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  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
3071Apache Commons JXPath Version: 1.2 (Subset) (PB CQ2285)Apache License, 2.0modified source & binary
3245commons-collections-3.2.jar Version: 3.2 (PB CQ1421) (using Orbit CQ1909)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
3248Apache Jakarta Commons BeanUtils Version: 1.7 (PB CQ1387) (does not include dependent libs) (using Orbit CQ1905)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
3530Mozilla Rhino Version: 1.7 R2New BSD license, Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL)unmodified source & binary
3263JDom Version: 1.0 Top Level Source Code Only (PB CQ1587) (using Orbit CQ1924)JDom License (based on Apache 1.1 Style License)unmodified source & binary
3390dojo Version: 1.1.0 (*Subset) (PB CQ2026)Academic Free License OR BSD (Dual - we choose BSD), BSD alone, MIT, Unicode, Apache 2.0unmodified source
3442Mozilla Rhino Version: 1.6R6 (**excluding proprietary files grabbed during build) (PB CQ2175)Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL)unmodified binary
3443Apache Jakarta Commons BeanUtils Version: 1.7 (excludes dependent libs) (PB CQ1905)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
3556atinject (TCK) Version: 1.0Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
3593Miglayout 3.7.1New BSD license
3596Firebug 1.5x.0b3New BSD licenseunmodified source
3625Icon Set: Fam Fam Silk Icon Set Version 1.3 (PB CQ2019)Creative Commons Attribution License 2.5
3626Trident 1.2.0 (Subset)New BSD licenseunmodified source & binary
4373Apache Commons Lang Version: 2.4 (using Orbit CQ2735)Apache License, 2.0
4460Apache Commons JXPath 1.3 Version: 1.3 (Subset) (ATO CQ3247) (using Orbit CQ3264)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
4527jMock Version: 1.2.0 (Subset) (PB CQ3450)New BSD licenseunmodified source & binary
4662Abbot.swt 0.1.0 (*Subset)Common Public License 1.0binary
4744Dojo Version: 1.5.0 (Subset)Academic Free License OR BSD (Dual - we choose BSD), BSD alone, Python, MIT, Unicode, Apache 2.0 unmodified source & binary
7643Fugue Icons Version: 3.3.1 *Subset* (PB CQ6096)Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (Unported) License (CC BY 3.0)unmodified binary

Exempt Pre-Req and Works With Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseType
3440Google Web Toolkit User Library Subset Version: 1.7.0Apache License, 2.0works with

Unused Approved Contributions

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseStatus
1795ASM 3.0New BSD licenseobsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
2182Google Web Toolkit Version: 1.4.60 Subset (PB CQ1714)Apache 2.0, MPL (Dual License MPL / LGPL) obsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Chris Aniszczyk
John Arthorne IBM
Eduard Bartsch SAP SE
Serge Beauchamp Freescale Semiconductor
Oleg Besedin IBM
Boris Bokowski
Danail Branekov SAP SE
Benjamin Cabe Eclipse Foundation
Sopot Cela
Marco Descher
Martina Galabova SAP SE
Dimitar Georgiev SAP SE
Bogdan Gheorghe IBM
Jonas Helming Innoopract GmbH
Rüdiger Herrmann
Kim Horne
Wim Jongman Industrial TSI
Simon Kaegi IBM
Markus Kuppe
Susan McCourt
Kevin McGuire
Dani Megert IBM
Eric Moffatt IBM
Benjamin Muskalla Tasktop
Andrew Niefer IBM
Martin Oberhuber Wind River
Dave Orme
Marcelo Paternostro Oracle
Olivier Prouvost OpCoach
Prakash Rangaraj
Michael Rennie IBM
Dean Roberts IBM
Daniel Rolka IBM
Thomas Schindl BestSolution
Steven Spungin
Ralf Sternberg Innoopract GmbH
Remy Suen IBM
Kai Toedter Siemens AG
Hallvard Traetteberg
Lars Vogel
Paul Webster IBM
Yves YANG Soyatec
Angelo ZERR
Brian de Alwis

Never Active
Name Organization  
Frank Appel
Jayaprakash Arthanareeswaran IBM
Richard Backhouse IBM
Kevin Barnes
James Blackburn
Szymon Brandys IBM
Christian Campo compeople AG
Simon Chemouil
Andrew Clement Pivotal Software, Inc.
Nitin Dahyabhai IBM
Arthur Daussy OBEO
Andrew Eisenberg Tasktop
Brian Fitzpatrick Red Hat, Inc.
