lorne Parsons IBM
Michael Rennie IBM
Curtis Windatt IBM

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Achim Demelt (googlemail.com)
278844 16396 bytes [JUnit] Separate UI from non-UI code
Attachment 145697: Fixes for concurrency issues
Andrew Eisenberg (eisenberg.as)
d0add1 57 lines Fixed Bug 411794: [JUnit] Add a monospace font option for the junit
Andrew Eisenberg (gmail.com)
140392 15211 bytes [JUnit] Rerun failed first does not work with JUnit4
Attachment 150056: Patch to implement this feature
Benjamin Muskalla (tasktop.com)
228950 4846 bytes [pull up] exception if target calls super with multiple parameters
Attachment 106405: patch
238226 6016 bytes [preferences] Surface new compiler warning option in preference page
Attachment 105719: patch
107985 3209 bytes [quick fix] Create Method in void context should 'box' void.
Attachment 106267: patch
107985 1997 bytes [quick fix] Create Method in void context should 'box' void.
Attachment 106340: copyright
233278 4859 bytes [surround with] "Surround With runnable" crash.
Attachment 108057: patch
245240 5169 bytes [preferences] Add preference for new compiler warning: MissingSynchronizedModifierInInheritedMethod
Attachment 110978: patch
245250 10021 bytes [quick fix] Quick fix for missing synchronized modifier
Attachment 111011: patch
101233 3418 bytes [extract method] remember selected access modifier
Attachment 138382: updated patch
160853 7207 bytes [extract method] Does not replace similar code in parent class of anonymous class
Attachment 140552: patch
97413 4026 bytes [extract method] missing return type when code can throw exception
Attachment 140808: patch + testcase
213519 9307 bytes [extract method] Missing return value, while extracting code out of a loop
Attachment 140727: patch + testcases
152004 7560 bytes [extract method] should declare method static if extracted from anonymous in static method
Attachment 142821: patch+testcases
50607 4973 bytes [extract method] Name ambiguous return value in error message
Attachment 142834: patch
100593 10810 bytes [quick fix] proposes wrong cast from Object to primitive int
Attachment 115687: patch
107924 3574 bytes [quick fix] "Add exceptions to..." quickfix does nothing.
Attachment 115735: patch
264606 18482 bytes [extract method] extracting return value results in compile error
Attachment 145356: updated patch+testcases
Billy Huang (gmail.com)
16f2ab 199 lines Bug 77632: [quick assist] concatenate/merge string literals
Björn Michael (gmx.de)
cfd27e 207 lines Fixed Bug 348368: [syntax highlighting] Add highlight for inherited
Brock Janiczak (gmail.com)
213786 2747 bytes [JUnit] Add context menu action to import junit test results from package explorer
Attachment 109722: JUnit view editor launcher
Carsten Pfeiffer (gebit.de)
303698 1989 bytes [ccp] ReorgPolicies' canEnable() methods return true too often
Attachment 159997: Fixes the buggy canEnable() methods
303705 1518 bytes [search] Custom search results not shown hierarchically in the java search results view
Attachment 160011: Patch addressing the issue
Chris West (Faux) (goeswhere.com)
282755 11066 bytes [quick assist] "Use 'StringBuilder' for string concatenation" could fix existing misuses
Attachment 141073: Actual proposed implementaiton
Christian Georgi (sap.com)
f884bb 132 lines Bug 359944: [JUnit] Eclipse JUnit4 runner treats failed assumptions (org.junit.Assume.*) as passing tests instead of skipped tests.
359944 19425 bytes [JUnit] Eclipse JUnit4 runner treats failed assumptions (org.junit.Assume.*) as passing tests instead of skipped tests.
Attachment 225869: Patch
David Williams (us.ibm.com)
77d28d 12 lines Bug 401776: [CBI] too many compile warnings
Deepak Azad (gmail.com)
262050 12872 bytes Unclear directions in New Java Project wizard
Attachment 150334: reworked patch
266094 76091 bytes Don't use "(s)" as placeholder for singular and plural
Attachment 150440: Patch
292860 6029 bytes [preferences] Finish adding note to Compiler > Javadoc pref page
Attachment 152027: fix
266094 34645 bytes Don't use "(s)" as placeholder for singular and plural
Attachment 151917: fix for remaining strings
294552 241732 bytes Remove unused externalized strings from org.eclipse.jdt.ui etc.
