Version M1 - Plug-in Dependency Visualization: New & Noteworthy

Dependency Analysis

Three dependency analysis tools have been added to the control panel. By selecting a bundle, the shortest path, all paths and smart path to this bundle can be highlighted. Shortest and all paths are self explanatory. Smart path shows all the shortest paths from the directly required bundles to the selected one.

Error Reporting

To help plug-in developers track and fix errors, an error reporting feature has been added to highlight paths to bunldes that cannot be resolved.

Plug-in Searching

The search text box can be used to highlight all plug-ins that match a particular string. In this case, all the bundles that contain the string org.eclipse.mylyn are highlighted.

Screenshot Tool

The screen-shot tool can be used to create a PNG from the Plug-in Dependency Graph.

Zoom Levels

Several zoom-levels have been pre-defined and are available through the view's context menu.

Toggle Bundle Version Numbers

A Version number toggle is available to show plug-in developers which particular bundle has been resolved.