Grant Gayed IBM
Nathan Gervais Eclipse Foundation
Matthew Hall
Matthew Hatem IBM
Matthew Hatem
Felipe Heidrich Oracle
Stephan Herrmann
Kenn Hussey
Ayushman Jain
Nayna Jain IBM
Malgorzata Janczarska IBM
Satyam Kandula
Markus Keller IBM
Scott Kovatch Oracle
Jochen Krause Innoopract GmbH
Artur Kronenberg Innoopract GmbH
Scott Lewis
Carolyn MacLeod IBM
Mark Macdonald IBM
Jeff McAffer
Ed Merks
Olivier Moises
Philippe Mulet IBM
Duong Nguyen IBM
Steve Northover Oracle
Ketan Padegaonkar
Christian Pontesegger
Silenio Quarti IBM
Chris Recoskie IBM
Dan Rubel Google Inc.
Miles Sabin
Srikanth Sankaran IBM
Doug Schaefer Blackberry Limited
Michael Scharf
Vineet Sinha Architexa
Eike Stepper
Attila Szegedi
Olivier Thomann IBM
Francis Upton IV
Libing Wang IBM
Nigel Westbury
Mike Wilson IBM
Tomasz Zarna Tasktop

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
a85b4f 3 lines Bug 420671 - E4 Tools application extensions not exported
Andreas Poppiehn (poppiehn.de)
98a669 207 lines Bug 433498 - Provide feature project to simplify integration of
Andrej ten Brummelhuis (gmail.com)
0dc361 121 lines Bug 395283 - Store and restore window size and location of subdialogs
Angelo ZERR (gmail.com)
216e6b 47247 lines Bug 417315 - Improve "Explorer editing CSS with orion" with SWT
Christian Zahl (dcc-net.de)
2852c2 2 lines Bug 395111: Option to expand the application model tree
807036 53 lines Bug 395546: The search in feature select dialog does not work
e2cd56 11 lines Context menu for expanding a selected tree element
D. Spiridenok (tut.by)
8b9cd0 12 lines Bug 429776 - In the Application Model Editor move ToolBar property of a
Daniel Rolka (pl.ibm.com)
0b5f24 2214 lines Bug 414853 - [tools] Create tool for monitoring e4 events
6558e6 2292 lines Bug 414853 - [tools] Create tool for monitoring e4 events
e0154e 16 lines Bug 415076 - [event spy] uses invalid isEmpty()
Dirk Fauth (googlemail.com)
017da4 244 lines Bug 406632 - Add support for Locale changes at runtime
089a7e 117 lines Bug 405935 - Errors in new message extension for handling not found
08b3f1 34 lines Bug 427460 - Fix project name setting for
0de5f5 119 lines Bug 406645 - Add support for placeholders in message extension
1fbfdd 725 lines Bug 396198 - Enhancement of translation service in tools.services
d2037c 323 lines Bug 405936 - Update ProjectOSGiTranslationProvider to use the new
f31260 20 lines Bug 426986 - changed getLocalizedValue() to use the localized feature to
Dmitry Spiridenok (gmail.com)
ae929a 22 lines Bug 408712 - Add include to build.properties when new fragment.e4xmi
f003cb 372 lines Bug 412672 - [e4xmi] Class URI in ToolControl is not a link like in
f15ff5 36 lines Bug 430100 - Remove //TODO from the classes generated with the e4
dvasyn (gmail.com)
7e9135 2 lines Bug 401215 - [Tooling] Binding table editor is now showing binding
97cdb9 3 lines Bug 388635
f8f33a 11 lines Bug 388635
Elias Volanakis (eclipsesource.com)
ad212d 8 lines Bug 376027 - e4 project template should use M1 instead of Ctrl in KeyBindings
Fabian Miehe (cassidian.com)
42ff90 6 lines Bug 440311 - PartStack Popupmenu "Add Child"->"CompositePart" adds
ab3cc3 3 lines Bug 440327 - "Find Contribution Class" in Application Model Editor
daa321 13 lines Bug 440533 - Undo/Redo should be possible after save
James Blackburn (gmail.com)
266662 698 bytes Assertion Failed Exception in ProjectPathVariableManager
Attachment 127150: patch1
266712 574 bytes ctrl-drag folder to create linked resource and groups fails if directory already contains linked resources
Attachment 127640: Patch 1
266712 1332 bytes ctrl-drag folder to create linked resource and groups fails if directory already contains linked resources
Attachment 128015: Test1
267201 3758 bytes Resource filters problems with aliases
Attachment 128007: Test1