Attachment 152131: fix
294970 27353 bytes In strings use the name/label when there is just one element/thing
Attachment 157094: fix
294970 13767 bytes In strings use the name/label when there is just one element/thing
Attachment 158045: reworked patch
295638 48647 bytes [refactoring][actions] Use ImportRewriteContext everywhere
Attachment 156540: All my fixes
276906 2360 bytes [build path] Dialog telling about output folder deletion should be improved
Attachment 159888: fix
161566 5689 bytes [JUnit] API: container name for JUnit container
Attachment 160730: fix
Deepak Azad (in.ibm.com)
b198b5 24 lines Bug 384543: [hovering] NPE computing a bracket hover
bf8155 24 lines Bug 384543: [hovering] NPE computing a bracket hover
Ferenc Hechler (web.de)
243163 7749 bytes [jar exporter] export directory entries in "Runnable JAR File"
Attachment 109283: patch to export directories into runnable JARs
262746 40760 bytes [jar exporter] Create a builder for jar-rsrc-loader.zip
Attachment 124743: Builder for jar-in-jar-loader.zip 20090204
262766 10804 bytes [jar exporter] ANT file for Jar-in-Jar option contains relative path to jar-rsrc-loader.zip
Attachment 125057: patch for creation of jar-rsrc-loader.zip
262768 5371 bytes [jar exporter] Jardesc for normal Jar contains <fatjar builder="...
Attachment 125054: patch removing fatjar entry from jardesc files
262763 12570 bytes [jar exporter] remove Built-By attribute in ANT files from Fat JAR Exporter
Attachment 124977: Patch removing built-by entry
262748 21343 bytes [jar exporter] extract constants for string literals in JarRsrcLoader et al.
Attachment 150566: extracted constants into class JIJConst
Ievgen Lukash (gmail.com)
0de00d 16 lines [424166] [quick assist] Add key binding for Extract method Quick Assist
Igor Fedorenko (ifedorenko.com)
0c5556 525 lines Add poms for Tycho build
1fa36b 12 lines Bug 386646 - build against declared and/or observed bundle runtime execution environment
3aca33 5 lines Fixed Bug 379726: Include Eclipse-BundleShape in test plugin MANIFEST.MF
Johannes Utzig (jutzig.de)
155828 31949 bytes [JUnit] Update test suite wizard for JUnit 4: @RunWith(Suite.class)...
Attachment 165999: support for junit 4 test suites
Kelly Campbell (google.com)
868958 94 lines Fixed Bug 395257: [typing] Indentation after String literal split not
Konstantin Komissarchik (oracle.com)
311603 3019 bytes [build path] editing user library properties drops classpath entry attributes
Attachment 181441: Patch v1
Kris De Volder (gmail.com)
312204 1928 bytes [api][JUnit] Allow changing the default superclass in NewTestCaseWizardPageOne
Attachment 167740: Updated patch, better comments / JavaDoc
Krzysztof Daniel (redhat.com)
3e867f 1 lines Bug 383072 - problem with parents
Lars Vogel (gmail.com)
29ba7d 32 lines Bug 427883 - Use ArrayContentProvider in ExtractClassWizard
2d5bd8 51 lines Fixed Bug 406478: [implementation][content assist] Use enhanced for loop for CompletionProposalCollector and CompletionProposalCategory
8784c4 5 lines Fixed Bug 406463: [templates][content assist] Ctrl+Space without any starting letter shows to no templates
cf4a64 20 lines Fixed Bug 387272: [templates] SWT templates - add SelectionListener
Lukas Hanke (yatta.de)
06d69b 396 lines Fixed Bug 241696: [quick fix] quickfix to iterate over a collection
09e264 668 lines Fixed Bug 117215: [templates][content assist] Content assist for 'for'
424380 795 lines Bug 241696: [quick fix][quick assist] quickfix to iterate over a collection
5e6422 898 lines Fixed Bug 241696: [quick fix] quickfix to iterate over a collection
Malgorzata Janczarska (pl.ibm.com)
329248 1642 bytes [ltk] "A file or folder with this name already exist" on empty input for resource rename dialog
Attachment 182290: Changed order of validation
Manju Mathew (in.ibm.com)
046ee0 8 lines Fixed Bug 397447: [hovering] Final code polishing for the package
20c463 398 lines Fixed Bug 395835: Consolidate the code which finds the Javadoc for an
2a9ffe 941 lines Added support to show package doc in hovers and in Javadoc view
404030 11 lines Fixed Bug 403074: [info views] Regressions from Bug 393143
4a0503 44 lines Fixed Bug 198748: [content assist] Pressing ';' should work with all methods
52ff99 2 lines Fixed Bug 396823: Use JavaModelUtil.isPackageInfo(ICompilationUnit) util
871527 46 lines Fixed Bug 335657: [call hierarchy] Refresh does not bring back removed roots
952841 4 lines Fixed Bug 397447: [hovering] Code polishing for the package Javadoc
9e44eb 106 lines Fixed Bug 198508: [content assist] Code completion enhancement - semicolon after calls to void methods
b07362 55 lines Fixed Bug 396808: [hovering] Package hovering shows multiple hyperlinks
b56753 233 lines Bug 392946: [quick fix] for unused type parameter
cf103b 88 lines Fixed Bug 400062: [hovering][javadoc] Failure to access attached Javadoc
d79155 308 lines Fixed Bug 396809: [hovering] Write JUnits for the package hovering
e22f11 55 lines Bug 401666: UI for Java 8 code formatter options
e775f3 114 lines Bug 397465: [hovering] Open Declaration doesn't work in Javadoc hover on IPackageFragment
f747cc 15 lines Fixed test that fails when there is no internet connection
397467 3760 bytes Javadoc hover/view should linkify package
Attachment 226570: Updated Patch.
