PHP Include Paths

The PHP Include Path is a set of locations that is used for finding resources referenced by include/require statements.


Adding libraries or external projects elements to your project's Include Path will also make elements defined in these resources available as content assist options.

Elements added to a project's Include Path affect the following:


In 'include'/'require' calls, file locations can be defined in three ways:

  1. Absolute Path- The exact file location is specified (e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\MyProject\myfolder\a.php). During PHP Web Page Running/Debugging the Path Mapping mechanism will be activated.

  2. Relative to the Current Working Directory - File names preceded with a "./" or a "../" These will only be searched for relative to the PHP 'Current Working Directory'. You can find out the location of your Current Working Directory by running the command "echo getcwd()".

  3. Relative Path - Only the file name or partial path is specified (e.g. /myfolder/a.php). In this case, PDT will search for the file's path according to the resources and order configured in the project's Include Path.
    If the path of the file being searched for exists in more than one location, the file that is called will be the first one PDT encounters during the search process.

See for more on PHP's search mechanism.




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