268507 3158 bytes Changing a linkLocation using #setLinkLocation doesn't automatically update child resources
Attachment 128680: Test 1
268518 12744 bytes Filtered Resorces problems Illegal Argument Exception during project open, issues with filtered resource appearing
Attachment 128690: Test 1
Jonas Helming (googlemail.com)
7a90b2 42 lines Bug 394345 - Fragment Editor does not allow to create a fragment in the
c215c5 45 lines Bug 394347 - Dialog to select parent element for a fragment does not
Joseph Carrol (gmail.com)
27965f 7 lines Bug 384514 - [Model Editor] Cannot add view placeholders in fragments
klevis (gmail.com)
0ac89b 119 lines Bug 400890 - Extract into a fragment - Multiple elements
57553d 139 lines Bug 405439 - Extract into a fragment does not do command referencing
Leo Denault (uottawa.ca)
324e4d 9 lines Bug 426397 - Provide an eclipse editor based on OrionEditorControl
38ec60 68 lines Bug 426397 - Provide an eclipse editor based on OrionEditorControl
6c47e5 139 lines Bug 426397 - Provide an eclipse editor based on OrionEditorControl
7222c5 198 lines Bug 426397 - Provide an eclipse editor based on OrionEditorControl
c046db 263 lines Bug 426397 - Provide an eclipse editor based on OrionEditorControl
c26476 40 lines Bug 426397 - Provide an eclipse editor based on OrionEditorControl
cdaa85 136 lines Bug 426397 - Provide an eclipse editor based on OrionEditorControl
f79e43 115 lines Bug 426397 - Provide an eclipse editor based on OrionEditorControl
fad45e 131 lines Bug 426397 - Provide an eclipse editor based on OrionEditorControl
ffe369 243 lines Bug 426397 - Provide an eclipse editor based on OrionEditorControl
Marcel Bruch (codetrails.com)
57492f 6 lines Bug 395297 - Find contribution class dialog does not support "*" at all
Marco Descher (descher.at)
03391a 364 lines Bug 426653 - Export application model element IDs
0d2e4b 4 lines Bug 396130 - Popup Menu Icons not equivalent to tree entry icons
4e3c17 1 lines Bug 397307 - Application Model Editor CoreExpressionEditor Find IconURI
51f489 147 lines Bug 397650 - [Menu|Toolbar|Trim] Contributions to not feature "Add
837789 1 lines Bug 395463 - Application Model Editor PerspectiveEditor Find IconURI
90ef91 243 lines Bug 396975 - Provide find action for [ToolBar|Trim|Menu] contribution
952e01 2 lines [404187] Spelling error in Toolbar/Add child
99eb39 630 lines [395982] Dynamic menu contribution; Application model editor tooling
9a84a8 10 lines [404207] Missing DynamicMenuContribution in child selector
f51c0f 105 lines 424986 EP Document tools.emf.ui.editors.contributionClassCreator
397307 731 bytes Application Model Editor CoreExpressionEditor Find IconURI Icon is missing
Attachment 225135: Patch that sets the icon
397326 781 bytes NPE in ExpressionIdDialog Filter
Attachment 225142: NPE Fix
Marco Descher (descher.att)
bdcc86 4 lines Bug 397326 - NPE in ExpressionIdDialog Filter
Markus Alexander Kuppe (lemmster.de)
2db833 104 lines Bug 403237 - o.e.e4.tools cannot be build with "mvn clean install"
2dd5ff 58 lines NEW - Bug 405728: Add tooltips to model editor
6ae84f 4 lines [Bug 421365]: New part wizard
778c7c 27 lines Bug 420642 - Add Eclipse-SourceReferences to binary bundles
7ed3e2 52 lines [Bug 421259: LiveEditor's keybinding does not work out of the box in
9029d0 11 lines [Bug 421369]: Layout broken in part form
a5d400 2 lines [Bug 421207]: Use widely allowed 'http://' instead of 'git://' protocol
de90c3 1 lines NEW - Bug 405886: BindingContext widget not shown for parts (any more)
Markus Keller (ch.ibm.com)
5bb840 9 lines This change fixes the follwing 3 issues:
Nicolaj Hoess (gmail.com)
18548e 611 lines Bug 396975 - Provide find action for [ToolBar|Trim|Menu] contribution
42cf78 3 lines Bug 433064 - NPE in find action for parent id in menu contribution
af8a71 2 lines Bug 431982 spelling mistake in icon search dialog
Patrik Suzzi (gmail.com)