Marcel Bruch (codetrails.com)
673c46 2 lines Fixed Bug 421160: Make constructor of ParameterGuessingProposal public
e947b2 2 lines Fixed Bug 421160: Make constructor of ParameterGuessingProposal public
Marcel Bruch (cs.tu-darmstadt.de)
298a23 125 lines Fixed Bug 350991: [content assist][api] Allow to re-sort proposals
Martin (gmail.com)
296781 1706 bytes AlreadyExistsDialog.initializeComposite clones Dialog.createDialogArea
Attachment 153707: proposed patch
Martin Hare Robertson (gmail.com)
23587b 1 lines Fixed Bug 395257: [typing] Indentation after String literal split not
Mateusz Matela (gmail.com)
26070 463373 bytes [code manipulation] [dcr] toString() builder wizard
Attachment 118886: even better patch
267916 21687 bytes [toString] Template edit dialog has usability issues
Attachment 129301: new template edit dialog
267710 134668 bytes [toString] finish toString() builder wizard
Attachment 132525: patch2
270462 6934 bytes [toString] toString wizard generates wrong code
Attachment 132527: patch
275360 25971 bytes [toString] Wrong code generated with String concatenation
Attachment 134850: fix
275370 11143 bytes [toString] Generator uses wrong suffixes and prefixes
Attachment 134868: fix and test
279924 15561 bytes [toString] toString() generator: Fields in declaration order
Attachment 139037: patch
Mateusz Wenus (gmail.com)
140971 16595 bytes [override method] generate in declaration order [code generation]
Attachment 140504: proposed patch
Matthias Mailänder (vogella.com)
663e87 60 lines Bug 362888: [spell checking] New words for spelling check
Mickael Istria (redhat.com)
147a5b 76 lines Bug 416915: Allow to run test with tycho-surefire-plugin
47c871 93 lines Bug 416935: [JUnit] Initialize JUnit container & JUNIT_HOME doesn't work when there is no bundle.info
6ab699 41 lines Bug 416914: Get rid of nested jars in tests
Mike Rennie (ca.ibm.com)
c8d649 16 lines Fixed Bug 385885: Consider x-friending JDT debug UI
Mirko Raner (raner.ws)
316199 7444 bytes [JUnit][API] Expose JUnitModel.exportTestRunSession(...) as API
Attachment 171604: Patch to expose API for importing/exporting JUnit test results
Moshe WAJNBERG (il.ibm.com)
7ea3eb 66 lines Bug 273728: [BiDi][type wizards] Incorrect representation of complex expressions (like filepath) containing Bidi characters in "Create New ..." wizards.
