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Explanation of the Project Table

All work at Eclipse is done in sub-projects and components organized under top-level projects. The top-level projects are managed by PMCs (project management committees).

While each Eclipse Project concentrates on a different technical area, there are many common elements to the management across all the projects. For example, each project has a newsgroup for user discussions and a mailing list for developer discussions. Each project has a source code repository (Git or SVN) and a bug tracking system (Bugzilla).

The projects table on the Projects page is populated from the meta-data that the projects provide about the location of their various development resources. Missing resources in the table are caused by either the project not providing the meta-data, or the project not having an instance of that resource.

The projects table columns are:

  • Name - the official name of the project
  • Project Information Page - all the standard information about this project in one standard format web page; project goals, newsgroups, mailing lists, releases, downloads, activity, etc.
  • Phase (Project Phase) - the project's phase in the development lifecycle. The major phases are:
  • Home - the home web page for the project
  • Forum - the project's forum for user discussions.
  • Ma (Mailing List) - the project's mailing list(s) for developer discussions
  • Wiki - the project's main wiki page
  • IP (Project IP Log) - the project's current Intellectual Property Traceability Log. explain...


Report flaws and request clarifications through bugzilla
For Project Leads

If the project table does not show all of your project's resources, please make sure that your project meta-data is correct.

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