30bf45 109 lines Bug 417008 - creating a new handler class overwrites an existing class
René Brandstetter (gmx.net)
3edacc 28 lines Bug 419442 ââ¬â [Model-Editor] Creating a Command-Parameter without
Robert Koehler (se-elektronic.de)
c5af23 5 lines Bug 395403 - "Find"-dialogs in fragment.e4xmi-Editor are not resizable
Sopot Çela (gmail.com)
07528a 5 lines Bug 379304 - Show warning if ID not entered for commands
2a5cd0 8 lines Bug 385685 - Model editor - Avoid repositioning the cursor and improved
34e6ec 105 lines Bug 379286 - [Tooling] Remove redundant information and space in model editor
42e880 2 lines Bug 379460 - [Tooling] Generated IDs by the Model Editor should be lowercase
4b66dc 52 lines Bug 379313 - Added API to show warning decoration in model editor
6cc640 2 lines Bug 379820 - Preference setting for autogenerated ID's not used for
aa3ff9 6 lines Bug 376055 - [Tooling] Rename "Label" to "Perspective" under the
d13f7f 25 lines Bug 385257 - Adding class dialog to application model behaves now
dc98d5 4 lines Bug 376091 - [Tooling] Rename "String Model Fragment" to "Model
ebd452 21 lines Bug 375261 - [Tools] No check on Java type names when creating classes
ec4c85 5 lines Bug 385556 - Warn if Binding Context name is left empty
Steven Spungin (spungin.tv)
23d214 8321 lines Bug 432555, Bug 432372 - [model editor] add row filter and ability to
279e6c 30 lines Bug 430660 - unable to edit keys in application editor
39b256 145 lines Bug 430717 - Changes To The StringListWidget
3cb4e3 406 lines Bug 435625 - [target platform search] Do search in background thread
40f1fb 640 lines Bug 436889 - [model editor] Save/restore the list tab columns upon
6245db 744 lines Bug 436283 - [target platform search] The job window should have "run in
6a1130 1152 lines Bug 431735 - e4 Model Editor Table Tab
6b0221 1115 lines Bug 436847 - [nonreferenced resource dialog] null pointer used when
6f489d 10 lines Bug 430921 - PartDescriptorEditor private member IProject project is
7937d3 128 lines Bug 396902 - Reloading the model causes the model editor tree to
7a07f3 66 lines Bug 436132 - [target platform search] Clicking the Target platform radio
81b77e 10 lines Bug 433408 - [model editor] Area Icon Find Button Does Not Work
86219b 146 lines Bug 404136 - Model editor should be able to select icons from other
9d9047 14 lines Bug 431755 - [model editor] deleting multiple items in tree only deletes
a670d8 25 lines Bug 430809
a9ea0b 13 lines Bug 431847 - duplicate top level items created in tree when editing xmi
d9b5a4 14 lines Bug 430664 - application editor key/value table columns are too large by
f2d53f 45 lines Bug 404166 - Part descriptor URI is not hyperlinked
tobbaumann (gmail.com)
389e8c 3 lines Bug 405728: Add tooltips to model editor
toni umbreit (web.de)
68bc96 24 lines Bug 440289 - Combo Box in Editor 'Controls' inconsistent
Tracy Miranda (yahoo.com)
c6f9a8 4 lines Bug 430663 - Adding an addon doesn't automatically select in the tree
Vincenzo Caselli (rcp-vision.com)
23bd25 88 lines Bug 389651 - -clearPersistedState option as default
9b1b52 29 lines Bug 395443 - Extract part of application model and add to existing
Wim Jongman (remainsoftware.com)
3dc8dc 179 lines Bug 390237-Model Editor Layout Change
5b11ba 89 lines Improves layout for Windows editor
7d95ff 23 lines Bug 391604 - Application model editor is opened after project generation
b97df8 72 lines Bug 393150 - Deleting a plug-in project will not close the
d04546 16 lines Bug 393144 - E4 Application wizard does not include all artifacts in
dfade6 97 lines Bug 390237 - [patch] Model Editor Layout Change
ec6ccb 81 lines Improve layout for the Window Trim editor
Wojciech Sudol (pl.ibm.com)
eab4de 2 lines Bug 428116 - Event Spy recreates default key binding after restart


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