Neale Upstone (nealeupstone.com)
276068 8293 bytes [JUnit] JUnit viewer doesn't recognise <skipped/> node
Attachment 146764: Marks <skipped/> node as an ignored test when importing [file is mod of src from 3.6 nightly 20090905]
276068 2943 bytes [JUnit] JUnit viewer doesn't recognise <skipped/> node
Attachment 146765: Adds NODE_SKIPPED constant [file is mod of src from 3.6 nightly 20090905]
Nikolay Metchev (gmail.com)
085afe 149 lines Fixed Bug 124978: [refactoring][convert anonymous] gets confused with
0c58d5 51 lines Fixed Bug 124978: [refactoring][convert anonymous] gets confused with
158c78 137 lines Fixed Bug 269401: [inline] Anonymous class using final parameter breaks
217b71 50 lines Fixed Bug 404471: [move method] Annotation error in applying
232462 68 lines Fixed Bug 218431: [inline] problem with fields from generic types
36efc3 187 lines Fixed Bug 395231: [introduce indirection] ClassCastException when
6a3af9 38 lines Fixed Bug 177095: [encapsulate field] Encapsulating parenthesized field
7acac9 245 lines Fixed Bug 217753: [move method] Move method with static imported method
7d8ace 78 lines Fixed Bug 394547: [extract class] Extract class refactoring on a field
9e6c10 44 lines Fixed Bug 404477: [move method] Wrong detection of duplicate methods
a34e4c 156 lines Fixed Bug 406347: [extract local] Extract to local variable not
a7c817 128 lines Fixed Bug 409594: [organize imports] Import static (Ctrl+Shift+M)
b74c4b 77 lines Fixed Bug 395231: [introduce indirection] ClassCastException when
bc0147 51 lines Fixed Bug 124978: [refactoring][convert anonymous] gets confused with
bd8e70 353 lines Fixed Bug 356687: [move method] super method invocation does not compile
c8bde6 135 lines Fixed Bug 159917: [convert anonymous] Convert Anonymous to nested
Noopur Gupta (in.ibm.com)
125bb2 7 lines Fixed Bug 399997: [hovering] Bracket hover gets messed up when code is
1843ab 19 lines Fixed Bug 357450: Class folder in Java project have refresh problem
470ff6 11 lines Fixed Bug 346230: [clean up] certain combination of Clean Up settings
59830a 145 lines Fixed Bug 377141: [hovering] if-else closing bracket hover should always
79eb9f 92 lines Fixed Bug 401418: [clean up] Add test case for Bug 346230
98de7b 19 lines Fixed Bug 404879: [typing] Regression on auto-insert of {}
9a9b9d 227 lines Fixed Bug 398076: Add test cases for Bug 357450
aa32ff 2909 lines Fixed Bug 119181: [quick assist] Convert to if-return
c47cfd 129 lines Fixed Bug 405096: [save actions][clean up] Use parentheses in expressions: Only if necessary, removes required parentheses
cf0c4b 228 lines Fixed Bug 395071: [typing] "Automatically close {Braces}" should not put
d473e3 104 lines Fixed Bug 393161: [type wizards] Pre-fill package name in the new class
d6fc5b 64 lines Fixed Bug 301990: [5.0][content assist] remove '>' on backspace when type arguments inserted by content assist
e6cca0 6 lines Fixed Bug 394530: [convert local] Convert local creates duplicate field
fd541d 23 lines Bug 398211: UI changes for Bug 381443 (@NonNull parameter not annotated in overriding method)
Oliver Masutti (masutti.ch)
7bbe6e 5 lines Bug 397747: [JUnit] JUnit3TestReference handles JUnit4TestAdapter incorrectly
Patrick Higgins (yahoo.com)
297663 6577 bytes [JUnit] JUnit not found when JDT installed as dropin
Attachment 154614: Patched version of P2Utils.java
Paul Fullbright (oracle.com)
9538bb 149 lines Fixed Bug 345213: [content assist][preferences] Add enablement to Java
Paul Webster (ca.ibm.com)
22ac36 130 lines Fixed Bug 403960: Update JDT/JDT UI parent version
c628b9 136 lines Fixed Bug 403960: Update JDT/JDT UI parent version
Philippe Marschall (netcetera.ch)
9111b3 299 lines Bug 86168: [type wizards] Allow the creation of a compilation unit
93d398 11 lines Fixed Bug 387536: [type wizards] generate main method stub ignores
86168 20965 bytes [type wizards] Allow the creation of a compilation unit called package-info.java
Attachment 214011: updated jdt.ui patch
86168 2929 bytes [type wizards] Allow the creation of a compilation unit called package-info.java
Attachment 214009: updated documentation patch
Rabea Gransberger (gmx.de)
0e8156 486 lines Fixed Bug 394692: [quick fix] Fix several visibility issues
Rajesh (in.ibm.com)
325195 3021 bytes [clean up] Write test for Bug 322543 (Stops working after 100 problems in one CU)
Attachment 179340: Test
Raksha Vasisht (in.ibm.com)
182539 13168 bytes [package explorer][working sets] Offer delete on a working set
Attachment 119510: The delete button is now enabled for Working Sets when set as top level elements, which helps the user to either remove or hide the Working Set(s) from the PE without having to reconfigure everytime.
256879 3047 bytes [package explorer] Assign Working Sets dialog should preserve check box setting
Attachment 119864: Made the tweaks required. [The check box setting for Assign Working Sets dialog preserves the state entered by the user before OK is pressed (and not if cancel is pressed) ].
254603 4016 bytes [package explorer][working sets] Package Explorer should support "Show All" Working Sets
Attachment 120824: Fixed. Activate newly added working sets , show in PE.
258792 1497 bytes [package explorer] 'Working Set Assignments' dialog no longer sorted if new ws is created
Attachment 121745: WorkingSetAssignments dialog is now alphabetically sorted.
256867 2694 bytes [package explorer] Assign Working Sets dialog: checking a working set should show it
Attachment 121798: Fixed the NPE.
190438 5495 bytes [working sets] Assign Working Sets dialog forgets settings after adding and moving new working set
Attachment 124711: Yep , replaced the newly created set by taking contents from getChecked() and adding newly added ws from WSCD to it.
120561 17400 bytes [working sets] Allow to have the working sets automatically sorted in the Package Explorer
Attachment 125488: Patch with review changes.
264720 2298 bytes Remove duplicate creation of comparator in WorkingSetConfigurationDialog
Attachment 125624: Fixed lazy loading, minor changes.
264722 13615 bytes Get rid of duplicate working set comparators
Attachment 125777: Made the minor changes.
265645 7562 bytes Configure Working Sets Dialog: sort checkbox does not use dialog font
Attachment 126693: Added ConfigureWorkingSetAssignementAction dialog changes as well.
266442 4839 bytes [navigation] JavaElementImplementationHyperlink.open() must show dialog in case of error
Attachment 127631: Patch with JavaElementImplementationHyperlink.open() showing error dialog and message.
266831 2450 bytes [navigation] Open Implementation hyperlink should not show up for non-overridable methods
Attachment 127650: Patch with the fix.
267002 1026 bytes [working sets] Assign Working Sets dialog does not show new working set
Attachment 127655: Pls take this one.The bug was not from 190438, but because addNewWorkingSet(workingSet), was always called before manager.addWorkingSet(workingSet) when new working sets were created. Swapped them.
266443 1382 bytes [navigation] JavaElementImplementationHyperlink does not work for method declarations
Attachment 127793: Patch with the fix. Calculates the reciever type for method declarations.
267829 5700 bytes [working sets] [package explorer] Working sets not resorted when name changes
Attachment 128906: Patch with the fix.
267358 1437 bytes [package explorer][working sets][dnd] When sorted, should not show drop target for WS
Attachment 128698: Patch with the fix.
269524 1188 bytes [working sets] 'Assign Working Set...' in Package Explorer with 'Top Level Elements > Projects' throws NPE
Attachment 129681: Fixed. Value of fWorkingSetModel remains unchanged.
269814 1479 bytes [working sets] 'Assign Working Set...' in Package Explorer with 'Top Level Elements > Projects' shows invalid UI element
Attachment 129956: Patch with added null check.
102281 30504 bytes [call hierarchy] shouldn't be stopped by anonymous inner classes
Attachment 132717: Patch with the fix.
271446 8240 bytes [call hierarchy] cannot restart canceled search for callers
Attachment 133146: Patch with the fix.
274091 4171 bytes [call hierarchy] Wrong behavior of Expand With Constructors on multi-selection with parent/child
Attachment 133738: FIX
274087 6345 bytes [call hierarchy] Remember for which nodes to expand constructors
Attachment 135525: Added check in EWC.
277812 24719 bytes [call hierarchy] [working sets] Add F1 Help for Call Hierarchy Filters, Expand With Constructors Dialog, Working Set Configuration Dialog , Working Set Assignments Dialog
Attachment 137460: Patch with review changes.
41702 10390 bytes [call hierarchy] add ability to remove nodes from view
Attachment 140178: Patch with review changes.
41702 2770 bytes [call hierarchy] add ability to remove nodes from view
Attachment 140836: Refined patch
285556 2054 bytes [call hierarchy] Remove from View fails if grandchild is in progress
Attachment 143492: Patch with the fix.
277303 18635 bytes [clean up] Add ISV doc for the clean up extension point
Attachment 144647: Patch with review changes.
Robert Konigsberg (google.com)
280114 1818 bytes [JUnit] Leverage AbstractJavaLaunchConfigurationDelegate.getMainTypeName in JUnitLaunchConfigurationDelegate
Attachment 143320: Uses parent class's getTypeName method. (attempt 2)
Samrat Dhillon (gmail.com)
19163c 29 lines Fixed Bug 395989: [generalize type] Generalize Declared Type does not
3095ab 25 lines Fixed Bug 385237: [move member type] Moving a member interface to its
378752 38 lines Fixed Bug 395992: [generalize type] Generalize Declared Type offers
40af12 38 lines Fixed Bug 388724: [surround with try/catch][quick fix] Multi-Catch
495342 102 lines Fixed Bug 393098: [extract method] Extracted method should be declared
a74995 102 lines Fixed Bug 393098: [extract method] Extracted method should be declared
ba5280 88 lines Fixed Bug 394030: [extract method] Extracting expression of
c34f9c 108 lines Fixed Bug 393098: [extract method] Extracted method should be declared
d14c05 81 lines Fixed Bug 395558: [introduce parameter object] Introduce Parameter
eda2f6 151 lines Fixed Bug 395016: [introduce factory] Introduce Factory on an abstract
Sergey Prigogin (gmail.com)
347599 71221 bytes [refactoring] Provide a way to implement refactorings that depend on resources that have to be explicitly released
Attachment 200134: RefactoringContext class and supporting framework
Snjezana Peco (redhat.com)
0fcc8c 24 lines Fixed Bug 398383: The NewWizardMenu class gets leaked when ever calling
Stephan Herrmann (cs.tu-berlin.de)
3288d8 4 lines Bug 337977: [quick fix] Add quick fixes for null annotations
686e98 25 lines Bug 393932: [refactoring] pull-up with "use the destination type where possible" creates bogus import of nested type
c37f38 12 lines Bug 388281: [compiler][null] inheritance of null annotations as an option
f63a42 1048 lines Bug 337977: [quick fix] Add quickfixes for null annotations
Stephan Herrmann (berlin.de)
17c778 885 lines Cumulative fix for the following problems:
25c9ff 126 lines Fixed Bug 427069: [1.8] Investigate test failures in
5f0b41 6 lines Bug 398211: UI changes for Bug 381443 (@NonNull parameter not annotated in overriding method)
7881a5 36 lines Bug 414444: [1.8][null] Configure null annotation bundle for 1.8
7bf809 10 lines Fixed Bug 398965: [preferences] UI option for syntactic analysis for
7deee1 21 lines Fixed Bug 378024: Ordering of comments between imports not preserved
9f5838 953 lines Fixed Bug 398995: [quick fix] Extract field access to checked local
b0f688 199 lines Bug 425183 comment 10: Test case for NPE in jdt.core
c7beac 126 lines Fixed Bug 427069: [1.8] Investigate test failures in
Szymon Ptaszkiewicz (pl.ibm.com)
3c0e36 364 lines Bug 220928: [buildpath] Should be able to ignore warnings from certain
Thanh Ha (eclipse.org)
5f7bb5 25 lines Fixed Bug 396087: Merge in CBI patches from 4.2.2 into 4.3 (pom changes)
79ecda 4 lines Fixed Bug 391981: Add tycho.scmUrl for eclipse.jdt.ui.git
880773 4 lines Fixed Bug 391981: Add tycho.scmUrl for eclipse.jdt.ui.git
b8a127 2 lines Bump pom versions.
Thirumala Reddy Mutchukota (google.com)
a81ceb 98 lines Bug 411841: Rerunning a test from JUnit results view is launching the test on UI thread.
Thomas Reinhardt (reinhardt.com)
300542 8083 bytes [build path] user library dialog should allow to select JAR from workspace
Attachment 198007: Patch to support jars relative to workspace
Thomas Schindl (bestsolution.at)
ed2e61 55 lines Bug 424283: [1.8][hovering] Support showing Javadoc for JavaFX properties
Tristan Hume (gmail.com)
e8b82f 60 lines Bug 385642: Javadoc View should show method after code completion
Troy Bishop (ca.ibm.com)
304395 5006 bytes [preferences] Allow exporting Code Style preferences
Attachment 164858: updated as per comment 5
Xavier Coulon (redhat.com)
93dbc8 34 lines Fixed Bug 102512: [JUnit] test method name cut off before (


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